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Amrap Unsigned

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DAZZLE SHIPS - Bad Ideas     Pop, Rock, Experimental 26/08/2019
DAZZLE SHIPS is a four-piece purveying jittery, arcane pop, tinged with remorse, sweetness, and unexpected bits of free jazz.
Bad Ideas is the languorous and beautiful first single from Dazzle Ships debut EP, Commission of Audit. Produced by Elliot Taylor (Damn Williams, Tiger Choir), featuring saxophone from Cheryl Durongpisitkul (Koi Kingdom).

Joan & The Giants - Wolves     Rock, Pop, Folk, Ambience 26/08/2019
Joan & The Giants are an alt-pop band from Perth, Western Australia creating emotional, powerful and lyrically charged music.
Wolves has a dark and haunting underlying tone, layered with a sense of hope. We wrote Wolves as a way of healing from a very challenging time in our lives, a time filled with toxicity and suffocating relationships. Our main hope for this song is that it brings that same sense of healing to whoever listens to it.

Julia Why? - Discount Fragile     Rock, Atmospheric, Pop, Goth 26/08/2019
JuliaWhy? kinda sounds like a drowning Ophelia climbed out of the water, lit a cigarette and started a band to channel her sadness and rage.
Discount Fragile is the opening track to 'Hysteria!' a slow, drum and bass heavy serenade to surrendering to and coming back from the abyss. Can nihilism be sexy?

Other tracks by Julia Why?:  Sun In Your Eyes  -  Deadbeat
Kelea - Dear Sir Madam     Folk, Country, Acoustic 26/08/2019
A vocalist, performer from Gingin in Regional WA.
A country pop/folk song addressing the issue of ageism in the job market, with lyrics based on a rejection letter. This track was recorded as part of WA Music's Demos from The Wheatbelt recording project.

Luke and Sarah-Rose - The Wild     Pop, Electronic, Experimental 26/08/2019
Confrontational lyrical intimacy with soaring vocals and eclectic beats. Luke and Sarah-Rose present an ambient and dreamy act with sounds and effects far exceeding the expectations of a two piece
The Wild pulses with energy, anticipation and excitement. It was born out of walking into the Tasmanian wilderness armed with a tune and a piano. Steady drum beats, electronic chaos, smooth vocals and piano driven melody, the Wild is about facing depression head on. The journey is challenging, delicate, loathsome and enthralling but worth it in the end.

Other tracks by Luke and Sarah-Rose:  Always on My Mind  -  I Never Wanted
Nadisko - Take Me Away     Electronic, Dance, Atmospheric, Chill 26/08/2019
The Nadisko duo coming back form a 5 year hiatus have launched their new tropical, dreamy 'Rufus du sol' inspired track.
A dreamy, tropical track that is sure to warm you up moving into the summer months. Perfect for dinner listening or watching the sun set on your balcony. Take Me Away is sure to take your mind to a beach overlooking the mediterranean with a pinot gris and selection of olives!

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Other tracks by Nadisko:  Take Me Away (Extended Mix)
Warren Skane - Gonna Break Ya     Electronic, Dance, Pop 26/08/2019
Independent Electronic Loop Artist from Butler, Western Australia. I use licensed music samples to create my own unique sound. Main genres are rock/metal and hiphop.
Gonna Break Ya is about the current stressful lifestyle alot of us live. Thinking we can do everything at once until it all comes crashing down. An upbeat song with heavy electro/dance vibes to rock out to.

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Other tracks by Warren Skane:  The Inner Me  -  Medusa
Warren Skane - Here I Am     Rock, Metal 26/08/2019
Independent Electronic Loop Artist from Butler, Western Australia.
Here I Am is all about finding your soulmate. Strong vocal with a rocking tune to boot.

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Other tracks by Warren Skane:  Comin' For Ya  -  Rise Of The Robots
Yeti Ghetto - New Love     Rock 26/08/2019
Yeti Ghetto brandish influences as their unique and vibrant D.I.Y sound finds inspiration in quintessential 90’s Britpop, early Weezer, The Pixies, and Elliott Smith.
Showcasing their knack for a sing-along chorus, cheeky guitar riffs, and tongue in cheek perspective on the mundane nature of everyday life, “New Love” is a powerful track that reminds us to love in the face of fear.

