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A selection of artists announced to be playing this year's BIGSOUND Music Conference
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ZĀN - Fight     Electronic, RnB, Soul 27/07/2018
ZĀN is a singer, songwriter & producer whose musical routes lay in an eclectic mix of South Asian cinema, alt-R&B and electro-pop.
Singer-songwriter and bouncing producer ZĀN is joining the protest with his new single Fight; an alt-R&B slow-burner featuring densely layered harmonies fused with hindustani ad-libs.

Fight serves as a thematic manifesto for the EP 'Gulnaz' focusing on themes of struggle, survival and how to stand firm for your place in the world.

Wolfjay - She Calls To Me     Pop 08/06/2018
Wolfjay makes bright pop music full of hope that reminds you that everything will be ok.
She Calls To Me is a beautifully warm pop track about letting go, moving on, and focusing on what matters most. Painfully honest lyrics laid over super dreamy production - it sounds like New Order, The Postal Service, and LCD Soundsystem all caught up and a great time.

Wither - Use Me     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 19/07/2019
Melbourne hardcore super group formed with David De La Hoz (Belle Haven), Jamie Marinos, Luke Weber (Dream On Dreamer), Liam Fowler (Pridelands) and Jeremy Hughes.
Vocalist David De La Hoz says of the single "The longer your life is, the more people come and go from it. Some relationships we build are positively impactful, some are not. But then there are also relationships that, as they develop, feel as if they’re positively impactful but the relationship is merely a façade used to conceal an agenda."

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upsidedownhead - circulate ft. PLGRMS     Electronic, Dance 19/06/2019
sydney-based musician and producer upsidedownhead returns with the release of his brand new single ‘circulate’, an exhilarating and infectious anthem featuring electronic duo PLGRMS.
‘circulate’ is about learning to be ok with letting someone go.

“it's about constantly walking in circles in your mind and trying to keep up with your thoughts about someone. you finally choose to let go and embrace them for who they are, but instead of completely letting go".

Towns - Safe To Stay     Rock 17/04/2019
It just felt like we wanted to write a song yelling out to the world ‘ITS OKAY’ ‘WE HAVE ALL FELT THAT TOO’ cause that always makes everyone feel better.
This is probably the funnest song we’ve written to date, not only to play live but inspiration wise its very different to our first release. It just felt like we wanted to write a song yelling out to the world ‘ITS OKAY’ ‘WE HAVE ALL FELT THAT TOO’ cause that always makes everyone feel better.

Tones And I - Johnny Run Away     Pop, Electronic, Dance 20/02/2019
Tones And I is making huge waves with this debut single. Shows are selling out, triple j plays are going crazy and its not even officially released until March 1!
Recorded with Konstantin Kersting (Mallrat, The Jungle Giants, Tia Gostelow) and highlights the singers strong and unique vocals.

Johnny Run Away is about my best friend coming out to his disapproving father at a young age. The song shows people are dealing with judgement and rejection within their own family not to mention the world. – Tones And I

Tobacco Rat - Charred Remains ft. Bryte     Hip Hop, Electronic, Dubstep, Australian Indigenous 23/07/2019
Tobacco Rat, a.k.a. Jake Steele, has established himself as one of the most unique and distinct voices in the underground Australian electronic music scene.
Charred Remains (ft. Bryte) fuses the aggressive old-school rap stylings of lyricist Bryte and the crushing synth-noise sounds of Perth’s favourite rodent/producer in a rapid take-no-prisoners assault. Bryte’s Rakim-esque verse flexes on the ferocity of Hip Hop lyrical form, focusing on the relationship between an artist and the inherent competitive spirit

The Money War - Life Is Better In Dreams     Pop, Folk, Rock 28/06/2019
Dylan Ollivierre and Carmen Pepper are The Money War, one of Perth's most brightest and seductive indie-pop bands.
Life Is Better In Dreams is The Money War at their dreamy, heartwarming best. From its jangly, uplifting chorus to its video clip featuring footage of the duo as youngsters. "We wanted to make a song that felt like one of those strange dreams that you wake up from and think, WTF?.”

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The Gloom In The Corner - Misanthropic     Metal/Punk, Metal, Rap 15/08/2019
The Gloom In The Corner is a conceptual metalcore band where the narrative is as core to the band as the music itself.
'Misanthropic' is an introduction track to the main antagonist (Sherlock Bones) to The Gloom In The Corner's EP 'Flesh & Bones'. The chainsaw-like guitars, machine gun double kicks and obnoxious rapped/screamed lyrics sets the tone that this character is the embodiment of pure evil and narcissism.

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Other tracks by The Gloom In The Corner:  Peace  -  Survivor's Guilt
The Dead Love - Wake Up     Rock, Grunge 22/06/2018
Hailing from Sydney, self-professed "sh**ty grunge" larrikins The Dead Love are set to release their new single 'Wake Up,' ahead of a east coast national tour.
Wake Up is a heartfelt and thought-provoking rock song with a powerful message."It's a reminder that violence towards women is still very much present among us and happening closer than you think. It’s a story of an ugly breakup turning physical, and touches on how some friends stayed silent, even while others spoke up.”- Stevie Knight, Frontman

The Buoys - GOLD     Rock, Garage 18/07/2019
all female Sydney 4-piece The Buoys have a lot to send to your ear holes by way of unrelenting fuzzy guitar tones.
Recorded at Golden Retriever Studios with long-time collaborator Antonia Gauci, ‘GOLD’ is simply as its name implies; shiny, glimmering and immediately striking.

