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Amrap Unsigned

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B. C. Taylor - Breathe Without Ya     Alternative, Rock 17/01/2020
B. C. Taylor is a versatile, multi-faceted artist out of Sydney, Australia. His music bends genre and form, creating an accessible but unique performance.
A glitch-rock/alt hybrid that runs with a sneering verse delivery into a bouncy, raucous chorus. Tight, compact, effective. Likened to Oasis, Post Malone, Nirvana.

B. C. Taylor - Lady Ukulele and the Lost Soul     Hip Hop, Pop 17/01/2020
B. C. Taylor is a versatile and unique songwriter out of Sydney, Australia. His work bends genre and form, creating a memorable, captivating experience.
A unique ukulele-driven hip-hop beat with a slappy pop chorus and distinctive Dylanesque delivery.

B. C. Taylor - The Wild Queen     Folk, Country 17/01/2020
B. C. Taylor is a versatile, unique songwriter out of Sydney, Australia. His work bends form and genre, creating an accessible, but captivating performance.
A lush, acoustic wind-down that glides between chorus and verse. A slight country twang, and deeply poetic lyrics.

Ben Salter - Remember When We Went For A Swim     Rock 17/01/2020
Ben Salter has relaeased 4 solo albums, as well as many more as members of Wilson Pickers, The Gin Club, The Giants of Science and Anagozanthos
Remember When We Went For A Swim is Ben Salter in Velvet Underground album 3 mode.

Other tracks by Ben Salter:  Golden Axe  -  You Ain't Been Good To Me Yet
Beyonce's Fiancés - Dancing in the Shadows     Pop, Dance, Indie 17/01/2020
1980s Inspired Synth Pop, currently in Melbourne, but heart will always be based in Adelaide.
1980s inspired Synth Pop. Dancing in the Shadows is a boy goes to prom, boy likes girl, boy gets get girl.

Vocals by Lance Lanzer from TOUGH BOYS and sax by Emile Ryjoch.

Upbeat pop synth songs, with 1980s themes and feel, with sexy sax and catchy hooks. Beyonce's Fiancés want to take you back to the 1980s.

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Bobby Burgess - CHRLY     Rock, Blues 17/01/2020
Blues rock musician from Perth W.A.
CHRLY, the fourth single from Back From The Brink, is a big beat blues rock song inspired by the TV show Turn Up Charlie. A heavy dance floor filler on with chunky riffs and a groovy bass line.

Brian Raynor - Star Of The Bollywood Screen     World, Indie, Folk 17/01/2020
Brian Raynor is an Adelaide-based singer/songwriter entertainer.
This song tells the story of a young man who falls in love with his screen Idol. Ignoring the well-intentioned advice of his friends, he set our to find her and fulfil what he believes is his destiny.

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Cirrus Crown - The Hardest Truth     Rock, Alternative, Metal 17/01/2020
The Melbourne-based progressive hard rock five-piece band's sound "is hard to pin down to any particular influence," however their music is energetic, dynamic, heavy, rhythmic and ambient.
The song addresses overcoming a major obstacle or oppressive hurdle in one's life. It is about finding the strength to fight and finally breaking free

CLAMM - Keystone Pols     Punk, Rock, Psych 17/01/2020
From a new Melbourne scene including bands like Floodlights, Gamjee and Dra- goons, Clamm's powerful music touches on anti-violence, materialism, mental health and the state of modern Australia.
A song with lyrics from the perspective of the government. The songs title (sung at the end of the song) is a reference to old English silent films where police appear to be aimlessly and mindlessly running around. They were a series of comedy films I think but the song isn’t really light hearted at all.

Cloud Sequence - Carve Like Water     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Alternative, Psych 17/01/2020
Cloud Sequence is Saar Amptmeijer (Droomdata) from Utrecht, the Netherlands and Jez Conlon (Cooperback, The Violets) from Adelaide, South Australia. Dark atmospheric experimental - Based in Central Australia - Mparntwe
Water carves the land and creates and shapes space. Created with love from the centre of Australia - Dark atmospheric experimental pop.

Flow like the water with me
Streams carved out by the mouth of rain
Dry and dead
Streams carved out by the mouth of rain
I sleep in your bed tonight

Sung in Dutch and English

Other tracks by Cloud Sequence:  Zacht  -  Rpt. Esc.
D Stellar & Milton Points - Save.t (feat. Maitê Inaê)     Hip Hop, R&B, Alternative, Soul 17/01/2020
First single from the collaboration album - D Stellar and Milton Points Presents. The album is a huge collaboration effort showcasing some of Sydney's best underground Hip-Hop and RnB scene
First single from the collaboration album - Save.T feat. Maitê Inaê.

