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Amrap Unsigned

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Finn Pearson - Interstate Road     Folk, Country, Easy Listening, Roots 08/04/2020
Finn Pearson is a young artist based out of Fremantle who writes and plays a suburban brand of Paul Kelly and Bruce Springsteen inspired folk-rock.
'Interstate Road' is a bittersweet tribute to travelling at the breakup end of a long relationship. The song is an introspective exploration of the mixed emotions that can arise from personal relationships and our, sometimes questionable, coping mechanisms.

Jesse Witney - The System     Rock, Soul, Roots, Folk 08/04/2020
Soul, Brazilian, Roots music. Eclectic artist. Songs in English and Portuguese. Paolo Nutini crossed with Caetano Veloso. Top musicianship and songwriting. Feel good music appropriate for a mix of stations.
‘The System’ is an outcry for systemic change, to establish a more equitable society amidst our global climate crisis. The song was written whilst walking ‘El Camino de Santiago’ (an 800km spiritual pilgrimage through northern Spain). Inspired by the Spanish revolution of the 1930’s, when workers established their own self governing, anti-capitalist regime. The song is primarily a protest anthem.

Juliet Vrakas - Dark Storm     Pop, Country, Alternative, Contemporary Classical 08/04/2020
Australian Singer Songwriter. Australian Music Composer
'Dark Storm" was created in the midst of the current coronavirus pandemic. It has symbolic meaning , one being a song of hope , where in the lyrics white horses come to rescue humanity and save the world. Juliet plays soft acoustic guitar in the background. A kind of nostalgic mood.

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Matalja - Malu Mabu Liyan     First Nations, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, World 08/04/2020
Matalja grew up surrounded by song, her lullabies were sung in the Kimberley languages of Djugan, Yawuru and Jabirr-Jabirr. Her influences come from Motown, soul, jazz and hip-hop tracks.
‘Malu Mabu Liyan’ is Matalja's speaks of the personal contemplations within our inner struggles and the powerlessness of not being able to appreciate life’s smaller joys. The title and chorus are from the Djugan and Yawuru languages that were prominent in Matalja's musical beginnings. The track is from WAM's Sounds of The Kimberley compilation.

Rocky Ridge Band - Indigenous People     First Nations, Country, Rock, Roots 08/04/2020
Rocky Ridge Band blend country music and desert reggae in alluring songs about the power of music to heal, their land, their family, their culture and life in the Kimberley.
‘Indigenous People’ is about the yearning feeling to go back home to the ancestral lands of their grandparents, with the chorus sung in Walmajarri, a vitally important cultural language in much of the west Kimberley.

This track was released as a single by WAM ahead of the April 2020 album release of the Sounds of The Kimberley compilation.

Sarah Goodwin - Waste My Time     Pop 08/04/2020
This new Pop Princess of Australia makes you feel all the emotions. Her music takes you on a journey that excites, uplifts and makes you sing your heart out.
It's about trying to recapture memories of a past relationship that has ended. It’s about the difficulty of wanting to move on with your life when past memories of what you shared continuously flood your mind. You know you should be getting your act together, but instead you waste your current time by living in the past!

Billy and The Bandits - Black Hills     Country, Rock, Indie, Alternative 07/04/2020
Billy and The Bandits are a country rock band from the Central Coast of Australia. From ballads to anthems and country rock, there's something for everyone with the Bandits.
Welcome to the Bandits latest release, Black Hills. Get taken back to the old western times to the ever famous Black Hills, where the crows nest and the rattle snakes live.

Monkey Knife Fight - Seeing Red     Alternative, Rock, Indie, Punk 07/04/2020
A female fronted alt-rock four piece from Sydney's Northern Beaches. Infusing crunchy guitars, driving beats, pop vocals and some synth to spice is the sound of Monkey Knife Fight
Monkey Knife Fight’s follow up single, Seeing Red sings about the frustration of miscommunication over an energetic fusion of modern rock sounds. Lyrically, the song speaks of the struggle for opinions to be heard in a loud world, drawn from the experiences of being a young Australian in the climate battle, and fierce young female in a traditionally patriarchal world.

ROSHANI - Funky     Soul, R&B, Roots, Indie 07/04/2020
Solo live looping artist with Soul - R&B - Roots and Electronic influences
Funky is a James Brown-esque tune with a message about the uplifting nature of music and how your favourite tune can whisk away all your troubles in an instant.
ROSHANI lays down beats and an infectious groove to allow her soulful vocal to flow over the top. She throws down her signature harmonica, harmonies and guitar for extra feels.

