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Amrap Unsigned

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Adam Gardiner - Sleep Time (Sound Asleep)     Easy Listening, Instrumental, Alternative, Jazz 24/02/2020
Adam Gardiner is a musician and composer from NSW. He likes Funk, Soul and RnB artists such as: Allen Stone / Stevie Wonder. He also draws inspiration from film music.
Sleep Time (Sound Asleep) features a delicate and intimate felt piano surrounded by ambience, swells and soothing rain sounds.

Other tracks by Adam Gardiner:  Sleep Time (Night Sky)  -  Sleep Time (Rainy Lullaby)
James Franklin - Ordinary Friends     Pop 24/02/2020
A pinch of Folk, A teaspoon of Rock, A handful of Soul and the comfort food that is James Franklin’s music is ready to make you feel good.
Ordinary Friends is about the ones who get away. The ones who you just don't get the opportunity to impress, so you forever remain, Ordinary Friends

Kristy James - Black Heart     Country, Rock, Alternative, Blues 24/02/2020
A Multi-Award Winning Country Singer with a punchy rock edge to her music.
A soulful, deep and meaningful track that peers into the heart of people who have no empathy, show lack of emotion and love. This song will have you thinking of all of the people you have ever met who bare the mark of the Black Heart.

Lone Soul Syndicate - Light My Way     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Dance 24/02/2020
Electro with teeth. Based in Adelaide South Australia. Influenced by anything from dance music to metal.
A dance track in an odd time signature, inspired by Eurovision.

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Other tracks by Lone Soul Syndicate:  Everything That Goes Around  -  Here Comes The Sun
M. Hofmann - You Don't Have To Stay     Indie, Rock 24/02/2020
M. Hofmann is a singer/songwriter from Sydney who grew up playing music in various bands, but now finds himself going solo. His sound crosses Americana, Heartland Rock, and British Jangle.
This song is about a moment in time when you need to break free of something, maybe a circumstance or relationship that's holding you back. It's a self realisation that no matter what decisions placed you in your current moment in life, you have every power within yourself to rid yourself of them and move forward in your life.

Nite Fields - Not Your Time     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Alternative, Rock 24/02/2020
Blending post-punk, shoegaze & electronic, Nite Fields have built an international following with their mysterious sound. They've toured Europe, Asia & America & been reviewed on Pitchfork & The Guardian.
Lead single 'Not Your Time' is the first single from the sophomore Nite Fields LP named 'A Voyeur Makes No Mark'. Written, recorded & produced while the band's songwriter was living in Moscow. The track's production was completed at the historic Mosfilm studios, whose output includes historic Andrei Tarkovsky and Sergei Eisenstein films.

Oz Harte - Beautiful Night     Indie, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Easy Listening 24/02/2020
Oz Harte is a sound designer, music video creator (Oz Harte Productions) and record producer (Mind Freeze Records).
Ah, romance. That comfortable evening relaxing in front of a gentle fire and drinking in the beauty of your loved one. An antipodean couple embraces basking in the glowing sunset across the turquoise water. Through muted voices, the shimmering bells separate to allow the soft sweet saxophone to caress the ear. And the night drifts away...

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Steven Adams - Are You Listening?     Hip Hop, Alternative, Jazz, Pop 24/02/2020
Alternative hip-hop artist from Melbourne, Australia, tackling motifs of love, self-worth, and self-appreciation through his music. Steven Adams aims to instil a sense of belonging and self-worth into his listeners.
The song is premised around several motifs, notably ideas of insecurity and inadequacy. However, the overarching theme of the song addresses the volatility of friendship, and how adverse experiences impact ones ability to trust. The title “Are You Listening?” is more or less a plead for help, urging those to acknowledge the current issues one may be dealing with.

ZUMA - The Search Was All In Vain     Alternative 24/02/2020
A wobbly infusion of swirling shoegaze, kaleidoscopic fuzz, energetic disco vibes and soaring vocals, ZUMA has spent the last 3 years moulding their sound into colourful mixtures of psych-tinged pop-rock.
The Search Was All In Vain started out as 3 seperate parts, merging into one. We are really proud of the ending which we believe sums up where we want to go sonically.

Pollyman - Commercials     Rock, Pop, Blues 23/02/2020
Melbounre base power-pop trio Pollyman manage to pave their unique path - integrating adept musical chops with catchy hooks. Overall, producing an impressive sound for someone who just turned twenty.
Commercials is a brash and raucous commentary on the intentions and effects of T.V. advertisement.

The direct and humorous lyrics, coupled with overdriven guitars, bombastic drums, and bold production, give the song a defined edge and instant appeal. The catchy chorus and simple structure of the song make for a memorable tune that'll easily get stuck in your head.