Quantum thoughts and Duality is the conversation topic every time we hang in the studio. The endless possibilities we constantly create, with our words and thoughts, and how often we forget it. Inspired by J Dilla and D'angelo using live instruments.

DÍAN - Ascension     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Instrumental, Psych 17/01/2020
Other Earth is the debut release from DÍAN: the solo project of Melbourne based composer and instrumentalist David Williams.
Ascension is a slightly upbeat moment on a chilled album.

Other tracks by DÍAN:  Juno's Theme  -  Wind Triptych (Pt 3)
Disen - Protected By The King     Hip Hop, Christian, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Easy Listening 17/01/2020
Sydney and USA get out of prison making a fresh start spreading the Good News. Philly to Sydney Bring the Savour to Our Worlds.Nebs Produced Disen and Young Proverbs USA
Reaching out and knowing no matter what we face in life JESUS has a plan for our life. We all need to be protected by the king from all walks of life. No matter what Gods got our Back from Philly to Sydney Bringing our King to Our Worlds.

Nebs Produced

Disen and Young Proverbs USA

Don Hillman - Lost     Rock, Pop, Psych, Alternative 17/01/2020
Victorian Surf Coast troubadour Don Hillman is about to release a new album of his original Australian indie surf-country folk blues & roots rockin tunes.
"Lost" is third single from Don Hillman's upcoming album.

"Lost" is a haunting love song featuring mesmerizing pedal steel and twangin’ baritone guitar.

Electric State - We're just blood (SIngle)     Rock, Metal, Garage, Indie 17/01/2020
Electric State is a recipe of Alice in Chains, dashed with BlackSabbath, chopped with RivalSons. Throw a bit of Killswitch, simmer until done. Rock served hot and a little heavy!
The song is based around the fact that everyone is just blood. No one should think they are better then anyone else, everyone has skills, everyone has their own beliefs. Its not about going on holiday when there’s a crisis. Its facing up to the fact we are all just blood and we need to get along.

Faxman - Roll Over     Garage, Psych, Rock, Alternative 17/01/2020
Faxman is Chris Rugge’s Melbourne-based musical project, with a sketchy lo-fi sound heavily informed by 60s psychedelia and blues. “Roll Over” is the first single from upcoming EP “The Derealisation”.
Roll Over is a 60s-influenced garage-pop track with psychedelic leanings. Surfy guitar, swirly organ, bluesy vocals and a catchy hook float over an irresistible groove of drums and bass.

Firefly Soul - Taking Time Out Remix     Easy Listening 17/01/2020
The music of Firefly Soul capture soulful feelings of rhythm and melody that conjure and churn into songs that blend into easy listening fusion groove
Taking Time Out captures soulful feelings of rhythm and melody that conjure and churn into songs that blend into a splendid spiral forward melodic harmonies and rhythm that is easy captivating

Fovndlings - Hank Williams Funeral Sonnet     Alternative, Indie, Rock 17/01/2020
Hailing from Walcha NSW, Fovndlings play original cowpunk, marked by driving beats and lyrics exploring themes of friendship, loss, and landscape from the ragged edges of our cities and towns.
Hank Williams' Funeral Sonnet is a classic piece of Walchan cowpunk with driving drums and neo-country guitar reminiscent of Johnny Cash in one his more frenetic moods. The lyrics, which rumour has it, were found by the band in the garage sale offerings of a Baptist preacher, explore the desolation of life on the ragged edges of our provincial towns.

Other tracks by Fovndlings:  Old Mate  -  Quiet Room
Georgia Fair - wasting time     Alternative, Folk 17/01/2020
Georgia Fair is a long honest conversation, with sharp truths that sparkle and then disappear. With their dreamy storytelling and atmospheric landscapes they make the everyday seem like Fantasia.
There's a brutality to 'Wasting Time' that goes unsaid. The kick and the snare lash continuously as the lyric yearns for certainty 'I can only see so far into the future/I can only see so far into the haze'. The song in itself is an exorcism of illusion, cut mostly live in a converted tractor shed.

Other tracks by Georgia Fair:  mystery trip  -  slave to nothin'
Ghosts of Electricity - The Fabled Isle     Experimental, Instrumental, Psych, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 17/01/2020
“Ghosts of Electricity” is an experimental/soundscapes/ambient/hauntronica collaboration between Dean Richards (Disturbed Earth, Whirlywirld, Equal Local) and Michael Plater (solo artist, GhostShips, Northern Lighthouse Board, Cornish Wreckers)..
The tentative first steps on the shore of a new land. The tree line just beyond the low dunes.

Other tracks by Ghosts of Electricity:  The Lost Crew of the Zebrina  -  Cannards Grave