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Amrap Unsigned

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Jimmi Carr Band - Monkey Kingdom     Roots, Rock, Country, Alternative 16/12/2019
Jimmi Carr Band hail from the Blue Mountains in NSW. Alt-country and groove-driven rock
Monkey Kingdom is a rollicking alt-country / rock song with an off-beat feel.

The term 'monkey kingdom' refers to modern human societies and the state of political and environmental disarray they (we) are in. The track takes a swing at Trump's America, Australia's off shore detention of refugees and the global climate crisis.

Otherwise, it's just plain good fun!

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Other tracks by Jimmi Carr Band:  Already Gone
Ed Ruben - Hyrule     Jazz 15/12/2019
Ed Ruben is an Australian pianist and composer. His latest project has brought to life a series of strange yet beautiful compositions featuring piano, drums and double bass.
Composed to thoughts of a fantasy land far way, Hyrule explores the sounds of traveling to unknown lands beyond our every day lives.

Other tracks by Ed Ruben:  Beales song  -  We are all here
theBlueShamrocks - Blowin' In The Wind     Country, Easy Listening 15/12/2019
Professional fun upbeat country music band, delivering good vibes and beats to dance to, to appeal to all ages across communities
Blowin' In The Wind is a jive based country version remake of Bob Dylans hit Blowin in the Wind, offers a new dynamic direction upbeat version of a classic tune.

Wendy Ford - Hippy Cowgirl     Country, Rock 15/12/2019
Wendy Ford is set to launch her album, Good Medicine, on 15 December to all digital platforms and CD. These are some tracks that are already getting some radio love.
Hippy Cowgirl is a fun, tongue-in-cheek romp very pertinent to the times as it promotes sustainable farming techniques.

Other tracks by Wendy Ford:  Clean House  -  Out There on the Plains
Chris Matthews feat. Brad Butcher & Jen Mize - Table of Knowledge     Country, Rock, Roots 14/12/2019
Australian story teller; a unique guitarist of extraordinary ability; a man whose touring exploits almost redefine the word “troubadour”; a remarkable songwriter.....Chris Matthews is one of a kind.
With one of the catchiest hooks than this side of a fishing line, and with the sublime vocals of Brad Butcher and Jen Mize along for the ride, Chris Matthews has released the 2nd single from the forthcoming album "Little Bit Long Way". Superbly recorded, magnificently performed, and with a groove that just won't quit, its absolutely top notch.

Palomino III - Rodeo     Country, Roots, Blues, Folk 14/12/2019
Sunshine Coast three piece Palomino III churn out a fantastic sound with their intriguing and layered stories of life founded in the roots with an authentic flavour of Americana.
The song Rodeo takes the metaphor of life as a rodeo, initially inspired by the artist's observation that to make significant changes in ones life and to choose a different way acknowledging the rocky ride that often times comes as part of the deal.

There are always choices, you get back on the horse or you find another circus...

Elanor Jane - Two Sides     Rock, Pop 13/12/2019
Brisbane based artist, writing songs and righting wrongs
Two Sides is about making peace with the fact that you can’t control what people say or think about you and the idea that sometimes you just have to be happy knowing your side of the story even if you can’t always tell it.

Fieu - Sometimes It's Not Enough     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 13/12/2019
Fieu (pronounced fee-yoo) is a vibrant pop songstress likened to artists such as Sia and Florence Welch. Her songs are emotional yet energising, showcasing soaring vocals with sophisticated electro-pop layers.
This catchy, upbeat synth-driven pop anthem presents a powerful energy with soaring melodies and addictive hooks, yet holds a deeper underlying meaning reflecting on anxiety, fear and failure. Quite contrary to the belief “all you need is love”, Fieu’s ‘Sometimes It’s not enough’ playfully provokes the thought that in fact, love is not always the answer.

Fletcher Kirkman - Call Me     Dance, Pop 13/12/2019
Emerging commercial dance artist Fletcher Kirkman is releasing his next track, "Call Me" December 13 featuring London-based platinum selling songwriter Dani Senior. A tropical, happy & uplifting song.
"Call Me" is a happy/uplifting tropical house track with catchy, commercial vocals by London-based platinum selling songwriter Dani Senior. Fletcher describes the song as "full of positivity, transporting you to a tropical island getaway". The track is already set to be featured on the Hit Network and 105.7 Radio Metro.

Keezz - Demon The Future     Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Dance 13/12/2019
Keezz is an up and coming Australian singer-songwriter from Geelong, Australia. Inspired by artists Allday, Mallrat, Clairo and Juice WRLD. His music is another form of Pop, Hip-Hop and Rap.
The track is upbeat and is vocally artistic. The song is based on a girl who I used to love but then she broke my heart. I am proud of the song and using autotune to use my voice creatively and as an instrument.