Other tracks by Pollyman:  Daisy
Juliet Vrakas - Agapito Instrumental     Instrumental, Classical, Contemporary Classical, Folk 22/02/2020
Australian born Singer Songwriter. Solo Guitarist. Music Composer
Agapito is an ode to love (meaning agape in GK) and the music of Ancient Greece. A short string melody for the soul.

Juliet Vrakas - Exodos Instrumental     Classical, Instrumental, Contemporary Classical, Folk 22/02/2020
Australian born Singer Songwriter. Music Composer
Exodos is a musical dedication to the many exiled people around the world past and present, whether it be in war and conflict or any other reason they cannot live in their homeland. The solo guitar arrangement created to invoke the memories of the forgotten. The tempo is a interpretation of departure from ones homeland, an exodus.

Juliet Vrakas - Te Quiero     Latin, World, Contemporary Classical, Instrumental 22/02/2020
Australian born Singer Songwriter
Some of Juliet's music compositions are inspired by the spanish and latin influences, created from the heart and soul. 'Te Quiero' is a song that initially was experimental, a long music track playing just the guitar with repetitive song lyrics. This music piece can be scored for orchestra. It is a song about love in all its forms

A Star Pilot from Saturn - RED     Indie, Indie, Pop 21/02/2020
Born in an 80's disco tech on Titan but educated via talk back technicolor TV by Tom Waits and The Everly Brothers.
A multifaceted song regarding my / my muses impulsive reactions and experiences with blind rage and frustration.

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Adam Arcadia - Misbehave     R&B, Jazz, Soul, Pop 21/02/2020
Adam Arcadia blends R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop & Pop throughout his soothing productions to highlight the vulnerability and longing told throughout his poetic yet introspective.
‘Misbehave’ bills itself as the the equivalent to the opening chapter in a noir film revealing a protagonist with self-destructive obsessions and femme-fatale with no past. A smooth track that blends R&B, Pop & Jazz into a grande cinematic experience. Adam takes a minimalist approach to instrumentation here to highlight his grandiose arrangement of vocal layers that fill the song.

ali & leighton - Connected     Pop, Soul, R&B 21/02/2020
Raw, honest and relatable music about love, relationships and the search for our true selves. This married duo sing and play pop, folk, rhythm and blues and much emo piano.
Earthy. Soulful. Groovy. Pop. The lyrics are raw and honest. What happens when the years roll by and you realise you've committed to someone who is not always easy to love?

Other tracks by ali & leighton:  Supermarket Flowers  -  Hands Open
Anarchosophist - The Dull Hum of Downtown Pripyat     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Hip Hop 21/02/2020
Anarchosophist is the pseudonym of Brisbane based producer/composer Padraig Parkhurst. Drawing on everything from lofi to post-rock to funk, his music is always a dark and weird but funky ride.
Taking as its cue the nuclear dystopias imagined in the 50s and 80s, 'The Dull Hum...' mixes Soviet samples with the heavy saturation of reel to reel tape loops, to create the punchy soundtrack to a nuclear meltdown.

Think old school hip hop meets Stalinist orchestration.

Other tracks by Anarchosophist:  Silence  -  If I'd Known It Was Harmless...
Andre Cordova - Lunatic (feat. Retook)     Alternative, Indie, Punk 21/02/2020
Commended for “beautifully raw, confronting stories”, Andre Cordova has established himself as a gifted songwriter. Combined with a killer voice and entrancing stage presence, Andre often receives a standing ovation.
Andre Cordova’s latest single ‘Lunatic’ is a cathartic expression of survival from an abusive relationship, but from a fighters perspective. Retook takes on the role of the abuser to showcase an evil and manipulative mindset, creating a complex interplay between the main vocalist and featured rapper that highlights an unhealthy and uncomfortably prevalent issue experienced by today’s youth.

Autosuggest - Straight to the Bottom     Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Rock 21/02/2020
Autosuggest is an indie three piece from Sydney born out of an electronic post-punk project.
Raunch-led bass and squealing guitars amongst cowbells and a familiar croon the single offers a catchy framework to let oneself fall to bits in. Lyrically inspired by the wreckage of a toxic relationship, an absolute failure to self-help and attempting to cope with all of the above on top of a volatile world.

BLOOODHOUND - Parasomnia404     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Hip Hop, Experimental, Psych 21/02/2020
22 year old producer who specialises in creating good dreams that turn feverish. The underbelly of happiness and the solace of dissociation are explored in equal part.
Parasomnia404 explores happiness and the emotions left in its subsequent absence. The first half of this song is bright and melodic, the second half is aggressive and jarring. The subject matter gradually shifts from talk of love, alcohol and partying to a confession of violence in a relationship, highlighting the ways in which people mask their trauma.

Other tracks by BLOOODHOUND:  Nervous  -  Life After Life