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Amrap Unsigned

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anisos - Time Machine     Alternative, Indie 20/10/2019
anisos is uneven. anisos is Joshua Bowyer (JB). Songwriter, doctor, citizen. Motivated by freedom of expression, and always searching. This project is the culmination of years of uneven influences.
Recently JB revisited that collection of songs he wrote and recorded with his close friends in Melbourne during his medical school days. Songs that were pieced together with love and love alone. The money came from meals not eaten and shifts shovelling asphalt in 35 degree heat for 5 days. The sessions were long and free. This was a highlight

Old Mate Jackuar - Run Away     Hip Hop, Pop, Easy Listening, R&B 20/10/2019
Australian born rapper who grew up in Bali, Indonesia. An extremely unique melodic, pop sound to this hip hop.
lo-fi hip hop with a fresh new sound ! my debut single !

Old Mate Jackuar - Take Me Young     Hip Hop, Pop, Easy Listening, World 20/10/2019
Australian born lo-fi hip hop rapper
New Single !

Stomperoo - The Kangaroo Hop     Pop, Blues, Country, Easy Listening 20/10/2019
Stomperoo: a vehicle for songs which amuse, satirize, and stimulate. Topics include politics, divorce, crop rotation, junk-food, terrorism, sex, ageing, architecture, cooking, depression, and traffic. It’s…listenable, danceable, stylish and fun!
This is a blues/jump/jive track in the style of Louie Jordan, but with a very Aussie "Hokey-Pokey" twist! Loosen up, smile, grab your partner and get into it!

Sailing Styx - Sailing Styx     Rock 19/10/2019
Sailing Styx is a one man, mythological rock and roll band.
Sailing Styx is the title track from the album, and is written about the experience of sailing across the river Styx, to the gates of Hades, and encapsulates the sounds and feelings that one may encounter on that journey.

Other tracks by Sailing Styx:  Nomad  -  Movin' On
Steven North - I'm Over You     House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 19/10/2019
Based in Perth, Western Australia, Steven North creates music to express his passion for creativity and music. With DJ origins, Steven now writes music in various genres for health.
This song is an expression of emotion when things get too much and you've had enough and want to do something different. You stare and the struggle and say "I'm Over You". The song is about feelings of empowerment, relief and letting go of things that bother you and encourages throwing your hands in the air & enjoying life.

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Other tracks by Steven North:  I'm Over You (Extended Mix)
A Crest - Paid (Radio Edit)     Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 18/10/2019
A Crest is a Melbourne based pop vocalist, songwriter and producer. He has been singing since he was three and began writing and producing his own music in 2019.
'Paid' is a fusion of dance pop and trap music and the lyrics come from the point of view of a snobby rich kid who declares war on all poor people. The radio edit has a shorter bridge and censors the word "b*tches".

Other tracks by A Crest:  Paid (Full Explicit Version)  -  Poor B*tch
Adrian J - The Heartbreaker - [2019 EP Version]     Pop, Rock 18/10/2019
Singer/Songwriter & Producer Adrian J - is known for creating lush pop tracks, and writing songs that are lyrically beautiful and relatable.
The Heartbreaker is a song for all those who have had their heart broken, shattered and stolen. It's a song for those searching for the missing pieces of their heart.

This song has punch, power, attitude, and is a fusion of pop, rock and a hint of Latin feel with the inclusion of live acoustic guitar.

Other tracks by Adrian J:  I Think It's Time (To Get Over You)  -  Star In My Sky
Alex Carpi - Veins     Pop, Rock, Alternative 18/10/2019
Alex Carpi is a pop/rock performer from Melbourne, Australia. Her talent for combining relatable lyrics with a catchy hook will make sure she's stuck in your head all day.
Love and Hate. Push and Pull. Polar opposites that can't exist without the other. That's what Alex Carpi explores in 'Veins'. When you can't live with someone but can't live without them... where do you go? This playful, sultry melody is a walking contradiction, combining lyrics that explore the pain of love, with a hook that'll keep you dancing.

Annie Joelle - Have You Had Enough     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 18/10/2019
Annie Joelle is an emerging artist, based in Brisbane. Annie has created a sound that encapsulates the stories of her lyrics, utilising the use of electronic instrumentation and unique samples.
Annie’s upcoming release ‘Have You Had Enough?’ reflects on her experiences of being underestimated and walked over. Annie is no longer apologising for being an up and coming female artist and this track is an important part of that journey.

