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The Kava Kings - Stars     Rock, Pop 16/08/2019
"The Kava Kings embody the sound and lifestyle of the beaches and will make you delirious with their crunchy coastal tunes." The Sunshine Coast Daily
A single that has arrived at the perfect time where we’relooking ahead to warmer hazy days ahead, ‘Stars’ from Sydney four-piece is the perfect remedy for any winter-time frump. Taken from the band’s new EP Two Strangers, ‘Stars’ is a piece of a larger puzzle that focuses on relationships and its different stages. Melodic, hearty and delivered with rich charm.

Howlite - Reducer     Electronic, Pop 15/08/2019
Howlite craft elemental, cinematic dreamscapes, marrying trip-hop with pop songwriting to create a sound that is entirely their own.
‘Reducer’ is Howlite at their most ambitious creative peak to date. Reflective and introspective, the song’s release comes at a time where Howlite are stepping further into a spotlight marked by confidence and a hungry curiosity for exploring dark pop instrumentation along with solidifying the dreamy soundscapes that have endeared them to crowds around the country.

DALLI - Blood     Pop, Electronic, Rock 09/08/2019
“He builds a dream-pop vibe of cascading guitars and harmonic synths. Dalli then rests atop this floaty musical base to lay his booming and emotive lyrics.” - AAA Backstage
"Blood’ is about sticking by someone even when everyone else has cut ties and closed the door on them. It’s for a family member of mine who I love, but have really struggled to trust and forgive over the years. It’s about learning the hardships of unconditional love.” Dalli

KG - Doin Me     Hip Hop, Pop 09/08/2019
“KG delivering that constant positivity with impeccable tone.” Triple J Unearthed, Tommy Faith (‘Come Along’, 2019)
A creative partnership buoyed by a shared love of a wide-ranging pool of musical influences, this new single highlights KG’s laid-back confidence and his comfort flexing behind the mic.

Shangrila - Fade Away     Rock, Garage, Hardcore, Grunge 09/08/2019
Shangrila find themselves occupying space in the same arena as Trophy Eyes, Slowly Slowly and Alexisonfire. One driven by raw emotion and an impulsive and addictive musical delivery.
A song that deals with the struggles of mental health and the importance of having a support network rallying for one’s growth and healing, ‘Fade Away’ strikes hard with energy and emotion powering the soaring vocals Devyn Jupp, the pulsating rhythms from Ben Ferguson (bass) and Dan Harper (drums) and the urgency of Jackson Macleod and Lyndsay Antica’s guitar work.

Jacinta Lal - Superpowers     Hip Hop, Rap 08/08/2019
Jacinta Lal has hit the ground running with heads turning for her music, signalling the emergence of an exciting and fresh presence on Brisbane’s already-popping hip-hop scene.
The latest offering from the Brisbane rapper espouses confidence and ownership of self-worth. An unapologetic truth gem, Jacinta brings new energy to the track that displays her own sense of swagger and identity that has been endearing her to audiences throughout 2019.

YEEVS - Can't Be Seen     Rock, Folk 08/08/2019
Since the band’s inception in 2015, YEEVS have become a captivating force on Sydney’s indie scene; emotive live shows positioning the band as ones to watch on the East Coast
The urgency of the single springs forth instantly in Bradley Cork’s distinguishable vocals, while the percussion and rhythmic progressions mirror the punch packing music by the likes of Boy & Bear, Modest Mouse and The Teskey Brothers; ‘Can’t Be Seen’, exemplary of the band’s spirited approach to producing music.

Odyssey S - Even When We Let Go     Pop, Experimental, Pop, Chill 07/08/2019
Odyssey S is a young, non-binary artist from Melbourne. Debuting his skill for lyrics and pop melodies, matched with modern electro production on his single 'Even When We Let Go'.
Working with Stuart Le Brander (Evangeline) on the track, a simple idea came to life with gorgeous results. “Working with Stuart was a dream. What started as a simple four-chord love song on guitar was quickly fleshed out into a sultry blend of pitched vocals, 808 bass, punchy reverbed drums and layers of vocoder and vocals.” Odyssey S

Dom Youdan - Pockets     Pop, Rock, Electronic 24/07/2019
Like the lovechild of The 1975 and The Kite String Tangle, this new Dom Youdan track is an evocative anthem, full of heart and sentiment.
Bright, determined and well-poised for the warmer months ahead, Sydney indie musician Dom Youdan has propelled himself back onto the scene with his new single, ‘Pockets’. Like the lovechild of The 1975 and The Kite String Tangle, this new Dom Youdan track is an evocative anthem, full of heart and sentiment.

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Liv Cartledge - Rogue Dog     Folk, Rock, Alternative Country, Pop 24/07/2019
“Tash Sultana vox, Amy Shark lyrics, suburban Australian warmth.” - Triple J Unearthed, Max Quinn
“Honey, I get restless…”

When Liv Cartledge repeats this line, her voice lingers like smoke as the words hang with the perfect level of emotion. ‘Rogue Dog’, marks a fitting return from the Melbourne indie folk songwriter, who first made her presence known after winning the Telstra Road To Discovery in 2015 and again with her 2017 'Timber' EP.

