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A selection of artists announced to be playing this year's BIGSOUND Music Conference
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Little Quirks - Life Wouldn't Be     Folk, Folk 23/08/2019
They’ve got the hooks, the harmonies and the explosive live energy, but if there’s one thing Little Quirks are missing, it’s a good fake ID.
Comprised of sisters Abbey, Mia and cousin Jaymi the talented youthful sweet trio that make up Little Quirks, arrange music in a way that's so inviting its almost mesmerising, as their three part harmonies combine to create their own distinctive sound.

Now their new single “Life Wouldn’t Be”, brings some exhilarating pop and indie to their delicate folk side.

LÂLKA - Go Psycho     Electronic, Dance 22/08/2019
LÂLKA is the Brisbane-based producer/vocalist/musician creating gritty yet opulent electro pop.
This song is about taking ownership of my own body, and by extension, my own identity. It came from the experience I’ve had where my body and clothing choices became ammunition for the people seeking to suppress my ideas and self-expression.

Japanese Wallpaper - Imaginary Friends     Electronic, Pop 15/08/2019
Gab Strum aka Japanese Wallpaper debut full-length record, Glow will be available Friday 18 October via Wonderlick Recordings, followed by his biggest national tour to date in October and November.
Lead single 'Imaginary Friends,' explores the tender emotions of late teendom and early 20s turmoil. As he validates the mundane, no emotion is wasted. “None of the things are about massive changes or massive terrible things that happened, or big breakups,” he says. “It’s all songs about little things and it’s also fine to be affected by little things.”

Poppongene - Eternally Alone     Pop 15/08/2019
POPPONGENE is the alias of multidisciplinary Melbourne artist Sophie Treloar. Originally from Byron Bay, Treloar is now based in Melbourne and is spending her time bringing you devotional dream-pop.
Produced in collaboration with Tim Harvey (Real Feelings, Jade Imagine, Emma Louise), “Eternally Alone” is an upbeat ode to dating-complacence, dreaming of an effortless connection, all the while reasoning that alone isn't so bad. A humorous pop song about wanting warm connection without warped compromise. A daydream about a lovely shimmering romance that no one has time for.

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The Gloom In The Corner - Misanthropic     Metal/Punk, Metal, Rap 15/08/2019
The Gloom In The Corner is a conceptual metalcore band where the narrative is as core to the band as the music itself.
'Misanthropic' is an introduction track to the main antagonist (Sherlock Bones) to The Gloom In The Corner's EP 'Flesh & Bones'. The chainsaw-like guitars, machine gun double kicks and obnoxious rapped/screamed lyrics sets the tone that this character is the embodiment of pure evil and narcissism.

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Other tracks by The Gloom In The Corner:  Peace  -  Survivor's Guilt
imbi the girl - our room     Hip Hop, Soul, Rap 09/08/2019
imbi the girl has started a movement of unapologetic truth, self-belief and self-love with their eclectic brand of ‘melodic rap,’ combining elements of hip-hop, R&B and soul.
‘our room’ pairs imbi the girl’s tender poetry with a hypnotic melody, layering their buttery vocals and soulful flow over understated production that helps spotlight their raw storytelling as they provide an emotional recount of their childhood psyche. Centred around a catharsis of childhood struggles, imbi the girl conveys feelings of collective nostalgia and healing of childhood trauma.

Obscura Hail - Swear Jar     Pop, Rock, Folk, Goth 09/08/2019
Melbourne's Obscura Hail release their first single 'Swear Jar' from their new EP, Zero, out Friday 25 October via Dot Dash/Remote Control Records.
On the video for 'Swear Jar', premiered via The Music Network, Conran says it's "about the dumb stuff we fight about in the heat of the moment, and having the patience to find out what the other person really means without judging them on the language they used initially, on the premise that hindsight is the mother of foresight."

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Luboku - Forget     Electronic, Downbeat 08/08/2019
With over 1 million collective streams, Melbourne-based artist Luboku (Luis Kennett) endeavours to make people feel something -“I want people to be emotionally affected by my music."
Luboku's effervescent new single ‘Forget’ veers toward a warmer sound, in stark contrast with his often dark and melancholic style. It’s about anxiety and fear which he finds to be recurring obstacles, “I like the analogy of throwing your thoughts into the waves of the ocean, letting them pass, and hopefully gaining some clarity through that process," he explains.

Private Function - King of the Mountain     Rock, Punk, Pop, Cover Version 23/07/2019
Melbourne's premier punk rock misfits
A blistering punk rock cover of Midnight Oil's hit, King of the Mountain, which may just be better than the original. You decide.

