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Bedroom Suck

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Hamjam - Lean     Pop, Atmospheric, Chill 30/08/2017
Perth duo Hamjam is a collaborative project between Hamish Rahn (Methyl Ethyl) and James Ireland (Pond), two creative individuals who make music they describe as “blissed out sadness”.
Lean’ is the first single from Hamjam’s debut album ‘a/s/l?’ Available from August 11 2017. Order digital album here and vinyl album here.
When they’re not creating brain-melting compositions together as Hamjam, Hamish (Ham) and James (Jam) tour the world with fellow Perth troubadours Methyl Ethel and Pond respectively.

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Other tracks by Hamjam:  Sippin' Rose All Alone  -  Can't
Jaala - Horn     Pop, Jazz, Experimental 07/03/2018
Intricately decorated and lovingly crafted, Jaala's music comes from a place of deep focus and care.
Bright, lush, dense and Zappa-esque. The first single from Jaala's sophomore album Joonya Spirit embodies the sense of excitement, wonder and joy which their music can bring!

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Will Backler, RTR FM, Perth (WA) & Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

Primitive Motion - Last Rays     Classical 09/03/2018
Brisbane duo Primitive Motion are masters at letting sound flow between worlds internal and beyond. They compose meditative, dreamy, piano-based songs, captured live at the point of conception.
A captivating a beautiful track which would be a perfect soundtrack to accompany our inevitable drift into the abyss.

Other tracks by Primitive Motion:  Know the World  -  Black Shapes of Mountains
Jaala - Junior Spirit     Jazz, Pop 21/03/2018
Jaala will massage you in metaphorical ways you never knew you loved. Intricately decorated and lovingly crafted, their music comes from a place of deep focus and care.
Happy and beautiful and spacious. As the closing track to the album 'Joonya Spirit', Junior Spirit is uplifting and danceable.

Other tracks by Jaala:  Good Circuit  -  Long Live
Gordon Koang - Stand Up (Clap Your Hands)     World 19/06/2019
Gordon Koang is a household name in South Sudan, with 9 incredible albums. Currently seeking asylum in Australia, Gordon spreads a message of peace, love and unity, dancefloor style.
‘Stand Up (Clap Your Hands)’ is a favourite from Koang’s live performances, an invitation to the audience to get up and strut their stuff. He comments on the ‘seriousness’ of music in his adopted country, asking listeners to dance with their loved ones and feel the message of his music; namely - peace, love and unity.

Ausecuma Beats - Aida     World, Alternative 06/11/2019
Ausecuma Beats was imagined to celebrate diversity in music, and express rhythm as the core of their shared musicality. The nine-strong ensemble hail from Australia, Senegal, Cuba and Mali.
‘Aida’, the first single from nine-piece afrobeat ensemble Ausecuma Beats, is a celebration of love between two people that sees no divide. The song, sung by Gambian-born Yusupha Ngum, speaks of a love that grows as new lessons are learned. Ausecuma Beats comprises 4 percussionists enhanced by melodic overtones from guitar, kora and sax.