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Amrap Unsigned

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Jessey Napa - Stuck Together     Pop, Folk, Acoustic 18/12/2018
Jessey is a singer-songwriter straight outta Sydney. After a few years of working on his sound, he is finally ready to share his music with the world.
Stuck Together has all the important components of a good song; catchy choruses, synth solos and references to Johnny Cash. You’ll also hear the sounds of Maurice ‘Moz’ Webb (bass) & Jake Arvonen (drums & keys/synths) from Sydney outfit Chasing Giants on the track. This is just the first of many songs to come

Kim Smith Rock Music - Riddle     Rock 18/12/2018
Kim Smith's track from her Debut EP Thunder Run delivers raw, addictive, hard rock showcasing her trademark husky vocals, as a female version of AC/DC
Riddle was written as a dedication to Michael Hutchence, "There's a riddle in the music, seek & you will find"

Kody - Let You Go     Rock, Acoustic, Pop 18/12/2018
Kody are a high energy bolt of melody with huge songs and lyrical journeys that will take you away from all you know and into the minds of our band!
A song of loss, losing someone in your life and letting them go

Odin Malchik - Drop Me Now     Rock, Pop 18/12/2018
Home recorded psychedelic pop.
Drop Me Now is the fourth single from Odin Malchik's debut album 'Forgiveness and War' to be released in 2019. The track explores the feelings of pain and confusion associated with a failing relationship. All music by Ryan Johnson, mastered by Rob Agostini at Soundbaker Studios.

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Plants - Electric Blue     Electronic, Pop, Dance 18/12/2018
3-piece group PLANTS create left of the dial disco-pop with an 80's Australiana tinge.
Electric Blue is the debut single from Sydney act Plants.

soayla - Same     Pop, Electronic 18/12/2018
soayla is a singer and writer making garden pop for people.
‘Same’ is the second single from the Australian-born musician soayla.

It's a chill pop song with Latin influences and biting lyrics.

The song was co-written and produced by Rick Torres, a Costa Rican producer based in Los Angeles, and frequent collaborator of soayla's.

please enjoy!

Suburban Bukowskis - interwebs fucked up everything     Rock, Comedy, Acoustic, Country 18/12/2018
Suburban Bukowskis blend storytelling, satire and great songwriting to create neo-beatnik studies of the screwed-up world around them.
Before the interwebs we all lived in a world of harmony and peace, then the interwebs fucked it. Here's that sad story, put to music!

The Goodwills - Get the kids of Nauru now     Folk, Acoustic, Folk, Acoustic 18/12/2018
The Goodwills (Bob and Laurel Wilson) showcase Bob's original, Aussie-flavoured story songs. The lyrics can be dryly amusing, though sometimes poignant, with melodies that linger on in the memory.
The song charts the 17-year history of Australia's offshore processing policies and calls for the evacuation of children and adults on Nauru and Manus Island to Australia.

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Harry Carman - Change     Pop 17/12/2018
Harry Carman is a 23-year old singer-songwriter from Canberra who writes, and records, stunning songs.
Change is a stunning track from Canberra's Harry Carman, written about the need to adapt to an increasingly changing world.

Museum of Fire - Sienna's Song     Rock 17/12/2018
Museum of Fire is an Australian Rock band based in Perth, Western Australia. Museum of Fire is the main creation of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rob Walker.
Sienna's Song is a highly produced mainstream rock song. By design, the chorus was written with the radio listener in mind. It's aim is to hook the listener in to receive the message of the song. The song is a tribute to a little girl who passed away at 6 months old due to an adult fist size brain tumour.

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Bruce Campbell - Zombie Heart     Folk, Rock 16/12/2018
Bruce Campbell's EP, Another World Ends explores personal and planetary apocalypses with wit and pathos.
I saw you and I died.... A 'zombie' love song.

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Other tracks by Bruce Campbell:  She's Leaving
Luke Tooze - Mirror Ball     Folk, Britpop, Easy Listening, Rock 16/12/2018
After touring the West Coast of America, the group has releases their debut album Help Me, Help You.
Song 2 of debut album, Help Me, Help You

Other tracks by Luke Tooze:  Everything  -  Constant State
Oguz - Touched     Electronic, Pop, Soul, Reggae 15/12/2018
Oguz is multicultural singer/songwriter and producer from Western Sydney. Currently working on his debut EP and writing songs to suture souls.
Touched is great example of Oguz is multi-instrumental skills; with clean guitar work and electronic backbone, whilst it will hype you up still would make you question your place in life with its poetic beauty.

Ren - Laur     Electronic, Ambience, Trance, Techno 15/12/2018
Ren is an emerging progressive EDM producer coming out of Melbourne bringing a dark intriguing sound with exciting genre blends coming very soon.
'Laur' is the lead single from Ren's Debut release 'Super Cell'. Laur is a fun but dark track with very exciting elements.

Shimmergloom - When You Fall     Rock 15/12/2018
Shimmergloom create music that you've never heard, but reminds you of being a teenager.
Shimmergloom's latest release 'When You Fall' they've stayed true to the 90's indie sound they've become known for with the introduction of aurally addictive new elements leaving you wanting another listen.

Cuss - Never Again     Rock, Pop, Garage, Retro 14/12/2018
Cuss is a new band from Fremantle, WA. A collaboration of Lewis O'Donnel and Jordan Shakespeare resulting in tight 60's inspired garage folk rock that squeaks and squawks.
In "Never Again" O'Donnell sings of lost friends and being dropped from the in-crowd. The song's subject is 'not that saint anymore' and is 'losing sleep over it' such that they 'don't even go out at night'.' Hearkening towards vintage Bob Dylan and mod bands of the 60s "Never Again" is a swingy, summery, psych-folk-rock banger.

Other tracks by Cuss:  Mainland
FPs - It's Not Like You Love Me     Rock 14/12/2018
FPs, are a two piece band rock band based in Western Australia. Influenced by Powderfinger, INXS and other classic Aussie rock bands. Currently recording for their debut album.
It's Not Like You Love Me is an upbeat rock track that has a person coming to the realisation that, even though their ex wants them to pine for them, they can finally move on from a failed relationship...

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Frame - All Black     Hip Hop, Pop, RnB, Rap 14/12/2018
Frame is a rapper/singer/songwriter from Melbourne smooth melodies and vulnerable, well constructed lyrics to deliver meaningful & catchy love songs that encourage self love.
'All Black' is a pop-rap banger about falling in love on a night out.

Franjapan - Christmas Day     Pop, Garage, Easy Listening, Psychedelic 14/12/2018
Franjapan are a Melbourne quintet whose neoteric interpretation of 1970’s pop-rock and neo psychedelia music coupled with hazy psych-distortions have led to them tailoring a uniquely benign yet danceable sound.
Christmas Day depicts the feeling of seeing a past lover move on with someone else.
Though the song may outwardly appear as a Christmas song, it’s a cry of heartbreak.
The chorus uses Christmas for the protagonist to wish ‘Eebee’ (the female character) to not reveal her love to this new man but instead return to him.

LOVER - Best Side     Pop, RnB, Chill, Electronic 14/12/2018
Indie RNB artist from Western Sydney.
Best Side is an Indie Rnb song about seeing the best in somebody when they don't see it in themselves.