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Australian Radio Promotion

Australian Radio Promotion

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Mahmood Khan - One Line Down Again     Folk, Roots 16/09/2019
His first album, which featured the legendary Artist Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, sold over 6 million copies. He has also gained the #1 spot on the ARIA's.
One Line Down is the new single release by singer-songwriter Mahmood Khan.

One Line Down was written and produced by Khan in the beautiful and tranquil Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia.

Lorenzo Iannotti - Lay With Me     Folk 14/10/2019
Following the success of his last single release If Love Comes to Call Australian singer-songwriter Lorenzo Iannotti has just dropped his latest track Lay With Me.
Lay With Me is yet another superbly crafted song from Lorenzo Iannotti and one which will no doubt repeat the successes of his previous singles.

Violeta Bozanic - Dance With You     Pop 28/10/2019
Violeta Bozanic’s recent singles Jealous and All I Need attracted a huge amount of interest for the young Australian singer-songwriter with the powerhouse voice.
She’s back with Dance With You, a genre-mixing track that epitomizes the global pop sound of today, an arresting amalgamation of sounds featuring hints of tropical house, RnB and hip hop.

Anthony Callea - What's Wrong With Me?     Pop 30/10/2019
One of Australia’s most celebrated voices, Anthony Callea, will release ‘What’s Wrong With Me?’ on the 25th October, 2019.
‘What’s Wrong With Me?’ written by Anthony Callea, Robert De Sa and Isabella Kearny- Nurse is a soulful, contemporary pop song that blends vulnerability with a newfound depth and emotional strength. With pristine production, strewn with hooks and a flawless vocal ‘What’s Wrong With Me?’ will take the listener through a passage of self reflection.

The Gadflys - Deborah     Folk 30/10/2019
The Gadflys have just released Deborah, the first single from the band’s forthcoming album Love & Despair.
The Gadfly's single - 'Deborah' has all the hallmarks of The Gadflys roots-based rock sound, with its nod to British beat, country, jazz and folk.

Izellah - Glow     Pop 25/11/2019
Izellah is back with Glow, a fresh new track brimming with vibrancy and energy, an uplifting urban pop song that reinforces the young singer-songwriter’s remarkable vocal and writing abilities.
Glow is sure to take Izellah’s flourishing musical career to the next level.

Glow is at radio today and available to download in December.

Sam Michael Trowse - I See You (Falling From Grace)     Rock 25/11/2019
Melbourne-based musician Sam Michael Trowse has just released I See You (Falling From Grace), an alternative indie rock track that explores themes of redemption and renewal.
I See You (Falling From Grace) is at radio today and available to download in December.

Violeta Bozanic - Step It Up     Pop 25/11/2019
Step It Up is the new track for acclaimed singer-songwriter Violeta Bozanic.
Step It Up is an exuberant slice of blistering, sultry pop that is a perfect fit for radio and sure to go off on all streaming platforms.

Step It Up is at radio today and available to download in December.

Foxie Balboa - Ain't Got Time     Hip Hop 02/12/2019
Ain’t Got Time is a surefire add for radio and ready to generate a ton of streaming hits.
Ain’t Got Time is the genre-bending new track for Australian alternative rap pop artist Foxy Balboa.

Ain’t Got Time is at radio today and available to download in December.

Janet Odani - Mountain Climber     Alternative, Pop 23/12/2019
Janet Odani is a singer and songwriter currently based in Coffs Harbour, Australia.
Mountain Climber is a celebration song I wrote after working so hard towards a challenging goal. There is really is a different view from the top and you suddenly realise all the lessons you learnt along the way in one way or another made you stronger. In this song i hope to encourage listeners not to give up.

Samskara Radio - I Can't Wait     Dance, Pop 23/12/2019
Samskara Radio has just released I Can’t Wait, a deep house collaboration with Miami house music legend Austin Leeds.
I Can’t Wait is at radio today and available on all streaming platforms in December.

Envee - Kinda Funny     Hip Hop, Pop 16/01/2020
Sydney based Hip Pop artist Envee has just released his cracking new single Kinda Funny.
Produced by the talented and award winning ears of Sam Antony, Kinda Funny is the first release off Envee's debut EP titled Life Of Envee to be released later in the year.

Life Of Envee - Envee     Hip Hop 24/02/2020
Nickrod's raw and thought-provoking lyric is reinforced by Sam Antony’s mesmerising yet subtle production; smooth hooks and evocative textures create the perfect ambience for Nickrod's skilful performance.

Envee is the new release for Life Of Envee and follows the success of his debut track Kinda Funny. Taken from the forthcoming EP Life of Envee, this new release exudes warmth, heartfelt contemplation and surging emotion in equal measure.

Rhett May - Cocktails & Cannabis     Rock 24/02/2020
Indian born and Australian grown artist Rhett May’s unapologetic style reaches new heights with his latest release Cocktails And Cannabis.
Cocktails And Cannabis is at radio today and available on all streaming platforms in February.

Jasper Byron - Mystery Woman     Rock, Roots 02/03/2020
Jasper Byron picks up the guitar at 13 years old. His Dad thought Jasper would like figuring out how to play. Skip to 2019. Jasper is now 18.
Mystery Woman is at radio today and available online for purchase in March.

Leea Nanos - Bad Girl     Pop 02/03/2020
Bad Girl is at radio today and available to download in March.
Bad Girl is the electrifying new release from the multi-talented Australian singer- songwriter Leea Nanos.

Mahmood Khan - Runaway     Pop, World, Folk 09/03/2020
#1 ARIA AWARD WINNING ARTIST MAHMOOD KHAN - Releases brand new single 'Runaway'
Runaway is the latest release by multi-talented singer-songwriter Mahmood Khan.

Izellah - No Hard feelings     Pop 30/03/2020
One of Australia’s most gifted musical exports Izellah is back with another blistering pop gem No Hard Feelings.
No Hard Feelings is at radio today and available to download in April.