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Forces & Fury - My Affliction     Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 28/11/2019
Forces & Fury are an alt-electronic rock indie piece from Sydney. Kat Ayala and Astrid Holz have created a sound completely their own in navigating a myriad of creative influences.
Channeling broodiness in with some expertly crafted and executed instrumentation, ‘My Affliction’ balances heaviness in music with a delicate flair in the vocals.

The song itself, centred around a love gone bad, draws darker tones in with a stunning live sound in the percussion and rhythmic elements that Forces & Fury have done so well in the past.

The Gusset - Something Good     Indie, Folk, Easy Listening, Roots 20/11/2019
The Gusset have been forming a strong reputation as a live band down the west coast. With ‘Something Good’, further explores the more personal elements of their songwriting abilities.
‘Something Good’ - a song steeped in reflection and a found sense of self-awareness - come to listeners as one of The Gusset’s most defined releases yet. A perfect way to bring the band into a new chapter. “‘Something Good’ follows a storyline a little too familiar for many listeners. Diving into the desire to form a relationship"

Jackson Carroll - Wizard     Indie, Folk, Rock, Pop 19/11/2019
“Good voice on Jackson! But he doesn’t oversell it! That’s classy. Matt Corby and Jeff Buckley performing duets at the saloon in Westworld.” Triple J Unearthed, Dave Ruby Howe
Showcasing Carrolls earthy vocals and songwriting prowess 'Wizard' is a sweet yet powerful indie folk earworm.

Other tracks by Jackson Carroll:  Little Game  -  Smokey Glass Wall
The Sea Gypsies - Mexico     Indie, Rock, Roots, Pop 15/11/2019
‘Their humble approach to songwriting translates well into their sound, providing the listener with upbeat yet relaxed vibes, whilst maintaining a relatable feeling within their music"- ToneDeaf
‘Mexico’ has all the hallmarks of an Australian release with longevity behind it. The band’s confidence shines, while their musicality has never been stronger than on this, the first taste of a whole chapter of new material still to come.

Elsy Wameyo - Outcast     R&B, Soul 06/11/2019
Elsy Wameyo is a Kenya-born, Adelaide-based vocalist and songwriter. Part of the Playback808 collective, her music encompasses R&B, dance and more.
A personal and emotional offering, the latest offering from the artist is the first single to be released from her forthcoming EP and heralds a new chapter of this young talent’s thriving career.

The single itself is an observation of the mental struggles existing within the African community; where one’s skin colour comes saddled with generations of cultural trauma.

Thunder Fox - Baby I'm Famous     Indie, R&B, Soul 06/11/2019
Thunder Fox is an eclectic explosion of psychedelic funk-rock goodness that provides a barrage of shredding guitar solos, titillating vocalisation, tight horn lines and stank bass ‘n drum groove.
We hear a different side of the band’s artistry with 'Baby I'm Famous'. When you listen to how each album track weaves together, a wider picture of the band’s love for expressive, groove-laden music - not to mention whipsmart songwriting - becomes ever clearer.

Other tracks by Thunder Fox:  Look At U  -  Been Busy
Jackson Carroll - Happyman     Indie, Folk, Rock, Pop 01/11/2019
“Good voice on Jackson! But he doesn’t oversell it! That’s classy. Matt Corby and Jeff Buckley performing duets at the saloon in Westworld.” - Triple J Unearthed, Dave Ruby Howe
‘Happyman’ puts Carroll in an up-tempo and shining songwriting space. Taken from his forthcoming EP Name It After Me, ‘Happyman’ is a great entry point for newcomers to his sound, while a great progression for longtime fans to get around.

Papaya Tree - Covered in Weeds     R&B, Reggae / Dub, Indie, Roots 24/10/2019
Papaya Tree are a six piece group from Sydney who blend influences from across funk, R&B, jazz and reggae in creating something fresh and entertaining.
A song that deals with personal change and inner-tussles with identity, ‘Covered In Weeds’ is mixes bright tones and sonic textures with some of the band’s most personal songwriting yet. Inspired by songwriter and vocalist Lee McDermott’s short career as a paralegal, ‘Covered In Weeds’ draws on his experiences in balancing corporate work with the drive to be a creative.

Vast Hill - More Than You Imagined     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, Indie 24/10/2019
A songwriting duo who knows their direction and aesthetic, the way Vast Hill execute the delivery of their music is fun, vibrant and switched on.
The title track of Vast Hill's debut album, 'More Than You Imagined' is a nostalgia dip into some gorgeous hazy soundscapes. An example of the band at their creative best.

Other tracks by Vast Hill:  Hard Goodbye
Neon Tetra - Jealous Love     Indie, Pop 19/10/2019
Neon Tetra are an indie-pop group from Adelaide who have fast become one of the most popular exports out of SA. Catchy sounds, addictive live shows.
Bright and luscious = ‘Jealous Love’. Bringing together an insatiable groove with fun lyricism and melodic strength, the band are in their element and at ease on record. The dynamism of Neon Tetra is on full display with ‘Jealous Love’ - this is a band who has just kept going from strength to strength.

