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Archer - Time Machine

Archer  - Time Machine
Archer harvests his songs from the stories he finds buried all across the country—
Born and partially raised near the Appalachian mountains in North Carolina, many restless kilometres have passed under Archer’s heels, the nights in the long grass, the days stranded in Tenent Creek, the months near the Gulf of Carpentaria, where people have music “flowin right through em”, where he reckons he truly learned to sing.
The weathered songs Archer plays are sparse, raw. It’s music steeped, even driven, by geography, the music of distances vast and landlocked, from a life undisturbed by the passage of time.
But he’s in the back country no more, finding himself on a growing number of East Coast shows and festival bills. Word is beginning to spread.
“I don’t know…maybe some people plan this stuff…but I just think it sounds good…” drawls Archer, listing his musical peers—Smilin Billy Blinkhorn, Chad Morgan, Tex Morton, Reverend Gary Davis. Most were born a century ago but Archer’s songs, rinsed in the ecstasy and sorrow of the modern world, remain magnetic. There’s something vital about his naked voice and wounded guitar, something irrefutable; the past tattooed upon the present.
“I just like simple stuff” Archer shrugs.

About this track...

This is about time travel

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