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Shangrila - Happy     Alternative, Rock 14/02/2020
Shangrila are a WA five piece who have been dominating with their alt-rock sounds through out 2019.
A song about instant connections, unfiltered emotion and developing relationships off the back of those strong feelings, ‘Happy’ leaves nothing hidden in ambiguity. It’s a straight-to-the-point, heart on sleeve offering that will connect instantly with fans of Slowly Slowly, Luca Brasi and Trophy Eyes.

Tether - Weathered     Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Rock, Pop 14/02/2020
Equally enigmatic and magnetic, Tether are a captivating, all female 4pc from Perth serving up a dark, luscious blend of alt-rock and electronica.
An R&B-esque beat pulses under fragile vocals, this track delicately builds into an emotional shoegazey rock outro. A perfect transition from electronica into art-rock.

Other tracks by Tether:  Unravel  -  Imprints
The Great Divides - Face the World     Alternative, Indie, Rock, Pop 14/02/2020
The Great Divides are a four piece who play idiosyncratic post-punk and pop songs. Hailing from Castlemaine the are influenced by the likes of The Clean and The Sea Urchins.
Recorded by Dusty Anastassiou of Dag this track is the debut single from the young group - it explores the journey of growing up going on the bus to school everyday. Released by Spoilsport records

Turtle Bay Television - Cronenberg     Alternative, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 14/02/2020
Turtle Bay Television made their start in 2012 as a four piece and has steadily grown to include a brass section and a rotating cast of backup singers and instrumentalists.
The single was inspired by a lonely late-night viewing of David Cronenberg’s classic body-horror bonanza - Scanners. It aims to evoke a darkly primal atmosphere, somewhere between fight and flight, with grotesquely abstract lyrics; an angular, disco-inflected post-punk rhythm section; and stark saxophone and guitar.

The Shang - Long Way Up     Alternative, Rock 11/02/2020
The Shang are an alternative rock four piece from south western Sydney.
‘Long Way Up’, is an alternative rock single with elements of Australian and UK rock. Recorded, produced and mixed at The Grove Studios by Jack Nigro, who’s production credits include, DMA’s, Ocean Alley, Violent Soho and many more. The boys will also be taking their single on the road around the country for a headline tour kicking off in April.

Steve Kilbey & Gareth Koch - Fallen Crown     Alternative 10/02/2020
Following two critically acclaimed singles, the debut album Chryse Planitia shows a strong and recognisable musical identity. Kilbey and Koch have forged a sound characterised by fluid movement across genres.
As first track on the album this track really sets the tone with some brilliant guitar work from Koch and the surreal and wonderful lyrical images from Mr Kilbey. With solid drum work and layered backing this uptempo and positive tune will satisfy.

Other tracks by Steve Kilbey & Gareth Koch:  The Fatal Hour  -  Lady Ishtar In Her Garden
The Watershed - Dark Desire     Alternative, Indie, Pop 10/02/2020
The Watershed is an amalgamation of confusion, contemplation, heartache and musical outlet. Formed by Nick Freestone and Kim O’Connor, the meanderings and sometimes ruthless searching has culminated this a collaboration.
Considering Dark Desire’s synthetic space and air, it’s surprising that most parts were created on acoustic guitar. The production atmosphere complements the lyrics perfectly, which are of a desperate inner voice seeking after what is always out of reach.

Claire Birchall - The City and The Sea     Alternative, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Rock 07/02/2020
Melbourne singer-songwriter, on tour this February with Kim Salmon. This is the second single from her upcoming bedroom synth album Running In Slow Motion.
‘The City and The Sea’ is a dark and moody synth-pop ballad showcasing a new facet to Claire’s ever-evolving songcraft while staying true to her DIY heart. Claire has a magic touch with intersecting melody, and we are sure she will make a legion of new fans with this gorgeous new track.

D'Arcy Spiller - Wildfire     Alternative, Indie 07/02/2020
D’Arcy Spiller signs record deal with 100s + 1000s and releases her fierce new single ‘Wildfire’, the follow up to her debut release ‘Cry All Night’.
‘Wildfire’ is a euphoric and emotionally charged track that was written in a cosy bedroom set up in a basement with Phebe Starr and Xavier Dunn. D’Arcy says she was reflecting on two somewhat contradicting worlds through wordplay, focussing on two words that had been repeatedly lingering in her head lately; ‘wildfire’ and ‘dollhouse’.

Misty Lanes - Charmer     Alternative, Rock, Psych, Garage 07/02/2020
Misty Lanes is the solo recording project of Sydney-based songwriter, producer, and engineer, Steve W. Schouten.
A song about never growing up.

