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Amrap Unsigned

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The Rookies - Milestones     Jazz 21/04/2018
Not quite jazz club, not quite night club. The Rookies are a jazz band designed for the dance-floor. The energy is carried by the bands long standing musical brotherhood.
The first single release from The Rookies 'Play Jazz'. Milestones is a rhythmic exploration of the Miles Davis classic. Utilising metric modulation the melody shifts tempo before giving way to three distinct, unique, soaring and ebullient solos by pianist Joel Trigg, saxophonist Greg Sher and drummer Chris Cameron.

Other tracks by The Rookies:  I'll Remember April  -  If I Should Lose You
Odd Mob - Intrinsic     Electronic 20/04/2018
Following on from a huge 2017 which saw Odd Mob release 'Feel So Good', the 'Diffusion' EP, 'No Pressure', and a remix for Lorde on 'Perfect Places'
Entirely different from any Odd Mob release you've heard, 'Intrinsic' is a hypnotic, pulsing, electronic delight, and due for release on Friday 20th April on Tinted Records.

Paris Plan - Modern     Funk/Soul, RnB, Pop 20/04/2018
Paris Plan is a new alt-soul/RnB collective based in Melbourne. Their sound is hard to characterise: two parts rock intensity, three scoops of hip-hop mentality, and heavily laced with soul.
'Modern' speaks to the dating trends of our time, and the casual nature of many contemporary relationships. The lyrics allude to the ego games we play: "It's just this modern style, far from the realms of someone else. It's what we're waiting for - unless of course, we needed more!"

Raani Shah - Waitin'     Funk/Soul, RnB 20/04/2018
Raani Shah is a Sydney based Soul/RnB singer-songwriter who re-imagines classic soul music through the prism of hip-hop and electronica.
‘Waitin’’ is about being sure of love, yet also learning about what feels like the herculean sized of effort it takes to maintain it if it is to stay true.

Serhiy - Take me Home     Folk, Pop, Christian 20/04/2018
If you like music that makes you want to remember a time when you FELT connected, shared an experience, or made a memory you can't forget, you'll like me.
Born during a big transition. Selling ALL my equipment, studio, household contents (rented) + giving away my cat to prepare for a journey to US, where I was to live with whom I thought was the love of my life. We broke up a week before, this song freed me!

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'Les Paul's' (The Paul's) - Scared of America     Pop, Pop 18/04/2018
'Les Paul's' (The Paul's) are ex-Londoners singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and actor Paul Odiase and song lyricist Paul Robert Thomas
'Scared of America' is the title track from 'Les Paul's' (The Paul's) new album 'Scared of America Volume One' and tips its hat to the late great David Bowie's 'I'm Afraid of Americans'.

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Other tracks by 'Les Paul's' (The Paul's):  Another Nashville Morning  -  Whiskey & Stitches
Adelaide Big Band - If I Ain't Got You (feat. Bill Parton)     Jazz 18/04/2018
South Australia’s premier 18-piece Big Band.
South Australia’s premier 18-piece Big Band will release single If I Ain’t Got You (Alicia Keys Cover) on Monday 9 April 2018. The single features slick internationally acclaimed award winning crooner Bill Parton fronting premier Australian jazz orchestra, the 18-piece Adelaide Big Band comprising of the nation’s finest musical talent!

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Anthony Priwer - Nothing Left To Do But Cry     Pop, Country, Easy Listening 18/04/2018
Hailing from Adelaide, Anthony writes new songs in a classic style. With warm and heartfelt vocals, he accompanies himself on ukulele.
Nothing Left To Do But Cry is a mournful ballad about the regret in knowing how to love someone only after it's too late.

Other tracks by Anthony Priwer:  Good As New (Tout Comme Neuf)  -  Save Me From A Sad Song
Coda Conduct - Love For Me     Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop 18/04/2018
Coda Conduct is a hip hop duo consisting of Sydney rappers Erica and Sally, who boast a dexterous flow, meticulously considered lyrics, and a tongue-in-cheek attitude.
Coda Conduct are bringing the swank with their clean, poppy new cut "Love For Me", which is about being strong enough to prioritise looking after yourself sometimes.

Cold Irons Bound - Exchange Them For You     Rock, Psychedelic, Alternative Country, Pop 18/04/2018
Cold Irons Bound is a Melbourne four-piece influenced by a mix of classic Indie (The Church, R.E.M., The Replacements, Teenage Fanclub) and Americana (Dylan, Young, Petty, The Jayhawks).
The first single from Cold Irons Bound's forthcoming second album 'Don't Lose Your Mind' is a galloping southern power pop number that wastes no time getting to its beaming chorus. Recorded at Four Hundred Acres by Rohan Sforcina (Dune Rats, Fraser A Gorman).

Littlehawk - Lovely Sunny Day     Rock, Grunge 18/04/2018
Gavin Arnold, known professionally as Littlehawk, is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Perth, Australia. His debut album 'Chinchilla' charts the personal journey of the songwriter over the past ten years.
This track is about lacking motivation and being caught up in a cycle of repetition, with the juxtaposition of a lovely sunny day. It features atmospheric piano and a grungy chorus.

