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Amrap Special Projects

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Bertie Blackman - Black Cats     Pop, Electronic 12/02/2010
Bertie delivers pop music with depth. “When I’m playing music, I just disappear into what’s going on,” she says, “it all just sort of channels through.”
Black Cats is the fourth single off 'Secrets And Lies'

Lisa Mitchell - Clean White Love     Pop, Folk 12/02/2010
Wonder is an album that defines Lisa Mitchell as one of Australia's most talented singer-songwriters. She writes from experience, sings from the heart and gives her all in every performance.
Lisa Mitchell says "Clean White Love is a about the divine clean white light that comes through the shutters with the first hint of the new sun very early in the mornings. It feels a little bit heavenly, and a little bit like being in love."

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Kid Sam - Down To The Cemetery     Rock, Pop 12/02/2010
Kid Sam make songs that traverse themes of violence, romance and the politics of the everyday, distilling the history of intelligent song writing within them.
The second single from Kid Sam’s debut is 'Down to the Cemetery'

The Kingdom - How It Was     Christian, Rock, Pop 14/08/2010
The Kingdom has been touring around Australia for the past 3 years. They have played at every major christian festival, as well as had successful airplay around the nation.
This song was produced specifically for radio. It contains strong hooks and riffs. It is easy to engage with and stays in your head. The lyrical content of the song is quite neutral, so it doesn't have strong christian references. However the content is positive in nature.

Other tracks by The Kingdom:  Love Away
Nick Thayer - Grey Sky Blue feat. NFA     Electronic, Hip Hop, Funk 27/09/2010
Producer and DJ from Melbourne.
Featuring N'FA (from 1200 Techniques), Nick created an old funk tune in order to sample it himself here.

Other tracks by Nick Thayer:  Ca$h Money  -  Can't Touch Me Now feat Lex One and Mike Beatz
The Beautiful Girls - 10:10     Reggae/Dub, Roots 28/09/2010
Reggae, Dub, Rock, Acoustic, Folk international touring act. Over 250,000 records sold, Triple J Hottest 100 5 times, ARIA nominated, J Award nominated and fully independent Australian Band.
“A song in the tradition of some of those that inspired us most. The Specials. The Beat. The Clash. Punk English Reggae” The story of the archetypical rude boy 'Rudy' being gunned down in a club for being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong skin.

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Other tracks by The Beautiful Girls:  Don't Wait
Stu Larsen - Music is my Mistress     Folk, Pop 20/10/2010
Stu Larsen has no home. He has no job. He carries with him some clothes and a guitar, following the open road, sharing songs and stories along the way.
Music is my mistress and she keeps the girls away, they always seem to come along, but never seem to stay..

Other tracks by Stu Larsen:  The Black Tree (with Lydia Cole)
The Tim Rogers Compania - The Ghost     World 01/11/2010
Tim Rogers from You Am I, Australian Rock and Roll Legend.
Tim Rogers (You Am I) collaborates with a Greek Rebetiki ensemble. The track is Tim Rogers balladry at its best in the style of the Greek Blues, songs of love and loss.

Blue King Brown and Diafrix - Streets Are Getting Hot     Reggae/Dub 01/11/2010
Blue King Brown are from all over the world, Diafrix are refugees from Eritrea.
Deep dub vibes and Blue King Brown’s standard political fire. The collaboration with Diafrix is a natural one. It’s like they were meant to work together.

Katie Noonan and The Captains with Taikoz - Fatal Shore     Pop, World 01/11/2010
Taikoz are Australia’s (and indeed one of the world outside Japans) only professional Taiko ensembles.
Another gorgeous track. Katie Noonan singing from the perspective of displaced refugee women around the world. Taikoz and the Captains lend the track a unique flavour, part dub, part ballad with epic percussion breakdown.

