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Young Vincent - Big News     Folk, Roots 14/03/2019
In a similar vein to artists like The War On Drugs and Fleet Foxes, Young Vincent’s alt-folk sound has a more refined edge, the band exploring more indie, guitar-based territory.
‘Big News’ is a perfect example of the band’s songwriting dynamic at its best; rich harmonies meet clever instrumentation. As the song twists and turns, it remains rhythmically strong. With 'Big News', Young Vincent take their first steps for the New Year with confidence and refreshed exuberance driving their new music.

YEEVS - Dancing String     Rock, Folk 21/08/2019
Since the band’s inception in 2015, YEEVS have become a captivating force on Sydney’s indie scene; emotive live shows positioning the band as ones to watch on the East Coast
The urgency of the single springs forth instantly in Bradley Cork’s distinguishable vocals, while the percussion and rhythmic progressions mirror the punch packing music by the likes of Boy & Bear, Modest Mouse and The Teskey Brothers.

Other tracks by YEEVS:  That Side  -  Common Ground
YEEVS - Can't Be Seen     Rock, Folk 08/08/2019
Since the band’s inception in 2015, YEEVS have become a captivating force on Sydney’s indie scene; emotive live shows positioning the band as ones to watch on the East Coast
The urgency of the single springs forth instantly in Bradley Cork’s distinguishable vocals, while the percussion and rhythmic progressions mirror the punch packing music by the likes of Boy & Bear, Modest Mouse and The Teskey Brothers; ‘Can’t Be Seen’, exemplary of the band’s spirited approach to producing music.

We Move Like Giants - Devilry     Electronic, Hip Hop, Grunge 16/05/2019
We Move Like Giants, featuring noted ARIA Award Winning producers/musicians SIXFOUR (A.B. Original, Hilltop Hoods) alongside Daydream Fever and Carlino, is a meeting of the minds long in the making.
‘Devilry’ shines in its intricacies, a noted trademark of SIXFOUR’s production style. Deftly moving between electronic and hip hop influences, there exists a darker undercurrent to the music that recalls the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Run The Jewels, two influences that have driven the creation of the We Move Like Giants sound

Vaudeville Smash - Laura     Funk/Soul, Dance, Funk, Pop 17/08/2016
Three brothers, two mates, no other Australian band sounds like ’em. An explosion of funk, flute, sax, synth and groove, the dance floor is packed at a Vaudeville Smash gig.
A song about a wild, untamed man-eater – and the men who welcome the imminent heartbreak. Laura is the first taste of The Gift, the band's sophomore album.

Other tracks by Vaudeville Smash:  Drunken Cowgirl  -  Driving Me Wild
Vast Hill - Heartbreaker     Pop, Electronic, Dance, Retro 14/03/2019
Diving into a pastel coloured, dreamy playground of synth pop, VAST HILL bring you ‘Heartbreaker’. Electronic percussion, funky bass and Elle Kress’ soaring vocals, ‘Heartbreaker’ is a sweet as sugar.
Super glamourous synth pop, like a cross between Human League and Confidence Man. It's like every 80s movie soundtrack together! Taking cues from local synth pop masters Touch Sensitive and Donny Benet they weave dreamy pillows of pop with hazy soft vocals. Mixed by Luke Million (I Know Leopard, Stranger Things ST) and co-produced by Michael Chow (FROYO, Phoebe Starr).

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Vast Hill - Oblivion     Pop, Electronic 21/06/2019
“The Sydney-based dream-pop duo perfectly blend melody and groove, crafting a four-part harmony that will have you swooning.” - Happy Magazine
Priding themselves on textured and dynamic sounds that nod back to the nostalgia of ‘80s synth-pop, yet keeps things very much in the now with punchy modern production, Vast Hill prove they’re not just your flash in the pan indie-electronic act.

Toni and The Stonehearts - No Turning Back     Rock, Pop 30/11/2017
"There’s a new rock chick in town, and she’s equal parts talented, passionate, and downright bad-ass" Speaker TV
Toni and the Stonehearts hit the ground running with 100% full throttle single ‘No Turning Back’. Influences of this generation's great front women, Susi De Marchi, Grace Potter and Sarah Mcleod shine through and are matched perfectly with Bird’s almighty vocals and the tracks epic riffage

Thunder Fox - Two For One     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Pop, Ska 22/02/2018
Thunder Fox is an eclectic explosion of psychedelic funk-rock goodness that provides a barrage of shredding guitar solos, titillating vocalisation, tight horn lines and stank bass ‘n drum groove.
Two For One has hip hop funky good times painted all over it! It's got Prince vibes, yacht rock swagger, hip-hop bounce and some sexy sexy horns. Try not dancing to this. I dare you. I double dare you! It's tailor made for festival fun and the radio turned up!

