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Big Pigeon Publicity

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Clay J. Gladstone - International Pill Testing Anthem of the Year     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 15/11/2019
Energetic electronic hooks, big vibes and a strong messaging, Clay J. Gladstone is Australia's next, self proclaimed, last pop star.
Born and bread on Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi and Cat Stevens, Gladstone presents a well rounded and unique approach to modern pop. Rather than hollow ballads, Clay intends to use his platform to enact change and highlight the flaws of modern society.

Teasha Jackson - Cards     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 08/11/2019
Teasha has honey pipes, she can’t wait to show you the different flavours of where she comes from. Her vocals Range from warm, soulful to airy, authentic & bold.
Soul, melody, harmony. Cards presents a graceful and emotive performance from Newcastle singer, songwriter Teasha Jackson. Her powerful voice shines over the minimalistic electronic production, drawing the listener in with her vocal tides.

Johniepee - Bomb (ft. Grip)     Hip Hop 06/11/2019
Aus Hip Hop at its finest, Johniepee presents smooth vulnerable lyrics, a mix between Hilltop Hoods and J. Cole, it's aus hip hop meets the new school.
Bomb, like the same, is explosive. Johnie flexes intricate rhyme schemes and double-time verses over a boppin' mid 00's inspired beat. It's heavy, it's a vibe, check the big man flexing.

Other tracks by Johniepee:  Lighthouse (ft. Jon Reichardt)
Ayspayadekay - Golly Gosh!     Hip Hop, Dance 04/10/2019
Ayspayadekay breaks the mold with their queer-positive approach and a focus on exploring mental-health. With intricate flows and abstract lyricism, Ayspay delivers an eccentric and decadent cocktail of the future.
Ayspay brings a twist to Australian Hip Hop exploring mental health and queer culture, to create an eccentric, energetic aura that is completely unique to the Sydneysider. The self confessed space cadet found a matching energy in Sydney producer Delipres, the pair creating a chaotic synergy of deep, wobbling bass, high hats, autotune and punchlines.

Trigź - Be Okay (ft. Imagine The Rapper)     Hip Hop, Punk 04/10/2019
Bringing a fresh zest to the classic Aus Hip Hop sound, Brisbane emcee Trigź is sure to please anyone vibing Hilltop Hoods, Funkoars and Bliss n Eso
Trigź is known for his humility, dedication to perfection, raw energy, and vulnerable lyrics and this lyrical apple doesn’t fall far from the discography tree. "This is meant to be a feel good track about overcoming the hurdles life puts in your way but the more I wrote the deeper it got" - Trigź

Joel Rafidi - Illusion     Hip Hop, R&B 01/10/2019
Depth and flow, lyrically and sonically, Joel Rafidi presents that classic, Golden Era Hip Hop vibe with thought provoking lyrics and buttery deliveries.
Following up his first release in 5 years, Joel Rafidi is pleased to introduce Illusion, featuring a mellow, flowing cadence peppered with hard hitting truths and through provoking verses. For those wanting truth and consciousness intertwined with classic hip hop sounds, ILLUSION has everything you’ve been looking for.

Johniepee - Gemini     Hip Hop, Pop 12/09/2019
The king of smooth, melodies, bars, flow patterns Johniepee is velvet. The Perth Emcee presents a new aussie hip hop style while paying homage to the classic sound.
Soaring hooks and melodies, Johniepee bares all over the downtempo, soulful production of Jon Reinhardt. Johniepee uses the track as a catalyst for though to look deeper, to disregard the stereotypes and get to know people before casting judgement.

Trigź - Way Out (ft. Imagine the Rapper)     Hip Hop, Pop, Punk 12/09/2019
Trigź presents an expanded classic Aus Hip Hop sound, keeping current with blended organic production taking influence from the likes of Oliver Tree.
Way Out marks a bold change of style for the Brisbane Emcee, as it sees Trigź throw back to earlier punk inspirations, with organic production from Certified Gold’s Boyfifty. From the opening strings and vocal harmonies set the establish the melody and sombre tone of the track.

DYER MAKER - Days Alive     Indie, Rock, Roots 04/09/2019
Sparse coastal soundscapes with raspy memorable vocals. Drawing from psych, roots, reggae and indie. DYER MAKER present a diverse and warming listen. Fans of Ocean Alley will enjoy
Days Alive has an iconic stripped back 90’s feel with comparatively minimalist string leaving the vocals to take center stage, cementing a lasting and powerful impression. Dynamically the song takes you on a journey, it grows with each chorus gradually building, allowing the band’s psychedelic influences to shine through.

Other tracks by DYER MAKER:  2300
Dos Boy X Dom Cork - Let You Down     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 15/08/2019
Melbourne Emcee Dos Boy returns with his cathartic new single, "Let You Down". With a mellow wavy tone Dos Boy presents mature, relatable lyrics sure to hit home.
Stripping back the ego presented in past releases Dos Boy goes bone deep with Let You Down. On the surface the track is masked as a modern ballad with light melodies, intimate vocals and flowing bass but from the artist perspective it goes much deeper, acting as a cathartic release for the cumulative feelings of loss and heartbreak.

