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Amrap Unsigned

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Bukola Esin - Free     Christian 23/04/2019
Apart from music, I have worked over 20 years in the media industry and presently the CEO at Waringarri Media Aboriginal Corporation in Kununurra Western Australia.
As humans, we get doubts about our ability to reach our goals. The human struggle between good and bad and decision makes following the truth hard to swallow. This song describes an individual who realizes his will power to make the right decision to push away all doubts and succeed above all odds.

Other tracks by Bukola Esin:  Reign  -  His Promises never fail
Existential introspection stripped back to its essence. Performances like quicksilver. Open your ears your eyes & your mind. A master lyricist & sonic architect. overtures that hit like a light
I was dudded for payment at a gig in the far north of my state and came down with laryngitis to boot. Wrote Ego Trip in the days following as a form of catharsis while still under the effects. I love the raw and plaintive quality of the recording and hope you can hear it and appreciate it as well.

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Gayle O'Neil - Open Arms     Country, Easy Listening, Country, Country 22/04/2019
With 4 hit singles from her debut album 'Rough Road' "Open Arms" is the followup single from touring Country Artist Gayle O'Neil.
Look out...Its a love fest!
Open Arms is an Uplifting Happy tale of a family in a little country town in Australia that welcomes everyone into their home & hearts with "Open Arms'.
Catchy & down to earth...
"Everyone feels at home at 'Open Arms"!

Koh-dee - Watch You Go     Electronic, Dance 22/04/2019
Koh-Dee is an electronic music producer & composer from Hobart, Tasmania. He releases a mixture of indie electronica, future bass and trap music as Koh-Dee.
She left me when I wanted her the most,
I made this song while daydreaming about her.

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Other tracks by Koh-dee:  Falling for You  -  Blowin' It Up
Last Days of Kali - Kitsune     Rock, Instrumental, Experimental, Psychedelic 22/04/2019
Post rock hypnosis through a cascading waterfall of broken stained glass.
Indie doom purveyors Last Days of Kali have released “Kitsune” (pron. Kit-sue-neh). Hypnotic and dreamy, “Kitsune” lulls you in to a false sense of security before descending into a murky nightmare.

Kim (guitar): “I love Japanese folklore, specifically foxes. Kitsune are smart with paranormal abilities, who can be divine, mischievous or even downright malevolent. We hoped to capture this complexity.”

STAV. - Poison Remedy     Folk, Acoustic, Hip Hop, Jazz 22/04/2019
Soulful and honest, multilingual singer-songwriter STAV. continues her story of migration. Soaring melodies and bursts of rhythmic fire, she is the Folk Alliance Australia 'Young Artist of the Year' 2018-19.
STAV's newest single, Poison Remedy is about people believing negative stereotypes.

"raw, earthy instrumentation with honest lyricism and emotionally resonant vocal melodies ...a sound that feels simultaneously familiar and fresh; a truly unique and captivating brand of folk music. STAV. creates mini-universes within each of her songs, and getting lost inside them will never not be an enjoyable experience." HappyMag

The Med Heads - Galuchat Femme     Rock, Blues, Psychedelic, Punk 22/04/2019
The Med Heads are your human friends. Be wary of robots.
The story of a man and a stingray.

Other tracks by The Med Heads:  Charon's Pleasure Cruise  -  Blah Bwah
Tobias Hengeveld - Time We've Got     Pop, Rock, Alternative Country 22/04/2019
Tobias Hengeveld writes melodically vivid songs, riddled with unexpected pop-hooks. A distinctively sylvan voice, plumbing personal experiences with wry lyrical candor.
A meditation on our linear perception of time and how experiences like deja vu might hint that there's completely other dimensions to how it works and affects us. The album opener Time We’ve Got swings and twists, beginning with a slow hypnotic vocal refrain, half-way through it suddenly kicks up the pace with a panicked sense of urgency.

Other tracks by Tobias Hengeveld:  Walking Dreams  -  Cotton sheets
Woodshed - Gimme No Lips     Country, Blues, Country, Blues 22/04/2019
Woodshed manufactures heartfelt, raucous rock and roll that takes their audiences on a journey of "in the moment" blues rock in all its varying shade.
A tele-twanging country romp, Gimme No Lips is a cheeky soundtrack set to booze-fueled shenanigans filled with promiscuity and temptation.

Bohifale - Stationary     Pop, Chill, Electronic, Downbeat 21/04/2019
Sydney based Actor, branching out into music. Would ultimately like to write for others artists
A Pop/Electronic tune with a chilled out feel. The instrumentation is complimented by husky talk-singing vocals.

