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Australian Radio Promotion

Australian Radio Promotion

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S3 Saba Brothers - Smile     Pop, Rock, Christian 18/02/2019
Think Rock, Pop, Roots that’s infused with a Ska twist, and you will get one of Australia’s hottest rising bands, The Saba Brothers ‘S3’.
With their debut release 'Walk Away' hitting the AMRAP charts, subsequent single 'Smile' is now ready for the airwaves.

The Lighthearts - Love Is Here To Stay     Pop, Folk 18/02/2019
A pop-­folk fanfare of toe­-tapping melodies, soaring harmonies and happy high hopes; that's the joy­-evoking sound that Brisbane group, The Lighthearts bring to the stages and ears they grace.
The song is a folk-pop feel-good tune with an infectious joyful sound. Combined with soaring harmonies, optimistic lyrics and fun-packed energy Love Is Here To Stay is an irresistible dose of pure pop pleasure.

Bianca Modesti - Race Against Time     Pop, Rock 28/01/2019
Emerging powerhouse songstress Bianca Modesti has just released her new single Race Against Time.
The song is an empowering ode to survival and the pursuit of dreams, a rousing pop-rock tune with attitude, intensity and a never say die lyric.

Lachlan Grant - Fathers Second Son     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Rock 28/01/2019
NT based artist Lachlan Grant brings a unique brand of roots rock that has seen comparisons to Billy Bragg, with a touch of influence from Neil Young.
Fathers Second Son is the first track to be lifted from Lachlan Grant Splendor’s album The Choice Is Yours.

Peter Senior - Little Lovin     Pop, Soul, Jazz, Funk 21/01/2019
It’s another of his nouveau retro blasts complete with stomping rhythms, surging emotional power and infectious melodies.
Taken off Peter Senior’s debut album On The Edge, Little Lovin was mixed by Brian Reeves (U2, The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus) in LA.

Youi - Signorita     Hip Hop, Pop, Rap 17/12/2018
Canadian-born Australian rapper and hip-hop artist Youi has just released his latest single Signorita.
It’s a fresh, vibrant sound incorporating elements of rap, latin and hip hop with a seductive cruisy feel and Youi’s recognisable vocal delivering his unique brand of wordplay.

Izellah - If Everyday Was Christmas     Christian, Pop, Soundtrack (Film Related) 03/12/2018
Izellah, the emerging pop songstress and young star of musical theatre has just released a stunning addition to this year’s Christmas playlist.
If Every Day Was Christmas is not just another Christmas song but an inspirational and heartwarming expression of hope for a more united, compassionate world.

Peter Senior - The Christmas Tree     Christian, Rock, Soul 03/12/2018
Peter Senior’s musical inventiveness and irreverent take on pop music have yet again spawned another surprise hit.
It’s a freewheeling rock-edged tune with a big chorus hook, a foot-stomping groove and all the soulful vibe you’d expect from a Christmas classic.

Saba Brothers - Rock It All Night Long     Christian, Rock, Pop 03/12/2018
Think Rock, Pop, Roots that’s infused with a Ska twist, and you will get one of Australia’s hottest rising bands, The Saba Brothers ‘S3’.
The song is a fresh sounding take on Christmas, with its focus firmly on the healing power of music and the amazing potential for a song to bring people together during the holiday season.

Princeloo - Nights Like This     Electronic, Dance, House, Pop 29/10/2018
Born and raised in Haiti, Australian music artist Princeloo welcomes the release of his new single Nights Like This.
Powerhouse Passion

It’s this year’s summer scorcher with its dynamic energy and powerhouse passion. ‘Love and fun inspire me to create music,’ Princeloo says about his writing and production processes.

Peter Senior - Baby I Love You     Pop, Soul, Jazz, Rock 22/10/2018
Sydney-based singer-songwriter, Peter Senior, is not the kind of artist who can be easily pigeonholed. His music defies expectation and convention.
Peter Senior’s Baby I Love You is available on November 2nd to download, pre sales on the 19th October.