Charlie Gradon - Grieving     Alternative, Indie, Rock, Folk 04/02/2020
Sydney's Charlie Gradon offers more indie rock nostalgia on new single 'Grieving' taken from his forthcoming sophomore EP.
Born in his bedroom studio, the nostalgic track builds towards emotionally charged chorus' with gusto, before falling away to Gradon's echoing, yet charming vocals. It's a rolling ballad of heartache crescendoing in a resolved and hopeful outlook.

Cloning - All Rise     Alternative, Rock 04/02/2020
Cloning formed among friends Nic Rollo, Felix Parker and Jack Brett during their final years at school. The untimely loss of a close friend drove them to invest heavily in-their-musical-pursuits.
“All Rise” is an introspective track that questions morality and is influenced by Nordic mythology.

It pays homage to triphop auteurs, Portishead while also evoking influences from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds to Radiohead. This atmospheric track is the perfect soundtrack to a warm, hazy summer, with shining synthesisers, ample mandolin, cinematic guitar and idiosyncratic vocals.

Cope & Drag - Second Rate     Alternative, Indie 04/02/2020
Cope & Drag lead a slack-jawed lyrical humdrum that merges the mad with the mystic. A stammering ride between Lou Reed and Link Wray.
A tale of punk slide guitar and beat poet lyricism that you can dance to.

Other tracks by Cope & Drag:  Johnny and Bella
Edie Stonem - Red Apples     Alternative, Rock, Pop 04/02/2020
A brutally honest storyteller, Edie Stonem will drag you to the depths of her own private hell and make you fall in love with the moments you dreamed to forget.
Red Apples is about feeling ostracized for essentially being who I was at the time I wrote the song. Created for anyone who has ever felt as though they weren't good enough, weren't successful enough or as though they had to live their life to please others despite their own unhappiness.

Grand Casual - Go     Alternative, Indie 04/02/2020
Grand Casual’s new material has a diverse flavour ranging from classic blues rock tunes driven by Matt Cooper’s gritty guitar riffs through to elements of hip hop and reggae.
Go looks at humanities ability to forgive, to be able to accept perceived mistakes and move forward with life. Full of Hope, upbeat and an all round fun time, sink your fangz in.

Troy Peverall - Madman     Alternative, Folk, Pop, Rock 04/02/2020
Recording Artist/Singer Songwriter Troy Peverall released the Soul Tree Album on 20/12/2019. Produced/Engineered by Adam Round (Tame Impala/Pond). Recorded at Kingdom Studios. A Unique voice not heard much these days.
My parents had this record of 18th-century philosopher/poet Kahlil Gibran. Spoken words dealt in the aesthetics’ of the world relegating his deeds to eternity rather than the immediate.

"Madman stands for everything the 60's stood for, even more so now" [Snowy-EasyBeats]

Society is merely a social construct, we have the power to change it if we believe in its cause.

Other tracks by Troy Peverall:  Desire [Is A Slave]  -  Make Me Happy
Willis Peak - End     Alternative, Folk 04/02/2020
Willis Peak is a project by musical all-rounder Timothy Chivers. The debut EP is a concept album, telling the story of Willis Peak from life to death.
End is a song about growing up in a world that feels like it's ending.

"The Holocene has ended. The Garden of Eden is no more. We have changed the world so much that scientists say we are in a new geological age: the Anthropocene, the age of humans." - David Attenborough

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Other tracks by Willis Peak:  Pride  -  Boyhood
COTERIE - Salvation     Alternative, Indie, Rock 03/02/2020
Hailing from the west coast, indie rock four-piece COTERIE are making are a name for themselves as the ones to watch in 2020.
'Salvation' is the second official single from Perth band COTERIE.

Written as a reflection on the times and culture that we're living in, 'Salvation' explores the vulnerability and pressures of everyday life, acknowledging that regardless of circumstance or situation, everyone needs a hand up at some point.

The Immaculate Crows - Family Life     Alternative, Indie, Rock, Pop 03/02/2020
The Immaculate Crows were a Brisbane alternative band that played in 1982 and 1984. They were founded by Bruce Neilsen (guitarist, songwriter) and Chris Allen (drums).
The song was inspired by memories of not so good times growing up (remembering the impact of witnessing my parents having damaging arguments on rare occasions). Despite this my parents did have a loving happy life together until Dad passed.

Peachfield - Helicopters To Find You     Alternative, Country, Indie, Rock 01/02/2020
Peachfield is a six-piece peachy rock band from Redfern. It began in a two-story terrace, but it sings with an affection for all of the places you might call home.
A teenage girl witnesses a helicopter searchlight illuminate a suburban backyard, then continue methodically down the street. Neighbours emerge from houses and speculate. It turns out to be a nasty custody case, with a father trying to covertly whisk his kids offshore. Years later, she returns to old suburbs to search for an absconded lover but everything has changed.

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