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Big Pigeon Publicity

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Oddsox - Lonely Road     Hip Hop, Pop 12/07/2018
Oddsox combines strong flows with catchy lyricism, all with a cheeky spirit. Taking influence from the greats of Australian hip-hop, Oddsox bridges the classic sound and the future.
With jazzy, horn driven production from Hip Hop heavy-weight Hamley (Imbi The Girl, Allday, Dex) coupled with smooth, resonating vocals from Oddsox, Lonely Road is an easy, positive and palatable track from the first spin.

Joey Maker - Stay With Us ft. OWLBB     Electronic, Hip Hop 05/07/2018
Joey Maker is Sydney's own introspective wordsmith, drawing from experience within to create touching, relatable and engaging tracks. The MC boast deep, rhythmic vocals and a contemporary approach to hip-hop.
Stay With Us sees Joey tackle exotic rhyme schemes while showcasing his introspective approach to songwriting. The depth of his vocals mixed with the trap-inspired production from Delipres creates a dark yet drawing atmosphere as Joey explores the intricacy of interpersonal relationships intertwined with heavy nightlife.

Clue X PachiSquid - B-Side     Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic 04/07/2018
Clue is a Melbourne MC with smooth, flows and sharp delivery. PachiSquid is a future bass producer from Sydney who utilizes J/K Pop inspired minimalist production.
B-Side is quite possibly the catchiest summer tune of winter 2018, the light, bouncing production radiates happiness and good vibes. Pachi draws inspiration from a variety of sources, stating production legends, Flume, Sophie and Whatsonot as key influences. K-pop and J-pop also aided in blossoming Pachi’s unique, shimmering melodies filled with smooth synths and cute, delicate percussion.

Johniepee - Magic     Hip Hop, Pop 06/06/2018
Johniepee, arguably Sydney's most melodic MC takes influence from Aussie greats, Drapht and Spit Syndicate. The young MC is renowned for his smooth, flowing vocals and impeccable cadence.
Magic features 70’s inspired riffs, natural drums and bass guitar coupled with Johnie’s melodic, upbeat flows and catchy hook Magic makes for an engaging listen, appealing to both Hip-Hop and popular music fans. The track describes the magic of music, essentially the creative process that is creating beauty from nothing.

Jackets - Spooky     Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop 31/05/2018
Jackets is a 20 year-old MC/Producer from Maitland NSW with a flare for dark, dramatic beats and gritty flows.
Spooky features dark electronic production, hard bars with an eerie, catchy hook. The track is a tongue in cheek stab at nightclub life, inspired by the horrific scenes that appear when the lights come on at the end of the night. Fans of Allday and Suburban Dark will love this!

Anca - Alcohol     Pop 13/04/2018
Anca is a Sydney based singer-songwriter sharing her unfiltered feelings and experiences through her raw and often gritty piano ballads. Sounds like: Missy Higgins, Delta Gooddrum
The composition, produced and mixed by Gemma Lipman utilised softer, organic sounds creating a sombre
mood allowing the listener to absorb Anca’s powerful, mellifluous vocals. Created as a by-product of
cathartic writing the track delves deeper than the classic tale of love and loss.

Dyer Maker - The Rich, The Lost, The Wet     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 05/04/2018
The Newcastle 5-piece combine indie rock, psychedelic dub and reggae to create a sound somewhere between Ocean Alley and Tame Impala with Hendrix inspired riffs. Feast your ears on this!
The Rich, The Lost, The Wet contrasts their previous singles, slowing down and touching on heavy topics with clear, distinct vocals and clever utilisation of bass to build and release tension throughout the track.

Other tracks by Dyer Maker:  Daisy Chain
Martian - Yesterday     Hip Hop, Pop 05/04/2018
Melbourne's own mutli-talented MC/Producer. Martian, formerly Mini Coop has returned with a new moniker and out of this world drive. New wave local hip hop at it's finest.
Yesterday is the perfect introduction to the mind of Martian, featuring an upbeat, summery feel and general good vibrations. The track teases a playful and happy life where Martian is content with being abnormal and standing out, it also pushes the idea that it's okay to be different.

East Row Rabble - One For The Kokonut     Pop, Funk, Jazz 22/03/2018
East Row Rabble are Canberra's funkiest collective, presenting a seamless fusion of pop, jazz and ska accompanied by heavenly horns and smooth vocals.
One For The Kokonut is a heartfelt tribute to Ben Drysdale’s (vocalist) dear friend who sadly passed away. While the mood is somewhat sombre it is far from teary as Drysdale explores the positive and magical moments they shared together.

Isy Isy - All The Time     Pop, Electronic 16/03/2018
Isy Isy is Byron's own singer/producer. The 26-year-old songstress finds herself unbound by creative barriers from soft spoken vocals and mellow synths to bass-heavy pop bangers Isy has you covered.
All The Time is an unashamedly eccentric take on electronica. Following a story of love and life through its pitfalls and highs, the instrumentation shadows its path, shifting from distant and hazy synths to electrifyingly bold bass.

