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J.F.K - Feel It Again     Rock, Punk, Garage, Grunge 15/06/2018
“Those who want a singalong melody, those who want to smash their head around and those who want to be blasted by a My Bloody Valentine-esque wall of sound" -Hhhappy
Meant to be played loud and belted out with a certain confidence and braggadocio, ‘FEEL IT AGAIN’ from Perth rock band J.F.K is the perfect antidote to anything sweet or playing it safe.

Hugo Bladel - Feel The Love     Electronic, Funk, Dance 08/06/2018
Tassie born, Melbourne based artist Hugo Bladel has been working on producing some lush sounds that dabble in the electronic, soulful arenas, adding his own distinctive flair into the mix.
Bringing together lush melodies with clean production that will have heads turned with ease, Hugo Bladel presents ‘Feel the Love’. The latest from the now Melbourne based songwriter puts that thumping bass line in the mix with Bladel’s smoking vocals, making ‘Feel the Love’ an instant groover.

Bad Pony - My Heart     Rock, Electronic, Garage, Grunge 06/06/2018
“Possessing a virulent, honest-to-god rock sound and unashamedly wearing it’s grunge influences on its sleeve, it will be an absolute treat for those attending SXSW.” - Music Insight
'My Heart’ is a stunning record opener; frenetic guitars and tight percussion come together effortlessly, while Jarred Young’s vocals here and throughout the EP have only gotten richer in range and depth.

SEVSONS - Evolution     Rock, Hardcore, Grunge, Garage 06/06/2018
Sevsons have fused the elements of modern progressive rock with tasteful hints of catchy post-hardcore and rock songwriting which makes each song a journey” - The Rock Pit
Continuing to blend catchy riffs with melodies that captivate from the onset, ‘Evolution’ is a beast of a new track; lead singer Rhys’s vocals have the same impassioned delivery fans of Karnivool and Gyroscope love, stretching in range and achieving some great highs as that chorus reaches its apex.

The Terrifying Lows - Cool With It     Rock, Pop, Garage, Grunge 22/05/2018
Multi-instrumentalist Tyler Millott, creating music that shines with its own identity has been at the centre of his artistry from day one.This is his new project, The Terrifying Lows.
Electric guitar comes together with well-crafted melodic grunge that has a smooth edge felt with each listen.

Club Yorke - Stop The Bleeding     Rock, Garage, Grunge, Pop 18/05/2018
Huge instrumentation meets raw and evocative vocals; this is Club Yorke.
For fans and newcomers alike to the Club Yorke fold, ‘Stop the Bleeding’ is a strong statement of intent. Heart very much on sleeve, vocalist Sam Burtt wails and implores with emotion as guitars build and percussion swells

Caravana Sun - Beauty & The Pain     Rock, Psychedelic, Roots, Reggae 16/05/2018
Beauty & The Pain is equal parts cheeky, and confident, with Caravãna Sun strutting right through the indie surf rock jam.
To achieve such sonic bliss, the band were joined in the studio by producer Steven Schram (The Cat Empire, San Cisco, Paul Kelly) who no doubt had a role to play in bringing through such a tight, hook-driven atmosphere on ‘Beauty & The Pain’.

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AMVN - Mama Don't Worry     Hip Hop, RnB 08/05/2018
AMVN is the project of Melbourne based musician, producer and creative Aman Bayatly. A talented engineer and producer too, Bayatly's work has taken him Australia wide.
Dedicated to his mother, 'Mama Don't Worry' is a bit of a love letter to the strong women who exude strength and beauty in the face of oppression and darkness. Peace and unity is at the core of AMVN's music, this new single representing the ethic beautifully.

AViVA - BRN     Rock, Punk, Pop, Grunge 01/05/2018
“The Aussie dark pop powerhouse has put forward a beautiful introduction to her recent creative rebirth on this one.” – Paste Magazine
I’m sick of people being ‘burnt’ today for being themselves- for not fitting in the boxes everyone tells us to be in. This is my f*** you to anyone who dares to put me in a box.” - AViVA

Hen - In Red     Pop, Dance, Electronic 01/05/2018
"Hen is passionate, sweet and a little bit sultry….She’s indie-pop, but the new age of the genre,reminding me why I love that style of music.” - Darren Hassan, Glam Adelaide
Vocally seductive, ‘In Red’ has a touch of X-era Kylie Minogue, while the instrumentation ensures that the song never veers from fun and catchy territory.

