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Amrap CD Mailout

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Damian Rogers - Border Line     Folk, Roots, Pop 28/09/2009
Damian's self titled EP was recorded and produced in Byron Bay with respected Aussie musician Pete Murray. Together they created a sound that is evocative, yet authentic.
This track has a layered back conversational feel. The recording has captured the raw and honest appeal of the lyric enabling everyone who hears it to relate to those times in life we have asked ourselves, where am I and where are I going?..

Other tracks by Damian Rogers:  Angels  -  Rusty
Bridge Arcadia - Little Liar     Rock 28/09/2009
Adelaide-based rockers, Bridge Arcadia, released their debut offering 'Static in Stereo' after a gruelling few months of songwriting. It was well received by press and radio.
Title track of the EP 'Little Liar' is an energetic melody infused rock number that packs a musical punch.

Other tracks by Bridge Arcadia:  So Don't Let Go  -  Likewise It's Yours Truly
Bird to Prey - Marlborogh     Blues, Alternative Country 28/09/2009
Bird to Prey is singer and songwriter Sarah Turk from Fremantle, Western Australia. She writes songs about old flames, far away places, and things about the night.
Marlborough is a thumping rhythmic driven song about those times we all have, when we lose control just a little bit.

"Oh you know we were all over the place back then, I couldn't tell which way was up or down, I couldn't tell the beginning from the end"

Other tracks by Bird to Prey:  The Wind Has Taken Me  -  Sing a Lullaby
Lee Rosser - Breathe     Rock, Country, Roots, Acoustic 28/09/2009
Lee Rosser is blessed with a three octave vocal range and grooving right hand. 'Giving Yourself Away' is his most recent, roots infused album.
Footstomping and grooving in a straight time signature with the guitar skipping beats underlies the cross genre nature of this song. The vocal melody sits in yet another time and it's all finished off with a dash of soul!

Other tracks by Lee Rosser:  Honey Coated  -  Fly
My Escapade - Grace and Peace     Rock, Pop, Chill 28/09/2009
My Escapade, a four piece from forest-laden Tasmania, describe thier music as alternative rock. Melodic guitar, synths and soaring vocals give this band thier signature emotive sound.
A reflective, laid back song with a solid groove, soaring vocals and insightful lyrics

Other tracks by My Escapade:  The Rest of Me  -  A Whisper
Resonaxis - Videntes stellam Magi     Rock, Classical, Metal, Atmospheric 28/09/2009
Resonaxis brings music of the sacred and secular renaissance and baroque together with progressive rock, pop, jazz and metal, forming a new gothic sound.
Shelley’s anthemic rock invention on a renaissance motet for Epiphany by Flemish composer, Orlandus Lassus. “When the Magi saw the star, they greatly rejoiced”. Features David Dury on grand pipe organ, improvisations from Steve Elphick on double bass, Michael Sheridan on guitar, and Matt Roberts on drums.

Other tracks by Resonaxis:  Pilgrim  -  Sleep
Robyn Habel - I Will Be Your Girl     Pop, Rock, Retro 28/09/2009
Robyn is an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter and bass player. Her release, ‘Sun Come Shine’ sees Robyn back doing what she does best, performing original songs with top Australian talent.
Think Phil Spector meets Lou Reed. Great production, retro vibe, huge pop hooks. Big fat Beatlesque harmonies and Laurie Andreson 'bops'. Lyrics that are naked, confronting and arresting.

Other tracks by Robyn Habel:  This Fool is Me  -  It Has Me
Sarakula - Caught in the Middle     Pop, Rock, Retro 28/09/2009
Australian singer-songwriter Sarakula writes edgy piano-pop songs that you can’t get out of your head. His most recent album is called 'City Heart'.
'That’s probably too big an introduction for the first single from Sydney piano boy Sarakula, but Caught In The Middle does have some of the tell-tale elements of excellent pop' Simon Topper, RAVE Magazine

Other tracks by Sarakula:  Matchstick Girl  -  Better late than Never
The Soul Movers - Stickin' Around     Funk/Soul, Retro, Rock 28/09/2009
Born from a lifelong love of Soul music, the aptly named 'Soul Movers' play a unique blend of 60’s Beat and Memphis R&B styled Soul.
Stickin Around is a delightful song about feeling as if life is on the up beat. With catchy riffs and a 'snare and kick' retro drum beat it bops along to an instrumental section which features an infectious whistling solo which listeners will adore. A humorously reflective and jubilant track.

Other tracks by The Soul Movers:  Low and Slow  -  Piece O' Me
The Dirty Love - Dirty Sweet     Rock, Pop 29/09/2009
The Dirty Love are a gritty rock 'n' roll band from pictuesque Tasmania. They recorded thier debut EP with ARIA nominated Engineer Greg Stace (One Dollar short, Something With Numbers).
This is a catchy tune with a great, strong chorus.

