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Amrap Unsigned

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Eldafyre - Before and Far     World, Folk, Acoustic, Chill 17/06/2019
A stylist male poet singing to world island folk.
This song was written on the coast of byron bay.. on sacred land.
It's about living, love. Life on earth. Respecting mother nature.
The connection we all have or lack to have as a human species on the planet.

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Other tracks by Eldafyre:  Walk Away  -  Moments of Paradise
ENTROPY DISRUPTED - Home     Rock 17/06/2019
Entropy Disrupted are an eclectic mix of Rock/Metal/Hip Hop genres into one band. The four individuals originally from Adelaide, Sydney and as far as Quebec
Probably the chachier, more radio friendly of our songs, it only gets heavier from here!

Other tracks by ENTROPY DISRUPTED:  Agnes & Pauline  -  Three
Ryan Daykin - War Fair     Country, Pop, Alternative Country, Rock 17/06/2019
Victorian-based Country musician Ryan Daykin is shaking things up with a range of influences that stretch from Motown to Shania Twain, Ryan’s music is dynamic as it is are captivatin.
War Fair speaks on the breakdown of a relationship, and reaching a point between the two of you where there is no going back. 'Hope is dead and love is gone - when you don't care and I don't care - there's no way to make this war fair'. And they say all is fair in love and war.....

GUS - Mysterious Stone Cat     Rock, Garage, Grunge, Psychedelic 16/06/2019
Four Brisbane grommets with a bag of well-crafted tunes and a steely live performance experiment with a range of punk, surf, psych and shoegaze influences
GUS teams up with accomplished Brisbane producer, Brock Weston, to deliver their second single. Showcasing a range of influences, Mysterious Stone Cat tells a tale of intrigue featuring interlocking guitars, a relentlessly chugging engine room and drippy spoken word dialogue.

Amnesia Blues Band - Never Loved You Anyway     Blues/Roots, Blues, Rock 15/06/2019
Amnesia Blues Band bring you original blues with stories of hard drinkin' women, lost loves and broken dreams. No funk, soul, or rock and roll - just blues and boogie.
Amnesia Blues Band go full throttle on the opening track off Hailstone, I Never Loved You Anyway, a harsh tale of a fractured relationship full of recrimination where Buchanan’s hoarse roar is ably supported by Ning Hopkins' spiky lead guitar.

Other tracks by Amnesia Blues Band:  Nullabor Blues  -  Fast Johnny Cool
NTH RD - Brighter     Rock, Psychedelic, Grunge, Easy Listening 15/06/2019
Brighter is a rework of an older song by Jordan Kellaway, it has been reformatted from its folky origins to a alt-grunge banger. Recorded in the box hill studios, it came about during a last minute one take, which is the version you hear in this song.

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Bofolk Ballico - Party Animal     Folk, Rock, Comedy, Acoustic 14/06/2019
Bofolk Ballico is a singer/songwriter from Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Josh (Bofolk) released his debut EP, 'Top Five Songs' in February 2016.
Party Animal is a novelty track about an anti-social character attending a party.

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C.J Mitchell - Stuck In Sleep     Pop, Funk, Rock 14/06/2019
Bold piano, alluring melodies and solid vocals with a diverse mix of genres, takes CJ Mitchell’s audiences on immersive journeys through the art of music.
Stuck In Sleep is a fast paced pop funk/rock track with subtle jazz undertones. A feature track on CJ's Forth studio album 'Tales From The Asylum' with the theme of mental illness & mental heath awareness. "Sometime the big mistake, is that we sleep for long we can't wake... Sometimes we've got to go insane."

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Other tracks by C.J Mitchell:  3rd Degree  -  59 Seconds (Stay)
Dale Randolph - Full Contact     Pop, Soul, Garage 14/06/2019
Dale Randolph is a Sydney based artist. He recorded his debut record in Paris, where he was working as a songwriter, but has returned home to launch his solo project.
Full Contact is a song about feeling pathetic after being used, but knowing that you're not strong enough to say no the next time.

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Other tracks by Dale Randolph:  Walk That Line  -  I Am Not Fine
Dom Italiano - Only You     Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Rock 14/06/2019
Born in Wales, came to Australia at 9. Wanted a skateboard but got a guitar for 12th birthday... The rest is history!
A song about having memories of things you've never experienced and the hope that maybe one day you will :-)

Sometimes I remember things I have not done
Love I never shared with anyone
Sometimes I remember things I have not said
Dreams I never shared in any bed

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Ensemble Offspring - Vibe Rant     Classical, Experimental, Instrumental 14/06/2019
Ensemble Offspring are new music champions. Led by acclaimed percussionist Claire Edwardes, a devotion to fearless music-making has seen EO premiere over 200 works over the course of 25 years.
Vibe Rant refers to the abbreviated form of vibraphone: ‘vibes’, and also ‘rant’, from the Dutch word ‘ranten’: to talk nonsense. Together these words form ‘vibrant’, which is the overall mood of the piece. Vibe Rant sets up a series of juxtapositions, creating a stylistic patchwork that embraces influences from vernacular genres including jazz, pop, hip-hop, dance, rock, and metal.

