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Banoffee - Ripe - Internet Download

Banoffee - Ripe - Internet Download
Having produced her own brand of experimental electronica since 2013 in Melbourne, Banoffee felt a change was necessary. LA offered up a fresh creative start for her without preconceptions, a space filled with new collaborators, an opportunity to flex muscles.

Originally, Banoffee's sound was inspired by the sparse minimalism of Arthur Russell, melded with the straight-talking of Laurie Anderson and the sass of Destiny's Child. Being able to unpack production goals here opened up her palette.

The other massive gear shift has been in psyche. Where previous EPs were written as tools to deal with anxiety, the new material is intended to be far less introspective. It's the first batch of work that looks outside of self. The songs remain dark, but instead of wallowing in dread, they seek to inspire contentment.

Banoffee is interested in the future of a more hyper textualized vein of pop, one that pushes its listeners outside of their comfort zone. Banoffee is an attempt to show up the disgustingness of consumerism by making mainstream pop sound so sickly sweet that it becomes sour. With 'Ripe', she challenges you to an acquired taste your gut might not be ready for yet. Suck it and see.

About this track...

'Ripe' bounces around a manipulated vocal sample, a grating bassline scratch and infectious drops. It's intended to conjure the abrasiveness of a situation Banoffee often found herself in – feeling exploited in the music industry. Intentionally grubby, it's also a mirror of the project's “dirty, crass personality.”

Number Of People In Act Solo
State/Territory Artist Is Based In VIC
City/Town/Region Artist Is Based In Melbourne
Taken From The Release Titled Ripe
Copyright Holder's Name Remote Control Records
Media Servicing Date 2017-06-22
Main Genre Electronic
Genre 2 Pop
Contains explicit lyrics or themes that may offend some listeners No
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Content Provider Remote Control records