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Beanstalk Records

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Sunny Ray - Messenger (Brother Beans Remix)     Pop, Folk, Hip Hop, Soul 02/12/2019
Singer-Songwriter Sunny Ray creates heartfelt medicinal folk music that soothes the soul.
The biggest hit off Sunny’s last album, Messenger, just got even better with this digital facelift you won't want to miss - a tasty blend of folk fused with fresh electronic and pop sounds.

Brother Beans’ Remix stays true to the original feel of Messenger, reproducing it into a groovin' tune, perfect for festival dance-floors and family dinner parties alike.

B-Syde - Reailty     Electronic, Folk, Pop, Dance 13/06/2019
Producer, performer, beat maker; B-Syde is a multi-instrumentalist using live production to manipulate and loop audio from an array of instruments, sequence tight drum breaks and manifest chunky bass lines.
Reality is B-Syde's ode to his craft; depicting the struggles of a life dedicated to pursuing an unconventional path and a promise to follow his dream by any means.

Mapstone - InLakesh     Folk, World, Acoustic 17/05/2019
Mapstone’s music serenades the soul. Full of joy, depth, inspiration and spirit. The band is on a mission to raise consciousness and have the heart to see it through.
An inspiring song that channels the pure essence of spirit to fill the listener with light and love.

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B-Syde - We Love We Fight     Electronic, Dance, House, Pop 19/10/2018
Singer-songwriter, producer & performer, B-Syde, is a multi-instrumentalist utilising live production to manipulate and loop audio from an array of instruments, sequence tight drum breaks and manifest chunky bass lines.
We Love We Fight is the latest release from singer-songwriter and producer B-Syde. Staying true to his signature sound of funky breaks, electronic production and layered vocals, We Love We Fight steps into the minimalist loungey house type vibes.

B-Syde - Free     Pop, Folk, Electronic, Rock 11/05/2018
Producer, performer, beat maker, and loop layer, creating organic dance floor beats with a sprinkle of Hip Hop, all around the world.
Self-produced singer-songwriter B-Syde's shares his latest single is “inspired by letting go of the hardships that hold you back. Freeing yourself from what you once were and embracing who you truly are.”

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B-Syde - Funk For Peace     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Electronic, Folk 07/02/2018
B-Syde is a funky looping genius fusing together the sounds of folk, electronic and hip hop music.
Funk For Peace is super fun piece of songwriting. A funky mix of B-Syde's signature sound fusing together elements of folk, electronic and hip hop music.

Loa - Me Gustas Tú     World, Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic 29/11/2017
Renowned for lush, soulful vocals, Loa casts a south pacific spell with her enchanting harmonies and has teamed up with producer Brother Beans to give you this funky fresh cover.
Loa has teamed up with producer Brother Beans for this version of Me Gustas Tú. It features on Beanstalk Records 'Got it Covered concept EP.

Sian Evans - Jolene     Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic, Country 29/11/2017
Sian Evans like you've never heard her before, doing Jolene, polished and raw and then blended with fat bass and head nodding beats that leave you wobbly at the knees.
Sian Evans has teamed up with producer Brother Beans for this version of Jolene. It features on Beanstalk Records 'Got it Covered concept EP.

Choon Goonz - Token Pop Song     Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic 26/07/2017
A genre-hopping party crew who take their fun seriously. The trip-hop inspired maestros turn the stage into their studio, combining razor-sharp live-production and looping techniques with the tastiest of beats.
A track that is so unashamedly pop we didn't know what else to call it, so we present to you our 'Token Pop Song'.

Other tracks by Choon Goonz:  Come Together  -  Chocoholics
B-Syde - 5 Finger     Hip Hop, Roots, Electronic, Pop 09/11/2016
Producer, performer, beat maker, and loop layer. Creating organic dance floor beats with a sprinkle of hip hop around the globe.
Slick guitar riffs, check. Top notch production, check. Harmonica, raps, harmonies and musical sensibility. Check mate. Enter B-Syde the one man band about to take you and all your mates for a ride with his cheeky new single '5 Finger'.

