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Lupa J - Pull Me Under     Pop, Electronic, Dance 13/06/2019
Easily Australia's most exciting writer/producer on the rise, Lupa J has been revealing pieces of her debut album 'Swallow Me Whole' set for release July 5.
"one of her darker and more club-bound singles, contrasting light, twinkling synth with a thick bass synth that seems to swallow the rest of the single (in a good way), which when combined with her soothing vocals over the top, creates an over-sensory, maximalist adventure that's easily amongst her most experimental." - Pilerats

Froyo - Out There     Pop, Electronic 10/05/2019
FROYO came to life when two misfits, Michael and Allyson turned an assignment into a live show, creating a potent-yet-palatable serving of bright and colourful synth pop.
Out There is about the anxiety you feel when you're missing someone. Initially written about a dear friend of the band who had moved overseas, the song found new meaning when this particular friend took his life in the lead up to the EP. For this reason, the entirety of Blue is dedicated to his memory.

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Froyo - Blue     Electronic, Pop, Soundscapes 03/05/2019
As Shakespeare once wrote: “it ain’t easy being cheesy”. Walking that fine line between cool and cringe is FROYO – the soundtrack to a John Hughes movie that never happened.
This is about calmly living with a problem and being content with doing absolutely NOTHING about it (which is bad, obviously). You know that comic strip of the yellow dog sitting in a room which is on fire, and then he calmly says "this is fine"? Yep. It's basically the same thing. Except here, we're happily singing about clinical depression.

Other tracks by Froyo:  Out There  -  Time To Trade
Janey - L.A.     Pop, Electronic 24/04/2019
Sibling duo JANEY have entered the sonic realm with an electronic dream-pop sound sitting somewhere between Bruce Springsteen and Haim. The Otto siblings give a high energy, eccentric live performance.
L.A. is a hook driven, synth-pop hit with pop-spiration from the Haim, Bruce Springsteen and the Killers.

The song represents the artists' struggle in the mesmerising city of Los Angeles; a melting pot of creativity where dreamers go to make dreams real. L.A. represents balancing between those two realities, where these dreams and harsh truths meet.

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Sam Phay - Hell or High Water     Electronic, Downbeat, Chill, Pop 16/04/2019
After finding success on streaming in both Australia and Europe with previous singles, writer and producer Sam Phay returns with his third single ‘Hell or High Water’.
It's the first track I wrote for the Sam Phay project and kind of paved the way sonically for the rest of the tracks. It’s about committing your whole self to someone.

Lupa J - The Crash     Pop, Electronic, Industrial, Experimental 09/04/2019
Hailed by FBi Music Director, Amelia Jenner as 'Artist to watch in 2019', writer/producer Lupa J has spent the last six months carefully unveiling pieces of her upcoming debut album, Swallow Me Whole.
Delicate and vulnerable yet driven with intention in her delivery, 'The Crash' offers listeners a glance into the internal conflict experienced by the artist as she attempts to break out of her former circumstances and explore her innate desires.

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Froyo - Heart     Pop, Retro, Electronic 22/03/2019
As Shakespeare once wrote: “it ain’t easy being cheesy”. Walking that fine line between cool and cringe is FROYO –the soundtrack to a John Hughes movie that never happened.
Heart comes as an emotionally charged synth-pop package that will see you having a good time and feeling all the feels. “Heart is about trying to do what your heart loves versus what your brain thinks”, tells Michael (vocals/keys). “In the bigger picture of the EP’s narrative, Heart is about learning to love again and embracing the things you love."

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Sam Phay - Fool     Electronic, Downbeat, Chill 26/02/2019
Drawing on electronics and synths, Sam Phay's 'Fool' is dark, textured and romantic – his vocals are rich with emotion, comparable to Matt Corby and James Blake.
Drawing on electronics and synths, Sam Phay's 'Fool' is dark, textured and romantic – his vocals are rich with emotion, comparable to Matt Corby and James Blake. 'Fool' is inspired by Father John Misty’s The Songwriter, which explores the ideology of the songwriter himself.

