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Junior Danger - Dirt and Grime     Rock, Blues, Grunge 28/07/2017
If Nick Cave was into the White Stripes this is what it would sound like. All the riffs any Queens of The Stone Age fan loves and dark, bluesy vocals.
Dirt and Grime is a heavy rock, thumping dirg that rock fans have been waiting for. Haunting Nick Cave style vocals matched with driving rhythm section and riffs for days!
This is the second single to come from their anticipated debut album, produced by Konstantin Kersting (Jungle Giants and Belligerents).


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Liv Cartledge - Heard Your Name     Folk, Acoustic, Soul, Pop 01/08/2017
Indie folk goddess Liv Cartledge brings us her new up tempo single ‘Heard Your Name’ brandishing her trademark raspy voice and storytelling prowess.
Indie folk goddess Liv Cartledge brings us her new up tempo single ‘Heard Your Name’ brandishing her trademark raspy voice and storytelling prowess.

Sun - Seasons     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop, Chill 16/08/2017
Melbourne dream pop outfit SUN are known for their catchy hooks and laid back vibe. They play lo-fi psych jams that’ll have you getting naked and dancing in no time.
Seasons is a dream pop psych jam that'll have you gently swaying at first then jumping up and down by the end. Swirling guitars and hooky vocals work like a hypnotic pop mantra that slowly takes the party into overdrive. It's like Tame Impala meets The Wombats. Pop perfection!


Clint Wilson - Don't Stir Your Coffee If It's Cold     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Alternative Country 24/08/2017
Drawing influences from Paul Kelly and The Church, Clint's sound is a equal parts Josh Pyke and Pete Murray with his own signature melodic nuance and unique voice.
Don't Stir Your Coffee, is a bitter sweet story of the breakdown in communication happening at the end of a relationship. It's sad but the melody is so sweet it's hard not to sing along to. Clint's unique vocal style and melodic structures make this very pleasurable to listen to.

Rigidy Rourke and The Love Dogs - Low Pockets     Funk/Soul, Retro, Roots, Soul 14/09/2017
Rigidy Rourke and his Love Dogs have created a hard hitting funk ensemble that is purpose built to have the audience grooving from the first note to the last.
LOW POCKETS, an incredible neo-soul, funk-pop track that is everything modern soul should be. Incredible vocals, slick production and songwriting skills to take on any pop hit. RIGIDY ROURKE AND THE LOVE DOGS are taking the genre forward and dominating at the same time.

Rackett - Your Son     Rock, Garage, Pop, Punk 16/09/2017
"Quickly gaining notoriety for their energy, passion and skill" Music Feeds. "Noise is their number one trade and they’re very, very good at it" Tone Deaf
"Your son is a con, your son is a bad one” echoes lead singer Rebecca’s beautifully strained vocals in fresh, new single ‘Your Son’, encasing the raw energy of a woman scorned.

Other tracks by Rackett:  Mama Don't Like Him
Run Rabbit Run - Old Soul     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Atmospheric 16/09/2017
Progressive folk group, Run Rabbit Run are a force to be reckoned with. Reminiscent of the emotionally charged music of Glen Hansard, they bring sweeping and majestic sounds effortlessly.
Focusing heavily on the subject of death, and religion; Tangled in symbolism, Old Soul follows a man careening down a river, through rapids, and eventually out over the edge of a waterfall.

Other tracks by Run Rabbit Run:  Into The Woods  -  Sticks
Reuben Stone - Brighter Than The Sun     Reggae/Dub, Funk, Rock, Ska 23/09/2017
Multi-instrumentalists Reuben Stone spent summer touring with UB40, quickly followed up with national runs with Tash Sultana and Pierce Brothers, now bringing us his shimmering single ‘Brighter Than The Sun’
‘Brighter Than The Sun’ features piercing horns, soothing vocals, and an infectious toe-tapping melody “Written about love, life, the highs and lows of existence. Struggles that come out of nowhere can be fixed with self reflection while looking deeper inside yourself" Reuben Stone

KG - Mabo Martin Mandela     Hip Hop, Indigenous 29/09/2017
KG has carved out a name for himself as a storyteller and potent lyricist his forthcoming album explores, apartheid in his birth country and the often polarising conversation about racism.
South African born, Australian raised rapper KG is making no apologies with his politically charged anthem ‘Mabo, Martin, Mandela’.

