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Amrap Unsigned

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Jacob Rohde - Safe Behind Walls     Pop, Chill, Downbeat, Electronic 23/10/2018
Jacob Rohde is a singer, songwriter, performer and engineer recording music in a bedroom.
A song about mental illness

Royal East - Gin     Pop, Rock 23/10/2018
4 best mates, making party tunes. Melbourne's Royal East delivers a mighty punch with their high energy syncopated rhythms, catchy melodies and dance synth underlay.
Gin is a song written about catching feelings for someone when the timing just isn’t right. This new single has expanded Royal East’s sound to include a more poppy, bouncy and uplifting repertoire. The song captures the band's playful and vibrant character.

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Adrian Thomas - Working Poor     Country, Pop, Roots 22/10/2018
Adrian Thomas latest release "Working Poor" is a heartfelt depiction of struggle and navigating our current social climate, Produced by ARIA award winning Nigel Pegrum, with Ben Hakalitz (Yothu Yindi)
"Working Poor" is a gripping portrayal of one man's struggle to make sense of the system and his fight to be something more than what he was given.

Chris Williams - City Lights     Country, Rock 22/10/2018
Country Rock Singer-Songwriter Chris Williams is stirring up waves on the Australian country music scene. Chris Williams' country rock songs are catchy and purposefully geared to lift your spirits.
Chris’ brand new single, CITY LIGHTS is a catchy country rock pop song that reflects on the everyday stresses of modern day life and the inspiration to achieve bigger and better things. It is a song about the affinity for the city lights as the inspiration to achieve your dreams.

Darcy Hay - Goodbye Idayat     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Alternative Country 22/10/2018
Folk, country and blues singer-songwriter from regional WA. Specialises in hard-hitting, poetic lyrics, lightning fast fingerpicking and slide guitar.
A song about two friends on either side of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Their story, which I saw briefly mentioned in a documentary, touched me deeply, as both a personal tale about dignity/friendship, and a broader plea for tolerance and peace. Featuring intricate finger-picked guitar, fretless bass, a harmonica solo, and a guitar solo.

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Other tracks by Darcy Hay:  Noonkanbah Song  -  Shopping
HANDLES - Selfish Lover     Rock 22/10/2018
5 mates from Cairns, QLD having a crack at playing some love songs with a bit of rhythm.
Across their new track, HANDLES saunter through a captivating blend of soulful indie-rock to deliver a sound that’s uniquely their own. The new single is a slow-burning rock number that simmers away before bursting into a dynamic groove. With textured instrumentation and introspective lyrical content, the band have crafted a truly endearing piece of music.

kirkis - Dead Nightclub     Pop 22/10/2018
Kirkis majored in painting at sydney college of the arts Has collaborated with numerous artists, notably Mark Pritchard, Kirin J Callinan and Floating points.
warm uptempo song about a dead nightclub

MatsB - Heart in the Sky     Folk, Rock, Acoustic, Country 22/10/2018
MatsB is a talented artist who has a passion for writing and performing his original songs. His lyrics display powerful meaning and provide answers to the big questions in life.
This song is about finding hope and love when challenges arise. It's the people closest to us that help us to carry on when life becomes difficult. Sharing our life with those we love brings us happiness and joy; just like a magical heart in the sky that helps us to carry on.

Miguel Cruze - To You In Time     Country, Pop, Chill 22/10/2018
Miguel Cruze - smooth vocals, catchy guitar, meaningful lyrics and a message in each song. Australian grown Portuguese-Indian artist.
This song is about time, an amazing girl, a magical place called (ATX) Austin Texas and the memories we made. The song is a reminder to say what you want to say before the moment escapes you.

Nightwoods - Wait For The Night     Rock, Folk, Psychedelic, Chill 22/10/2018
Brisbane’s brand new neo-psyche rock outfit led by singer songwriters Joel and Arielle Ralph, Nightwoods deftly mixes folk, grunge, and psyche / shoe gaze elements with classic '90s indie rock.
A sweet blend of warm vocal harmonies with grungy, psych rock elements the debut single is a fun, summery, head bopping, guitar driven rock track that explores themes of escape, friendship and feeling alive.
Whether you're on a coastal road trip or heading out on a friday night, the track captures the carefree vibes of simply having a good time.

