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Australian Radio Promotion

Australian Radio Promotion

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OptiMystic - Dreams Alive     Hip Hop, Pop, Rap 06/08/2018
Not a stranger to the music scene with a plethora of tracks and collaborations. OptiMystic surrounds himself with so many talented artists it's hard not to stumble upon his music.
The latest release "Dreams Alive" fosters raw emotion, driven by powerful anecdotes and social excerpts, engaging the contemporary listener.

The track opens with a smooth, lustrous and compassionate vocal performance from the talented Tenette Smith allowing the floodgates to open for what is an onslaught of cut throat truths from the talented MC's Sickflo & Mic Handz.

Saba Brothers - Walk Away     Rock, Garage, Christian, Pop 06/08/2018
Think Rock, Pop, Roots that’s infused with a Ska twist, and you will get one of Australia’s hottest rising bands, The Saba Brothers ‘S3’.
S3’s first single "Walk Away", showcases their characteristics & flare in a three-and-a-half-minute experience of respite from the modernistic clutches of stereotypical rock/pop.

Cole Phoenix - Back Back To Me     Pop, Britpop 18/06/2018
Suffused with a contemporary sentiment, reminiscent of a more quintessential take on Jazz/Soul roots amongst a Brit/Pop theme, this song manages to capture a polished and eccentric essence of euphony.
Latest release from Cole Phoenix 'Back Back To Me' is a stylishly elegant uppercut with an intimaiton of debonair.

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Madison Daniel - LoveIsLove [#Brown x Beardy remix]     Pop, Dance 18/06/2018
FOR Madison Daniel, love is love. Daniel wrote the pop song Love is Love out of anger during the height of the same sex marriage debate in Australia.
'Love Is Love' a euphonious narrative, a depiction of the world incarnated without judgement, without bias. Ex Neighbours & Winners and Losers actor Madison Daniel lays down the true definition of modern societies take on equal rights.

Alora - Castles     World, Ambience, Atmospheric 15/06/2018
Alora's ability to paint a vivid landscape through her breathy vocals guides this ambient/chill themed track Castles into a world of it's own
Castles, the debut single from Alora’s upcoming album “Fear.Armour.Paradise” shows off a natural storytelling progression that takes you through the chapters of life’s sometimes very vulnerable journey. Laced with personal and detailed imagery the music is beautiful in its emotive simplicity.

ANI-K - Reckless     Pop, Dance 15/06/2018
At 15 years of age, Ani-K (Anica Karu) is not only a talented singer but a fantastic lyricist/ songwriter.
Reckless is the lead release from Ani-K’s upcoming album and is scheduled for national radio service on Friday 9th March and is now available for download through all good online music stores.

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