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Amrap CD Mailout

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Swimming - Animals     Pop, Experimental 30/07/2012
Swimming are lo-fi, dream pop, ambient, garage, harmonic and swelling. Swimming like odd timing, R&B beats, clarity, and the spaces between. We write songs together and listen together.
Harmonic pop bits with chocolate in the middle. A happy track.

Other tracks by Swimming:  New Friends  -  Like Minds Collide
Adrian Whyte - 2022     Country, Alternative Country, Rockabilly, Roots 30/07/2012
Dark, alternate solo country with a unique and somehow modern feel, self accompanied by a full fingerpickin' electric sound.
A song about the end of the world - again! Humans rebuild and live modestly, but it all goes pear shape once again. 'Perhaps what they say in those movies are true...? We're all just parasites there's nothing we can do!!!!!'

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Other tracks by Adrian Whyte:  Death Rides a Harley  -  Hindsight
The Broken Needles - Saltflat Baby     Rock 21/08/2012
"A wet-season postcard from Psychoville, N.Q." - Michael Dwyer, Rolling Stone Magazine
A snarling, full-throttle Australian rock song featuring a guest performance from The Middle East's Jordan Ireland on lead guitar. In the vein of past Australian punk heroes such as The Birthday Party, Crime & The City Solution, and The Saints.

Other tracks by The Broken Needles:  (I Am Not The) Resurrection  -  Cheap Gin
Phobiac - Stevie Wonderful     Pop, Rock, Britpop, Garage 17/09/2012
An experimental pop/rock number with psychedelic guitars, heavy beats and a big singalong chorus. RECOMMENDED BY: FBi RADIO, SYDNEY

Other tracks by Phobiac:  Triangle Song  -  All Boys
The Khanz - Prescription Culture     Pop 20/10/2012
Musical boundaries suck. Music's about playing, dancing and having fun together. We want to keep the community feeling alive. Life can be a bitch, let’s party.
Kids are being turned into junkies by their own parents, often with the connivance of teachers and schools. And it’s not for the kids’ benefit. It’s to make the parents and teachers feel better. And to make the kids easier to control.

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Other tracks by The Khanz:  Lost Control  -  Arachnid
EARS - Open Hearts     Hip Hop, Electronic, Experimental, Psychedelic 24/10/2012
EARS is a street artist come beat maker, who has been producing hip hop for 9 years. The music is Atmospheric, intricate psych inspired hip hop made with analogue gear.
Open hearts is a folky soundscape with a hip hop backbone. Thick lo fi textures, Floaty, crunchy Percussion, Analogue Synths and bitcrushed filter sweeps with live Halo and Vocals (Gabriel Goldberg), Double Bass (Nick Mcclean), Acoustic guitar (Leroy Lee).

Other tracks by EARS:  Panda  -  Red Silhouettes
The Texettes - After The Fire     Country, Rock, Roots, Alternative Country 13/11/2012
"Country RnR" is an invitation to hoist oneself out of the squatter's chair and kick up the dust with tracks from this boastfully Australian pure country music album.
"After the Fire" is country rock with a knee slapping Bluegrass influence- it's all energy, incorporating great songwriting and imaginative composition and it really kicks up some dust - a worthy contender in the grand finals of the 2012 Tamworth Songwriter's Association Blues, Roots and Bluegrass section.

Other tracks by The Texettes:  One More Beer  -  The Land That We Love
Sweet Teeth - Easy Life     Pop, Garage 25/01/2013
We are aggressive pop for the pop listener who hates everything.
We are aggressive pop for the pop listener who hates everything. RECOMMENDED BY: FBi RADIO, SYDNEY

Other tracks by Sweet Teeth:  Blog Buzz  -  Robert Downey Jr
Kate Crowley - Marrar Moon     Folk, Live Performance, Acoustic, Roots 31/01/2013
Kate Crowley recorded by 3MDR.3MDR Mountain District Radio 97.1fm is a community station nestled in the forest covered Dandenong Ranges, 35km east of Melbourne.
Marrar Moon is a tale of the road, a partial lunar eclipse and music shared with friends. Marrar, Wagga and Walwa are all rural towns on the trip home to a bleak winter Brunswick.
Recorded live at 3MDR, nestled in the forest covered Dandenong Ranges, 35km east of Melbourne.

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Danger Beach - Black Rain     Rock, Garage 01/02/2013
Danger Beach is the side project of former Assassins 88 member Lachlan Thomas of Canberra Australia. His music varies between sun soaked pop and dark atmospheric instrumentals
Black Rain retains that same atmosphere of Danger Beach's earlier work and rises above the lo-fi haze into something completely fresh with driving percussion, hypnotic guitars and lush melodies. Featuring vocals by Assassins 88

Ross de Chene Hurricanes - My Pretty Baby     Rock, Garage, Punk 27/02/2013
Two Melbourne punks, sharing a love of Tony Modra and his radical speccies. They make raucous garage jams about gals who reject them and guys who are tougher than them.
A DIY garage pop ditty about holding hands, pretty girls and other manly things like that.