Sir Winston - Everybody Must Dance (David Bowie Eyes Remix)     Electronic, Dance, Pop 17/07/2019
“Its LCD, Death From Above and Gerling-esque rockin' beats will whip you into a dancefloor frenzy in a New York minute” Scenestr
"This remix pays homage to the amazing greatness of David Bowie. We wanted to create something that was deep and sexy to start, with a euphoric moment with the crowd cheering and then driving home with bigger beats and shouting ‘David Bowie’ in a celebration.” Sir Winston

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Other tracks by Sir Winston:  Everybody Must Dance (Nadi Remix)  -  Everybody Must Dance (Refascinated Remix)
ILUKA - Fall Apart Again     Pop, Folk 12/07/2019
“Renowned for her signature retro-pop sounds and a voice that commands attention, ILUKA stands strong as one of Australia’s home-grown revolutionaries.” - POPHRT
Continuing to demonstrate versatility and a knack for constructing immersive, dreamy indie soundscapes, Sydney artist ILUKA returns with a bright new single in ‘Fall Apart Again’. Combining soaring guitars with airy synths, leaving her vocal to charge forward and shine, ILUKA shimmers on the track as she navigates a narrative built on an emotional tug o’ war.

Polymer - Believers     Rock, Pop, Rock 12/07/2019
Polymer is the coming together of three seasoned rock musicians; Anthony Semrani, Constantine Kotsiras and Adam Barns. With their combined powers, they've created their own brand of brandishing rock music.
Brandishing polished rock melodies, yearning vocals and tight execution of modern rock and indie sounds, Sydney’s Polymer debuts their new single ‘Believers’. Taken from the band’s forthcoming debut LP Zealots Box and ensuing NSW shows, ‘Believers’ was recorded in an abandoned warehouse in Sydney.

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Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Hymn For A Droid     Rock, Psychedelic 12/07/2019
“Australia’s next great psych band” - DIY
"This track reminds me of a Rhino at full charge, I was absolutely cranking it while recording. Pretty sure my housemates didn't get any sleep the week it was being crafted. The lyrics were based on the end of a relationship those months you're questioning where your life will end up and if you're making the right decisions." Jack McEwan

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BATZ - WIZARD     Rock, Garage, Pop, Punk 10/07/2019
BATZ are a Melbourne indie five-piece, who have fast been earning a reputation as one of the inner-north’s finest and rowdiest.
‘Wizard’ is the perfect snapshot of the type of fun BATZ have brought to each release and each live show. There are hints of Karen O in Aubry’s vocals, as she sings with attitude over dance-able indie melodies with attitude punching each note.

Forces & Fury - Watch It Burn     Electronic, Rock, Garage 10/07/2019
Forces & Fury are an indie-electro duo from Sydney, made up of musicians Kat Ayala and Astrid Holz. Together, they make striking and exciting music, driven by textured soundscapes.
An honest and direct representation of the duo’s strength as musicians and production minds, ‘Watch It Burn’ may be the band’s darkest single yet, however the jamming nature of the song exemplifies the ease of which Holz and Ayala sit in the pocket when they bounce music off one another.

The Limbs - Here     Rock, Grunge 27/06/2019
Forming in 2013, The Limbs became a popular fixture on the WA live scene, honing their sound; a love of shoegaze, flourishing into a central sound encompassing punk and grunge.
‘Here’ is driven by free and driving guitar and vocal melodies, while the rhythm section of the track harks back to the glory days of The Smiths, and the dominating essence of Blur. It is rock music served up with grit, but there’s also a loftiness to James Redman’s melodies that brings the music further into the light.

Sir Winston - Everybody Must Dance     Electronic, Rock, Pop, Dance 26/06/2019
'Everybody Must Dance’ is the dance-inducing debut single from New York based Australian indie artist, Sir Winston.
With driving guitar and percussion coupled with vocal melodies that will rattle around in your head long after that first playback, ‘Everybody Must Dance’ is the dance-inducing debut single. The sonic influences driving ‘Everybody Must Dance' ring strongly, taking in a scope of artists as varied from Bowie through to LCD Soundsystem, Future Islands and Maximo Park.

Monsoon Moon - Just Friends     Electronic, Pop, Rock 25/06/2019
Monsoon Moon presents a new facet of his artistry with this new project. Self-aware and open, Monsoon Moon produces music with evocative strength in its production and insatiable delivery.
Self-aware and open, Monsoon Moon produces music with evocative strength in its production and insatiable delivery. The result, a wicked cut of indie-electronic in the same vein as Everything Everything and Alt-J that takes in feelings of regret, vulnerability and longing.

GOSH - Say Another Thing     Rock, Garage, Pop, Rock 21/06/2019
Wollongong based indie-rockers, GOSH have been on the rise since they emerged onto the Australian music scene in 2018.
Recorded at The Grove Studios with Jack Nigro (DMA’s, Skegss) and mastered by Steve Smart (DZ Deathrays, City Calm Down), ‘Say Another Thing ‘ proves a fitting sequel to their previous release, ‘Never Lose You’, unveiling a building narrative of an uprising youth. Choruses explode, full of angst and hope from subdued verses, showcasing the band’s flair for dynamics.

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