So Fox - Lover's Side     Rock, Pop, Grunge, Britpop 20/04/2019
A Melbourne duo with indie rock roots, So Fox blends genres with soul influenced vocals, pop synthesizers and bluesy guitar riffs. Lyrics for pessimistic people, and melodies to dance too.
A song about not needing to be in love. A contentedness and selfish pleasure in being single, with maybe just a hint of jealousy. Dave Ruby Howe of Triple J described the track as having a "taut swagger". The bluesy guitars mixed with ambient synthesizers to create a tension that captures the listener.

Other tracks by So Fox:  St Pete  -  Agree With You
Ben Camden - Need You To Know     Folk, Pop, Roots, Easy Listening 19/04/2019
Ben Camden is a singer/songwriter with a deep and powerful baritone. Mixing folk, blues, surf and pop into an acoustic and electric mashup, his sound is enigmatic as his image.
Need You To Know is an upbeat folk surf love song. Honest and sweet, it is about giving your heart to someone. Driven by an acoustic guitar and accompanied by ukulele, the song builds to a full tropical chorus with island style harmonies. This song delivers chill, salty, feel-good vibes.

Dom Italiano - Travelling Shoes     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Folk 19/04/2019
Lyric Driven Acoustic Folk-Pop for the Heavily Light-Hearted
You'll need a capo on the 3rd fret to play along in Em! I wrote the 2nd verse whilst watching my partner (now ex) swim at the beach on the island of Hvar, Croatia.

DREAMGOOD - LOST BOYS     Pop, Electronic, Punk, Ambience 19/04/2019
DreamGood is a three piece cinematic art pop ensemble from the Sydney region. They blend poetic, bold, upfront language with cinematic, often eccentric musical orchestration.
Lost boys is a strong hard hitting pop tune. It's full of masculine energy and is a celebration and critique of what it means to be a ‘MAN’. We can only hope that the human mind continues to crack open and embrace all men, no matter how normal or unusual.

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Electric Zebra - It's A Lot     Rock, Garage, Punk, Pop 19/04/2019
Born in four different countries, Daniel (drums) played saxophone, Adam (guitar) played flute. Kesh (bass) played nothing and Keelan (vocals) didn't sing. Seems EZ are doing things their own way.
"It's A Lot" describes the feeling of looking for something to fill a void left by someone else, but eventually coming to the conclusion that the person you're missing so much probably wasn't that good to begin with.

Fletcher Kirkman - Real Friends     Electronic 19/04/2019
Gold Coast DJ/Producer
A blend of house and trap with a catchy vocal, Real Friends is an upbeat electronic track with some serious groove and a huge bass line.

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Francesca de Valence - Red Cat     Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 19/04/2019
Part Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Edith Piaf and ALL class. An ‘uplifting, enlightening, and empowering’ force in the global music industry, Francesca de Valence is a musician with a mission.
Red Cat is a joyful, upbeat track featuring killer vocals and jungle drums. Written by Francesca de Valence and Recorded and Produced by Francesca de Valence and ARIA Nominated Tommy Spender, Red Cat is song about riding a 1953 Jaguar convertible around the streets of Paris. This is a true story.

Gordon Li - Motian's Dream     Jazz 19/04/2019
Gordon Li is a bassist from Melbourne, Australia. He is interested in exploring left of centre improvisatory frameworks which allow his trio to create evocative and intimate music.
A cyclic piece dedicated to Paul Motian that builds intensity throughout it's entirety. This piece features the drums and is essentially a long form drum solo built entirely around the improvised interactions between each member of the trio.

Other tracks by Gordon Li:  Hibernation  -  Rebel Dance
Hannah Ana - Letter     Pop, Electronic, Atmospheric 19/04/2019
Hannah Ana is a Brisbane-based Canadian singer-songwriter, sharing stories through cinematic soundscapes, contemplative lyrics and soulful vocals. Her songs aim to connect listeners with a deeper part of themselves.
Following the release of her first single “Oceanside”, Letters is a bold proclamation aimed at the singers past self. The sonic composition ebbs and flows between dreamy electronic elements, piano, electric guitar and soaring strings, with a strong percussive beat that adds a sense of drive and momentum. Letters is a cinematic alt-pop production that is lyrically reflective and empowering.

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James Bennett - Weird World     Folk, Acoustic, Roots, Easy Listening 19/04/2019
James Bennett incorporates many different elements into his playing. Slide guitar, 11 & 6 string guitars, stomp box, tambourine, harmonica & a unique vocal style. Solo artist from Newcastle NSW.
Weird World is an upbeat acoustic track. It's a catchy song that will suit different moods & age demographics!
Partly recorded in NZ with drummer 'Michael Barker' who's played in The John Butler Trio & finished back home in Australia! This song is quirky, fun, sure to pick you up in the morning & bounce you all through your day!