Segue - Primary Ties     Rock, Pop 22/10/2018
Segue is an alternative pop project from Perth, Western Australia.
Primary Ties is the title track of Segue's debut album, drawing influence from Berlin era Bowie and LCD Soundsystem.

Other tracks by Segue:  Growing Pains  -  I Thought as Much
Super Nudist - Lord Take Me Home     Rock 22/10/2018
A sunny yet broody indie band from the Gold Coast.
A mellow and consistent song with melodic guitars and vocal harmonies to match. The lyrics tell of being in a foreign land, where sinners & saints mingle in chaos, while the heart yearns for normality, simplicity a.k.a. home.

Timothy Fairless - A Thin Black Line     Folk, Soundtrack (Film Related), Atmospheric, Instrumental 22/10/2018
Sparse grand piano sits atop treated field recordings. Solo violin weaves a melody through competing waves of electric guitar. Equal parts post-rock, free-jazz, drone and ambient.
The title piece from A Thin Black Line exploits an ensemble of violin, mandolin, bowed acoustic guitar, percussion and electronics. This track serves as a hopeful conclusion to the film.

Directed by Douglas Watkin for VRTOV & SBS Australia, A Thin Black Line tells the true story of a young girl and her family fleeing Darwin before the 1942 bombing.

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Other tracks by Timothy Fairless:  Leaving Frog Hollow  -  The Air Raid
Dr Effector - Knock on Wood (feat. Ben Scarf)     Funk/Soul, Rock 21/10/2018
Dr Effector is a Sydney based Musican and Producer. Ben Scarf is a singer destined for greatness.
"Knock on Wood" is the second release from Dr Effector. Unlike many modern "covers", this version doesn't sample or attempt to clone this classic soul hit. Instead, it reinterprets the song from a new perspective. Accompanying the doctor on this sonic journey is the captivating voice of Ben Scarf. A reinterpreted homage to a truly timeless song.

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Chela - Shut You Up     Pop, Electronic 20/10/2018
Chela is an Australian/Filipino alt pop artist originally from Western Australia.
Shut You Up featuring Banoffee is a song about disconnecting momentarily from technology to enjoy what is natural. Chela wrote and co-produced it with Clubfeet's Le Bruce. It was mixed by Chris Zane and mastered by Joe La Porta.

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eddie cole - Ebony River     Blues/Roots, Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic 20/10/2018
'Versaille' is the latest EP by Eddie Cole. Featuring 'Ebony River' and building on previous tracks such as 'Swept Away', 'Count the Cost' and 'Rusty Shack'. From The Dandenong Ranges.
This song was inspired after a 10 day rafting trip down the stunning beauty of The Franklin River in Tasmania's South West Wilderness and its beautiful coca cola coloured waters.

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Other tracks by eddie cole:  Sentinel  -  Where the Curlew Cries
Fanny Lumsden - Real Men Don't Cry (War On Pride)     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 20/10/2018
Raised in Western NSW, Fanny Lumsden is a ‘breath of fresh country air’ according to Rolling Stone Magazine & is hitting new highs with her second album ‘Real Class Act’.
“Real Men Don’t Cry (War On Pride)” is the third single from Fanny Lumsden’s, #1 ARIA Country Album chart album “Real Class Act”. It follows “Roll On” and “Elastic Waistband” which have spent a combined total of 42 weeks on The Music Network Country Airplay chart and both reached #1 on the Country Music Channel Top 50 video chart.

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Gallie - This Side of the River     Folk, Roots, Acoustic, Alternative Country 20/10/2018
Gallie has the capacity to reach a large audience on a one to one level turning a large room into a small venue, through his songs and story telling.
Dublin is a city of contrasts."There is a walk I used to take, from Amiens St to the Ha'penny bridge, onto the Southside of the city. A beautiful old city, full of music, poetry, art, rebels, junkies, thieves, violence, crime and the rain, that walk has it all. It's that walk that inspired this song.

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jacob Rohde - I'll make it easy     Pop, Chill, Downbeat, Garage 20/10/2018
Recording somewhere in a bedroom
Original music written, performed, recorded and mixed by Jacob Rohde

Jacob Rohde - This Ain't love     Rock, Pop, Electronic, Chill 20/10/2018
Jacob Rohde is an Australian musician based out of Melbourne Victoria.
Original music written, performed, recorded and produced by Jacob Rohde