Black Bird Hum - Down     Reggae/Dub, Soul, Pop, Roots 30/09/2017
Exceptional party reggae band who’s incredible live shows have made them a favourite amongst festivals and fans alike. They've played with Arrested Development (USA) and The Melbourne Ska Orchestra.
DOWN is a reggae groove anthem. Just in time for the warmer weather the tune will be a welcome number to get you moving. For lovers of dancing it up in bare feet, this song will soundtrack your car ride and your balcony party.

Rifleman - Keep The Story Alive     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Pop 30/09/2017
Rifleman is the new solo project from Superheist songwriter founder and guitarist, Richie “dw” Norton and breath of fresh air for fans of the heavy rock icon.
Hitting the ground running with signature guitar riffage and an unstoppable drive that doesn’t quit. Melodic rock anthem is but one way to describe it. Four and a half minutes of hook laden pop carnage is probably another, but we’ll leave the fans to argue over semantics.

Liv Cartledge - Timber     Folk, Blues, Soul, Acoustic 07/10/2017
Singer songwriter and prodigious storyteller Liv Cartledge pulls at every heart string with her debut EP ‘TIMBER’
Timber’ embodies strength and courage, a clear display of Cartledge’s songwriting mastery and vocal prowess.

Other tracks by Liv Cartledge:  Running  -  Backbone
Howlite - Saviour     Folk, Ambience, Blues, Pop 21/10/2017
"The sound of stormy nights with stormy hearts.” Triple J Dom Alessio.
A perfect example of less is more, Thom’s tender tones vibrate over delicate twangs of the guitar and backseat percussion. The soft smokey sway of the track will transport you to a dark New Orleans speakeasy and the seductive lyrics will lure you in.

Rifleman - Silver and Gold     Rock, Garage, Grunge, Pop 23/10/2017
Rifleman is the new solo project from Superheist songwriter founder and guitarist, Richie “dw” Norton and breath of fresh air for fans of the heavy rock icon.
An emotive rock journey, filled with light and shade and buzzworthy guitar sections

Other tracks by Rifleman:  Satellite  -  Shepherds
Pretty City - Nothing Happens For Free     Rock, Britpop, Psychedelic, Garage 23/10/2017
The boys of Melbourne’s Pretty City combine shoegaze and britpop to create power chord-heavy anthems that wouldn’t be out of place in Manchester, 1990.” Noisey
The Melbourne psyche outfit have dropped this summers shoegaze anthem

HEN - Raincoats     Pop, Electronic, Chill 01/11/2017
With her luscious red locks, stirring lyrics and saccharine voice, indie darling HEN delivers us her debut single ‘RAINCOATS’.
The time had come for Hen to dive into her fresh new sound. The modern day poet has delivered a deep, lyrically charged single, bearing all through her craft. Upbeat, pop with electronic elements Raincoats cements Hen's new indie sound.

Neon Tetra - Run From The Ruins     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage, Retro 01/11/2017
“They take cues from the likes of New Order, Tame Impala, Pink Floyd and David Bowie, the result is a combination of psychedelic rock, pop and new wave” THE MUSIC
A fuzzy rock marshmallow, filled with celestial synths, big drums, catchy guitar hooks and the band's rhythm section locking down the pace with lazy summer feels. The track is full of earthy psychedelic textures crossed with 70s rock tones and an early Strokes x Tame Impala x Led Zeppelin vibe.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Little Moon     Rock, Psychedelic, Grunge, Garage 09/11/2017
Entrancing, mind altering, and a breath of fresh air. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets are revitalising the Psych Rock genre one riff at a time”. Happy
Slowly increasing in intensity and pace, the guitars in ‘Little Moon’ add layers of fuzz, reverb and wailing amps to the explosive nature and constant changes in rhythmical patterns, vocal textures and chord structures.

Toni and The Stonehearts - No Turning Back     Rock, Pop 30/11/2017
"There’s a new rock chick in town, and she’s equal parts talented, passionate, and downright bad-ass" Speaker TV
Toni and the Stonehearts hit the ground running with 100% full throttle single ‘No Turning Back’. Influences of this generation's great front women, Susi De Marchi, Grace Potter and Sarah Mcleod shine through and are matched perfectly with Bird’s almighty vocals and the tracks epic riffage

Lou Scarrs - Lapdog     Rock, Pop, Garage 06/12/2017
Raw. Honest. Powerful.Lou Scarrs steps out from behind the guitar and takes centre stage.
Italian blog Noisyroad describes ‘Lapdog’ as “irrimediabilmente catchy” which loosely translates to “Lapdog is irresistibly catchy” and this couldn’t be more spot on.

Other tracks by Lou Scarrs:  Measure Up  -  What We Do