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A selection of artists announced to be playing this year's BIGSOUND Music Conference
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PINCH POINTS - SPELT OUT     Rock, Punk, Garage 15/05/2019
Since May 2018, PINCH POINTS have played clean, angular guitar harmonies and heavy mechanical riffs, belting-out group-vocals, all at a turbo-punk speed.
A 5-chord riff over 4 bars allows the song to keep rolling along into infinity as Acacia and Adam sing in unison. Isabella and Jordan join in for the group-vocal chorus, singing 'S-P-E-L-T-O-U-T!'

Hope D - Swim     Rock, Acoustic, Pop 10/05/2019
Brisbane singer-songwriter Hope D began writing and playing music at age 9, and since then has built a reputation for her free flowing lyrics layered on looped acoustic guitar.
With raw and relatable lyrics, ‘Swim’ is intended to be an anthem many will find comfort in. Hope D explains that 'Swim' "tells the brutally honest story of the internal battle of trying to find yourself and then hiding what you find out of fear of not being accepted".

NERVE - Big Switch     Hip Hop, Rap 10/05/2019
NERVE is an independant hip hop artist and producer hailing from Brisbane, Australia. One to watch!
The vibe for Big Switch is a throwback to an older style of Nerve's mixed with the newer influences and sounds that he has developed as of late. Nerve mixes genre’s in a way that shows his versatility as a producer and songwriter but also stays true to the classic hip-hop styles that bought him to prominence in the beginning.

Shady Nasty - Get Buff     Rock, Experimental 10/05/2019
Shady Nasty are a Sydney-based trio which formed in 2015. Their art is a dynamic experiment drawing from alternative forms of punk and hip-hop.
Get Buff offers a window into the life of a young Chinese-Australian growing up in Sydney. For his immigrant parents, the path to secure a good life for their family is very clear. For him, however, the ideals and pressures often feel at odds with the diverse environment in which he has matured.

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers - I Like That You Like That     Rock, Grunge, Garage 10/05/2019
Gaining inspiration from Blondie, Cherry Glazerr and Dream Wife, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers are a four piece girl band from the Nation's capital.
Gaining inspiration from the 90's alt-rock-era, 'I Like That You Like That' is punchy and upbeat, and is the girls' debut of their new sound.

Lil Spacely - OH NO!     Hip Hop 03/05/2019
The 25-year-old emcee and producer’s story is one of a whole lot of hustle. Atlanta and London might influence his sound, but Spacely’s stories are rooted in Western Sydney.
Of the track, Spacely shares, "Nowadays I hardly write pen to paper, I just sit there and meditate to what I’m hearing and play off muscle memory. OH NO! was self produced and self mixed, you know we have the tools now to write with other people, other producers but OH NO! was organic.”

Alana Jagt - Imagining Life     Folk, Rock, Alternative Country 24/04/2019
Alana Jagt's dynamic, warmly-weathered voice has captivated audiences throughout her short career. Her work blends indie pop and rock with moody alt-country and Motown groove.
It's about falling asleep near the ocean, with a storm building outside that seeps into your dreams and swallows you whole.

The song is a gentle nod to Jagt's seaside home; one that expands her folky palette to include swirling electric guitars and a soaring string section.

Spacey Jane - Good Grief     Pop, Rock, Easy Listening, Garage 24/04/2019
Fremantle four piece Spacey Jane have gone from strength to strength in a relatively short amount of time. Following their sophomore EP release, they return with new single “Good Grief”.
Spacey Jane singer Caleb describes "Good Grief". "It's a song that was meant to be written a long time ago but never felt right until now. It's about how the further I get away from parts of growing up that I don't like so much, the more I see how they shaped me for the better."

Reija Lee - Something True     Pop, Electronic 19/04/2019
Reija Lee has cemented herself within electronic music as one half of ‘Kito & Reija Lee’; as the queen of EDM features and is now conquering with her solo music.
Dripping in nostalgic influences but keeping one foot firmly planted in the future, ‘Something True’ is the sequel to the self-love anthem Love Nobody, for “when you've worked on yourself, sorted your shit out, and you're finally ready to be with someone,” says Reija Lee.

Towns - Safe To Stay     Rock 17/04/2019
It just felt like we wanted to write a song yelling out to the world ‘ITS OKAY’ ‘WE HAVE ALL FELT THAT TOO’ cause that always makes everyone feel better.
This is probably the funnest song we’ve written to date, not only to play live but inspiration wise its very different to our first release. It just felt like we wanted to write a song yelling out to the world ‘ITS OKAY’ ‘WE HAVE ALL FELT THAT TOO’ cause that always makes everyone feel better.

Future Haunts - Weather Vane     Rock 11/04/2019
Melding the cosmic studio journeying of The War on Drugs with the melodic immediacy of The Stone Roses, Future Haunts exist on the blurry edges of rock music.
Self-recorded at Plutonium Studios and mixed by Miro Mackie (St. Vincent, DZ Deathrays, Hatchie), 'Weather Vane', resonates with Future Haunts' natural sound but further pushes the boundaries they've explored on past releases. An atmospheric indie-rock track detailed with contrasting and layered guitar melodies, it sees the boys carve together imposing harmonies with competent instrumentation.

