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All The Colours - Let Me Drown     Rock, Alternative 21/02/2020
I did not expect this rock band to take a sidestep into fave 90s bands - Blue Album Weezer, The Bends-era Radiohead. I ain’t mad.” Triple J, Dave Ruby Howe
Let Me Drown comes complete with sludgy guitars, Strokes-esque vocals and a swagger all the band's own. Heavy percussion brings the song further into seductive rock territory.

Other tracks by All The Colours:  You Know I Don't  -  Cool Life
Rachel Caddy - Trams     Folk, Indie 21/02/2020
Hailing from Central Victoria, Caddy’s music has been charming audiences since ‘Blue Sky Soda Stream’ introduced the young artist to music fans in 2017.
The warmth and honesty threaded throughout ‘Trams’ speaks of Caddy’s experiences in exploring connections and relationships. Growing through these experiences herself, ‘Tram’s is a reflection as much as it is a creative expression.

All The Colours - Waste     Rock, Alternative, Indie 14/02/2020
All The Colours are a rock trio from Melbourne, known for fusing grit with swag and a great grasp on sonic tone. For fans of DFA 1979, Smashing Pumpkins.
With new single ‘Waste’, All The Colours re-enter the atmosphere for the New Year showcasing the more evocative and matured facets of their songwriting skill. Playing more with sonic tone and exploring heavier melodies, the song is a love story delivered with bite.

Mantell - St. Louis     Indie, Pop, Rock 14/02/2020
"Mantell prove they’re well on their way to securing a place as one of the most exciting up-and-comers to navigate their way through Melbourne’s notoriously overwhelming music scene.” Happy Mag
With its laid-back delivery and effortless charm, Mantell serves up a brand new taste of music in ‘St. Louis’. As the band’s first offering for the year, the single is bright and airy, giving listeners another insight into the band’s take on indie music of that sun-drenched variety.

Shangrila - Happy     Alternative, Rock 14/02/2020
Shangrila are a WA five piece who have been dominating with their alt-rock sounds through out 2019.
A song about instant connections, unfiltered emotion and developing relationships off the back of those strong feelings, ‘Happy’ leaves nothing hidden in ambiguity. It’s a straight-to-the-point, heart on sleeve offering that will connect instantly with fans of Slowly Slowly, Luca Brasi and Trophy Eyes.

Saorsa - The Good Life     R&B, Soul, Pop, Easy Listening 13/02/2020
Saorsa (pronounced ser-sha), otherwise known as Sarah Tuckerman, is a 23-year-old singer/songwriter hailing from Sydney.
Recorded at her home studio in Sydney, Saorsa (aka Sarah Tuckerman) mixes chilled out pop music with neo-soul and lo-fi R&B influences to achieve this easy listening final result.

Vetty Vials - Face It     Rock, Indie, Pop, Alternative 13/02/2020
Singer Vetty Vials, released her debut EP “I am okay, I promise” in 2017 and toured Australia supporting acts such as Press Club, The Bennies, Clowns and The Lazy Susans.
Face it is taken from Vetty Vials debut Album 'Conversations with Myself'. Off the back of unleashing the evocative ‘Pride’ single earlier this month, Sydney songwriter Vetty Vials returns to continue the story, with the release of her debut studio record, Conversations With Myself.

Other tracks by Vetty Vials:  Better Than This  -  Dust
WAWAWOW - Elephant Bird     Psych, Experimental, Alternative 13/02/2020
Continuing to stamp their way through the early months of 2020, Sydney’s WAWAWOW present a brand new set of off the walls material in their new album, Pink Elephant
Elephant Bird is from WAWAWOW's debut album. Continuing to stamp their way through the early months of 2020, Sydney’s WAWAWOW present a brand new set of off the walls material in their new album, Pink Elephant. Energetic and charged up, the record is the band at their fiery best.

Other tracks by WAWAWOW:  Rat Porridage  -  Yesterday
Supathick - I'mThere     Soul, Pop, R&B, Pop 12/02/2020
Formed in 2018, Supathick brings a diverse range of musical influences to the table. With the members having years of experience as writers and performers.
Recorded at Jack Seah Studios (Demon Days, Noah Dillon) and mixed/mastered by Sam Ford at Tone City Recordings (Abbe May, POND), ‘I’m There’ came together naturally, with songwriter Christian finding direction in sound and a home for his burgeoning ideas with Supathick’s formation. Together, the band works effectively, pouring ideas into each session and working them through together.

Josh Swan - Lay You Down     Indie, Rock 24/01/2020
Josh Swan is a singer songwriter based in Byron Bay. He has spent 2019 writing and recording in the US before returning home with his debut single Lay You Down.
This is a song rooted in yearning. A look at a personal connection and the desire for something more. Indie rock music that came together as Swan explored the concept of a trilogy of single releases focused on the different intricacies of love, ‘Lay You Down’ is an example of his versatility and style.

