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Art As Catharsis

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Bear The Mammoth - Known Unknowns     Rock, Experimental, Atmospheric, Ambience 10/08/2018
BearThe Mammoth play a progressive form of post-rock with plenty to digest underneath its rich layers and textures.
'Known Unknowns', is a journey within itself. Riddled with floating riffs and subtle undercurrents, the song slowly flows into a triumphant crescendo before sliding into a more straightforward riff-driven jam. All in all, the song stands as a perfect example of the album’s strengths – shifting moods, rich textures and breathing room for each instrument to shine.

Milton Man Gogh - XXXX Bitter Irony     Jazz, Atmospheric, Metal, Instrumental 10/08/2018
Experimental Jazz trio from Brisbane.
XXXX Bitter Irony is an assault of virtuosic experimental jazz.

Other tracks by Milton Man Gogh:  Doo Rocks  -  Cradle Failure
Brian Campeau - Slow Walking     Electronic, Folk, Rock 09/08/2018
Alternative pop/folk from Sydney.
Electronic infused folk.

Kurushimi - A Glimpse Of A Thursday Afternoon     Jazz, Experimental, Metal 20/07/2018
Australian deconstructionist noise/jazz collective Kurushimi push listeners to the very borders of music.
‘A Glimpse Of Thursday Afternoon’, sounds as if Buckethead - twisted on DMT - burst into a smokey New York jazz club in the 1950s accompanied by a deranged robotic sidekick.

Milton Man Gogh - XXXX Bitter Irony     Jazz, Experimental, Metal 20/07/2018
Milton Man Gogh's new EP, 'XXXX Bitter Irony', is a virtuosic experimental jazz record with hints of prog, metal, deconstructionism and metre all in one.
'XXXX Bitter Irony' serves as a masterclass in pacing, mixing breakneck stop-start math-influenced work with smooth jazz, seasoned with a touch of bounding bass and fluttering saxophone.

Bonniesongs - Follow Me     Folk, Acoustic 11/07/2018
Bonnie’s sweet ethereal vocals sail over the polyrhythmic backgrounds created between her guitar, mandolin, percussion and vocal loops.
Bonniesongs new single 'Follow Me' is a lush, organic piece of introspective folk, drawing on Joanna Newsom, Bjork and early Cat Power.

Turtle Skull - Eden     Rock, Psychedelic, Experimental 08/06/2018
Turtle Skull is a Sydney band that Blends psychedelic rock and doom.
Eden, the first single from the record, is unashamed in its worship of fuzz. Running out the gates with a meaty hook before sliding into smooth, vocal driven grooves, Eden shifts through a kaleidoscope of riffs and shimmering textures before reeling you back with a consistent, thumping hook.

Other tracks by Turtle Skull:  No News is Bad News  -  Take It Or Leave It
Zeitgeber - Phase Response Curve     World, Acoustic, Electronic 27/02/2017
Zeitgeber explore psychedelic, ambient, world and electronic music. You’ll hear Balkan and African rhythms, reverb-soaked textures, and instrumentation as eclectic as ‘caisa’ handpan, clarinet, didgeridoo, ‘sansula’ thumb piano, and melodica
The handpan-lead first single from Zeitgeber's new album. Washes of reverb-soaked ambiance cycle move atop building percussion with a trance-like feel.

Other tracks by Zeitgeber:  Persistent Oscillations  -  Suprachiasmatic Nuclei (SCN)
Mister Ott - Single Shot     Jazz, World 01/02/2017
Mister Ott’s second album Single Shot sees the band expand their Ethiojazz sound to incorporate psychedelic guitars, reverb-drenched horns, intergalactic keys, and a crunchy drum/bass combo.
Spicy Ethio-jazz track.

Hinterlandt - Chase A Dream     Classical 03/11/2016
The Sydney-based ensemble explore indie-chamber compositions, drawing influence from Kronos Quartet, John Zorn's Masada works, and stripped back artists like Sufjan Stevens.
A quiet exploration of the day in the line of a normal human.

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