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All The Colours - Tear It Down     Rock 13/06/2019
Melbourne's All The Colours are a trio with over 20 years of musicianship between them. Alt-rock at its finest, the band has a ripping live reputation to match.
‘Tear It Down’, with its strong indie guitars and vocal harmonies reminiscent of early Interpol and Nirvana, highlights the strong dynamic All The Colours have fashioned for themselves over the course of two studio albums and years of touring between them. The end result is slick, finessed and goes down like the smoothest of whiskeys.

Sleepy Lizard - Can't Help It     Pop, Funk 13/06/2019
Sleepy Lizard are a five-piece from Adelaide who have masterfully harnessed 70’s ballad throwback vibes and a great hold on melody, while consistently establishing a reputation as a dynamic group.
'Can’t Help It’ is a yearner, a song perfect for the lusting, the lovelorn and the tragic romantics. Led by Bill Meegan’s rich vocal tone, it’s hard not to be swept up in nostalgic vibes when hearing him sing of a well-known narrative; knowing one would be better off without, but can't pull themselves out of the binds of love.

All The Colours - Tear It Down     Rock 06/06/2019
All The Colours are three piece alt-rock band from Melbourne, with over 20 years of music making history between them.
‘Tear It Down’, with its strong indie guitars and vocal harmonies reminiscent of early Interpol and Nirvana, highlights the strong dynamic All The Colours have fashioned for themselves over the course of two studio albums and years of touring between them. The end result is slick, finessed and goes down like the smoothest of whiskeys.

Sunshine & The Disco Faith Choir - Dreams     Electronic, Dance, House, Pop 24/05/2019
“Sunshine has created a vibe and sound unlike any other. The club is a form of church, dance music is a religion and Sunny is our preacher.” Stoney Roads
Channelling musical catharsis through her techno and house roots, blending them with global influences and delivering them backed by a 15 piece choir, Sunshine & The Disco Faith Choir have brought to life their cover of Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams'

The Nicoteenagers - Black Lips     Rock, Grunge 24/05/2019
The Nicoteenagers are a four piece rock band hailing from Melbourne, projecting music with strength akin to Queens of the Stone Age and Muse.
‘Black Lips’ is an exploration of rhythmic melodies and intoxicating rock and roll from one of Melbourne’s best young bands to do it. Injecting enough swagger to make Queens of the Stone Age proud, The Nicoteenagers shine with ferocity on ‘Black Lips’, Drew Gardner’s vocals weaving in and out of rollicking guitars with smoke-like effect.

Dinosaur Beard - Dialect Drum     Folk, Experimental, Chill, Easy Listening 16/05/2019
Garnering attention and captivating with flawless guitars and melodies, Dinosaur Beard is one of Melbourne’s exciting new artists.
‘Dialect Drum’ carries the listener along in comfort, dripping with charm and hazy flair. The song plays with light and dark tones beautifully, while Dobos’ production ties the sonic ups and downs together seamlessly. ‘Dialect Drum’ captures Dinosaur Beard in a rhythmic and melodic pocket where he really shines.

We Move Like Giants - Devilry     Electronic, Hip Hop, Grunge 16/05/2019
We Move Like Giants, featuring noted ARIA Award Winning producers/musicians SIXFOUR (A.B. Original, Hilltop Hoods) alongside Daydream Fever and Carlino, is a meeting of the minds long in the making.
‘Devilry’ shines in its intricacies, a noted trademark of SIXFOUR’s production style. Deftly moving between electronic and hip hop influences, there exists a darker undercurrent to the music that recalls the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Run The Jewels, two influences that have driven the creation of the We Move Like Giants sound

Creature Fear - Baby Loves Me     Rock, Blues 10/05/2019
Creature Fear are a band becoming synonymous with intrigue and gritty mystique, crafting music that meticulously blends alt-blues richness with a compelling melodies and riffwork drawn straight from the 1960s.
‘Baby Loves Me’ comes to life with voracity, buoyed on by vocalists Jacqui Lumsden and Cameron Graham - a duo whose tonal dynamic is irresistible to take in. Musically, ‘Baby Loves Me’ shares heavy blues vibes with the likes of The Black Keys and The Cruel Sea, while the edge in the music’s production evokes the cool ambience of Alt-J.

Oly Sherman - Bones     Rock, Folk, Pop 10/05/2019
“Oly Sherman has a beautiful voice, it has to be said. Long, soaring notes and precise guitar strums...Sherman entranced the crowd.” The Music
Bones is driven by well-laid percussion and melodies, as Sherman’s folk vocals careens throughout. Similarities to Matt Corby and Ziggy Alberts aside, Sherman has grown into an artist all his own, harnessing powerful and yearning vocals, while expressing versatility as a musician and songwriter. ‘Bones’ is an example of Sherman’s dynamism and ability to wholly captivate.

East Denistone - River     Rock, Garage 06/05/2019
“While his otherworldly tones mixed with catchy hooks grasp at retro hits, there’s a formidable modernity that seeps into East Denistone’s tracks…” The Soundcheck (‘Amongst Taller Trees’, 2019)
Marked by dramatic guitar and piano, ‘River’ finds itself twisting through rich lyricism and full-bodied instrumentation. In a similar vein to The National and Fleet Foxes, the evocative nature at the heart of ‘River’ comes direct from East Denistone’s vocal strength.