Silicon Slave - Corporate Furry     Hip Hop, Electronic, Psychedelic 03/02/2016
'Loudmouth' is Silicon Slave's latest offering, a collection of super sharp rhymes delivered over his unique blend of psychedelic bass heavy beats.
'Corporate Furry' serves up a slather of superlative lyrics before the beat spirals off into instrumental glitch-hop madness, Silicon Slave let's rip with no abandon on both the production and rhymes.

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Other tracks by Silicon Slave:  Keepin It Surreal  -  Weaponized Affection
Sian Evans - Blackest Crow     Folk, Alt-Country, Acoustic 12/05/2015
Sian Evans, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and all round power woman.
Sian's version on the old traditional folk song 'Blackest Crow'.


Other tracks by Sian Evans:  Take Me Home
Skurge & Mars Madness - 420     Hip Hop 21/04/2015
A collaboration between the psychedelic wordsmith Skurge Swindle, and the smooth huslting, street busking, MPC master Mars Madness.
420 is the lead single from Skurge & Mars Madness new album Resonate. Released on 4:20:15 as a contribution to world peace.


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Choon Goonz - ContrADDICTION     Electronic, Hip Hop, Experimental, Dance 26/07/2014
Choon Goonz are a live-electronic act based in Brisbane. The trip-hop inspired maestros turn the stage into their studio, combining razor-sharp live-production and looping techniques with the tastiest of beats.
For their latest creation Choon Goonz delve into the world of morals, addictions, desires and money. All of us have a side of ourselves we wish to show to others, and another we don’t. Yet at the end of the day we are all in the same predicament. Judge not.

Choon Goonz - UnControl     Electronic, Pop, World 30/11/2013
Backboned by the trick-nology of DJ tech-wizard Loopert Fast and deft production of vocalist Smashka Word'n, these two crazy Goonz fill the dancefloor with their hip-swinging, loop-busting Choonz.
Our official debut single, the mystical-pop sound of 'UnControl' unwinds into the mantras of your mind with looped layers of aural delight arranged in space and repeated in time.

The Rusty Datsuns - Don't Wait     Folk, Acoustic, Country 02/09/2013
A fresh take on modern folk, with a healthy bluegrass twinge, The Rusty Datsuns formed under extra-ordinary conditions during the infamous Brisbane floods of 2011.
Don't wait is a soul stirring ode to the monotony of the daily grind.


Other tracks by The Rusty Datsuns:  Riverbank  -  Honeybee
Skurge - Circular Inertia     Hip Hop, Psychedelic, World 11/04/2013
Straight up boom bap with a psychedelic twist. Skurge is a nomadic MC that fuses together a unique blend of complex mind-melting wordplay with world-class production.
The title track from his debut album - Circular Inertia - Skurge ties lyrics and rhythm together with the underlying understanding that its all a spiral, and every living thing is a part of the spiral.

Other tracks by Skurge:  Chemical Shaman  -  Cacti Cultervation
KryptamistiK - Remind the Blinded (featuring Mesta)     Hip Hop, Dub, Funk 21/01/2013
Producer-MC’s Skinz and Nikzman are KryptamistiK, one of the unsung heroes of the Australian hip hop underground.
This soulful number reminds those blinded by the chaos of our time of the simpler things in life.

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Other tracks by KryptamistiK:  Same As You
Scripted Dialects - Global Warning (feat. Sian Evans)     Hip Hop, Acoustic, Funk, Folk 02/11/2012
After years of fermentation, Scripted Dialects are ready to pop the top off their new album, Word Travels, a heady mix of hiphop jams, big cuts and brain buzzing lyrics.
Global Warning calls into question the current state of consciousness around climate change - featuring the amazing voice of Sian Evans this confronting upbeat acoustic number sends heads spinning round the galactic equator.

Other tracks by Scripted Dialects:  Distilled
The Dillion James Band - $haped Itch     Reggae/Dub, Chill, Blues, Downbeat 12/06/2012
The Dillion James Band is a collective of musicians that jam, perform and record with the man himself, enveloping his positive vibe with reggae and funk overtones.
A laid back groovin' track that questions those that choose to scratch that $haped itch.

Other tracks by The Dillion James Band:  Sidewalk  -  Blood Brother Remix