This Time Only - Marco Avenue     Rock, Punk, Garage, Grunge 09/11/2018
“Suburban punk played with a lot of energy and a lot of heart.” Triple J, Dom Alessio
Taken from the band’s forthcoming EP, ‘Marco Avenue’ is buoyed by percussion and bass progressions fans of The Smith Street Band and Luca Brasi are going to love, while in Collins’ yearning vocals, there’s almost a lamenting, bittersweet nature that will have the listener both bopping their heads and having their inner-emo brought out. In the best way possible.

Them Bruins - Coming Out Backwards     Rock 30/03/2016
Them Bruins are a little bit post punk, a little bit fuzz pop and a whole lot of hook-laden bear hugs
This energetic rock record will get your out of your seats & too the front of the stage

Other tracks by Them Bruins:  Something Beautiful  -  Ready To Know
The Velvet Club - Sometimes     Rock 11/04/2019
Forming in early 2018, The Velvet Club flourished out of jam sessions in a Melbourne warehouse into a band the local scene has seen flourish into an indie-rock force.
‘Sometimes’ demonstrates the great indie stock The Velvet Club’s musical foundation has been born out of.

Coupling strong indie vocals with careening melodies that captivate from the onset, The Velvet Club’s new single ‘Sometimes’ is quick to envelop the listener, a perfect first release of the year for the four piece.

The Vanns - Mother     Rock, Garage, Grunge, Pop 21/06/2019
“The Vanns come through intertwining heavier themes with huge, melodic hooks and chord progressions that underlines their ambitions to break into the more mainstream consciousness.” - Vents Magazine
Taken from their long-awaited debut album, The Vanns have served up another slice of commanding indie rock and roll, further solidifying their status as one of the east coast’s most exciting bands. A record that has seen writers Jimmy Vann and Cameron Little broker a new dynamic within their shared musicianship,born out of similar experiences and emotional journeys.

The Terrifying Lows - Cool With It     Rock, Pop, Garage, Grunge 22/05/2018
Multi-instrumentalist Tyler Millott, creating music that shines with its own identity has been at the centre of his artistry from day one.This is his new project, The Terrifying Lows.
Electric guitar comes together with well-crafted melodic grunge that has a smooth edge felt with each listen.

The Sea Gypsies - Demons     Rock, Roots, Blues, Reggae 17/06/2017
A bunch of worldly Central Coast nomads who dabble in rhythmic rock and roll that has been seeped in dub influences and laid out in the sun to bake
Instantly captivating lead singer Luke Marlin’s soft rich vocals seamlessly blend with unassuming guitar strums, drawing you into the central coast surf rockers hypnotic new single ‘DEMONS’.

The Sand Dollars - Love Dust     Pop, Soul, RnB, Hip Hop 24/07/2017
Reminiscent of The Last of The Shadow Puppets via Mark Ronson, these lads nod their caps to the 60s reverb pop stars but dig deep into new soul and RnB.
Taking cues from Morcheeba, The Avalanches and even Sade you’re dropped deep into the ocean and led away by the call of sirens. True Live singer Ryan Ritchie brings his narration to the story and then you’re deep into the movie again, slowly.

Other tracks by The Sand Dollars:  No Cigar  -  I Need
The Sand Dollars - Silence Is Gold     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Pop 19/08/2016
The combination of indie rock, meets western meets Tarantino Vs Turner is sheer catchy genius.
The combination of indie rock, meets western meets Tarantino Vs Turner is sheer catchy genius

The Sand Dollars - Chops     Rock, Funk, Alternative Country, Psychedelic 02/03/2017
Melbourne based tarantino inspired rock n rollers who play music to get the party started
Loaded with angular guitar riffs, an edgy indie-rock melody and a crescendo-esc life of its own, showcasing the band’s prolific songwriting ability.

The Nicoteenagers - Black Lips     Rock, Grunge 24/05/2019
The Nicoteenagers are a four piece rock band hailing from Melbourne, projecting music with strength akin to Queens of the Stone Age and Muse.
‘Black Lips’ is an exploration of rhythmic melodies and intoxicating rock and roll from one of Melbourne’s best young bands to do it. Injecting enough swagger to make Queens of the Stone Age proud, The Nicoteenagers shine with ferocity on ‘Black Lips’, Drew Gardner’s vocals weaving in and out of rollicking guitars with smoke-like effect.

The Nicoteenagers - Big Thing     Rock, Garage, Grunge 17/01/2019
Opening with frenetic guitar and a pummeling fusion of percussion and bass, ‘Big Thing’ lays its groundwork for a three and a half minute rock and roll epic early.
Perfect for music fans who like their rock music delivered undiluted with a side of scrambled, electrified chaos, The Nirvana influences can be heard throughout, but in the vocals and warped nuances of the electric guitar, The Nicoteenagers’ latest comes reminiscent of early Muse, Radiohead and Tool - doused in equal parts drama and rhythmic prowess.