Brian Raynor - The Fairy-folk Waltz     World, Instrumental, Retro 25/08/2019
Brian Raynor is an Adelaide-based singer-songwriter/entertainer. Musically his background was principally in folk music but in recent years he has embraced many genres including country, pop, jazz, blues and gospel.
The theme is meant to depict mythical figures dancing in an enchanted forest.

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Ed Jackson - Let You Go     Folk, Acoustic, Pop, Folk 25/08/2019
Sydney-based singer/songwriter whose music fuses heartfelt lyrics and upbeat melodies.
Let You Go is a journey song - a love story as a couple meet each other, establish a relationship and grow old together. The song is about knowing when love is real and hanging onto that, being honest, open and adventurous. Acoustic guitar, violin, cello, trumpet, percussion and soaring heartfelt vocals bring this love-story to life.

Ethanol Blend - Tongue & Cheek     Rock, Folk, Punk 24/08/2019
4 piece South Australian post-folk.
Toe tapping 'Tongue & Cheek'

Aimee Francis - Seventeen     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening, Gay Alligned 23/08/2019
Americana-rock-country artist Aimee Francis is back with her new single, 'Seventeen', written about a 6 week stint in Los Angeles with her best friends, whiskey and her fake ID.
'You picked me up every Friday night
With a fake ID and a flask to hide
Holy sh*t those nights would never end...
Kissing strangers in unknown places
Six weeks in LA killing brain cells
We're three musketeers drinking beers at the Rainbow Again...'

Anna Shelley - Water     Folk, Ambience, Soundscapes 23/08/2019
Anna Shelley is an artist based on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Known as a complete concept of music, meditation, and musings. Think: Meditative, ambient, dreamy, and expansive.
Inspired by the oceans and the rivers - the lifelines of the Earth - Water is a minimal ambient track featuring tank drum and ethereal vocals. An ode to the Earth, a meditation to Mother Nature, Anna Shelley shares her signature dreamy tones in this celebration of the water element.

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Other tracks by Anna Shelley:  Earth  -  Fire
Bloomfield - Open     Reggae/Dub, Roots 23/08/2019
Glenn Bloomfield, professionally known as Bloomfield, is a New Zealand singer songwriter and guitarist who lives in the small beach town Cabarita, in Australia.
Open is a playful song exploring the issues of transparency in a relationship. The listener is challenged to shed off themselves, in the name of honesty, to deepen the intimacy with their partner.

Other tracks by Bloomfield:  I Promise You  -  No Regrets
Dom Italiano - I Try     Country, Alternative Country, Rock, Roots 23/08/2019
Alt-country singer/songwriter/lead guitarist. Lives in the country, gigs in the city! (Mostly)
'I Try', produced by Damian Cafarella, is about getting to that point with someone, and just having nothing left for them... 'I try to cry, and I don't know why... I am dry'...

Don't Text Ur Ex - Jeff Goldblum     Metal/Punk, Pop, Punk 23/08/2019
Don't Text Ur Ex is a DIY indie punk duo from Melbourne. Singing songs about being a libra, swiping on tinder and queer love.
This punky anthem hits fast and hard. The story of a dinosaur too big for the real world, this riot of a track is the perfect reflection of the fun-loving duo who are ready to face the world, hearts on their oversized sleeves.

Elijah Bill - Flex Cheque     Hip Hop, Rap 23/08/2019
Elijah Bill is an upcoming hip hop artist from Sydney, Australia.
'Flex Cheque' is catchy and groovy, filled with wordplay, humorous bars and a hook that keeps you coming back for more. 'Flex Cheque' accommodates a range of different moods and vibes.

Friends of Friends - Too Young     Pop, Rock 23/08/2019
With ambient soundscapes, off-centred riffs and brazen percussion, Friends of Friends is creating ambitious alt-pop that will have you dancing with your friends or comforting you when they aren’t around.
'Too Young' is an explosive, hook driven alt-pop track inspired by David Bowie and Talking Heads that touches on themes of suicide and depression - while being an absolute celebration of life, reminding the listener that they are too young to die.

Hearts and Rockets - You Were Right     Rock, Grunge, Punk, Goth 23/08/2019
Hearts and Rockets is a feminist bratwave punk band from Birraranga (Melbourne). Their second album Power is out August 23, 2019. Listen to our recent singles Drama Club and Feelings!
We're lucky enough to have mums that always have a nice thing to say, no matter how bleak the news may be. This song is about some of those phone conversations! We love you mums!

Other tracks by Hearts and Rockets:  Candy  -  Beat It Creep