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Amrap CD Mailout

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Gorilla Jones - lmfao     Funk/Soul, Jazz 14/02/2015
Gorilla Jones is a highly upbeat blend of soul, jazz and New Orleans fusion
Lmfao is a smooth jazzy number aimed to please with a catchy hook and live sound

Haliia - A Song for You     Electronic 21/02/2015
Collaborative works of two producers. Djahy Homalon from Maui, Hawaii and Sam Litchfield from Newcastle Australia. A Future R&B/electronic duo based in Newcastle, Australia.
Electronic sound with a subdued and melancholic vibe, with crooning vocals.

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Other tracks by Haliia:  Wait for Me
The Currawongs - Lessons In Avoidance     Rock, Experimental, Soundscapes, Atmospheric 24/02/2015
The Currawongs is the solo project of Ross McMahon who uses ambient field recordings, experimental noise & traditional rock instruments to create an interesting blend that sits between several genres.
Moody song, quiet start with guitar, vocals and organ, a driving bass line leads to the song's experimental, atmospheric feedback middle section that simmers towards the end in a collapse of feedback and drums.

Other tracks by The Currawongs:  Having Fun Harms No One  -  Hold You Back
Bottlecock - Girt By Dickheads     Rock 24/02/2015
Big loud noisy thrusty rock.Shit at writing bios.Debut album Record out now (on CD)..
-Reached the 7th spot on 4ZZZ's Hot 100 for 2014.
-Heavy, fuzzy, girl-fronted rawk trio giving you everything might fondly remember about L7, Babes In Toyland or Bikini Kill. (Chris Cobcroft)

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Other tracks by Bottlecock:  Caan't  -  Karaoke Quickie
Loudun - Gold (ft. Tashka)     Electronic, Pop, Dance, RnB 19/03/2015
Loudun is a young electronic producer from Sydney who is crafting his own form of garage/R&B/pop sounds, laced with defining future-beat elements.
Deep 2step influenced beats, electronic flourishes and frenetic synths, supported by soaring, silky vocals from Tashka. A chilled but danceable vibe with R&B elements, conveying power mixed up with an infinite serenity.

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friendships - When I Feel Like Killing, I Murder     Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Industrial, Experimental 20/03/2015
friendships are a Melbourne audio-visual project - Nic Brown (music) and Misha Grace (art). Nic makes dark jungle-inspired bass music and Misha creates tripped out technicolour visuals and paintings.
The pounding bass, jungle rhythms and burning noise are a fitting tribute to the lyrics of the song – it’s a sound representation of a human’s primal urges. It’s murder in the form of music.

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Other tracks by friendships:  Monarch To The Kingdom Of The Dead
Koolta - All Together     Hip Hop 25/03/2015
Koolta is a hip hop artist hailing from Adelaide, South Australia. He crafts songs that make you bounce, laugh and think all in the space of a few minutes.
“I wanted to contrast a sultry hip hop beat with lyrics that force the listener to think. The first verse is the perspective I’ve heard frequently by the intolerant; the second verse is my view; if we are empathetic to our fellow human, the world would be a better place”.

Other tracks by Koolta:  Keep On  -  A Couple Of Words
Fraudband - Special Time     Rock, Psychedelic, Instrumental, World 30/03/2015
Fraudband have developed a sense of their own sound over two releases – the “First Songs” cassette in mid-2014 and now their “Some Things” 10” vinyl, both for Kasumuen Records.
Time is hard to find together, when it is found it's Special Time. A rollicking guitar rides over a swing time.

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Brendon Moon - Augustine     Folk, Ambience, Chill, Atmospheric 11/04/2015
"Sounds of ambient and lush acoustic, blended with an angelic wondrous voice, Brendon's style is a mixture of Jose Gonzalez and Sigur Ros, whilst keeping his own unique sound."
A story of a man who became separated from his lover 'Augustine' and pursues to find her out in the hills.

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Other tracks by Brendon Moon:  Ephemeral Bliss  -  Tales
The Mercy Beat - Start the Boats     Rock, Punk 28/04/2015
Ben Salter (Gin Club, Giants of Science) said it best when he described The Mercy Beat as 'appealing to the heart, the mind and the genitals in equal measure'.
'Start the Boats' is a political comment on the current bi-partisan approach to asylum seekers and the long periods of detainment facing refugees who arrive to our shores by boat. The track includes a grab of Abbott at his best and the ironic second verse of our national anthem.

