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Amrap Unsigned

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Reality Instructors - Ideal Love     Rock, Punk, Pop, Funk 15/08/2018
Ritual outbursts of ham-fisted aggro-jangle and urgent suburbanite melodicism from Bland St, NSW 2131
Muscular drums, sinewy bass and flatly passionate vocals all built around a primitive heart of chiming churning guitars. A terse combo of motorik rhythm, melody and menace.

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The Chesterfield Band - Home     Pop, Roots 15/08/2018
A four-piece band that weaves together elements of indie-rock, roots, folk, and pop to craft a sound that belongs entirely to themselves.
With a unique mix of soaring guitar solos and sauntering melodies, the song’s textured instrumentation feels simultaneously laid-back and energetic.

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Other tracks by The Chesterfield Band:  Imagining
Borderland State - Tracking Satellites     Electronic, Ambience, Atmospheric 14/08/2018
Borderland State is the bedroom ambient music project of Luke Middleton. Best described as music to sleep to.
Opening track for the second release of Borderland State, Recovery.

Other tracks by Borderland State:  Edge of Everything  -  Approaching Spring
darvid thor - Do It Again     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 14/08/2018
At times anxious and quietly anguished, tender and candid, Darvid Thor (The Cactus Channel, Frida, Karate Boogaloo) makes dreamy indie pop from Melbourne. Debut show this September!
At times anxious and quietly anguished, tender and candid, the song is about growing-up and learning to be content in yourself ~ “It’s about being comfortable doing things purely for yourself, and not letting your idea of what someone else thinks affect you”.

Pete Cullen - Take Me Out Drinking     Country, Alternative Country, Rockabilly, Roots 14/08/2018
Pete Cullen releases new country banger "Take Me Out Drinking for the Gympie Music Muster
To say the 2017 Gympie Music Muster was a “good old time” for Pete Cullen and his band would be a massive understatement. Four days of camping, jamming, poker, and performing to raucous crowds was the inspiration for Cullen’s new country banger, Take Me Out Drinking.

The Track was recorded with Golden Guitar award winning producer Matt Fell in Sydney.

Refractory Road - Sunda Strait     Rock, Roots 14/08/2018
An Australian brand of gritty, full blooded, beer soaked, pub sweating rock and blues.
An ode to the crew of HMAS Perth that sunk of the coast of Sumatra during World War II

Other tracks by Refractory Road:  Love Me Dear  -  Wanna Be Saved
Rya Park - Tokyo     Pop, Rock, Soul, Pop 14/08/2018
Rya Park is a 23 year old rock/soul singer-songwriter. She was born in England, grew up in Singapore and now resides in Melbourne to pursue music.
Rya Park penned the song whilst trying to cope with being in a long-distance relationship, channelling her sense of grief and processing that into a track that is both nostalgic and honest.

On the lyrics and inspiration behind the
track, Rya reflects: “I was seeing someone who went to Tokyo and we did long distance for a while."

Gabreal - On the Beat True Story     Hip Hop, Electronic, Experimental, Pop 13/08/2018
Born in East Africa, South Sudan, Sydney-based Gabreal is solo indie artist/songwriter.He was a child born in the war of Sudan.
“One day I picked up pen and started writing, I was brainstorming to go back digging for stories and there were these stories and pictures that stuck into my mind. I was living through them, but wasn’t opened to them. It was so hard to talk about personal things,” said Gabreal.

Muddy Wolfe - Hide Away     Folk, Rock, Country 13/08/2018
Since dropping their debut late last year, Canberra outfit Muddy Wolfe have carved out a unique spot in the Australian music scene. Combining rock, blues, folk, jazz, gospel and country.
Hide Away is about being away from home too long and missing family. It took a long time to finish and evolved a little more when we rehearsed it and played it live. It’s our 3rd release and it’s the first song to have a bit of collaboration with the other members.

Rory - Old Friends     Folk, Easy Listening 13/08/2018
Melbourne based singer/songwriter Rory paints with bright colours on a dark canvas, showing us that even the most bleak situations aren’t without a silver lining.
‘Old Friends’ is a tantalising voyage into depression and vulnerability, it explores how these constructs always find their way back to a troubled mind and how they can manifest themselves in the form a Old Friend. His vocals waver between the delicate and intimate to urgent, dramatic wails, both of which resound with deep anguish.