Other tracks by ROSHANI:  Thirty Three  -  Do What You Love
Tim Guy - Firefly     Country, Pop 07/04/2020
6 Albums, some stand alone singles and the release of this self titled EP. Firefly is the 2nd track from Tim Guy's self titled new release.
Late in 2019, on a drive from Melb to Qld, crossing all the bridges on the inland highways and seeing the creek beds completely bare.

Inland Australia needed water. Bad.

'There's no water up in West Queensland'.

Alex L'Estrange - Social     Indie, Pop, Rock, Psych 06/04/2020
Alex L'Estrange is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Ballina, NSW. The eclectic sonic palate in his music blends striking melodies with experimental post punk, jazz and indie rock.
A bouncy, melodically intoxicating song, Social was originally written about trying to find the strength to leave one’s home and dive head first into a chaotic social setting. After losing his dayjob to the coronavirus, the song was reimagined. In its final form, the song evokes intimations of the unknown, restricted freedom and the struggle to overcome hardship.

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Brian Raynor - The Hills Of Killarney     Folk, World, Easy Listening 06/04/2020
Brian Raynor is an Adelaide-based singer/songwriter composer and entertainer.
The story of a man with a deep connection to the country of his birth - yet it's not as strong as the feelings he has for the one woman he's always loved.

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Camomile Queen - Holes in a Hat     Rock, Psych, Indie, Reggae / Dub 06/04/2020
Camomile Queen is a psychedelic indie pop rock fusion making sounds that travel far and wide.
Holes in Hat is a story that represents a feeling of nostalgia, inevitable ageing, and the terrifying joy of time ...or some bullsdust like that.

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DOLL HUNT - Take My Hand     Soul, R&B, Pop, Easy Listening 06/04/2020
Brisbane based artist. Born in the U.K. raised in Australia. A multi-instrumentalist. Worked nationally and internationally as a session player and performer of both covers and original music.
A dreamy surreal prince inspired love song.

Duan - Boba Tea     R&B, Hip Hop 06/04/2020
From his years working as a producer, he is a recognised name within the Melbourne-Hip-Hop scene. He has developed a unique flow & style through collaborations and community building projects.
R&B singer Pania & charismatic-rapper ThatKidMaz feature on Duan’s “Boba Tea” to create a track that glides between smooth R&B and Hip-Hop flows. Created within a single studio session, Duan elevates the vocalists through his detailed approach to production. With gospel keys by Simba Andrews and supporting harmonies by Elysia Gomez, this track has a symphony of urban and electronic-influenced-sound.

FLUIR - Make Me Feel     Dance 06/04/2020
Last month, FLUIR along with Sydney artist Sparrows (aka Jessica Nitties) launched their new record label Rola Door Records with an exclusive distribution through Ditto Music.
"I was studying music production, living in a new city, writing and spending every spare moment going out and listening to live music. I wanted to write a song that captured that moment in time so I could share how I was feeling and make other people happy. This song is about wasting away your weekends and being genuinely happy”.

Ghost College - APARTMENT     Alternative, Punk, Rock, Pop 06/04/2020
Ghost College are a new punk/alt/etc band from Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Our sound does have a lot of variance, but it centres around simple riffs, ideas and melodies.
Apartment is a song written from a first-person perspective, about living single in an old Apartment and feeling stuck inside your own head. Recorded and mixed in late 2019 by Brisbane audio engineer Darek Mudge, any apparent references to the current isolation crises are purely coincidental as the song was written and recorded last year.

Kelea - Are You Ok?     Indie, Alternative, Easy Listening, Pop 06/04/2020
Kelea is a WA, rurally based, multi-faceted singer songwriter, looping and electronic artist. She writes songs with varying themes and genres - ageism, firefighters and the evolution of humanity.
WA music artist Kelea has tuned into the nation’s collective consciousness with her new single, Are You Ok?, a fundraising release for firefighting services. Proceeds will go to the firefighting organisations featured in the accompanying music video which is both poignant and moving. "We were singing carols to evacuees in the park and I just had to write this song".

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Lannigan - I Don't Know     Indie 06/04/2020
a bitta this and a bitta that
I still don't even know..

Sage - From Dust     Alternative, Folk, Easy Listening, Indie 06/04/2020
Ethereal Cellist-Singer-Songwriter Sage is an emerging artist from The Mornington Peninsula. Classically trained, yet folk inclined she creates sounds and songs from a collision of her musical worlds.
‘From Dust’ is a song about love, loss & hope, loosely inspired by the movie "Stardust". As they say, “It is better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at alI.” The song was created used layers of cello played by Sage herself. Fellow stringer-songwriter Vaudrey produced the single.

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