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Archer - Lady Beetle

Archer  - Lady Beetle
well you woodnt call him smart but you woodnt call him stupid neither… he does have sum kindofa way about him…weather he be damned or blessed he certanly can pull a song outta the deep earth or the spaceless space and make you wanta cry or yell or just about any plain ol thing…

he speaks of bulls**t and of truth and hes got a red raw beatin heart and a soul which says a lot in this day and age....

hes got a sound that harkens bak to an earlier age but also to a future age where the plastic fancys of today are but dust....hes been called a lunatic a mystic a fool and a saint.. the truth is sumwhere inbetween most likely...his name be archer

About this track...

In Archers words (verbatim!!!)

Ladybeetle kums from pullin garlic for 14 hours on one of the hottest days of the 2016 b4 a lightning storm hit and sparkd a grassfire (that was quikly brawt unda kontrol) justabout within spittin distance and the ladybeeytles was doin their thing....................

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Number Of People In Act Solo
State/Territory Artist Is Based In VIC
Taken From The Release Titled The divine church of the open sky Volume 2
Copyright Holder's Name Archer
Publisher Pound Records
Media Servicing Date 2017-08-16
Main Genre Country
Genre 2 Blues
Contains explicit lyrics or themes that may offend some listeners No
Artist Official Web Site
Artist Social Network Page
Content Provider Pound Records