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Saba Brothers - Life's A Journey     Pop, Christian, Rock, Garage 15/10/2018
Sydney-based rock trio, the Saba Brothers, have just released their new single Life’s A Journey.
With this latest track, a self-reflective, raw and heartfelt meditation we can all relate to, we get a taste of the more eclectic side of the band. It’s subtle yet refreshingly powerful.

Siore - Change Your Mind     Pop, Soul, Electronic, Chill 15/10/2018
Melbourne duo SIORE, have released Change Your Mind, the second single from their forthcoming EP.
Change Your Mind draws attention to mental health in the music industry and hopes to shed light on the stigma surrounding it.

Hunter DeBlanc - Sydney     Pop 24/09/2018
Hunter’s funk-edged synth pop is certain to make the transition from viral to mainstream with this latest track. Hunter spent the following years touring internationally and writing and recording.
This new release is Hunter Deblanc’s clever, catchy and playful dedication to a city and lover packed into a three-minute pop gem.

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Cole Phoenix - Stone Woman     Pop, Funk, Jazz 17/09/2018
Stone Woman is natural and effortless, it follows her story with all the elements intact; classic instrumentation with modern funk and jazz overtones underpinning a rich, seductive vocal delivery.
Stone Woman is more than just an endearing soulful pop track but a modern affirmation of empowerment and as Cole reveals with a blistering wail, ‘let me show you who I am’, it’s clear Stone Woman is doing just that and more, bridging together style and emotion to create a seamless work of musical resonance.

Izellah - Island Holiday     Pop 10/09/2018
Izellah is no ordinary star. This abundantly gifted performer has a history of featured roles onstage in theatre and now with the recent release of her single "Island Holiday".
Izellah’s new single Island Holiday is to be launched nationwide on the Channel Nine network this weekend, with the song hitting radio on the 7th of September.

Peter Senior - Cool Ride     Country, Jazz, Rock 03/09/2018
Everything from theatrical pop/country to soft rock and respectful nods to Motown, Peter Senior’s grasp of the irreverent with the genuine is one of the hallmarks of his musical prowess.
This track is a genre-busting grower bursting with subdued energy and retro finesse. Sleek and smooth vocals build into a powerhouse performance from Pete, a multi-faceted artist whose crossover style is a melting pot of country, melodic pop and jazz.

Michael Burrows - Turn This Love Around     Folk, Country, Rock, Acoustic 27/08/2018
Country, Folk, Americana and Rock styles and having worked with some of music's royalty over the years, Burrows has delivered a track resulting in an amalgamation of creativity, hard work & honesty leaving you breathless..
Michael Burrows, begins his next instalment with the unveiling of his latest Rock/Country  single  'Turn This Love Around'.
Quickly becoming a household name with the successful release of  'Please Don't Cry' a few months ago, racking up nationwide airplay, a plethora of publications as well as overseas interest.

Peter Nigido - Turn a Page     Electronic 27/08/2018
Peter Nigido is a Melbourne-born music artist specialising in electronic and alternative music. Peter welcomes the release of his new single Turn a Page due for release on August 31st.
Turn a Page was produced and mixed by James and Vince Leigh, at Refinery Recording, the home of Cultivator Records. The new label's in-house approach to producing and releasing music means independent artists have input at every level of the creative process.

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OptiMystic - Dreams Alive     Hip Hop, Pop, Rap 06/08/2018
Not a stranger to the music scene with a plethora of tracks and collaborations. OptiMystic surrounds himself with so many talented artists it's hard not to stumble upon his music.
The latest release "Dreams Alive" fosters raw emotion, driven by powerful anecdotes and social excerpts, engaging the contemporary listener.

The track opens with a smooth, lustrous and compassionate vocal performance from the talented Tenette Smith allowing the floodgates to open for what is an onslaught of cut throat truths from the talented MC's Sickflo & Mic Handz.