Michael Dunstan - Endless Skies     Folk, Easy Listening 13/12/2019
Arising from Wheatbelt Western Australia, Michael Dunstan is an intricate folk artist with peaceful musings on all that is bigger than ourselves.
An ode to the ever-changing painting above our heads, and the calm and love it instills into one's life; simply if you give it the chance. With warm nylon guitar, smooth vocals, double bass and stripped back drums, Dunstan takes the ground from underneath your feet and sits you aloft a cloud, to see things different for a little while.

Slow Dial - Koszi     Indie, Rock, Alternative 13/12/2019
Slow Dial are a 4-piece indie-rock band coming straight out of Canberra. Tying together elements of rock and psych, they are known for their high-energy unique sound.
'Koszi' was inspired by a trip to Kosciuszko National Park, and connections formed over a shared concern regarding the environmental issues facing the area. It is distinguished by its fuzzy guitars and tasty riffs, washed-out vocals, and funky up-beat drums that will have you moving right from the word go.

The Great Emu War Casualties - Confidence for Midriffs     Indie, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 13/12/2019
The Great Emu War Casualties are an alternative/indie pop/rock group based in Melbourne. They write songs about being socially dysfunctional and being generally unable to cope with the 21st century.
A hip bop indie pop song with some cool synths and scathing commentary.

Indira Elias - Soon Enough     Alternative, Folk, Easy Listening, Indie 12/12/2019
Indira Elias silences rooms with her striking voice and powerful, cinematic folk-noir soundscapes. Carefully sculpting songs, she is at once philosopher and muse, imbuing deep poetic sentiment into her work.
A balmy Summer’s eve or a golden spring morning, ‘Soon Enough’ sets the mood for the months ahead. Meditating on small, intimate moments in a grand love, Elias’ second single is a warming, swelling hum for the heart.

From upcoming album, Songs from a Moon, Songs by the Sun, ‘Soon Enough’ provides the space to listen to quiet, inner voices.

Last Lions - Doctor     Indie, Rock, Punk, Alternative 12/12/2019
Indie-punk band from Perth area. Introspective songwriting, with an energetic and passionate delivery. Eclectic influences lead to unique blend of emo, indie rock, and punk. Tight drums and clever basslines.
Doctor is about addressing your flaws and struggles with your mental health, so you can overcome them. It's also about trying to stay positive, no matter how big the obstacle may seem, by believing in yourself that you can do it.

Ocean Alley - Tombstone     Psych, Rock, Indie, Reggae / Dub 12/12/2019
Ocean Alley have captivated audiences around the world with their infectious melody lines and memorable blend of psychedelic surf-rock.
Quietly self-assured; 'Tombstone' dives headfirst into bright, psychedelic tones and a floating melody, creating an intoxicating combination pairing Baden Donegal's buttery vocals with the group's signature epic harmonies. The track reminisces about a place that was once the perfect respite, however is now just a wasteland, and the upbeat drums and catchy chorus juxtapose the sombre lyrical tone.

Sweeney - Decades (Pts 1-4)     Pop, Experimental, Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 12/12/2019
Angular queer electronic music from the heart of darkness.
A minor electronic pop epic detailing four decades of growing up through music. Part one: 1970s. Part two: 1980s. Part three: 1990s. Part four: 2000s and beyond...

Oscar August - Part Three     Alternative, Experimental, Rock, Instrumental 11/12/2019
Oscar August is a composer from Perth, Western Australia. Combining elements of post-rock, electronic and atmospheric music with cinematic overtones, August embraces melancholy that permeates throughout his compositions.
Part Three is an evocative piece that takes the listener on a melancholic journey. Beautiful pianos, haunting strings, a lush atmosphere.

Other tracks by Oscar August:  Part One  -  Part Four
Violet Lila - Waiting for Nothing     Indie, Alternative, Rock 11/12/2019
Violet Lila is a 20 year old singer and guitarist. She writes music about topics such as society, technology and relationships. She explores various genres including indie rock and acoustic.
'Waiting for Nothing' conveys the hopelessness that a lot of young people are feeling. The lyrics are about feeling lost and bound by other people's expectations, and they express my feelings about trying to find my place in the world. This song sheds a light on feelings that are often hidden, but really need to be talked about.

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Alana Jagt - If We Had Some Money     Rock, Pop, Folk, Country 10/12/2019
Jagt’s dynamic rasp soars over her blend of stormy folk-rock noir that's refreshing yet familiar. She performs powerful solo shows; playful trio affairs; and with her twin guitar rock band.
the song was written whilst driving from Whyalla to Adelaide, which takes about four hours. I had been toying with 'I could do a lot of things if I had some money' for a chorus as it'a favorite Homer Simpson quote.

I was thinking 'if we had some money we could've flown', and then the verse lyrics flowed from there.