Jacinta Lal - Miss     Hip Hop, Pop 03/05/2019
Treading a provocative line in the same vein as M.I.A., Jacinta Lal teases and jabs with ‘Miss’, almost threatening her opposition to step up to the plate.
An anthem for being unapologetic in everything you do, Brisbane’s Jacinta Lal sashays onto the scene with her new single, ‘Miss’. Unapologetic hip hop beats meet slick lyricism as Jacinta Lal stands proud as an example of modern-age femininity; a bosslike attitude combined with grace. Jacinta’s ‘Miss’ strikes hard against the judgemental and rears its head with sass and confidence.

Maya Rose - See You Again     Pop, RnB 26/04/2019
Dripping with melody and classic 90’s R&B vibe, Maya Rose’s sound is instantly welcoming; inviting the listener to lose themselves in each beat and vocal sway.
With her debut single, ‘See You Again’, the vocalist brings depth in tone and range to the table, resulting in a striking offering. In her vocals, there is a sultry honey-rich tone, yet the lyricism points towards much more depth in Maya Rose’s writing.

Milo Viti - Be Cool     Rock, Punk, Pop 12/04/2019
Flitting between thrashing throes of pop-punk and melodic highs of alt-pop music, Sydney’s Milo Viti wear their musical stylings proudly from the jump.
Flitting between thrashing throes of pop-punk and melodic highs of alt-pop music, Sydney’s Milo Viti wear their musical stylings proudly from the jump. New single ‘Be Cool’ is the latest example of the band’s versatility, as they stride forward into a brand new year of music - fired up and ready to take charge.

Dom Youdan - Is Your Lover Still Cool     Rock, Pop, Chill, Folk 11/04/2019
“At times delicate, at others swelling and bold, it’s a beguiling mash og R&B and electronic/indie-pop that set the scene for his stunning vocals to take centre stage.” Pilerats (Tigerlily)
With stunning melodies and a warmth in his songwriting that utterly envelops, Dom Youdan has returned with new single, ‘Is Your Lover Still Cool’. The first solo release since the songwriter’s praised debut EP Tigerlily, ‘Is Your Lover Still Cool’ charts the waters of unreturned love, and lessons learned about oneself with deft poise and poignancy.

GOSH - Never Lose You     Rock, Pop 11/04/2019
Having formed in 2018, GOSH wasted no time in hitting the ground running. Shining from release to release is well-crafted indie musicianship, hooks and melodic arrangements.
New single 'Never Lose You' is ready to pull heartstrings and encourage anthemic sing-alongs, drenched in musically rich tones and charm.

Jackson Carroll - Holy Hell     Rock, Folk 11/04/2019
Jackson Carroll opens up and bares all with debut single ‘Holy Hell’ a perfect piece of indie music that introduces the listener to songwriter exploring an unapologetically emotional musical terrain.
A perfect piece of indie music that introduces the listener to a young songwriter exploring an unapologetically emotional musical terrain. Melodically rich and compelling, ‘Holy Hell’ is uncompromising in its crafting and delivery. Carroll shines with depth and maturity; a romanticism akin to the tones of Jeff Buckley and Matt Corby steeps his music in a place of intensity.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Bill's Mandolin     Rock, Psychedelic, Grunge, Garage 11/04/2019
“That’s the genius of Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, they’ll tax you with treacle, all through clever song structures, hammering fuzz and prodigious tonal manipulation.”Total Guitar
Taken from the band’s forthcoming record, ‘And Now For The Whatchamacallit’, ‘Bill’s Mandolin’ is another slice of manic Psychedelic Porn Crumpets fury. A continuation of the musicianship fans have seen grow and bolden over the band’s last year of releases, this new single positions them more than ever as a band ready to explode with exciting energy.

The Velvet Club - Sometimes     Rock 11/04/2019
Forming in early 2018, The Velvet Club flourished out of jam sessions in a Melbourne warehouse into a band the local scene has seen flourish into an indie-rock force.
‘Sometimes’ demonstrates the great indie stock The Velvet Club’s musical foundation has been born out of.

Coupling strong indie vocals with careening melodies that captivate from the onset, The Velvet Club’s new single ‘Sometimes’ is quick to envelop the listener, a perfect first release of the year for the four piece.

FRANCO - The Bells     Funk/Soul, Pop, Hip Hop 09/04/2019
“The project is called FRANCO and with accomplished drummer and producer Pluto on the beats and Slade on the vocals, this is a match made in soulful heaven.” JJJ, Hau
Charming pop orchestration is at the forefront of 'The Bells' which melds Natalie Slades warm and rich vocals with a funk filled beat and captivating lyrics.

No Label Necessary - Like You     Hip Hop 05/04/2019
Coming together in 2017, Creepah and Thony formed No Label Necessary as a vehicle for them to take aim at the judgements, the prejudicial labels in place by society’s gatekeepers.
Slick and mischievous, ‘Like You’ is primed for those nights out where inhibitions are gleefully left at the door. Teaming up with Melbourne artist Kudzai, extra flair is threaded throughout the single. As such, No Label Necessary have formed a fast partnership that matches lyrical flow with sultry on-track presence.