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Beats Cartel

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Fight Ibis - 6 Nickel Rocket     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 26/06/2019
Triple J Unearthed winners Fight Ibis are back with a jangly Surf Rock tune to ease you into warmer weather. ***ON TOUR THROUGH JULY***
Lead singer Kyuss Calamari, says of the upcoming single release and launch "This new song is a simple pop song about being blissfully ignorant towards people that are trying to make you compromise what you want to do with your life. We’re playing some local shows with some of our favourite local bands for a bit of fun!"

Hobo Magic - Cosmic Cream     Rock, Psychedelic, Experimental 16/11/2018
Australian underground riff kings Hobo Magic are back for the fourth time this year with the second single drop off their soon-to-be-released second album 'Mt Mind'.
Cosmic Cream is based on the connection that all living beings share by being alive in the universe. May it be humans, animals or plants we all live together and all have a part to play in each other’s existence. This prevalent message that runs throughout the lyrics of the song and compliments the dreamy and rising grooves that unfold.

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The Desert Sea - How To Bleed     Rock, Blues, Psychedelic 15/10/2018
Groove, riffs and inspirational lyrical content… the makings of an amazing rock anthem by Sydney band The Desert Sea.
How To Bleed was recorded and produced by the band’s fill in drummer and good friend, Lucius Borich, (COG) in his Byron Bay recording studio earlier this month. Diving straight into a heavy bass groove, How To Bleed quickly takes form with a somewhat ‘classic rock’ style introduction. Clearly influenced by the likes of QOTSA and Kingswood.

Fight Ibis - Red Door     Rock, Psychedelic 26/09/2018
Fight Ibis, named Triple J Feature Artist in 2017, have had quite the introduction to the national scene, popping up on industry radars with a steady release of punchy singles.
Eclectic Sunshine Coast Indie Rock act FIGHT IBIS are back from cosmic hibernation with new single 'Red Door', announcing a 9 date East Coast Tour next month.

'Red Door', the fourth single on the newly released 'Maddie Had a Caravan' EP (iTunes), takes the band on a psychedelic journey with a more laid back and explorative approach than previous releases.

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Hobo Magic - Sonic Sword     Rock, Psychedelic, Experimental 04/09/2018
Hobo Magic deliver a unique brand of heavy psychedelic Rock'n'Roll kicking out fresh groove-laden jams spawned from the embers of the kings that riffed before them.
'Sonic Sword' could be seen as the punchiest and most 'straight down the line' track on the upcoming album release, encapsulating the backbone of lyrical content that carries on through previous releases but of a more personal nature. Messages of living a life free from the constant worry and wanting of money and material possessions, open mindedness and acceptance.

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Hemingway - Mauve Magic     Reggae/Dub, Psychedelic, Reggae, Jazz 19/07/2018
Astronauts to juggernauts Hemingway have been fearless with their sonic adventure since launching in 2015. Dubbed as Queensland's favourite psychedelic cadets, 2017 saw Hemingway have a year of exponential growth.
Mauve Magic... as fresh as your uncle's best friend's dirty socks after a gig.

Other tracks by Hemingway:  Mystique  -  Medicine Man
Cheap Fakes - Dust And Bones     Funk/Soul, African, Ska, Psychedelic 04/07/2018
Cheap Fakes magically weave seductive brass lines through intricate melodies and infectious grooves. Infused with elements of Ska, Funk and something that can only be described as late-night Cactus-Jazz.
The band heard a story about an ANZAC war grave site that was found. The stand out quote “it was right outside our window but if we’d never found it then their remains would be forgotten like dust & bones”. Layered and steeped in african afro beat styles. It’s one of the bands favourite tunes from the album.

Other tracks by Cheap Fakes:  I Got Nothing  -  Asesinato
Hobo Magic - Frostbite     Rock, Psychedelic 11/05/2018
Hobo Magic sling a unique brand of psychedelic Rock'n'Roll madness, groovy and heavy. These are fresh sounding jams, spawned from the embers of the kings that riffed before them.
Frostbite is probably the heaviest track on our album and features some cool dynamic shifts throughout. We came up with the idea for the lyrics while in Melbourne discovering a cheap moonshine cider called Frosty Jacks. Its a play on getting drunk and feeling the effects of the "frostbite".

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Fight Ibis - Woolly Bop     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 16/03/2018
The neoteric garage-groove, mellow Jazz-inspired, psych Funk Rock group known as Fight Ibis, bring to you a wild yet interesting night full of dancing, soul thrashing and hair tossing.
Fight Ibis' third official single release 'Woolly Bop' moves into Psych Rock territory whilst maintaining the bands infectious grooves. Taken from the soon-to-be-released EP 'Maddie Had a Caravan'. Touring Nationally.

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Transvaal Diamond Syndicate - How'd You Get So Low     Rock, Blues 01/11/2017
With an active fan-base and critical acclaim, Blues Rock act Transvaal Diamond Syndicate continue to be one of the most requested acts on the national festival circuit and community radio.
Blues Rock veterans Transvaal Diamond Syndicate are back with new single 'How'd You Get So Low' a gesture towards the ever increasing rates of male depression and suicide in the Australian music industry, brought to light recently with the passing of band friend, frontman of Tassie Blues Rock act Guthrie.

