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The Avenue - Bourgeois Bitch     Rock, Pop 15/02/2019
The Avenue are a four piece indie rock band from Melbourne, who have gained a fast and strong reputation for crafting addictive music with a powerful live show to match.
'Bourgeois Bitch' is a snappy dose of indie-pop music that draws hints of The 1975, INXS and Catfish and The Bottlemen into the mix.

Other tracks by The Avenue:  Body
Run Rabbit Run - Faker     Folk, Rock, Roots, Acoustic 06/02/2019
“Marrying expressive, overwhelming sounds with poignant and intelligent lyricism becomes apparent as a constant theme throughout Bloodline.” Happy Magazine
“A while back I was finding myself in these social scenarios where I wasn’t being truly honest with myself and others about what I wanted or how I was feeling. The song’s not really focused in on my own experience, but certainly inspired by what I was going through at the time.” Run Rabbit Run

The Avenue - suburbs.cities.towns     Pop, Rock 05/02/2019
Melbourne rockers The Avenue create a sonic palette that is lush and powerful. Reminiscent of The 1975 and The Cure, their music is punchy, evocative and addictive.
New single ‘suburbs.cities.towns’ is delivered with slick melodies reminiscent of The 1975 and Catfish and The Bottlemen; vocalist Sam Thomas carries the lofty arrangements with ease and emotion. The combination of guitar, percussion and electronic elements is a seamless one on this track, one The Avenue delves further into throughout the BODIES EP.

Daniel Trakell - Wisdom/Boredom     Folk, Chill, Pop 18/01/2019
“It’s like Elliott Smith on a magical mystery tour.” Triple J, Dom Alessio (‘Wasted Light’)
With delicately constructed guitar, lilting vocals and a matured lyricism, Melbourne songwriter Daniel Trakell returns with his first release for 2019 in ‘Wisdom/Boredom’. A song that wraps the listener up instantly with its warmth and rich musicality, ‘Wisdom/Boredom’ explores Trakell’s developed songwriting skill since his last single ‘So Long’ further put him on the map as an artist to watch.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Keen For Kick On's?     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage, Grunge 18/01/2019
“Frontman Jack McEwan’s vocals are polished and harmonious, while the band’s evocative guitars and high-concept lyrics bring their sound into another dimension, depicting an engrossing, intergalactic psych-rock saga.” Paste Magazine
‘Keen For Kick Ons?’ encapsulates the heady, swirling heat Psychedelic Porn Crumpets energy that the band have been consistently refining over the last few years. The dynamic the band has been thriving on since the release of single ‘Social Candy’ is a strong one, with guitars and melody warping in and around each other seamlessly.

The Nicoteenagers - Big Thing     Rock, Garage, Grunge 17/01/2019
Opening with frenetic guitar and a pummeling fusion of percussion and bass, ‘Big Thing’ lays its groundwork for a three and a half minute rock and roll epic early.
Perfect for music fans who like their rock music delivered undiluted with a side of scrambled, electrified chaos, The Nirvana influences can be heard throughout, but in the vocals and warped nuances of the electric guitar, The Nicoteenagers’ latest comes reminiscent of early Muse, Radiohead and Tool - doused in equal parts drama and rhythmic prowess.

Sunrose - Too High To Say Hello     Rock, Psychedelic 16/01/2019
“Sunrose make appropriately hypnotic music, their absorbing vibe completely drawing you into their world of relaxing guitars, emotive lyrics and chilled vibes.” ToneDeaf
Opening with glistening guitars and vocals that simply shimmer, Sunrose have returned with another piece of music set to soundtrack these heady summer days with ‘Too High To Say Hello’. Starting their 2019 off on a buoyant, colourful note, the Byron Bay four piece navigate textured sounds and melodic weaves and turns on this new single.

Luke Carlino - Heartstops     Electronic, RnB 07/12/2018
A popular performer and South Australian Music Award nominee, Carlino has a raw emotionality that, when combined with his layered soundscapes, creates a hypnotic experience for the listener.
Marked by the familiar melodic charm of ‘Minute’, but positioning itself in a lighter musical realm, ‘Heartstops’ is a love song built on woozy electronics and emotional vocal flair. As the second cut from the BEASTS EP, ‘Heartstops’ is a prime example of the way Carlino deals with heavier emotions and the sensitivity of them, with beautiful sonic depth.

Ruby Tuesdays - Why You Always Gotta Fight me     Rock, Blues, Easy Listening, Reggae 29/11/2018
With an approach to bluesy rock music, buoyed by powerfully catchy vocals, puts them in the same league as the likes of Lime Cordiale, Ocean Alley, Bonjah and Ziggy Alberts
Percussion builds and crashes over evocative vocals and harmonies. ‘Why you always gotta fight me?’ - rings out strong and as the pacing of the track becomes more fervent, the way Mate Jones’ vocals build becomes more urgent. There’s a yearning the band brings to the arrangement and delivery of lyricism with the single, one that can’t be ignored.