Stevan - Timee     Hip Hop, RnB, Chill 11/04/2019
Introducing 18 year old Wollongong based multi-instrumentalist/producer Stevan, arriving on the scene with his classic R&B lyricism steeped in lush contemporary production for a taste of forward-thinking, laid back bliss.
“Timee” hums of a “lost boy with a big dream”, seamlessly rendered with a musical acumen well beyond Stevan's years. Words layer upon harmonised vocals, moulding with mellow guitar to shine beyond the bounds of genre or styling. He’s reminiscent of Frank Ocean, Mac DeMacro, Childish Gambino and Moses Sumney, with the artist’s striking maturity showcasing a powerhouse natural ability.

Sunbeam Sound Machine - Seems Like You've Made Up Your Mind     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 05/04/2019
'Seems Like You've Made Up Your Mind' is the second single to be lifted from Sunbeam Sound Machine’s second LP Goodness Gracious, out May 3rd through Dot Dash/Remote Control Records.
'Seems Like You've Made Up Your Mind' was premiered by NYC's Document Journal, describing the track as "a sonic snapshot of those bright yet melancholic summer evenings that begin with high intentions yet end in a slow-moving haze—and sometimes the unexpected."

Sunbeam Sound Machine perform a free headline show at Sydney's Golden Age Cinema & Bar this Saturday 23rd March.

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DVNA - Looking Like A Snack     Pop, Soul, RnB 28/03/2019
DVNA, a sassy, bold and intriguing project inspired by a determination to single handedly fulfil her greatest musical desires through her own production.
"Looking Like a Snack tells a tale of a one-sided flame re-igniting for a past love that was once taken for granted. With inspirations like Lilly Allen, Mallrat and Frank Ocean -absolute lyrical connoisseurs- I found myself flexing on quirky word play throughout the track. Finding words that say I want you back, but not really saying it."

First Beige - Details     Funk/Soul, Rock, Psychedelic 28/03/2019
Hailing from Brisbane, First Beige draws upon driving disco grooves, sweeping synths andirresistible vocal hooks to craft a full bodied sonic spectacular guaranteed to get any crowdgrooving.
‘Details’ is about the importance of one’s perspective on their life, sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in thinking about your lifetime as a whole rather than a path. It’s about accepting that everyone’s going to have a different way they want to live their life so do what want to do and stand tall.

Mickey Kojak - It's Gonna Be Okay     Pop, Electronic, Dance 22/03/2019
Mickey Kojak is an electronic musician, producer and vocalist from Sydney, Australia. Kojak’s music is multifaceted with everything from honest lyrical ballads with lush, ethereal soundscapes to face-melting electronic anthems.
Mickey Kojak is back with his latest single “It’s Gonna Be Okay”, featuring his newest friend Jake Stone (Bluejuice). His music is multifaceted - from face-melting electronic anthems like his last single “All That Acid” to honest lyrical ballads with lush, ethereal soundscapes. “It’s Gonna Be Okay” falls somewhere in the middle.

Lauren. - Move That     Hip Hop, Rap 21/03/2019
Hailing from Sydney, The Bodega Collective rap queen Lauren. has been making steady moves behind the scenes, elevating the Sydney hip-hop scene one bar and heavy 808 at a time.
Despite the track's hard-hitting lyricism, 'Move That' was born from a moment of vulnerability. In Lauren.'s own words, "I was going through a moment when I felt I was loosing my strength at the time of making this song so I made this anthem for not only myself but anyone feeling the same way", she says.

Aquila Young - Closer     Electronic, Pop 20/03/2019
Aquila Young's sound can be described as ambient – swept up in rolling drums, resonant vocals and dreamlike synths. Her name itself translated in Latin to ‘the eagle’.
‘Closer’ explores sonic textures through vibrant synths and eastern percussion, gritty hip hop drums and a soundscape suggestive to the opening credits of a James Bond film. Fusing elements of hip-hop and R&B with world instruments, ‘Closer’ represents a new phase for Aquila Young, bolder and braver than before.

100 - Just Us     Rock, Punk, Psychedelic 14/03/2019
Sydney psych/post-punk four piece 100
Working again with producer Wade Keighran (Hockey Dad, Polish Club) “Just Us” sees the band delving into a richer, darker sound - a lurching bass line and a trappy hip-hop groove drive the song forward while vocalist Rowen Tucker spits cutting witticisms over it all.

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MID CITY - No Surrender     Rock 14/03/2019
In the 12 months since their inception, MID CITY have already drummed up some serious attention from media, fans and industry both internationally and at home. Debut EP coming soon.
Hard-hitting single ‘No Surrender’, another almighty slice of punchy, passionate indie-rock.

Lead singer Joel Griffith expands on the track;
“’No Surrender’ is about the true impact of the digital age we find ourselves living in.. people become twisted, nightmarish versions of themselves catapulting through that rabbit hole."