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Beanstalk Records

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B-Syde - Free     Pop, Folk, Electronic, Rock 11/05/2018
Producer, performer, beat maker, and loop layer, creating organic dance floor beats with a sprinkle of Hip Hop, all around the world.
Self-produced singer-songwriter B-Syde's shares his latest single is “inspired by letting go of the hardships that hold you back. Freeing yourself from what you once were and embracing who you truly are.”

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B-Syde - 5 Finger     Hip Hop, Roots, Electronic, Pop 09/11/2016
Producer, performer, beat maker, and loop layer. Creating organic dance floor beats with a sprinkle of hip hop around the globe.
Slick guitar riffs, check. Top notch production, check. Harmonica, raps, harmonies and musical sensibility. Check mate. Enter B-Syde the one man band about to take you and all your mates for a ride with his cheeky new single '5 Finger'.