Other tracks by The Dirty Love:  black shadow  -  roulette romance
Cabaret Callado - Aimlessly     Folk, Psychedelic, Experimental, Pop 29/09/2009
Cabaret Callado plays psychedelic folk-rock, using an experimental approach to conventional rock song structures.
Aimlessly features lovely vocals and a breezy acoustic guitar with just that right amount of melancholy in the lyrics.

Other tracks by Cabaret Callado:  Pass Away  -  Tearable Failures
The Basics - Home Again     Pop, Rock 29/09/2009
The Basics have one of the most impressive commitments to the live circuit in Australia – touring relentlessly. Their new album 'Keep Your Friends Close' recounts some of these experiences.
Home Again is a song about leaving and homecoming. About great expectations dashed, about the exhilirating but sometimes bittersweet familiarity of coming home. Something of an ode to Icehouse's Great Southern Land and The Police's Every Breath You Take, it explores a sonic landscape The Basics have never explored.

Other tracks by The Basics:  What Do You See In Me?  -  Fear of Failure
Anita Spring - Stars     Jazz, Swing, Pop, World 29/09/2009
Anita Spring started writing her own signature brand of Jazz at the age of 17 and was signed to Universal Music at 20. "Let Them Talk" is her debut album.
"Stars" is an original composition by Anita Spring and Darren Heinrich (the pianist on Spring's album "Let Them Talk") an elegant latin tune that displays Spring's strong writing capabilities.

Other tracks by Anita Spring:  Paranoia  -  Let Them Talk
The Good China - All Nothing     Pop, Rock 29/09/2009
With a swag of instruments and short attention spans come Melbourne 8 piece indie-pop troupe 'The Good China'.
"This fast-paced, hooky, full-of-refrain-goodness song quickly reveals to the careful listener the massive spread of talent that Melbourne’s eight-piece have at their fingertips." This Reality Podcast

"i heard this on the radio a couple of weeks ago and it made me so insanely happy." Triple J Unearthed

Other tracks by The Good China:  If Pain Persists  -  We Found 3 Whistles
Timbah - Common Cases     Blues, Folk, Pop, Roots 29/09/2009
TiMBAH, Australia's answer to the Dave Matthews Band, A uniquely talented and charismatic collective. Expect big things from this band, whose appeal crosses generational and genre divides.
Melodic violin, a funky base line and unique vocal harmonies help deliver a message of Buddhist philosophies and simple living.

Other tracks by Timbah:  Deceit  -  Excellent Holiday
The Wedded Bliss - Close enough for Rock 'n Roll     Rock, Blues, Roots, Rockabilly 02/10/2009
The Wedded Bliss places its faith in the blues, country, jazz & gospel. The songs weave honest tales of love, drunkenness, poverty, desire, faith & hope.
60s/70s style toe tapping roots boogie a-la The Rolling Stones, T-Rex etc. A song dedicated to anyone who has ever wanted to quit their job for the rock n' roll lifestyle.

Other tracks by The Wedded Bliss:  Saturday Evening Sinner, Sunday Morning Saint  -  Save you're Bitching for the Old Folks Home
The Fumes - Who Do You Love     Rock, Blues 07/10/2009
You may wonder how a two-piece can garner so much hype. In the case of mighty-bearded vocalist/guitarist Steve Merry and drumming prodigy Joel Battersby, the gushing is with good reason.
Who Do You Love the fuzz-laden barnstormer is all gristle, brawn and brawling swagger. Riff-maestro and ragged-throated frontman Merry lays down the massive drop-tuned guitarwork, roaring out his lines, while cohort Battersby literally beats the life out of his kit. It sounds live, raw, volatile, and dangerous

Other tracks by The Fumes:  High City Lights  -  Cuddle Up THe Devil
The Model School - Its Hard To Dance When Your Legs Are On Fire     Pop, Electronic, Alternative Country, Psychedelic 14/10/2009
After steadily building their fan base throughout 2009 (limited edition singles, a free virtual 7") Sydney's The Model School are ready to unveil their 2nd album Memory Walls.
A post-modern knees up meets a groove that won't sit down.

Other tracks by The Model School:  This Is Not My Town  -  Pepper Sprout
Chase The Sun - Princess     Blues, Rock, Roots 16/10/2009
Sydney, Australia based Chase The Sun formed in 2006; and in the time since have seen their star rise steadily, making inroads into the international Blues & Roots music scene.
Princess, the perfect song about a girl you love to hate, showcases the band’s burgeoning new sound and captures a taste of the excitement Chase The Sun generate with their rocking live shows at festivals and sweat box pubs all over the country.

Various - We Won't Run- Sarah Blasko     Pop, Folk, Compilation 18/11/2009
Warner Music Australia have partnered with Fbi to bring you THE LIVE FEED. It's a compilation dedicated to live music and community radio, two crucial components of Australia's music industry.

Recorded at The Metro, Sydney.

The Live Feed is a compilation dedicated to live music and community radio, two crucial components of Australia's music industry.

Other tracks by Various:  Cold And Sober- The Drones  -  Into The Line- Cloud Control