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Mirusia - I'll Never Find Another You     Easy Listening 03/04/2020
You know her for from Star Soprano performances with André Rieu. MIRUSIA is one of Australia’s favourite Sopranos; an Aria Award-winning classical crossover artist.
World-renowned singer Mirusia joins Michael Cristiano on "I'll Never Find Another You” (originally a single by The Seekers which reached No.1 in the UK in 1965). Mirusia hails from Brisbane and became an internationally acclaimed singer with Andre Rieu. "I’ll never Find Another You" is an Australian classic added to the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia in 2011.

BUDDY KNOX - Big City Mean Streets     Blues, Country, First Nations 31/01/2020
Buddy's 'Ticket To Memphis' is a culmination songs tackling the complete spectrum of life. Buddy will reignite your belief in the power of story, song and smoking hot guitar playing!
No matter how many times I visit Australian cities, I always have the desire to get back to the comfort of my own Gamilaaray country. The beat of the Red Rattlers on the North West rail line tells me I’m on my way home.

Other tracks by BUDDY KNOX:  Ticket To Memphis  -  Baby Girl
Dan Mullins - Somewhere Along the Way (The Camino Song)     Country 06/09/2019
Dan Mullins is a Sydney-based singer/songwriter, broadcaster, podcaster and author. He has more than 35 years experience as a live performer at venues across Australia and overseas.
Dan wrote the song on the plains of Spain while walking 1000 kilometres across Europe on the Camino de Santiago, the Way of St James. Dan was walking in the footsteps of millions of pilgrims before him. Their energy delivered the song straight to his heart.

It’s a yearning we all hold ~ to find what we’re looking for.

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JEN MIZE AND MARK SHOLTEZ - Home On The Range     Country, Jazz, Blues, Soul 15/02/2019
A brilliant reimagining of iconic cowboy songs from the golden era of American music - featuring musicians from Australia’s cream of country and jazz scenes. Unlike anything you’ve heard before.
“Mize and Sholtez both possess exceptional voices. Clearly schooled in country music, they draw on jazz, soul, blues, and folk which add to the timeless sound, whether harmonising on the iconic “Home on the Range” and “Cool Water” or taking solo flights on Mize’s soul-baring and moving rendition of “The Black Hills of Dakota” and Sholtez’s “Wand’rin’ Star.” Rhythms Magazine

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Other tracks by JEN MIZE AND MARK SHOLTEZ:  Cool Water  -  My Rifle My Pony & Me
Mirusia - Georgy Girl     Pop, Classical, Folk 15/02/2019
You know her for from Star Soprano performances with André Rieu. MIRUSIA is one of Australia’s favourite Sopranos; an Aria Award-winning classical crossover artist.
“Growing up in Australia the music of The Seekers was not only a part of my childhood, but it helped form me as an artist. This recording is in no way intended to replace the original recordings but it is with respect that I sing their music and share it around the world. So to The Seekers, I salute you!”

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Other tracks by Mirusia:  I Am Australian
Rachael Leahcar - What They Don't Tell You     Pop, Country 28/03/2017
Rachael Leahcar is an Australian artist who broke television records with her appearance on the first season of The Voice in 2012.
When you’re growing up, you’re always encouraged to do the things you love and told that the world is a great place. When you finally become an adult things don’t always go to plan. This song is about all the things you find out as you grow in life.


Other tracks by Rachael Leahcar:  Sweet Child O' Mine
Marcia Hines - Coldest Winter Nights     Pop 26/07/2015
At 60 years of age, Marcia is still an inspiration to Australian women everywhere. Marcia is constantly reinventing herself and her extraordinary career shows no signs of stopping.
"This is what it feels like to be lonely…a coldest winter night. Your love has burnt down in flames and your heart continues to burn with a passion. It’s that burning passion of pain that keeps you alive in the coldest winter of loneliness." Marcia Hines

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Wendy Matthews - Keeping My Distance     Pop, Country 26/07/2015
Wendy Matthews is Australian singing royalty. She released multiple hit singles in the 1990s - Token Angels, Let's Kiss, The Day You Went Away and Friday's Child.
"Keeping My Distance" is yet another instant classic from Wendy Matthews - sweeping strings, paired-back arrangement, lyrics that will have you in tears and a vocal that is as heartbreaking as "The Day You Went Away".

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Paulini - By My Side     Pop, Dance 19/04/2015
With her incredible voice, stunning looks and engaging personality, Paulini is one of Australia’s most uniquely talented performers and songwriters.
"This song is about coming into my skin after a struggle to find my voice, my artistry and loving myself. We may feel lonely sometimes but we are never alone - this song is a reminder of the love that surrounds us in friends, family and love from above."

Mark Sholtez - California     Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Alternative Country 05/04/2015
Mark Sholtez, is an APRA Award winning, ARIA nominated Brisbane based performer who first came to the public’s attention with his debut album ‘Real Street’.
This song addresses the idea of chasing dreams and losing the ones you love. The opening verse leads us through Topanga Canyon to the Californian coast road that became a place for ritual contemplation, and the first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean would repeatedly make me homesick.

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Leo Sayer - How Did We Get So Old     Pop 21/01/2015
Since 1973's smash The Show Must Go On to 2006's UK #1 remix Thunder In My Heart, Leo has carved an incredible career, selling 80million albums and garnering a Grammy.
"I’m loving being in my 60’s. It’s fun! Kids think you’re smart, people open doors, you get your own dedicated car spaces, get charged less for things. But I’m a child in my mind, and sometimes I get disappointed when I look in the mirror...surely that guy can’t be me?"...Leo


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Russell Morris - Eureka     Blues/Roots, Rock, Country 25/11/2014
Russell Morris is one of Australia's most enduring singers. His latest album, Van Dieman's Land has just received a 2014 ARIA Award nomination for Best Blues and Roots Album.
Eureka written by Russell Morris & Ed Nimervol
(Rob Hirst "Midnight Oil" drums, Anita Quayle Cello)

2014 marks 160yrs since the extraordinary events at Eureka.

The Eureka Stockade saw a rebellion of Ballarat gold-miners, lead by Peter Laylor against the colonial authority.

It was the birth of democracy in Australia.

Paulini - Air It All Out     Pop 16/10/2014
Superstar and much loved singer songwriter, Paulini, is back and ready to Air It All Out! The Fijian-born songstress has returned to release Air It All Out.
“This song is about letting go of all negativity, doubt and fear; breathing in and exhaling positivity and purpose. The song expresses that moment when you’ve hit that low point and you’re in darkness but you find that little bit of hope and pull yourself out.”

Other tracks by Paulini:  Air It All Out (7th Heaven radio Edit Remix)  -  Ait It All Out (Dan Slater Remix)
Russell Morris - Birdsville     Blues/Roots, Blues 15/10/2014
One of Australia’s best rock exports for the best part of fifty years, Russell Morris continues blazing a path with his latest albums becoming the most successful of his career.
“A friend of mine is the ispiration for this song; he hasn’t had a lot of luck in convincing any prospective female partners into moving to his outback home.”
Featuring the talents of Joe Camilleri on Sax and Vika and Linda Bull on Vocals.

Other tracks by Russell Morris:  Van Diemen's Land