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Hemingway - Me & You     Reggae/Dub, Electronic, Psychedelic, Hip Hop 25/08/2017
The genre-bending crew, Hemingway, sits outside the stratosphere of Pshyc, Reggae, Dub and Hip-Hop to create what is now known as Astronaut-Reggae.
Me & You is about unity, on a singular level and a greater level, it's about life being easier when you share your burden with others.

Me & You was written and produced by Hemingway.

Fight Ibis - Nazi Art     Pop, Rock, Psychedelic 10/08/2017
Fight Ibis, recently named a Triple J weekly feature artist, have had quite the introduction to the national scene, popping up on industry radars everywhere over the last few months.
Fight Ibis' second single release 'Nazi Art' continues where their debut single left off, dropping an infectious groove from the get-go. With rising popularity and Strokes-esque tones, this Sunshine Coast 4 piece have kicked a goal with their latest.

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The Royal Artillery - I Don't Need To Know Your Name     Rock, Blues 04/08/2017
Brisbane's 'nice' guys of Heavy Blues are back in 2017 with new music and and some solid touring in support of debut single 'I Don't Need To Know Your Name'.
With heaving riffs and dynamic thumping rhythm, The Royal Artillery are back and more Blues Rock-energetic than ever with new track 'I Don't Need To Know Your Name' which launches from traditional riff to out-and-out explosion with ease.


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Fight Ibis - Dorothy Deadleg     Pop, Rock, Psychedelic 28/07/2017
The neoteric garage-groove, mellow Jazz-inspired, psych Funk Rock group known as Fight Ibis, bring to you a wild yet interesting night full of dancing, soul thrashing and hair tossing.
Debut Fight Ibis single 'Dorothy Deadleg' captures positive vibe immediately with it's dreamy psych-fuelled sunny-day riffs sending the listener on a physical journey of interpretative dance and hair tossing. Perfect summer day track from the Sunshine Coast locals.

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Owen Campbell - Rise     Blues/Roots, Country 08/06/2017
Owen Campbell is one of the premiere Blues/Roots/Rock performers in the country with a swag of international chart success and festival appearances under his belt. Touring nationally July/August.
Owen Campbell's latest track 'Rise' is a song about accepting defeat and moving on regardless. "We're all so afraid of death/change, but sometimes it's what is needed, like the shedding of skin." Recorded in the US with Devon Allman, the track has already achieved international chart success.

Ites - Look At The Sky     Reggae/Dub, Roots, World 19/05/2017
A New Zealand grown, Australian based, Jamaican roots Band from Brisbane. The five piece unite a multicultural combination of islander reggae and soul with a rebel twist.
Look at the Sky is about hope and defiance against those that subjugate us to their ways. Standing up for your rights and knowing we all share the same sky, why not the same rights! Through tough times people look to the sky in prayer, hope, for light and tranquillity.

Hemingway - Mystic Kingdom Pt 1.     Reggae/Dub, Psychedelic, Reggae, World 02/05/2017
Astronaut Reggae is now officially 'a thing' with Brisbane dub, reggae, psych band Hemingway. Hemingway are serious space cadets with a passion for groove.
The track is about the cosmic explosion that music inflicts. Recorded and produced by the 4 space cadets, Mystic Kingdom Pt 1. delves into a reflection about what makes them uniquely Hemingway and encourages others to explore the stratosphere for true happiness.


Hobo Magic - Hobo Magic     Rock 21/04/2017
Hobo Magic deliver a unique brand of heavy psychedelic Rock'n'Roll kicking out fresh groove-laden jams spawned from the embers of the kings that riffed before them.
Hobo Magic is a song that pushes home a message of perseverance, passion, co-operation and positive change for anyone who is creative and wishes to follow a path in life that is different than the social norm.


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Other tracks by Hobo Magic:  The World Today
Transvaal Diamond Syndicate - Easily     Rock 30/09/2016
Transvaal Diamond Syndicate (TDS) are the manufacturers of some of Australia's finest foot-stompin' swamp and dirty Blues Rock.
"You get but just one chance, one shot to raise the roof... Some be flat on their back and some be howling at the moon." Easily is the 3rd single release off Transvaal Diamond Syndicate's 'The Shadow' EP. With hook-laden riffs and solid guitar work it's one of their best.

Hemingway - Soulfood     Reggae/Dub, Funk, Electronic 28/09/2016
Psych - Reggae - Dub thrown together with horns, tasty guitar licks, hip-hop styled lyrics, dirty bass lines and new eclectic electronic beats. Hemingway. A tasty feast for the soul.
The new single ‘Soulfood’ was first dished up earlier this year and recorded with friend, musician and producer Lyall Moloney. Mixing in drum samples and electronic beats for the first time, band leader Brad, describes the track to include ‘A heavy funk line infused with a hip hop vibe.”