Oh My My - Animal House     Electronic, Dance, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, House 27/04/2018
Bringing together lush electronic soundscapes together with a hypnotic vocal quality that builds in urgency, Sydney’s Oh My My lays down an impressive debut single for 2018 with ‘Animal House’.
As a debut single, ‘Animal House’ deftly uses light and dark sonic tones in projecting emotional depth within the songwriting itself

KEZRA - Better Place     Pop, Folk 19/04/2018
KEZRA’s vocals are an immediate stand out on the track; breathy and hypnotic, the way this vocalist makes her presence known on record is truly beautiful.
KEZRA’s vocals are an immediate stand out on the track; breathy and hypnotic, the way this vocalist makes her presence known on record is truly beautiful. Matched up with great production from Melbourne’s Mark Zito (FRACTURES), ‘Better Place’ could not have been in better hands.

Nighthawk - Right Time     Rock, Pop 10/04/2018
The sounds that Nighthawk have been cultivating over the past year speaks to the path well paved by the likes of Echo and The Bunnymen, Simple Minds and even Toto.
In ‘Right Time’, we hear a band comfortably in their pocket, bringing soaring guitars together with shimmering and vibrant synth work.

Howlite - Orchestra     Folk, Pop, Easy Listening, Atmospheric 05/04/2018
Melbourne's Howlite churn heavy emotions within their gorgeously crafted pop music. Alison Thom's commanding vocals hypnotise, as layered arrangements weave their way throughout with effortless charm and flair.
Gorgeous harmonies and slow burning instrumentation forms the new soundscape that Melbourne outfit Howlite have created on their latest single ‘Orchestra‘. Hypnotising and ethereal in overall sound, ‘Orchestra’ is a strong step forward from the group, led by songwriter and vocalist Alison Thom.

Sophisticated Dingo - Yuppies     Rock, Garage, Punk, Pop 29/03/2018
Sophisticated Dingo are a garage punk surf two piece who's explosive songs will have you singing all day as well as climbing up the walls in nervous energy.
We wrote Yuppies after Jimmy who would run his mouth off about the cafe-goers he had to serve all day complaining about having to settle for dark rye, that the music was too loud, and being forced to froth 3 different types of milk at once!

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

The Avenue - Love     Rock, Electronic, Pop 28/03/2018
Drawing from synth new wave bands and modern post-rock bands THE AVENUE create a sonic palette that is both lush and powerful. Like a cross between The 1975 and Chvrches.
‘Love’ is more than just unrequited love, more than just desire, more than just conflict. It has an emotive anchor that keeps you tied. “Love is about the feeling of your body screaming out for a person but your mind detesting the thought of them.” Sam Thomas - The Avenue

Pretty City - Same As Before     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Pop 21/03/2018
“Swelling crescendos of the Smashing Pumpkins, and the youthful angst of every other 90′s band...but have their own take on it – one that is modern and fresh" -
Soaring vocals, meet grunge guitars and the hookiest chorus of 2018.

Other tracks by Pretty City:  Everybody Misses You  -  Be Someone
STUMPS - We'll Do It Anyway     Rock, Garage, Grunge 17/03/2018
This Sydney four piece have wasted no time at all in snatching the attention of music fans, industry heads and tastemakers around the country.
"We'll Do It Anyway" refuses to take the safe path, embracing a love of furious guitars, percussion and vocals instead. Kyle Fisher's lead vocal is strong and distinctive, building in pace with a confident swagger enthusiastically applied.

Other tracks by STUMPS:  Matthew McConaughey  -  Toulouse
Neon Tetra - The End Begins Again     Funk/Soul, Pop 16/03/2018
Celestial synths, big drums, and catchy guitar hooks mingle to fill the fuzzy, psychedelic marshmallow that is Neon Tetra.” - SPEAKER TV
The End Begins Again’ shines with synth-pop grooves. Josh Allen’s vocals soar, while the ever-present saxophone you heard from the onset of the song provides a lush sound that throws back to golden days of late 70’s, early 80’s pop.

Mild Manic - Global Threat     Metal/Punk, Pop 13/03/2018
Mild Manic release music to soundtrack emotional catharsis. Vocals yearn and pull the listener down into a soundscape driven by passionate guitars and percussion, the pace never relenting.
'Global Threat’ is the latest example of what the Melbourne-based, NSW south coast-bred band is made of. Thrashing percussion and guitars meet the aching-yet-melodic vocal styles of Sam Rees in perfecting the instantly catchy nature of the music that Mild Manic have become synonymous with crafting.