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IVEY - Won't Be     Pop, Rock 10/10/2018
The road to success for Gold Coast five piece IVEY has been one littered with many achievements. Since landing a spot on Triple J Unearthed’s ‘Distinguished Achievers’ list for 2015,
Bristling with melody, a refined pop songwriting knack and a confidence in delivery that has come from their last few years not just on the road, but in various studio sessions, Gorgeous is IVEY’s latest step into the spotlight and represents a young band operating at their most dynamic yet.

Drunk Mums - Phantom Limb     Rock, Punk, Grunge, Garage 09/10/2018
“The newer stuff is f**king great, and their older material is played with a renewed enthusiasm. The band seems reinvigorated, and their audience is more rabid than ever.” The Music
'PHANTOM LIMB’ - a perfect example of Drunk Mums’ new output: catchy, frenzied and steeped in rich riffs and grit

Rackett - Tried To Quit     Rock, Pop, Garage, Grunge 09/10/2018
“You can hear a marked progression in each of the songs you’ve uploaded - sharper songwriting, tighter playing. Spice Girls meets Black Sabbath indeed!” Triple J, Gemma Pike
Opening with a fantastic distorted bass line which leads into a chugging guitar line that brings extra heaviness to the track, the instrumentation driving ‘Tried To Quit’ is full of chaos itself; a fitting representation of the back and forth of the song’s narrative.

KG - Change     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 22/09/2018
“KG continues to cement his place not only as a rapper, but also as a social justice advocate.” Speaker TV
An emerging voice encouraging positivity and progression on a personal level, on a societal level and on a musical tip, KG looks directly at a diversifying Australian music scene - - with confidence and a brand new message in his new single Change. An inspiring hip hop record with meaningful pop melodies.

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Kilns - Go Slowly     Rock, Alternative Country 20/09/2018
Melbourne four piece KILNS deliver their debut single 'Go Slowly' a dreamy alt country meets indie rock record.
“‘Go Slowly’ is just about the perfect dreamy alt-country song - driven along by shiny guitar playing and navigated by Mickey Cooper’s emotive vocals” Trouble Juice

The Fix Ups - Fearless     Pop, Electronic, Easy Listening, Dance 30/08/2018
Like Blondie fronting the Gorillaz, The Fix Ups make skuzzy yet opulent pop. Dancefloor bangers, and new wave synths are just the beginning for this art pop band.
Fearless takes a left turn at the bands usual punk electro vibes. It’s all cute, dream-pop that’s groovy and cool. Vocals are glistening and beautiful with melodic twists and turns the song takes you on a journey as it skips along. Try not moving your shoulders to this and be swept away by it's beautiful melodies.

Other tracks by The Fix Ups:  It's Your Life  -  Secrets
Eliza Hull - Rewind     Pop, Electronic, Chill, Folk 25/08/2018
Known for her stirring lyrics and haunting vocals, Eliza Hull's music has developed into a rich soundscape of indie, folk tinged tracks, which showcase her songwriting prowess.
With rich soundscapes, Eliza occupies an emotional territory anchored in melancholic nostalgia and yearning. Written with Joel Quartermain (MEG MAC, Dustin Tebbutt), ‘REWIND’ longingly looks at memories from the past while keeping one eye firmly on the present and future. “‘Rewind’ is about how a person you loved can suddenly become a stranger, I find that so unnatural and bizarre.”

Oh My My - Woe My Heart     Electronic, Rock, Garage, Industrial 18/08/2018
When listeners were first introduced to the stylings of producer and musician Oh My My earlier this year, they got a hit of dark and sultry electronica with ‘Animal House’.
Employing delicately placed piano in amongst thudding beats elevates the song to being more than just a crystal cut banger, Oh My My delves deeper in pulling on the heartstrings as it explores themes of loneliness and heartache. Vocal echoes and ambience adds space, the pace of the percussion anchors and as the song enters its final minute.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Social Candy     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage, Grunge 17/08/2018
“Tame Impala meets Jesus and The Mary Chain’s psychedelic dream to produce a two-speed pantechnicon that grabs you by the throat from the first note,.” Louder Than War
New single ‘SOCIAL CANDY’ is just the latest example of the band’s fiery approach to their craft. Bombastic from the jump, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets’ latest release teems with vibrancy and melody; guitars swirl with heavy percussion and hypnotic vocals, making this tune a surefire favourite with fans who have rocked with the band from Day One.

Sophisticated Dingo - Dreaming     Rock, Garage, Grunge 17/08/2018
“Sophisticated Dingo are attacking garage pop with sheer brilliance, not to mention a touch of comedic allulre and cheeky attitude.” Happy Mag
Bristling with attitude, the record offers an insight into a musicianship that is continuing to thrive off the back of successes that followed previous single releases in ‘YUPPIES’ and ‘HEAD TALK’. Sophisticated Dingo have found their rhythm with Tastes Just Like The Real Thing; that rhythm is gritty, bustling and unashamedly brazen.