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers - I Like That You Like That     Rock, Grunge, Garage 10/05/2019
Gaining inspiration from Blondie, Cherry Glazerr and Dream Wife, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers are a four piece girl band from the Nation's capital.
Gaining inspiration from the 90's alt-rock-era, 'I Like That You Like That' is punchy and upbeat, and is the girls' debut of their new sound.

Tasman Keith & Stevie Jean - Prey     Hip Hop, Pop, Dance, Australian Indigenous 21/05/2019
Northern Territory singer-songwriter Stevie Jean, and Gumbaynggirr, rapper Tasman Keith have collaborated to create an EP with the undeniable chemistry of two young artists on parallel trajectories.
Northern Territory singer-songwriter Stevie Jean, and Bowraville, now Sydney-based, rapper Tasman Keith have partnered to deliver Prey; a track dripping with attitude, charisma and the undeniable chemistry of two young artists on parallel trajectories.

Together Tasman Keith and Stevie Jean are bringing the sound of regional Australia in 2019 to the world.

Sycco - Tamed Grief     Funk/Soul, Psychedelic, Jazz 14/03/2019
Still riding the high from her debut album in 2018, 17-year old 'psych prodigy' Sasha McLeod of Sycco resurfaces with her audacious single, ’Tamed Grief’.
Tamed Grief is the concept that grief has a tendency to linger and never really go away. This envisions a dark gloomy and echoey track when 'Tamed Grief' actually offers a more contradictory, chaotic and audacious song with crazy synthesisers, harsh guitars and bold vocals.

SUPEREGO - Caller ID     Hip Hop, Jazz 19/06/2019
SUPEREGO is a collective of producers, rappers, singers and multi-instrumentalists out of Fremantle, WA, who want to push the boundaries of hip-hop in Australia.
'Caller ID speaks to the inner turmoil we face when dealing with feelings of inadequacy, helplessness and self loathing; the results of the dichotomy between the masks we wear, so as not to burden those around us, and our own internal grief.' - SUPEREGO

Sunbeam Sound Machine - Seems Like You've Made Up Your Mind     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 05/04/2019
'Seems Like You've Made Up Your Mind' is the second single to be lifted from Sunbeam Sound Machine’s second LP Goodness Gracious, out May 3rd through Dot Dash/Remote Control Records.
'Seems Like You've Made Up Your Mind' was premiered by NYC's Document Journal, describing the track as "a sonic snapshot of those bright yet melancholic summer evenings that begin with high intentions yet end in a slow-moving haze—and sometimes the unexpected."

Sunbeam Sound Machine perform a free headline show at Sydney's Golden Age Cinema & Bar this Saturday 23rd March.

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Stevan - Timee     Hip Hop, RnB, Chill 11/04/2019
Introducing 18 year old Wollongong based multi-instrumentalist/producer Stevan, arriving on the scene with his classic R&B lyricism steeped in lush contemporary production for a taste of forward-thinking, laid back bliss.
“Timee” hums of a “lost boy with a big dream”, seamlessly rendered with a musical acumen well beyond Stevan's years. Words layer upon harmonised vocals, moulding with mellow guitar to shine beyond the bounds of genre or styling. He’s reminiscent of Frank Ocean, Mac DeMacro, Childish Gambino and Moses Sumney, with the artist’s striking maturity showcasing a powerhouse natural ability.

Spacey Jane - Good Grief     Pop, Rock, Easy Listening, Garage 24/04/2019
Fremantle four piece Spacey Jane have gone from strength to strength in a relatively short amount of time. Following their sophomore EP release, they return with new single “Good Grief”.
Spacey Jane singer Caleb describes "Good Grief". "It's a song that was meant to be written a long time ago but never felt right until now. It's about how the further I get away from parts of growing up that I don't like so much, the more I see how they shaped me for the better."

Shady Nasty - Get Buff     Rock, Experimental 10/05/2019
Shady Nasty are a Sydney-based trio which formed in 2015. Their art is a dynamic experiment drawing from alternative forms of punk and hip-hop.
Get Buff offers a window into the life of a young Chinese-Australian growing up in Sydney. For his immigrant parents, the path to secure a good life for their family is very clear. For him, however, the ideals and pressures often feel at odds with the diverse environment in which he has matured.

Serina Pech - Sing Your Own Song     Folk, Chill 28/06/2019
Growing up in the isolation of regional Northern Territory, Serina Pech has honed a unique sound the befits her unique and quirky personality.
Northern Territory singer-songwriter Serina Pech is carving out a unique path for herself in the Australian music landscape, her first single of this year Take A Look Around showcased her incredible attention to the world around her and now she directs that attention inward with her new single Sing Your Own Song; a soft, loving reflection on self-image.