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Lupa J - Woman     Pop, Electronic, Dance, Techno 09/07/2019
Named by FBi's Music Director Amelia Jenner and Purple Sneakers as '2019 artist to watch', Lupa J is a proven and gifted songwriter, producer and performer.
"Woman is about the moment I realised I was capable of queer attraction after years of trying to box myself into straight relationships. I found a sense of joy & relief in the fantasy of intimacy with someone who may experience life with a body/sense of gender like my own."

Other tracks by Lupa J:  Comfort In Numbers  -  Dream
Rya Park - Bitch     Rock, Pop 16/08/2019
Rya Park's last two singles Tokyo and Act Your Age were spun on triple j, RRR and PBS radio. triple j Unearthed also featured Rya Park as a spotlight artist.
Bitch opens with slow, sparse and distorted electric guitar as Park sings about her vulnerabilities, anxieties and struggles with depression. Her reflections are emotion-heavy, delivered with sweetness and drawl reminiscent of early 90's PJ Harvey. But when the band kicks in Park sounds anything but vulnerable, rather, she is powerful in her self-reflection which creates a stunning, stirring dissonance.

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Yuto. - Hazy feat. SODA     Electronic, RnB, Downbeat, Chill 16/08/2019
We are brothers, who originally come from Cairns, now a Melbourne based music duo who create Indie/Electronic music.
An R&B infused electronic track, Hazy seamlessly blends the soul tones of SODA, who has received his own streaming success, with Yuto.’s signature electronic production. The duo enlisted SODA to lend their hand at something a little different to their previous releases.

Ainsley Farrell - Dark Spell     Folk, Blues, Rock 23/08/2019
From her early teens until present, Ainsley Farrell has been influenced by the likes of strong female blues singers such as Aretha Franklin, Bessie Smith, and Big Mama Thornton.
Sydney-based, American born folk artist Ainsley Farrell today releases her new folk infused single, Dark Spell ahead of her BIGSOUND showcase next month.

Written about the inevitable heartbreak in the falling apart of a relationship, Dark Spell journey’s through wanting to save the other person from pain – a true testament to Ainsley’s character and talent as a born songwriter.

Janey - Hurts Me Like Hell     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Indie 20/09/2019
Members Sarah and Billy Otto have been noted for their high energy and eccentric live performance, and are excited to release their debut EP later this year.
The song was birthed from a moment of disconnect with a family member and encapsulates the gravity of that moment. It has a Taylor Swift-esque beat, Ben Whincop (Panama) mixed it and our dear friend David Andrew (Gang of Youths, Jayesslee) came on the production journey to bring it to life.

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Sam Phay - At Least     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, House 20/09/2019
Melbourne-based songwriter and producer, Sam Phay has been collaborating with some of the music world's most celebrated songwriters, producers and artists since his first writing camp in 2016. 
"At least is about self realisation. Coming to an understanding about we’re you’re at and knowing that It doesn’t matter where you are on a particular journey, what matters is that you are there at all."

Other tracks by Sam Phay:  Oracle
Doko - My Girl     Alternative, Indie, Rock 18/10/2019
80s new-wave indie-rock band Doko entered this world in late 2015, & quickly became a force to be reckoned with. You can expect big things from them in 2020!
‘My Girl’ is this tongue and cheek love song, reclaiming the pop clichè of boy chases girl. Sometimes directness and getting to the damn point in music is the most satisfying way to get a reaction. As songwriters it really turned the page for us, delving into the world of pop minimalism, it made us realise less is often more.

Earth Caller - Spit     Metal, Hip Hop 23/10/2019
Melbourne's Earth Caller are known for their savage breakdowns, emotion evoking melodies and a distinctly hip-hop feel to their hard-hitting lyrics.
Spit still has all the hallmarks of the Earth Caller sound but is woven together in a new and fresh way and is fused with gritty street elements comparable to Hip-Hop acts such as ONEFOUR & Huskii and bands like Bodycount, Rage Against The Machine & Limp Bizkit.

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Yuto. - Feel It     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, R&B, Soul, Indie 06/11/2019
Yuto. have been making waves in the streaming world this year. To cap off a huge year, the Melbourne producers are coming in hot with their latest offering, "Feel It".
"Feel It taught us so much about patience and stepping outside of our comfort zone, which is what we take out of this record. After a lot of feedback, Coben completely changed the arrangement and idea to make it what it is now. The other version was cool but nothing like it is now," tells Daylan.

Bad Pony - Villain     Rock, Indie, Pop 07/11/2019
Bad Pony are back and they’re loud. Brandishing a killer new single, ‘Villain’, they've re-emerged with a refined edge that is bound to have fans excited for what 2020 holds.
Punchy, guitar heavy and melodically strong, ‘Villain’ is a snapshot of Bad Pony’s undeniable passion for the grit and chaotic music that has won them fans in Australia and abroad over the last few years.

Lupa J - Half Alive     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 29/11/2019
Named by FBi's Music Director Amelia Jenner and Purple Sneakers as '2019 artist to watch', Lupa J is a proven and gifted songwriter, producer and performer.
Not one to let time stand still, the 21 year old Melbourne-based singer, songwriter and producer is back with not one, but two new singles, "Half Alive" and "Out To Wreck", showcasing her love of pop, techno and EDM and lighting the way for her new direction.

Other tracks by Lupa J:  Out To Wreck
Maz Green - Moving Slowly     Indie, Pop, Alternative 29/11/2019
Melbourne singer/songwriter Maz Green has a unique vintage-pop sound. Her debut single ‘Somewhere Else’ showcased her talent and she has worked alongside producers Chris Collins, Joel Quartermain and Jon Reichardt.
Produced by Jon Reichardt (Bliss n Esso) and mixed by Chris Collins (Middle Kids, YORKE, Skeggs), its reminiscent of early-noughties Lily Allen, with vox that suggests Sylvan Esso and Purity Ring made a love-child. Green was inspired by her OS experiences making her realise the need for Australia to operate differently surrounding climate change, sexism, racism and equality in general.

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