Other tracks by The Mercy Beat:  The Audition  -  Sex Funeral
Denpasar - Don't Know Why     Rock, Pop, Electronic 02/05/2015
Denpasar is a song writing collaboration between Ben Fahey and Alex L'Estrange. Born from an ambition to create understated pop melodies, the two push themselves to make every sound count.
Conceived during a hung-over daze of regret, the new single “Don't Know Why” is a down-on-your-knees and beg for forgiveness statement. Meticulously arranged, it displays Denpasar’s intent to strip things back to their elements and to let them stand proudly on display.

Other tracks by Denpasar:  Radar (Shine Your Way) Ft. My Own Pet Radio  -  Old Enough
These Guy - To Say Or Do     Electronic, Psychedelic, Experimental, Dance 04/05/2015
These Guy's music is concerned with the struggle to accept and defy inner conflict. It's made by one guy who aims to sound plural, in order to simply realise himself.
At over 15 minutes, To Say Or Do certainly requires sustained attention, but it manages not to be a taxing experience. It captures the process of These Guy perpetually opening himself up more and more over the course of its progression, from quiet pop, to savage techno sweatiness and back.

Other tracks by These Guy:  Ex-Melodies  -  Anna
Jess Locke - Change The Sheets     Pop, Rock 04/05/2015
Jess Locke's melancholy pop mixes sublime and mundane pleasures, fundamental loneliness and humble connectivity, big words and profanity. Comparisons have included Cat Power, PJ Harvey and Smog.
From the 2015 album, Words That Seem To Slip Away.
Released with film clip recorded by Bare Pictures

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Other tracks by Jess Locke:  Riding A Dead Horse  -  Radio
Jimmy Chang - Fre$h Prince     Pop 05/05/2015
A blend of Krautrock artists such as Neu, Can, Brian Eno, Gary Numan, Krafterwerk, Cluster + friends condensed into succinct, energetic pop tunes! Krautpop a new wave of Chang!
Something fresh. Another song about failed romantic escapades, except with a groovy twist!

Simo Soo - Lyf ft. Kučka     Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop, Punk 19/05/2015
Simo Soo is a rapper/producer from Sydney creating rawkus abrasive yet sugary punk hip hop influenced as much by the underground as the mainstream.
A candy rush sugary hype track featuring Soo's punk influenced raps with Kučka's sweet yet commanding vocals.

Other tracks by Simo Soo:  Lyf ft. Kučka (SODA Lite Remix)  -  Lyf ft. Kučka (Lonelyspeck remix)
King's Justice - Geranium     Pop, Dance, Electronic 25/05/2015
King’s Justice’s is a Fremantle based group that has their own brand of indie pop music. Evolving as a band with an emphasis on an eclectic instrumental and vocal blend.
Geranium is the first track of the band's second EP of the same name. Full of energy from start to finish, it features a unique blend of guitar and synthesiser aided by the song's production by KJ's keys player Tim Arnott.

Other tracks by King's Justice:  Are You Mine  -  Fade
The Randy Anderson - Cooked On One Burner     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Instrumental, Soul 15/06/2015
The Randy Anderson: an 8-piece interactive powerhouse projecting a unique brand of funk energy into the ears of enthusiastic listeners. These passionate creators are dedicated to bringing their A-Game.
2015 MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Chelsea Wilson, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne (VIC)

A rhythm section driven explosion of heavy jazz funk. Tight horn section sounds, wailing guitar solo, original music with a dirty groove.

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Other tracks by The Randy Anderson:  Bender  -  Suitcase Concert
Rapid Transport - Dolatov's T     Rock, Atmospheric, Dance, Garage 19/06/2015
A musical project that melds blueprints from broad genres such as Classical, Jazz and Alternative. Melding them into a unique piece with lyrics ranging from love, travel and youth antics.
A pounding, driving track, Dolatov's T takes off with the rhythm section locking in a cyclical motion, propelling the track's melody even further into the musical stratosphere. The breakdown provides the counterpoint to allow the dusting of lyrics to exist, before the rhythm kicks in leading to a joyous ending.

Other tracks by Rapid Transport:  We've Got No Reason  -  Yellow Fever
Juju the Dragon - Strider     Hip Hop, Soul, Chill 22/06/2015
Juju the Dragon glides through the world of sound, scanning for noises that intrigue him. He makes music to explore the subconscious and find beauty in the overlooked.
This song serves as an explanation of why I write and make music.

Black Springs - Burden (of Jealousy)     Rock, Pop 23/06/2015
Sydney guitar pop mainstays
The track ambles in with a raspy snare, eventually joined by front man Tim Story’s fragile voice and acoustic guitar, a stomp and some truly odd-ball slide guitar. Adds a dash of country into Black Springs’ pulsating pop format.