Watling & Bates - Barry and Adrienne     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 13/08/2018
Original oldtime Gothic hillbilly honkytonk from the western edge of the Northern Rivers of NSW.
Barry and Adrienne is a modern Australian love story about finding happiness together. About hopes and dreams finally coming true. This music-box tale features banjo by Gareth Bjaaland, and the Dobro of producer Thor Phillips.

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Other tracks by Watling & Bates:  The Train Was Leaving  -  Minus Three
Watling & Bates - I Got Gold     Country, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Folk 13/08/2018
Original oldtime Gothic hillbilly honkytonk from the western edge of the Northern Rivers of NSW.
I GOT GOLD is the first radio single release from the SMALL TOWN TALES album by WATLING & BATES. The song finds simple treasure amongst life's gravel and stone. The Dobro of Thor Phillips provides a sparking highlight to this deeply emotive work.

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Gareth Leach - Death & Taxes     Country, Alternative Country, Blues, Roots 12/08/2018
Gareth Leach is an alt country/Americana singer/songwriter now based in Melbourne.
Death & Taxes tells the tale of inner-conflict and the irony of trying to escape the monotony of life’s struggles only to be somewhat trapped in a cycle of the same revelations time and again, with classic sounding outlaw guitar by Lee Morgan. Leach’s powerful vocal performance is sweetened by chorus harmonies from Americana songstress Gretta Ziller.

Brittle Sun - Laika     Pop, Psychedelic, Alternative Country 11/08/2018
Brittle Sun deliver sweet psychedelic folk melodies with dynamic vocals and gorgeous piano woven with lap steel guitar and a solid bass.
A dreamy, poignant song about a dog lost in space.

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SEAGULL - I Found One Thing     Folk, Rock, Garage, Pop 11/08/2018
Seagull provides solace to the weary, and sorrow to the joyful. Seagull exists in the five seconds of timeless and blissful confusion between wakefulness and sleep.
I Found One Thing’ is the first single off the forthcoming album ‘A Voice In The Ward’. The album is concerned with the thin line between insanity and epiphany, vision and hallucination. Recorded in Nick Huggins’ studio in Pt Lonsdale. The album is both a record of an intense experience and a document of the recovery from it.

A WHALE CALLED PHOENIX - Hurricane     Folk, Acoustic, Rock, Easy Listening 10/08/2018
It's A Whale Called Phoenix strong sense of melody and engaging harmonies whilst also having something to say which has led them to have their respect early on
after reflection of the world around you put your best foot forward and flip the bird with a big smile and dance on. a raw insite to the inner soul (on a good day)

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Other tracks by A WHALE CALLED PHOENIX:  Love Struck Weirdos  -  Apples
Allysha Joy - Know Your Power     Funk/Soul, Soul, Jazz, RnB 10/08/2018
Allysha Joy, is a key member of Melbourne collective, 30/70. Recently signed to Gondwana Records, she's gearing up for the release of her debut album in late September.
Know Your Power is a call to us all to acknowledge our power and to encourage conversation, consent and consideration. I acknowledge that this song was written from the perspective of a white cisgendered female and that I am privileged and hold power in this way. I will always seek to use this to the advantage of all women.

Amy & Ant - Rectangle Friend     Pop, Electronic 10/08/2018
Amy & Ant are a pop duo playing songs you'll fall in love with.
Rectangle Friend was written about looking in the mirror to find out who you are. In more recent years the rectangle that is our closest friend is our phone. "She says rectangle friend why are you looking at me that way?"

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Other tracks by Amy & Ant:  Floss  -  Kirra At 3 Feet
Ⓐ - I'll Be Coming Home (feat. Melo & Rosella)     Pop, Dance, Hip Hop 10/08/2018
Beach-induced dance and hip-hop combine from the Australian Mornington Peninsula.
Beach-induced dance and hip-hop combine from the Australian Mornington Peninsula with a story about being lost and Coming Home.

Bohemian Rogue - Ode to Moffs     Country, Easy Listening, Alternative Country, Folk 10/08/2018
Sunshine Coast band playing their own style of Laid back coastal groove music, a mix of alternative, Country and folk. Easy listening with a touch of Australian humour
Song is based on the lifestyle of living and playing music at Moffat Beach Sunshine coast QLD. Singing about playing music at the local brewery and the view of the Ocean, sea, Pine trees and parks, watching people drinking coffee, beer and enjoying the environment

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