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Big Rig Records

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Battle of Flowers - Lost and Found     Country, Alternative Country 20/05/2015
Battle of Flowers are an Adelaide based duo playing a dark, steely and evocative blend of the darker elements of indie rock and alternative country.
An audio landscape reflecting the vast, exciting and reflective emotions of a desert road trip.

Other tracks by Battle of Flowers:  Red Church  -  Last Dip
Juliet Ward - For Karina     Folk, Acoustic 14/04/2015
Juliet is perhaps best known as the intoxicating singer for The Lighthouse Keepers, who played around Australia in the mid 1980’s.
For Karina is recorded with Phil Moriarty (of the Gadflys) at his studio “Alright Already” in the NSW country town of Candelo. A song about running away from responsibilities and finding refuge when all the worlds gone mad.

Other tracks by Juliet Ward:  Jessamine  -  Rachael Cooper
The Boats - Seize the Stars and Turn them to Cinders     Rock, Instrumental 24/01/2015
The Boats are an atmospheric, dynamic and stunning instrumental experience. Combining vintage guitars, drums, piano and bass to create sonic sketches and soundscapes.
An exciting. progressive indie track featuring pulsing keys, electronic flurries and Nick Conolly's trademark vintage guitar.

Other tracks by The Boats:  There's not a Fire that can Warm Us  -  Hammer Down your Gentle Sharks
Soursob Bob - March of the Mincing Poodle     Folk 28/11/2014
Soursob Bob is a songwriter and performer, often comedic and satirical, rhyming and lyrical. He has been described as the illegitimate Aussie love child of Bob Dylan and Billy Bragg.
When Julia Gillard said in parliament that Christopher Pyne was “mincing” and a “poodle”, the name stuck. The word mincing has nothing to do with mince meat. It means someone who adopts elegant airs. That’s the name explained, but it’s not what the song is really about...

Naomi Keyte - Water on the Road     Pop, Folk, Atmospheric 19/09/2014
Naomi Keyte writes transparent, melodic songs that coax you into a state of reflection about life and the ways in which we seek to find balance.
Naomi Keyte’s debut album Edge of Morning transforms the melodic vocal and guitar loops of her live show into complex and powerful arrangements. With influences like Beach House, Blonde Redhead, Patrick Watson and Daughter, there are hints of both dark and light in this breed of electric folk.

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Other tracks by Naomi Keyte:  Glass Bottles  -  Straight Like an Arrow