Lupa J - You're In My Headphones     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Techno 30/11/2018
A graduate of Unearthed High, Lupa J has proven herself as a gifted songwriter and producer.
Exhibiting a directional shift in tempo and mood, ‘You’re In My Headphones’ expresses the relief and freedom Lupa J felt after navigating through a challenging period of her life.

A dance anthem that captures the duality of joy and conflict, Lupa J’s latest single is a testament of her ingenuity when it comes to storytelling as producer, singer, and songwriter.

Sam Phay - Trace     Electronic, Dance, Downbeat, Easy Listening 17/11/2018
After performing on Triple J’s Like a Version and performing at the Sydney Opera House as part of Vivid Festival, Phay will wrap up 2018 with his debut release, ‘Trace’.
So much of my musical output and projects had previously involved these big, triumphant, vocally expansive moments that I’d really attached my musical self identity to. I like to think that this song rejects a lot of those ideas whilst still feeling like it’s me.

Lyrically, it’s about finding your way back too someone despite the distance, physically or emotionally.

LISHI - Token     Electronic, Easy Listening, Pop, Soundscapes 26/10/2018
Eleanor Dunlop AKA LISHI is an Australian singer, songwriter and pianist. Her distinctly seductive vocals and dream-pop sounds have graced the airwaves, screens and stages of Australia and the world.
Australian singer-songwriter, Lishi (Eleanor Dunlop) returns with her breathtaking new single and video, ‘Token’. Laced with beautiful melodies and subtle electronic textures, ‘Token’ explores love, loss and finding the strength to accept and move on.

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Ainsley Farrell - Walls     Folk, Blues, Rock 01/06/2018
Ainsley Farrell is a native Californian, who currently resides in Sydney, Australia. From her early teens until present, she has been influenced by the likes of strong female blues singers.
Alluring melodies wrapped in a stunning vocal, delivered with an Americana folk sound that leaves you a little giddy.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi, Sydney (NSW)

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Bad Pony - Half Blood     Rock, Pop 11/11/2017
Bad Pony are an explosive mix of indie, rock, dance and pop. With a sound that will get you on your feet, Bad Pony are an experience not to miss!
Half Blood is a deeper, darker display of the Bad Pony sound everyone has come to love. Jarred Young’s vocals are laced with emotion and in running parallel with an explosive instrumental, Half Blood really is a whole new level for Bad Pony.


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Billy Otto - Ghosts (We Can't Let Go)     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop, Atmospheric 13/09/2017
Newcastle, psych-rocker Billy Otto takes you on a dreamy ride of sonic exploration venturing into a sound that lands somewhere between Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Ben Howard.
Reminiscent of the 70s surf-coast scene, 'Ghosts' was written in New York in collaboration with Nashville producer Luke O'Dea (Gang of Youths), is a sublime blend of reverb guitar and synth electronic waves wrapped up in possibly the most beautiful male vocal gracing Australia right now.

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Bad Pony - Deficiency     Rock, Pop, Dance 27/03/2017
Bad Pony are back with their new single 'Deficiency'. With an upcoming showcase at Canadian Music Week and a US tour, 2017 is set to be another huge success!
“Deficiency is about being absorbed by the greedy, selfish nature of Sydney,” explains frontman Jarred Young.


Residual - Haunt     Rock, Pop 21/10/2016
Residual are a Geelong indie-rock sensation. Their second E.P Haunt peaked at #3 on the iTunes Alternative Chart, and their touring history includes British India, Bluejuice and The Jungle Giants.
Haunt is an emotionally driven track from Residual, featuring their signature rock sound with undercurrents of pop. This track will help soothe a broken heart and get you back on your feet ready to fight back!

Residual - All For You     Rock, Pop 30/06/2016
Geelong alt-rock sensation Residual's debut self-titled E.P. peaked at #11 on the Australian iTunes chart, and their touring history impressively includes British India, Bluejuice and The Jungle Giants.
All For You is an explosive, punchy alternative-rock song that will have you ready to take on life's next challenge. Remember that time your relationship broke down and you were filled with rage, sadness and an eagerness to take on the world? Those emotions are All For You.