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Amrap Unsigned

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Humblet - I Do Like My Troopy But I Sure Love You     Pop, Country, Blues, Punk 23/06/2018
After his stellar debut EP Titled ‘Smart Phones, Dumb People’ Humblet has countered-attacked with his 2nd punchy-pop Ep Titled ‘I Do Love My Troopy, But I Sure Love You’
This is the Australian dream. Good times on the beach and living life with all that a man needs, a Troopy and a lover, All the while this song is reassurance for your partner that you ‘like’ the Troopy but ‘love’ her to keep her happy content. Written in the sand dunes at Double Island.

Other tracks by Humblet:  Weed  -  Be In Love
KABLE - When We Were High     Pop, Electronic, Rock, Acoustic 23/06/2018
KABLE is a Singer-Songwriter combining lush acoustic melodies, with lyrics that remind people of a time when they stood atop the world and nothing was impossible.
When We Were High is about remembering the experiences you've had; and the desire in all of us to relive the moments that made you feel alive. Sometimes it's healthier to let go.

Accidental President - The King is Dead     Rock 22/06/2018
Ever listen to a song that said everything you'd been thinking ... That's what Accidental President are doing with their fierce, harmonically driven hard rock! []
The King is Dead - Empires come and go, regimes change, but cannon fodder remains cannon fodder. "The King is Dead.........but we must pledge allegiance to the Empire".

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Other tracks by Accidental President:  Closer18  -  CloserDUB
ALLIPHA - Minds on Fire     Pop, Soul, Rock 22/06/2018
Melbourne Soul Pop artist defined by her vocal driven songs with a 70s groove supported by her band.
Minds on Fire is the groovy, yet fiery debut by Melbourne alt pop artist, ALLIPHA.
With the instrumental drawing comparisons to The Avalanches, the vocal showcases the power of ALLIPHA’s range that has drawn comparisons to Joss Stone and Birdy.
Minds on Fire accidentally wrote itself when ALLIPHA was driving, and she instantly knew this song needed to be released.

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Cabu - Crazy (Joe Hertz Remix)     Electronic, Dance, RnB, Chill 22/06/2018
Cabu is an artist that hails from Sydney that strives to create a chill and soulful soundscape within modern electronic music.
Joe Hertz take on Cabu's original "Crazy" is a definite cruising head bopper that has sharp house influences that will fill a dance floor and/or add some extra sauce to your drive to work.

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Other tracks by Cabu:  Crazy (Holow Remix)  -  Crazy (Charming Lips & Cabu Remix)
Donnie Green - Good Night     Hip Hop, Chill 22/06/2018
Donnie Green is an emerging artist from Adelaide diversifying the Australian hip-hop scene with new wave melody and lyricism.
Donnie Green brings mellow bars and good vibes over fuzzy 808's and bouncy piano keys in his summery new single 'Good Night'. The wavy beat is complemented by Donnie's laid back flow, adding to the atmosphere of the nostalgic sounding track.

Other tracks by Donnie Green:  Stack it Up  -  Need Dat (Gold Chain)
East Row Rabble - Good For Me     Blues/Roots, Funk, Rock, Soul 22/06/2018
East Row Rabble delivers a slick mix of funk, ska, blues and soul with heavenly horn lines that will get your booty shakin' and your feet shufflin'
“Good for Me” is an upbeat, cheeky, blues-rock love song with dynamic snaps and dirty horn jams. Rabble front man Ben Drysdale actually used the song to propose to his wife on the hills overlooking Queensland’s Glasshouse Mountains, underneath the giant “Woodfordia” sign at the Woodford folk festival.

Other tracks by East Row Rabble:  Chalk Me Up
Jacob Sydney - Delicate     Rock, Easy Listening, Ambience, Soul 22/06/2018
Alternative singer songwriter combining ambient soft rock with husky yet soulful vocals.
Delicate is a perfect representation of Jacob Sydney's amazing ability to create a soft soulful rock experience

Muules - It Just Happens     Rock, Grunge 22/06/2018
Bass covering the low AND the high ends. Drums covering the rest. And a vocal delivery harking back to some of our greatest musical heroes without coming across as nostalgic.
‘It Just Happens’ highlights those relationships where consistently the timing isn’t right for either person, and deep down each other knows they will wait until the stars align and everything will fall into place.

Other tracks by Muules:  All Heart No Brain
Pup Tentacle - Tree Sky     Rock, Psychedelic 22/06/2018
Pup Tentacle are a concept band of five mild mannered business people looking to the salvation of space rock to escape the ever closing void of their work life.
Tree Sky is the story of a tree that becomes a spaceship launching into the night sky, featuring lush, three-part harmonies, a smooth psychedelic jam, and too many synths to count on one hand. It doesn't get any more psychedelic than this.