Anthony Cormican - Another Yesterday     Pop, Indie 18/10/2019
Artists with intense musical curiosity are fast becoming extinct. Rarer still are the ones brave enough to step outside the box. Anthony Cormican is doing just that.
We live in a world of billboards, advertisements and constant pressure to succeed and be better. Everywhere we look is littered with corporate slogans and sales pitches. We are conditioned to live for tomorrow at the expense of today. "Another Yesterday" is a window into this and ponders what it is all for.

Dave Sonntag - Overthought     Folk, Roots 18/10/2019
Dave Sonntag is an acoustic singer-songwriter from Perth. An ex-drummer, Dave plays feel-good music with dark undertones, inventive strumming styles and silky vocals. His debut EP is out early-2020.
Dave Sonntag’s latest single release ‘Overthought’ uses the songwriter’s unique and percussive attack on his guitar strings. Produced by Matt Gio (Illy, Birds of Tokyo), it carries dark undertones, inspired by a year of overthinking and overanalysing. The track was even recorded during a bout of insomnia, exampled in the bridge with a huge, scratchy belt from the exhausted songwriter.

Dom Italiano - A Year From Now     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Country 18/10/2019
Alt-country singer/songwriter/lead guitarist. Lives in the country, gigs in the city! (Mostly)
'A Year From Now' is about coming to terms with the idea that one day, your ex-parnter of 9 years will call you and say 'I'm having a baby' (with someone else...) It's one of those scenarios that you don't really think about... but when you do, you write a song about it.

Don Hillman - Time's Runnin     Rock, Blues, Pop, R&B 18/10/2019
Victorian Surf Coast troubadour Don Hillman is about to release a new album of his original Australian indie surf-country folk blues & roots rockin tunes.
Time's Runnin is the first single from Don Hillman's upcoming album.

Time’s Runnin is a flippant punchy blues rock statement on the transience of life and the human condition.

The track features mesmerizing pedal steel solos by Garrett Costigan over a pumping rhythm section.

The time-lapse video by filmmaker Dirk de Bruyn is the perfect accompaniment.

Watch video

Drongo - I'll be damned     Alternative, Rock, Folk 18/10/2019
DRONGO- the solo project of Melbourne based singer/songwriter, and sound artist Tom Sullivan. Harnessing a DIY sensibility that transfgures the intimate nature of his sound and approach to music making.
'I'll be damned' explores the theme of death and loss. The opening line "I'll be damned, if all that i do, is all that i can." imagines how we live up to the expectations we place on ourselves.

Ellery Cohen - Over You     Pop, Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 18/10/2019
Melbourne alt-pop singer-songwriter Ellery Cohen has been on the rise for the past year, working on his emotionally raw melodies and live performance.
"Over You" comes as part two of Ellery Cohen's previous single “Read Your Mind”, and is served up as what-happens-after-the- breakup and the processing of struggling to get over someone.

La Reina - Blue Days, Black Nights     Country, Folk 18/10/2019
Debut single from singer/songwriter and children's literacy advocate, REINA BARLOW, “LA REINA”. All profits going to ARDOCH in association with Children’s Literacy Gift.
Originally recorded by Buddy Holly, this acoustic stripped back version of Blue Days, Black Nights is the first single from LA REINA's forthcoming debut album RAINING IN MY HEART.

All profits going to Ardoch, in association with Children's Literacy Gift, to help children with early language and literacy; Teach a child to read and you will change their life forever.

loverswasteland - MAZE     Hip Hop, Pop, Alternative, Punk 18/10/2019
LOVERSWASTELAND is an artist with a passion for hip-hop and alternative music. Hailing from the Gold Coast, Australia, this eclectic artist has combined stunning melodies, lush textures and gritty beats.
MAZE is a song that has HipHop/Trap beats mixed with Acoustic guitar and Rock/Pop melodies.

Nathan Abbey - Judas     Psych, Indie, Alternative 18/10/2019
Nathan Abbey is a DIY passionate artist hailing from Geelong. After releasing music with bands My Elephant Ride and Mihra, Nathan is stepping out with debut album 'Cross-Eyed' out 1/11/19.
A swirling psychedelic trance inspired by the good book.

Nuria - Enough     Pop, Indie 18/10/2019
With soaring vocals and catchy beats, Nuria brings a fresh sound from Tasmania. Keys and voice, textured with synthetic elements add an exciting edge to her classical background.
Nuria’s second single “Enough” is based around reaching out to a loved one in a dark place and explores the question of what could be enough to hold on. An emotive and heartfelt tune with powerful vocals that soar over the layers of synths and beats below.