Cooper - Wouldn't Change     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 06/03/2018
24 year-old Cooper presents air tight flows, complemented with melodic vocals and rhymes nostalgic of early PEZ and Seth Sentry.
Wouldn’t Change is Cooper's take on the cliche ‘back in the day’ concept. The bouncy coastal vibe warms you as Cooper’s lyrics flood you with nostalgia. The track focuses on the idea of hindsight, looking back on the decisions we have made and how our choices have shaped us.

Joey Maker & Bruce Hathcock - The Evils That We Do     Hip Hop, RnB, Rap, Pop 06/03/2018
Joey Maker is Sydney's smoothest emerging MC, taking inspiration from established acts such a Spit Sydnicate and Logic, the young gun flows effortlessly without ever compromising penmanship.
The Evils That We Do sees both artist exploring the vital roll that money plays in their lives. The track opens with Bruce's soulful vocals over a light piano composition before expanding into Joey's melodic, introspective first verse.

Other tracks by Joey Maker & Bruce Hathcock:  Emotions Collide  -  Better Believe
Johniepee - Zebra     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 03/03/2018
Relatable, real, melodic and funny AF. The Sydney MC brings a lot to the Hip Hop table with his diverse content coverage and unmistakable flow.
ohniePee showcases his vocal range on this new stand-alone track. It's essentially just a hint of what's to come with an EP planned for later in the year. Zebra dips towards the jazzier side of Hip Hop featuring a mix of melodic hooks and boom bap-esc verses.

Smizzy - Cut It Out     Hip Hop, Pop 03/03/2018
Smizzy, formerly Smiles Again from Mind Over Matter is an Australian Hip Hop mainstay, producing the goods for over 10 years.
Cut It Out, produced by Red Triangle (Cello Green / The Struts) which features the super clean vocals of Andrew Butler, explores Smizzy’s experience of a girl he’d dated who hand-balled his heart all over the place but at the same time was very honest about it.

Dyer Maker - Soul Blaze     Rock, Pop 01/03/2018
DYER MAKER are a 5 Piece Psychedelic Dub / Reggae infused rock from Maitland, NSW.
The themes of Soul Blaze are peppered over a light, summery riff, reflective
of Newcastle’s beachy culture. Guitarists Alex Dorn and Tom Turner move away from their previously experimental styles
to focus on a more traditional indie rock composition while Tim Howell’s smooth, resonant
vocals balance the track.

Clue - Ballin'     Hip Hop, Electronic 22/02/2018
Clue is a comedic Australian MC hailing from Melbourne. The 23 year old rapper has made a splash in 2017 supporting Seth Sentry, Illy and Pez.
Ballin' is a high energy, hip hop/trap banger. Clue utilizes his quick wit and effortless flow, satirically boasting about the plights of an up and coming MC.

Other tracks by Clue:  Two Left Feet (Ft. Bruce Hathcock)  -  Australian Famous
Xylo Aria - Pig     Pop, Ambience, Electronic, Experimental 01/02/2018
Melbourne singer/producer Xylo Aria emerged in 2016 with her breakthrough track Colours. Since then her sound has evolved creating a beautiful, ambient and socially conscious product.
Pig is the debut self produced single of multitalented Melbourne producer/songstress Aria that is due to
be released Monday the 30th of January. Aria, known locally for her powerfully soft, haunting vocals and
experimental production strips back for Pig, presenting a captivating, minimalist production drawing focus
to her resonating vocals.

Joey Maker - Powdered Prophecy     Hip Hop, RnB 01/02/2018
Joey Maker is an emerging MC hailing from Sydney. Drawing influence from Kayne West and 360 Joey's melodic bars and smooth vocals are a must hear.
Powdered Prophecy's piano driven production provides a cinematic soundscape for Joey Maker to explore his inner conflict and addictive personality, with Bruce Hathcock‘s vocals providing contrast on the hauntingly melodic chorus. The balance between Joey's soulful bars and Bruce's alluring vocals makes for an engaging and polish track.

Clue - Guy Problems     Hip Hop 31/01/2018
Clue is a comedic Australian MC hailing from Melbourne. The 23 year old rapper has made a splash in 2017 supporting Seth Sentry, Illy and Pez.
Guy Problems is a lighthearted exposé into the amusing issues faced by your average bloke. Clue flows effortlessly with his trademark humorous bars painting a vivid and relatable scenes throughout each verse.

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Clue - Waves (ft. Joey Maker)     Hip Hop, Electronic 21/12/2017
Clue is a comedic Australian MC hailing from Melbourne. The 23 year old rapper has made a splash in 2017 supporting Seth Sentry, Illy and Pez.
Waves (ft. Joey Maker) was released December 7th 2017, the stand alone single showcases Melbourne rappers Clue and Joey Maker going hard over a aggressive trap composition. While admittedly out of his comfort zone Clue flows effortlessly, delivering heavy punchlines, sounding at home creating a polished and authentic track.