IVEY - Stuck     Pop, Rock 29/11/2018
“Another indie gem bursting with energy and fun. Who could possibly stand still to this?” Triple J, Bridget Hustwaite
Upbeat indie pop at it's best. Stuck brings lead singer Millie's vibrant vocals to the front and showcases the young bands songwriting prowess. Dancing is undeniable.

Kezra - Missing You     Pop, Electronic 20/11/2018
“If you are looking for a track with killer vocals, chilled vibes and a little bit of emotion, this indie single from Kezra is just for you.”Forte Magazine (“Better Place”)
Opening with delicate heartfelt vocals, KEZRA immediately pulls the listener back into her world of dreamy, lush musical builds, progression and crescendos. Building beautifully on the foundations laid on her impressive debut single ‘Better Place’, the Melbourne artist marks a solid return with the unveiling of her sophomore release, ‘Missing You’.

Rachael Comte - Love To Rest     Folk, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Pop 16/11/2018
A seasoned writer and performer in indie and jazz scenes, Melbourne songwriter Rachael Comte’s arrival at this point is one of an artist ready to shine in a new spotlight.
‘Love To Rest’, a significant turning point on Where I’ve Begun, is a perfect example of Comte’s musicality in this sense, as she couples drama with vulnerability. "A song about being devastated after a break up and feeling like you need your heartbreak to be validated by the other person feeling the same way."

This Time Only - Marco Avenue     Rock, Punk, Garage, Grunge 09/11/2018
“Suburban punk played with a lot of energy and a lot of heart.” Triple J, Dom Alessio
Taken from the band’s forthcoming EP, ‘Marco Avenue’ is buoyed by percussion and bass progressions fans of The Smith Street Band and Luca Brasi are going to love, while in Collins’ yearning vocals, there’s almost a lamenting, bittersweet nature that will have the listener both bopping their heads and having their inner-emo brought out. In the best way possible.

Sometimes Sonny - Surgeons     Rock, Pop, Folk 08/11/2018
“Undeniably we can all relate to Campbell’s lyrics. But, the one characteristic about Sometime Sonny that captivates us enough to keep listening is the overwhelmingly beautiful composition.” Happy Magazine
A natural storyteller, Sometime Sonny (moniker of artist Dave Campbell) has again worked his magic in weaving personal experience through a dreamy blend of indie-rock and added electronic elements.

Ben Wright Smith - Everyone Wants What Is Mine     Folk, Rock, Pop 01/11/2018
"Melbourne songwriter Ben Wright Smith dishes the ‘70’s-infused Americana vibes on his fresh indie folk hymn, ‘Storm Boy’.” MusicFeeds (‘Storm Boy’, 2018)
As the song twists and weaves together textured guitar with Wright Smith’s enticing vocals, ‘Everyone Wants What Is Mine’ marks another strong step forward and leads the listener into a vibrant and sonically rich playground of sounds that has formed PSYCHOTROPICAL 1.

Other tracks by Ben Wright Smith:  Home Sick  -  Rancho Luna
The Florets - Just Coast     Rock, Garage, Pop 31/10/2018
The Florets blend jangly indie rock with garage goodness, all the while highlighting a knack for melodic songwriting at its best.
Led by songwriter and vocalist Nick Dawes, the stamp The Florets put down on record here is a strong one. ‘Just Coast’ may indicate a kicked-back, chilled discourse but make no mistake, the way this band delivers their music is dynamic and immersive.

Have/Hold - Keepsake     Rock 27/10/2018
As the band explores the boundaries surrounding alternative, nearly ‘art’ rock, they’re breaking away from crashing, heavier sections, instead building tension through lamentation and sheer dramatic finesse. -The AU Review
Powered by impassioned vocals, soaring guitars and a rhythmic pulse that remains strong at its core, the new album from Melbourne’s HAVE/HOLD presents itself as a fitting snapshot of the band today: reinvigorated, wide-eyed and raring to thrive

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IVEY - Won't Be     Pop, Rock 10/10/2018
The road to success for Gold Coast five piece IVEY has been one littered with many achievements. Since landing a spot on Triple J Unearthed’s ‘Distinguished Achievers’ list for 2015,
Bristling with melody, a refined pop songwriting knack and a confidence in delivery that has come from their last few years not just on the road, but in various studio sessions, Gorgeous is IVEY’s latest step into the spotlight and represents a young band operating at their most dynamic yet.

Drunk Mums - Phantom Limb     Rock, Punk, Grunge, Garage 09/10/2018
“The newer stuff is f**king great, and their older material is played with a renewed enthusiasm. The band seems reinvigorated, and their audience is more rabid than ever.” The Music
'PHANTOM LIMB’ - a perfect example of Drunk Mums’ new output: catchy, frenzied and steeped in rich riffs and grit

Rackett - Tried To Quit     Rock, Pop, Garage, Grunge 09/10/2018
“You can hear a marked progression in each of the songs you’ve uploaded - sharper songwriting, tighter playing. Spice Girls meets Black Sabbath indeed!” Triple J, Gemma Pike
Opening with a fantastic distorted bass line which leads into a chugging guitar line that brings extra heaviness to the track, the instrumentation driving ‘Tried To Quit’ is full of chaos itself; a fitting representation of the back and forth of the song’s narrative.