Great Gable - I Swear     Roots, Indie 11/10/2019
Much like Ocean Alley, Lime Cordiale and The Jungle Giants, the music of Great Gable is music to get lost in. Hailing from Perth, the band has emerged with excitement.
Perth’s Great Gable unleash the melodic and evocative ‘I Swear’. Another solid snapshot of the band’s growth and dynamism over the last year, ‘I Swear’ comes jam-packed with honesty in delivery and genuine charm to match.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Mundungus     Rock, Psych 10/10/2019
“Australia’s next great psych band” - DIY
‘Mundungus’ is fiery and captures the spirit of Psychedelic Porn Crumpets in full technicolour glory. “Mundungus is the rare post tour recovery period where all our surrounding friends and family assume we’re crippled with alcoholism, burdened with lives of social estrangement and are far too disillusioned to foresee our self destructive tendencies”.
- Jack McEwan, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Vast Hill - Abagail     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 04/10/2019
Melding perfect melodies with clever arrangement, Vast Hill are an electro-pop duo from Sydney who have become one of the city's best fresh names.
Abagail’ is another beautifully constructed synth driven soundscape. For the first time, Adin Milo takes the reins on lead vocals, his indie tone mixing effortless with Ellie Kress’ harmonies. Akin to PNAU, I Know Leopard and Olympia, ‘Abagail’ is slick and crisp pop music with a dance edge that is simply irresistible.

PRETTY BLEAK - Jawline     Pop, Indie, Rock, Alternative 03/10/2019
For Melbourne indie-electro group PRETTY BLEAK, their first single out the gate is anything but. A strong and vibrant cut of music that demonstrates the musicality of the group.
PRETTY BLEAK make a determined entrance with charged up debut single, ‘Jawline’. Developing their new music between vocalist Sam Thomas’ home studio and Homesurgery Recordings (Melbourne), PRETTY BLEAK brought engineer Jon Grace (Dear Seattle) onboard the project to add some mixing finesse to tie up its final form. Dark pop synths, soaring vocals and expert production layered throughout.

Okay Dane - God Complex     Rock, Alternative 24/09/2019
Okay Dane are a three piece rock band from Melbourne, whose tastes range from fast punked up riffs, to sludgy stoner rock. For fans of Violent Soho and The Killers.
Laden with attitude, the pacing of ‘God Complex’ makes the song instantly catchy, while the lyricism represents a more personal internal struggle. With an energy similar to the likes of The Killers, DZ Deathrays and Violent Soho, Okay Dane have formed a strong rock foundation for themselves to build on further with the Alienation EP.

GOSH - Take Me Home     Rock 18/09/2019
Wollongong are a four piece rock band who are known for a rollicking live presence and impactful songwriting across a string of indie releases.
Equal parts lamentation and nostalgic reflection, ‘Take Me Home’ revels in rich guitar and keys arrangements as the chorus explodes with chest-punching fervour. GOSH have jammed emotion in spades into their new single, a bright indicator of what is to come from Frankenstein, come its release later in September.

GOSH - Frankenstein     Rock, Indie 17/09/2019
GOSH are a four piece indie rock band out of Wollongong, making music powered by impassioned songwriting in the same vein as Gang of Youths and Boy & Bear.
The lead track of the EP, 'Frankenstein' is paced excellently by thudding guitars, melodies and a great sense of indie pop songwriting.

Other tracks by GOSH:  Miles Away
Mesmeriser - Don't Complicate It     Indie, Rock, Pop, Psych 17/09/2019
Performing together since 2013, the band have been thriving in recent years, cutting their teeth as live performers both at home and internationally creating indie rock, dream-pop infused soundscapes.
“I know you’re jaded,” vocalist Myles Fischer drawls on the track, as an indie rock arrangement swirls and punches, in a similar vein to Parcels and Catfish and The Bottlemen. A song that has been made to encourage the listener to shed the pressures and expectations put on us by the parents, teachers and those authority figures.

The VANNS - Deranged     Rock, Indie 17/09/2019
“It’s got elements that would make classic rock heads lose their mind and the indie kids swoon as well.” Triple J, Declan Byrne (‘Mother’, 2019)
Thriving on melancholic and wistful sounds, ‘Deranged’ is an ode to experiences lived in all their colours, the dark and the light. The band shines as a unit on the track, demonstrating their strength in studio as a performing unit - a strength has proven to be a steadfast hallmark of their live shows and new recordings.

The Run - Missing Out On     Indie, Pop, Soul, Easy Listening 29/08/2019
The Run are an energetic three piece from Geelong that are giving it a red hot go to make them sweet sweet tunebabies.
‘Missing Out On' captures gorgeous choral vocals in with a mix of indie and soul similar to Ruel and Lime Cordiale, to present a musical letter to the one who is not going to be keeping you down. Recording the single with Ezekiel Fenn and Michael Best, The Run emerge for 2019 with their strongest sound yet.

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