Alex Parkman - Survive     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 02/08/2019
Zimbabwean born, Perth based Hip Hop artist Alex Parkman presents confidence, bars and melody. Taking influence from the likes of Travis Scott and Juice WRLD he is one to watch
Deep, raw and emotive, Alex Parkman's Survive shows a vulnerability not previously displayed by the young Perth based Emcee. Building upon the recent success of releasing hard hitting new wave hip hop records Alex Parkman has returned to quickly follow up with his 3 track EP titled Motion.

Other tracks by Alex Parkman:  Just a Minute  -  Bentley Truck
ISY ISY - Emersed     Pop, Electronic 26/07/2019
Light floating vocals, haunting lyrics intertwined with banging electronic production. ISY ISY hits home with her tidal new single Emersed.
True to form, ISY brings luminous, airy vocals to the forefront of electronic production. Entrancing the listener from the get go, the track opens with delicate, sultry vocals steadily building as the seemingly minimalist backing swells progressing into the hook.

Clue - Juice     Hip Hop, Comedy 23/07/2019
Laughs and Bars - Clue combines a braggadocio trap banger with his shopping list, the result a tongue in cheek bravado filled banger.
Walking the fine line between comedy and trap banger, the song goes hard, lyrically a mix between braggadocio rap flexing and his shopping list. Noting that a lot of rappers like to use the terms "Juice" and "Sauce" to explain how fire their tracks are, Clue decided to take a literal approach to these terms.

Foreign Architects - Money and Lies     Rock, Pop, Grunge 23/07/2019
An instant classic, Foreign Architects revive the "wall of sound" with their new single Money and Lies drawing inspiration from indie greats Oasis and providing a modern pop/twist.
Money and Lies has a singular feeling of guitar driven angsty lyrics, reminiscent of an Oasis style wall of sound combined with the anthemic pop choruses that have been associated with Foreign Architects over the years.

Johniepee - Skin Deep ft. Coin Banks and Jamie-Rose     Hip Hop, Pop 18/07/2019
The lord of smooth Johniepee flexes a buttery melodic flow, conscious lyrics and catchy, driving hooks. The Perth Emcee is one to watch.
Johniepee enlist a transcontinental all star squad for his swinging new single, Skin Deep with a guest verse from Perth heavy-weight Coin Banks and additional harmonies from the angelic Sydney-based Noemme. From the opening Johnie flexes his trademark, melody infused flow over driving keys, distorted horns and sparse percussion. Skin Deep presents a raw and vulnerable look into our insecurities.

Liam Johnston - Abyssal Dreams     Pop, Folk 27/06/2019
Drawing influence from Bon Iver, Bob Dylan and The 1975, Liam Johnston presents a delicate yet passionate indie/folk sound with plucking strings and flowing vocals.
Abyssal Dreams journeys through the understanding of a lost relationship. Johnston weaves his passionate vocals through beautiful finger-picking guitars and driving percussion. The song effortlessly combines intimate verses with an expansive and wonderfully layered hook. Abyssal Dreams manages to be intimate, seriously catchy and wholly charming all in the span of three minutes.

Imagine the Rapper - When the Doors are Closed     Hip Hop, RnB, Pop 19/06/2019
Wavy melodies, flowing bars and relatable themes, Imagine the Rapper presents a cohesive mix of hip hop and R&B with a little twist of pop-punk.
The track is the collaborative product of the 2018 Grow My Music songwriters retreat which also developed amazing works by Maz Green and Johniepee. When The Doors Are Closed sees Imagine team up with Shaun Black, Robert Gentlecore and Chris Collins to produce an organic, flowing Hip Hop track with a coastal R&B twist.

Talakai - Me You Them Us     Hip Hop, Electronic 13/06/2019
Heavy flows, knockout punchlines and razor-sharp wordplay Talakai hits heavy featuring dark beats and anthemic hooks. Australian grime's finest.
Me You Them Us is the accumulative flex that has been 10 years in the making. “The track started as a dissection of the world universe, u-verse, i-verse, us verse and that formed the basis for the hook. We were going to sit on this but the crowd reaction when I played it on tour with Chill was f***ing mental.”

Skyepaint - Light Years Away     Pop 17/05/2019
Synthpop music from a pub rock city. Skyepaint's trademark synth-pop production draws from classic 80's and 90's pop with dreamy, smooth soundscapes and punchy drums.
Skyepaint’s distinct sound fuses the melodic sensibilities of 80s and 90s pop with modern electronic production and shimmering retro synths, with the singles proving no exception. Taking on feedback from past releases Skyepaint presents silkier, dreamy vocals sitting at the forefront of his authentic,synth-driven production.

Other tracks by Skyepaint:  Endless Nights
RENNAN - Stars     Hip Hop, Pop 16/05/2019
With a focus on lyricism RENNAN presents an alternate approach to Hip Hop utilizing poetic lyrics and catchy hooks with a sound somewhere between Mac Miller and Hobo Johnson
Stars by RENNAN is an electronic hip-hop song produced by DeliPres (imbi the girl, Coast & Ocean) that works on multiple levels. The first is the narrative layer on which the story unfolds. Told non-linearly, it follows the story of a lonely man who wishes upon a shooting star for it to come down and live it’s life with him.