Other tracks by Ross de Chene Hurricanes:  The Jailbird  -  I Don't Really Care
Big Dumb Kid - Thieves ft Rainbow Chan     Hip Hop, Electronic 20/03/2013
Big Dumb Kid wields 16-bit sounds and strong HipHop ethics fusing the rich melodies of Electronica with an autonomous perspective of his surroundings, BDK writes conscious songs for inquisitive listeners.
Big Dumb Kid releases "Thieves" a single collaboration with Rainbow Chan.
“I love her style and production. As soon as I heard her voice I knew I had to get her on a track... I've combined worlds of music that I'm very fond of. An ambience that builds and builds...”

Other tracks by Big Dumb Kid:  Somebody Else  -  About My Dream
Ben Houghton - Tempelhof     Electronic, House, Techno 10/04/2013
Ben Houghton makes house music for late nights, dark rooms and faded memories. Currently based in Berlin, this Melburnian's output speaks of deepness and understatement.
The title track from Ben Houghton's first Berlin EP, "Tempelhof" is a textural combination of gritty found sounds and synthesised layers, exploring both the structural and spatial elements of techno and house.


Other tracks by Ben Houghton:  Dat  -  First Snow
Bill Darby - Milk and Honey     Pop, Experimental 13/04/2013
Combining traditional song writing and explorative electronic production, The Buzz and the Bloom is fuelled by a fascination with live looping and sampling with accomplished guitar at its heart.
Layers of manipulated melodic guitar loops along with gently driving bass and drums and vocal harmonies form the basis of this fine peice of off-kilter pop song writing.

Other tracks by Bill Darby:  Whites Of Their Eyes  -  No Room
The Water Board - Peanuts     Rock, Garage, Pop, Psychedelic 15/04/2013
Four piece band from Sydney making fuzzy, reverb-drenched pop songs, following the footsteps of the Velvet Underground if Lou Reed was in a field of daisies by the sea.
Peanuts used to be called "Eat A Peanut Little Muffin". It's a song about knowing when to let go of someone if you know it will be better for both of you. It's one of our favourite songs to play live because it's fast and has a bit of space.

Other tracks by The Water Board:  Brown Eyes  -  Autumn Girl
Ben Mason - Avoiding a Fight     Rock, Psychedelic, Folk, Pop 22/05/2013
Ben Mason is a Melbourne singer and songwriter, formerly of the band The Smallgoods.
My new single is called "Avoiding a Fight".

My album Holes and Corners, will be out in July. It will be my debut solo album, since the Smallgoods ended. I recorded the album at home and it was mixed in Portland, Oregon by Adam Selzer, (M Ward, Laura Gibson).

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Valar - Astronaut     Rock, Jazz, Alternative Country 22/05/2013
Sydney 3 piece that bring together incredible song writing, free jamming and great production. Inspired by Neil Young, Radiohead and Talk Talk.
It unfolds, one layer at a time with old man Parsons doing his part to move things forward in his irregular yet mightily constrained way before the whole thing flattens out with Blackwood’s dulcet sweep atop a bed of harmonised howls. - Sound Doctrine 2013 RECOMMENDED BY: 3PBS, MELBOURNE

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Oscar Key Sung - It's Coming     Electronic, RnB 19/06/2013
At 23 years of age, Melbourne-based singer/songwriter/producer Oscar Key Sung has quickly garnered a reputation as one of the most prodigious new talents in Australia's vibrant indie music landscape.
It’s Coming is flush with beautiful vocals, tape loop samples and impeccably programmed beats. It stands as a fascinating progression of Oscar Slorach-Thorne’s song writing and production work from previous projects, a little darker and sexier but with similar overwhelmingly pop gestures.

Other tracks by Oscar Key Sung:  Sure Thing  -  All I Think About (Part 1)
Blake Noble - Truck     Rock, Roots, Grunge 21/06/2013
Blake Noble plays percussive 12-string acoustic guitar, where he hits the face and body of the guitar to produce incredible drum sounds, while simultaneously mixing in the ancient Australian Didgeridoo.
TRUCK is the second video from the brand new album Underdog by Aussie multi-instrumentalist Blake Noble. This track features the gritty rock vocals of Cody Beebe, who fronts the Seattle band Cody Beebe & The Crooks. It has been compared to Soundgarden and Alice in Chains.

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Other tracks by Blake Noble:  North Carolina  -  Waitomo
The Peep Tempel - Modern Professional     Rock, Punk, Garage 12/07/2013
The Peep Tempel's reputation has been built on their explosive live shows and raw, frenetic and unyielding sound.
The title track to The Peep Tempel's latest release, 'Modern Professional'.

"Lunch on the yacht, pigs at the trough."

Other tracks by The Peep Tempel:  Berlin