Kingswood - Bittersweet     Rock, Indie, Alternative, Garage 17/01/2020
“Jam-packed with slick riffage, stadium rock bravado and straight-up delicious falsetto set to the backdrop of a band clearly who call no man ‘Sir’.” ToneDeaf
‘Bittersweet’ shines as a tight example of the band’s love for guitar-driven rock music; some may say it aligns itself strongly with the music of Microscopic Wars, however looking more broadly at Kingswood’s body of work, the progressions and stylistic arrangement of the band’s latest represents their genre-diverse tapestry of individual music tastes.

Mesmeriser - Trigger     Indie, Rock 17/01/2020
Mesmeriser are a three piece Sydney indie rock trio with material evoking the likes of Parcels and Catfish and The Bottlemen.
Where previous material evoked the likes of Parcels and Catfish and The Bottlemen, ‘Trigger’ sees Mesmeriser tread a more Strokes-esque territory. The song centres on the concept of sexual assault - heavier territory for the band, but dealt with in their signature style, focusing on the cause and effect whirlpool of events that surrounds such an event when made public.

Oly Sherman - Madness     Indie, Folk 17/01/2020
“It’s stirring, world class folk and that pay off at the end is so worth it.” - Triple J
As with his previous material, ‘Madness’ has Oly Sherman’s sweetened tinge of introspection threaded through his songwriting. A songwriter who flourishes within a colourful and emotional narrative scope, he has continued to show off his versatility on ‘Madness’ - a perfect follow up to last year’s ‘Bones’.

RACKETT - Oxytoxic     Pop, Rock, Dance, Punk 17/01/2020
“What a flip, this is some manipulated robot pop with a beating, metal heart.” Triple J, Declan Byrne
Incorporating trap and dance influences on her latest, RACKETT goes large in the positioning and delivery of lyrics that are equal parts intoxicating and enticing. “Got your kiss, named our kids now, all of my picket fence dreams are making sense.” she sings. “At your address, I’m undressed now, come find me standing outside your parents’ house.”

The VANNS - Jules Said     Rock, Pop, Alternative, Indie 17/01/2020
“Packed to the brim with the charm and infectious hooks that we’ve come to know and love from the band, along with evocative and emotional songwriting.” Music Feeds
“The four piece have grown to become a quintessential name to the Australian rock scene and the many pockets of brilliance it contains, taking a ‘quality AND quantity’ approach to songwriting that ensures that they’re never quite forgotten about without having to compensate in their work’s strength.” - Pilerats

Venice Queens - Punchdrunk     Indie, Pop 17/01/2020
Undeniable melodies, soaring vocals and a breezy indie-rock vibe; that's Adelaide’s Venice Queens.
Building on undeniable melodies, soaring vocals and a breezy indie-rock vibe that makes it playlist-ready, Adelaide’s Venice Queens deliver their first tune for a new decade in ‘Punchdrunk’. A long time in the making, the single is drenched in sunkissed vibes and primed for live shows, taken from a new EP in the making.

Vetty Vials - Pride     Rock, Indie, Blues, Garage 17/01/2020
Singer/guitarist, Vetty Vials, and her band released their debut EP “I am okay, I promise” in 2017 and haven't slowed down since. A country-tinged voice with a powerful Punk-inspired backing.
The new single, Pride, by Vetty Vials has introspection tinged throughout. The last three years of writing and performing has left an invaluable effect on Vetty Vials and her band; the dynamic of the group strengthening beyond compare. ‘Pride’ encapsulates this strength beautifully.

WAWAWOW - The Big Cookoff     Psych, Experimental, Indie, Garage 17/01/2020
They don’t come much more energetic than Sydney’s WAWAWOW - their name alone is like a neon slap to the senses. Masters of psych-rock, WAWAWOW are an eclectically charged four-piece.
Equal parts mental and ridiculously precise in delivery, ‘The Big Cookoff’ is textbook WAWAWOW. Evolving from jam sessions into produced recordings full of raw energy, the single is representative of a band who are firmly in the pocket, firmly tongue in cheek and firmly with their eye on a central vision on making music delivered in one-two punch style.

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Forces & Fury - My Affliction     Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 28/11/2019
Forces & Fury are an alt-electronic rock indie piece from Sydney. Kat Ayala and Astrid Holz have created a sound completely their own in navigating a myriad of creative influences.
Channeling broodiness in with some expertly crafted and executed instrumentation, ‘My Affliction’ balances heaviness in music with a delicate flair in the vocals.

The song itself, centred around a love gone bad, draws darker tones in with a stunning live sound in the percussion and rhythmic elements that Forces & Fury have done so well in the past.

The Gusset - Something Good     Indie, Folk, Easy Listening, Roots 20/11/2019
The Gusset have been forming a strong reputation as a live band down the west coast. With ‘Something Good’, further explores the more personal elements of their songwriting abilities.
‘Something Good’ - a song steeped in reflection and a found sense of self-awareness - come to listeners as one of The Gusset’s most defined releases yet. A perfect way to bring the band into a new chapter. “‘Something Good’ follows a storyline a little too familiar for many listeners. Diving into the desire to form a relationship"