Other tracks by Littlehawk:  Space Mango  -  Across The Ocean
Matilda Abraham - Own Worst Enemy     Pop, Ambience, Electronic, Experimental 18/04/2018
Matilda Abraham is a vocalist and producer. Her sound combines a long-held fascination with songwriting with etherial vocals, warm synths and delay affected drum machine.
Own Worst Enemy is a track from Matilda Abraham’s second EP Away (Feb 2018). Etherial and cathartic, the song features Abraham’s melancholic vocals set against a backdrop of softly arpeggiating piano, warm synths and delay affected drum machine.

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Other tracks by Matilda Abraham:  Our Love Is Strong  -  Away
Melinda Schneider - My Voice     Pop, Country 18/04/2018
For over two decades now Melinda Schneider has been a leading light of the ‘new-breed’ of Australian Singer/Songwriters both in Australia and the US.
Truly an anthem of our time, MY VOICE is a cathartic, healing experience for people who've long felt isolated or silenced. Embraced by women’s advocate Tracey Spicer, Schneider's released the powerful song in time for the launch of NOW AUSTRALIA, Spicer’s not-for-profit initiative to combat sexual harassment in the workplace.

On The Stoop - In-Tense     Rock, Psychedelic, Experimental, Punk 18/04/2018
​On The Stoop are a 8 piece of genre-shifting, subversive, uncompromising, horn-driven, cacophonous harmony. Mariachi, Balkan, New-Orleans swing, Spaghetti-Western, Cabaret, Film Score, Cumbia, Punk-Rock band.
In-Tense leaps in with a post-punk walking funk bassline with honking sax, as if The Laughing Clowns and The Stranglers spawned. In-Tense is an homage to living in Sydney, a city bent on reinventing itself out of existence.

Simon Imrei - The Winter     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Pop 17/04/2018
The Winter is the new single from Bayside blues & soul inspired folk musician ‘Simon Imrei’, the 2nd off his forthcoming album, The Sum of Scenes, out mid 2018.
With its laid-back simplicity and acoustic riff, THE WINTER could have been pulled straight out of California in the mid 1970s. It's a story about healing, taking time away from life to get through whatever you need to get through and both literally and emotionally “bunkering down for the Winter”.

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Demi Mitchell - Medicine Woman     Folk, Psychedelic, Pop, Alternative Country 17/04/2018
Demi Mitchell's new record ‘The Overflow’ is a culmination of dark and dreamy melodies, psychedelic-folk and introspective lyricism best drunk in as a passenger on your next highway drive.
Medicine Woman is the first single from 'The Overflow' recorded in Melbourne with Roger Bergodaz at Union St Studio. Demi says of summer psychedelic-folk track: “Medicine Woman is about how making yourself vulnerable to someone can be both an empowering and daunting experience and finding the balance between the two."

Grasshole - The Reckoning     Rock, Grunge 17/04/2018
Grasshole are a three-piece Rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia. Grasshole combine elements of Grunge, Rock and Punk to create their endearing and progressive sonic.
The Reckoning is a song written about the wars that happen across the Middle East; sensationalist journalism and, at its core, the fact that we are all just human. Fundamentalist religion isn't something we align ourselves with but the love at the centre of each religion is.

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Holding Giants - Fireproof     Rock, Pop, Folk 17/04/2018
A 3-piece indie folk rock band from Perth, WA debuting their bopping new sophomore single through AMRAP! POW!
When liars get away with being loose with the truth too often, they wind up with the mistaken belief that they are immune from being called out. That it doesn't matter how many times their pants catch fire, they can't get burnt.

Johnny (From the Burbs) - Bastard     Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic 17/04/2018
Johnny (From the Burbs) is a Western Sydney based hip-hop artist and producer. JFTB brings a unique brand of alternative hip hop blending many influences.
Bastard is an anthemic hip-hop track featuring aggressive lyricism and off the wall production, engaging listeners to remember the days of 90's gangster synths ala 'The Chronic' as well as middle 2000's underground hip-hop sonics and stylistic approach, think Odd Future...

Other tracks by Johnny (From the Burbs):  Winter  -  Antidote / Bradenton
Outside The Academy - Hand in Hand (Let's Go)     Electronic, Dance, Psychedelic, Rock 17/04/2018
melancholy nightclub dance jams // indie psychedelic elevator music
“Hand in Hand (Let’s Go)” is due to feature on an upcoming release entitled Sh**ty Little Disco. It incorporates all the elements of OTA’s repertoire to date: melodic harmonising guitars; groove-based dancy beats; electronic sampling; in-your-face indie psychedelia; cynically comedic lyricism; and efficient and effectively implemented (self) production.

Other tracks by Outside The Academy:  Hand in Hand (Let's Go) [Radio Edit]  -  Hand in Hand (Let's Go) [Super Short Radio Edit]