Other tracks by Ensemble Offspring:  Tardigradus  -  Avialae
FAIT ACCOMPLI - PRESSURE     Rock, Punk 14/06/2019
Soul Punks Fait Accompli are renegades of the Sydney Underground independent music scene.
This song is a fuzzy, angsty mess that’s on the brink of collapse, though through sheer willpower ‘Pressure’ clings for dear life and just pulls through. Representative of our collective struggle to survive, 'Pressure' is our sound track for anyone feeling the pinch of this modern day Eutopia, where the sole objective is to survive!

Frankie Crea - Say Enough (feat. Jack Spadez)     Pop, Rock, Atmospheric, Ambience 14/06/2019
Frankie Crea is a guitarist, singer/songwriter and musician. Born in Perth, Western Australia, Frankie dedicates his life to making music.
Fresh off the bat for 2019, Frankie Crea is back with a new lead single from his debut album "Warzone". "Say Enough" features fellow aussie artist Jack Spadez. The track has a more pop based vibe than Frankie's previous releases, the song is about living in the moment and finding ones goal but frustrated of repeating themselves to others.

Georgia State Line & Patrick Wilson - What I Know Now     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 14/06/2019
'What I Know Now' is the new single by country-steeped melancholists Georgia State Line and Patrick Wilson; thoughtfully cradled by a warmth of introspect fit for the change of season.
"At the time of writing [the song], I [Delves] found myself wondering how much better life could be if we all acted with just a little bit more curiosity and compassion for each other."

The release’s rich instrumentation and lyricism reveal new layers at every listen, highlighting the mastery with which the duo examine such questions of human nature.

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GG - Luxury     Pop 14/06/2019
lyrics after midnight. music in the morning.
'Luxury' is a shimmering, expansive pop song which is complex yet also sweetly simple. Musically, it is spacious and driving. A clarinet fanfare spells out grandeur, yet the lyrics speak of struggling with day-to-day mundanity. Vocals, at times barely more than a whisper, invite the listener in. In later choruses, GG -almost yelling - cautions not to come too close.

Hannah Campbell - East Coast Dream     Folk, Acoustic, Chill, Pop 14/06/2019
Hannah Campbell is a warm, discerning, and joyful storyteller. Hannah’s trademark honest humility is the undercurrent of her stories of failings and hopefulness, desire, emotional vacancy, and unspoken truths.
East Coast Dream is an anthem for adventurous spirits, those who want to rid themselves of their cubicle prison and hit the open road. It’s a soundtrack to windows down and boards in the back, sunsets over seas, picnic blankets on headlands, condensation on beer bottles, freedom, being out of reception, waking up to the sunrise, and falling in love.

Huey Blue - Running In Circles (feat. Ellie Glaves)     Rock, Pop, Roots 14/06/2019
Huey Blue presents an exciting direction that showcases the young producer’s multi-instrumentation, with a voice & writing style reminiscent of soulful 70’s pop.
Produced by Huey Blue & Jake Walsh (Jordan Rakei, His Merry Men)
Mastered by Brian Lucey
Recorded between 2017-2019

Other tracks by Huey Blue:  Loaded Gun  -  Downtown (feat. Alexander Keys)
Littlehawk - Dream     Pop 14/06/2019
Perth newcomer Littlehawk traverses pop, rock and folk in his debut album Chinchilla and follow up singles Dream and Say It Twice, described by Happy Mag as "incredibly infectious".
Dream is a synth pop tribute to Littlehawk's second daughter and tells of the joy and apprehension of bringing a new life into this world.

The Angle Grinders - Yallingup Beach     Blues/Roots, Rock, Rockabilly 14/06/2019
Hailing from SW WA, this 5 piece combine a blend of Blues, Rock and even a touch of country to tell some pretty dubious yarns of life in rural Australia
Load the boards on the FC Holden wagon and come along for the ride with this Rock n Roll Fantasy about surfing in the 60's down at Yallingup Beach, the place of love!

The Good Minus - Mechanical Shark     Pop, Folk, Rock 14/06/2019
The Good Minus are an all-singing, instrument-swapping power trio. Their songs feature intricate three-part harmonies with a style described as Grizzly Bear reimagining the songs of Elbow.
Mechanical Shark is the first single lifted from The Good Minus’ upcoming album. It immediately grabs attention with lush Acapella harmonies, which are later juxtapositioned by a dissonant, distorted guitar solo. It is a song about the loss of value put on the arts and music, particularly in the education system.