Other tracks by Pup Tentacle:  Hunter and Her Hound  -  Jon Hamm is on My Mind
Semester - Attention     Rock, Punk, Pop 22/06/2018
Semester, the Brisbane band who have taken the melodic tones and self aware lyrics of 90’s/ 00’s emo music and pair it with sing-a-long hooks to make catchy punk tunes.
Attention is a song dedicated to unrequited love. The track details the hard journey it is searching for someone that you can immerse yourself into when you crave the attention and desire for them to be part of your growth and learning.

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Steven North - Just A Moment (Original Mix)     Electronic, House, Dance 22/06/2018
Perth Based Electronic Music Producer that loves to express through music and has figured out how to make music from raw minerals.
A vibrant, beautiful and loving song that expresses the love and passion that is shared among lovers. A love so deep that has no limitations. "When the light is shining through, all I see is You!"

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Other tracks by Steven North:  Just A Moment (Ricashae Remix)
The Hot Springs - Shock And Happiness     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk, Atmospheric 22/06/2018
The Hot Springs are a 5 piece band from Melbourne. Influenced by Cash Savage, Mazzy Star and Robert Plant, the band infuse guitar-heavy folk with country music and lyrical storytelling.
Shock & Happiness was formed in the studio where Knight used the writing space to collage words from a book of Robert Burns’ poetry found in a Wonthaggi opshop. The song, which touches on feelings of freedom and desperation, constantly builds climaxing with a soaring Saxophone solo.

Other tracks by The Hot Springs:  Winterbell  -  Appaloosa
Triangle Head - Wasted     Electronic, Pop, Rock, Soul 22/06/2018
Triangle Head is a Melbourne-based producer making electronic, melody-driven tunes with deep hooks that nod to both the past and the future.
"Wasted" is the latest single from Triangle Head, a golden slice of sample-based/dance-floor/soul-RNB, with a thick bass groove and early hip-hop beat accompanying bittersweet vocal samples with 50’s BVS.

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Trouble Peach - El Avíon Sobre El Mar     Folk 22/06/2018
A Neutral Milk Hotel Spanish tribute album performed by current/former members of The Toot Toot Toots, Oh Mercy and Saint Jude.
In The Aeroplane Over the Sea performed in Spanish

Other tracks by Trouble Peach:  El Rey de Flores (parte uno)  -  El Rey de Flores (partes dos y tres)
Venice Queens - Bad Heart     Rock 22/06/2018
Adelaidian larrikins Venice Queens are about to unleash their laid back-yet-punchy debut EP, lead by new single “Bad Heart”, and embark on their first headline interstate shows.
Venice Queens'' latest single“Bad Heart” sees the quintet once again pivot their sound across the rock genre with snippets of surf and alt-rock with plenty of groove sandwiched between.

Way Shit - Don't Stab Me     Metal/Punk, Folk, Garage 22/06/2018
Way Shit describe themselves as 'Footscray emo punk', and they are Shelley Smith (she/her - guitar/vocals/songwriting), Michael Voulgarellis (he/him - bass) and Kevin Baker (he/him - drums).
‘Don’t Stab Me’ details the harassment female identifying and non-binary people have to deal with while taking public transport, both on a micro level of aggression: the way society normalises controlling women and non-binary people, and also the macro level: of escalation of threats that lead to the normalisation of violence (and murder) against women and non-binary people.

Zolton - Back Again     Rock, Pop 22/06/2018
Zolton has a fondness for meshing 80s production touches with searing guitars and hooky riffs.
Back Again is eighties meets stadium, a guitar onslaught of pop tunesmithery! The song was written and performed by Zolton, produced by 19-year-old Aussie music whiz, Taka Perry, and mixed by David Hemming.

Grant Nisbet - Our Hymns     Christian 21/06/2018
A songwriter who explores the power of hymns, how they touch our souls and play their part when it’s time to farewell our loved ones. Music to wake the angels.
Our Hymns embraces the power of faith and love through songs. It takes you into the world of loss and grief when we say our final farewell to those we have loved on earth before they ascend to the heaven. Our Hymns unites grief and love that touches our souls so we can let another soul go.

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Anthony Kale - Without A Word     Pop, Rock, Easy Listening, Atmospheric 21/06/2018
Melboune based Anthony Kale recently reched number 1 on the U.K radio charts with Be Responsible. Currently in the studio, working on new music stay tuned...
A song about a women who leaves the relashionship and leaves him broken hearted