Oh Mercy and Nadia Omar - Hands Will Cradle     World, Pop 01/11/2010
Nadia Omar is from Pakistan, she is singing a song written by Alexander Gow of Oh Mercy.
Nadia Omar is from Pakistan, she is singing a song written by Alexander Gow of Oh Mercy. The song is the crux of a newly formed friendship between the two. The song sounds effortless but was in fact one of the hardest songs Alexander has ever written.

Old Man River and Javier Fredes - Merry Christmas Island     World 01/11/2010
Old Man River collaborates with Javier Fredes, a master percussionist from from Chile.
Old Man River collaborates with Javier Fredes, a master percussionist from from Chile. The track is bouncy, happy but with a dry, serious message. Latin and calypso vibes abound.

Philadelphia Grand Jury and Klezmania - Sing For The Sun     World, Pop 01/11/2010
Klezmania are a band of Australian jews. Descendents of Ukrainian Jewish refugees. The Philly Jays are a prolific Australian garage rock and pop band.
One part four-on-the-flour garage rock and one part Yiddish klezma. The song was written by the Philly Jay’s Berkfinger and sung by members of Klezmania with wailing clarinets. Beneath seemingly carefree music is lyrical content unique to Jewish refugees from eastern Europe.

Sarah Blasko and Ajak Kwai - Nyiir Ienqarr     World, Pop 01/11/2010
This collaboration worked out better than our wildest dreams!
Ajak Kwai flew to Brighton, England to spend a week recording and writing with Sarah Blasko (who is now based in the UK). This track is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the album. Whitley plays some of the instruments on the track.

Skipping Girl Vinegar and Tri Nguyen - Bullets and Mango Trees     Pop, World 01/11/2010
The song was co-written by Skipping Girl’s Mark Lang and Tri Nguyen, a Vietnamese refugee and relative of the band Skipping Girl Vinegar’s drummer Chris Helm.
A sad song, tinged with banjo and Vietnamese strings. The song was co-written by Skipping Girl’s Mark Lang and Tri Nguyen, a Vietnamese refugee and relative of the band’s drummer Chris Helm.

The Vasco Era and Yousif Aziz - Habibi     Rock, World 01/11/2010
The Vasco Era (Blues Rock) and Yousif Aziz (Iraqi pop star, Oud player and singer)
Habibi means love. When trying to find common ground from which to settle on, The Vasco Era and Yousif Aziz settled on the theme of ‘love’. The Vasco Era layed down a sprawling psychadelic jam and Yousuf improvised expansively over an acoustic breakdown by the band.

Andrea Keller Quartet with Phil Slater - The Rain Outside     Jazz, Live Performance 02/12/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_2SER_On The Corner- Live in '09 Andrea Keller Quartet performs with Phil Slater at 505 in Sydney.
The band toured nationally in 2009, collaborating local musicians in each port of call. This night at 505 (11/3/2009), they were joined by Phil Slater.

Dirtgirl - Every Little Drop     Reggae/Dub, Soundtrack (Film Related), Pop 09/11/2011
Encompassing a wide range of genres from reggae to rock and country to funk, Dirtgirl brings something for all to enjoy. The message is “it’s time to dig the planet”.
Winner of the current International Song Writing competition for best children's song, this eco reggae gem focuses on the joy of knowing that every little drop is precious...of water that is!

Other tracks by Dirtgirl:  Funky In The Compost  -  Chicken Jam
Nite Fields - Come Down     Rock, Electronic, Atmospheric, Experimental 31/01/2012
Some say Brisbane's Nite Fields are dreamy, dark, melancholy or edgy. Listen hard enough and you'll even call them pop.
Melancholy pop from Brisbane with a sunburnt edge.

RECOMMENDED BY: Jack off With Jack Shit, FBi Radio, Sydney

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Lamtech - U Go U Get     Hip Hop 03/04/2012
Lion Mountain Studio is a community project initiated and controlled by members of Sydney's Sierra Leon community.
Positive, hopeful anthem for the future.

Other tracks by Lamtech:  Hey (Yeah)  -  Bad Heart