Tobacco Rat - Charred Remains ft. Bryte     Hip Hop, Electronic, Dubstep, Australian Indigenous 23/07/2019
Tobacco Rat, a.k.a. Jake Steele, has established himself as one of the most unique and distinct voices in the underground Australian electronic music scene.
Charred Remains (ft. Bryte) fuses the aggressive old-school rap stylings of lyricist Bryte and the crushing synth-noise sounds of Perth’s favourite rodent/producer in a rapid take-no-prisoners assault. Bryte’s Rakim-esque verse flexes on the ferocity of Hip Hop lyrical form, focusing on the relationship between an artist and the inherent competitive spirit

Wither - Use Me     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 19/07/2019
Melbourne hardcore super group formed with David De La Hoz (Belle Haven), Jamie Marinos, Luke Weber (Dream On Dreamer), Liam Fowler (Pridelands) and Jeremy Hughes.
Vocalist David De La Hoz says of the single "The longer your life is, the more people come and go from it. Some relationships we build are positively impactful, some are not. But then there are also relationships that, as they develop, feel as if they’re positively impactful but the relationship is merely a façade used to conceal an agenda."

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The Buoys - GOLD     Rock, Garage 18/07/2019
all female Sydney 4-piece The Buoys have a lot to send to your ear holes by way of unrelenting fuzzy guitar tones.
Recorded at Golden Retriever Studios with long-time collaborator Antonia Gauci, ‘GOLD’ is simply as its name implies; shiny, glimmering and immediately striking.

Bakers Eddy - Can't Afford It     Rock 16/07/2019
Melbourne via Wellington’s favourite punks, Bakers Eddy return with new single ‘Can’t Afford It’, a cheeky punk rock anthem!
"’Can't Afford It’ is a song about living pay check to pay check and trying to make ends meet. I wrote it in my bedroom after coming home from the supermarket, on a budget of $3.50, still managed to make a dope lentil Bolognese,” explains front man Ciarann Babbington.

Jeida Woods - Selfless     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul 10/07/2019
Jeida Woods is a 20 y.o. singer, songwriter, producer & model. At 15, he learned to write and produce in his bedroom. Comparable to artists Bryson Tiller & The Weeknd.
Selfless is a culmination of previous relationships with negative endings.

I wrote the song one cold night in less than 30 minutes as it was so true to my emotions in that current state. It highlights how people don’t know what they have until it’s gone.

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RedHook - Only Bones     Rock, Pop, Metal, Electronic 05/07/2019
RedHook have returned with their new single ‘Only Bones’ and announced their debut national headline tour.
“‘Only Bones’ is me venting my frustration at the emotional vultures who didn’t care if I was OK or not as long as they got what they wanted, and also at myself for not being able to stand firm and tell them no, fuck off. It goes out to anyone who’s ever felt taken advantage of".

FRITZ - Jan 1     Pop 03/07/2019
Newcastle's quirkiest DIY spirit FRITZ recently released her first new music for the year, following on from Austin's SXSW and appearances at Laneway Festival (Sydney) and Groovin the Moo (Maitland).
I wrote Jan 1 on January 1st of this year after having a BIG CRY the night before. I don’t wanna get so emotional over things that don’t deserve my emotions. I’ve never liked new years resolutions but it was just a coincidence for me to write this on new years day when everyone usually makes their resolutions...

murmurmur - Everything's Still Changing     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 03/07/2019
murmurmur seemingly burst from nowhere in 2018 with their debut single ‘Cable Car’. There is an urgency to their sound.. it's immersive, textural and laden with esoteric melodies and hooks.
Immersive, textural and laden with esoteric melodies and hooks, murmurmur inject a moment of beauty into the cold indifference of a rapidly changing world with new single "Everything's Still Changing".

DRMNGNOW - We See You     Hip Hop, Indigenous 28/06/2019
DRMNGNOW is a Yorta Yorta artist exploring themes relating to the predicament of Indigenous peoples living in a post colonial society.
We see you is a piece which is prompted by the epidemic of Indigenous Youth Suicide

Serina Pech - Sing Your Own Song     Folk, Chill 28/06/2019
Growing up in the isolation of regional Northern Territory, Serina Pech has honed a unique sound the befits her unique and quirky personality.
Northern Territory singer-songwriter Serina Pech is carving out a unique path for herself in the Australian music landscape, her first single of this year Take A Look Around showcased her incredible attention to the world around her and now she directs that attention inward with her new single Sing Your Own Song; a soft, loving reflection on self-image.

The Money War - Life Is Better In Dreams     Pop, Folk, Rock 28/06/2019
Dylan Ollivierre and Carmen Pepper are The Money War, one of Perth's most brightest and seductive indie-pop bands.
Life Is Better In Dreams is The Money War at their dreamy, heartwarming best. From its jangly, uplifting chorus to its video clip featuring footage of the duo as youngsters. "We wanted to make a song that felt like one of those strange dreams that you wake up from and think, WTF?.”

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