Ben Wright Smith - Storm Boy     Folk, Rock, Acoustic, Pop 09/08/2018
Described as "'one of the country's most exciting songwriters" (ToneDeaf), Ben Wright Smith's journeyman-style storytelling has its roots in early folk, alt-country, Beat-poetry and South American lyricism.
Employing some rich 70’s guitar sounds with the uplifting, harmonic vocals that have marked releases through his career ‘til now, Ben Wright Smith has returned with brand new single ‘STORM BOY’. Wright Smith further explores an indie folk landscape tinged with rich Americana notes and a depth in musicianship.

Caravana Sun - Come Back     Rock, Pop, Folk, Reggae 03/08/2018
“Caravãna Sun let loose like a band of juiced up gypsies...most powerful when they slow things down to let the trumpet take the spotlight" - The Music
Sun-soaked indies Caravãna Sun have today announced their spirited new single Come Back. A heartfelt ode to a lost friend; a bridge between this world and the next. Come Back precedes Caravãna Sun’s sparkling new EP Silver Linings, a full body experience of a release that will encourage not only dancing and singalongs, but self-reflection as well, out September 14.

Sometimes Sonny - Have A Heart     Pop, Roots 02/08/2018
Dave Campbell has harnessed excellent melody and vibrancy within his songwriting as Sometime Sonny. Impressive on record and live, Sometime Sonny fits perfectly in Brisbane's talented wave of indie artists.
With a knack for a hazy poeticism that wraps the listener up instantly, Brisbane’s Sometime Sonny returns with a sublime new single in ‘HAVE A HEART’. Songwriter Dave Campbell battles with the foggy memories of the night before and reflects on broken pacts and feelings of regret with this song, as swelling indie instrumentation adds further flourish.

Neon Tetra - River Of Love     Funk/Soul, Pop, Retro 13/07/2018
“Taking cues from the likes of New Order, Tame Impala, Pink Floyd and David Bowie, the result is a combination of psychedelic rock, pop and new wave.” - The Music
Contains Catchy Hooks and Solos. “Dan wrote a lot of tunes while listening to artists like Miles Davis, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes...the soul funk shines through with Josh’s gospel-like vocals lending them passionately to the feelings of the Motown era. The use of synth and strong grooves links the band’s more experimental beginnings with current pop tones of the music.”

Other tracks by Neon Tetra:  So Far From Me
Hideous Sun Demon - Antithesis     Rock, Psychedelic, Punk, Grunge 04/07/2018
“Hideous Sun Demon are an unstoppable machine, pumping out huge, crunchy riffs from every angle and barely stopping to take a breather.” - Tone Deaf
Capturing hectic riffs and frenetic percussion in a tightly produced number, ‘Antithesis’ is the dose of musical chaos from Hideous Sun Demon that will satiate the appetite of fans and newcomers alike.

Luke Carlino - MINUTE     Electronic, Hardcore, Atmospheric, RnB 03/07/2018
A popular performer and South Australian Music Award nominee, Carlino has a raw emotionality that, when combined with his layered soundscapes, creates a hypnotic experience for the listener.
‘Minute’ shines in its intricacies; whether it is in Carlino’s almost fragile lead vocal melodies, or in the electronic sonic glitches that production duo VIIV have enhanced and injected a slick flair into, the listener is introduced to 3:19 minutes of music made to be absorbed and immersed in.

Black Bird Hum - Say You Want     Reggae/Dub, Roots, Pop, Chill 02/07/2018
Black Bird Hum are a reggae infused party, funk pop band who are taking Australia's stages by storm. They've shared stages with Arrested Development, a regular at local festivals.
Unrequited love is hard but it’s so much sweeter when you got a good soundtrack. BLACK BIRD HUM have given us that with their new single ‘Say You Want’ which draws from traditional smooth reggae vibes and a touch of 60s doo-wop to bring an altogether romantic and chill number to soothe your lovelorn heart.

J.F.K - Feel It Again     Rock, Punk, Garage, Grunge 15/06/2018
“Those who want a singalong melody, those who want to smash their head around and those who want to be blasted by a My Bloody Valentine-esque wall of sound" -Hhhappy
Meant to be played loud and belted out with a certain confidence and braggadocio, ‘FEEL IT AGAIN’ from Perth rock band J.F.K is the perfect antidote to anything sweet or playing it safe.

Hugo Bladel - Feel The Love     Electronic, Funk, Dance 08/06/2018
Tassie born, Melbourne based artist Hugo Bladel has been working on producing some lush sounds that dabble in the electronic, soulful arenas, adding his own distinctive flair into the mix.
Bringing together lush melodies with clean production that will have heads turned with ease, Hugo Bladel presents ‘Feel the Love’. The latest from the now Melbourne based songwriter puts that thumping bass line in the mix with Bladel’s smoking vocals, making ‘Feel the Love’ an instant groover.

Bad Pony - My Heart     Rock, Electronic, Garage, Grunge 06/06/2018
“Possessing a virulent, honest-to-god rock sound and unashamedly wearing it’s grunge influences on its sleeve, it will be an absolute treat for those attending SXSW.” - Music Insight
'My Heart’ is a stunning record opener; frenetic guitars and tight percussion come together effortlessly, while Jarred Young’s vocals here and throughout the EP have only gotten richer in range and depth.