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Toxic Bears - Atlantis     Alternative, Rock, Indie 01/11/2019
Toxic Bears are an avant garage, experimental rock band out of Brisbane. Their music ranges from melodic hardcore to funk, jazz and Latin-infused alternative rock.
So long suckers! At least that's how you felt when you purchased your one-way shuttle tickets. But more existential reflections manifest on takeoff as you survey the drowned, denuded Earth below. Surely things will turn out differently in your new world?

Dumb Things - Waiting Out     Alternative, Indie 01/11/2019
Brisbane bedroom pop five-piece Dumb Things make music which is a perfect reflection of their sub-tropical climate. Bright, carefree and shimmering, with occasional wistful and melancholy overtones.
Dumb Things hit back with the next taste from their upcoming sophomore album, Time Again. Featuring their usual, both at times, wandering and interlocking guitars, ‘Waiting Out’ picks up where ‘Today, Tonight’ left off. The song’s words, vague and unassuming, convey the feeling of being out of place but ultimately being ok with it.

The Scientists - Dissonance     Alternative, Punk, Garage, Pop 31/10/2019
Kim Salmon, AKA the Godfather of Grunge, also known for the Scientists, Beasts of Bourbon and much other music, has 2 singles and a book coming out November 8!
In late 70s they appeared. They had a crazy beat! They had jarring guitars! They had a guy out the front screaming himself into a state of bug eyed confusion! Then they were gone! Frozen in suspended animation. But wait, the ice is melting. The Scientists are back, out of the Lab with this slab…of Dissonance!

Badgers - Make It Rain     Alternative, Pop, Psych, Garage 30/10/2019
The power of three Witches with one Warlock in the Coven decorated like a tropical storm and reminiscent of a 60's hippy-shake with a Brian Jonestown twist.
Debut single ‘Make It Rain’ is a driving, party-ready belter that charges with a reckless melodic abandon into a groove deeper than the cracks in a ‘70s vinyl chair back, showering steely-eyed good-time vibes like a sprinkler set to ‘stunning’.

CLEWS - New Age     Alternative, Rock, Indie, Easy Listening 30/10/2019
Having wowed audiences around Australia with their explosive live show and enjoyed heavy rotation on triple j with singles such as “Crushed” and “Museum” &"Hollywood" CLEWS return with 'new Age'
A darker take on their intoxicating melange of candied grunge and pop "New Age" speaks to the experience of growing up as "a modern girl in a modern world" says Lily Richardson.

Obscura Hail - Goth     Alternative, Pop, Indie, Rock 30/10/2019
Melbourne trio Obscura Hail share new single 'Goth' ahead of their new EP Zero, out Friday 25th October via Dot Dash/Remote Control.
Sean Conran on 'Goth': "Goth's core was one take. A slacker vocal reading of two separate songs, forced to contrast each other under the one light. I blasted a looped beat through my Nintendo DS (running Korg M-01) and maxed out the gain on both my guitar pedal and 10 track."

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SOY - Pigments     Alternative, Psych, Rock 30/10/2019
Meet SOY, Forrester Beach’s answer to Psychedelic Rock in the modern world!
Tales of Brotherhood and Betrayal.

Tess Guthrie - Fairy Lights     Alternative, Rock, Indie 30/10/2019
Tess Guthrie has been charming audiences with her otherworldly musical presence and infectiously grounded, relatable messages all year. Fairy Lights is the alt-rock follow up to her debut single 'WUTO'.
Tess Guthrie has turned-out a striking alt-rock banger about reclaiming power for survivors of gendered violence. The track balances Guthrie’s potent voice with an unapologetically heavier sound to face internalised victim blaming head-on. Tess brings a political, poignant and timely track that stands apart from the delicate box female singer/songwriters are often placed in.

You Can't Take Me - Melissa J Evans - Not Alone     Alternative, Blues 30/10/2019
In 2019, You Can’t Take Me saw a small group of songwriters who have experienced sexual violence embark on a songwriting journey to put their personal stories into song.
Melissa J Evans story of her experience. How many of us are not alone in suffering sexual assault.

Other tracks by You Can't Take Me:  Kendall Llayt - Medicate
Violetine - New Wave     Alternative, Rock 25/10/2019
Violetine enjoyed an all too brief moment in The Australian alternative sun in the 90s, and have just toured nationally with Superjesus. New album out now.
New Wave is taken from the never before released album, ironically titled 'The One That Never Came Out', which was released on October 25. This album was the followup to their classic 'Small Speaker Joyland', but due to record company politics and internal issues was never released...until now. This song - New Wave - was too good not to release.

Candy - Sorry, Sydney     Alternative, Pop, Rock 24/10/2019
Candy is the solo moniker of Calum Newton, Melbourne's premium bedroom-pop producer.
“Sorry, Sydney” is an apology to all the trash Candy spoke about the city after living there; it’s a bright track, seeping with remorse

Dream Cities - Angel's Call     Alternative, Rock, Hip Hop 24/10/2019
Dream Cities is a collaboration of Sydney Hip Hop recording artist Ello C with the trio of musicians Andrej Trbojevic (guitarist), Alex Solo (bassist, electronics) and Mike Solo (drummer).
Angel's Call opens with a spacious soundscape, that makes way for MC Ello C's first verse. The lyrical content is very consciously written, and all instrumentation is very dynamic. MC Ello C tells of the struggles of dealing with personal trauma and waking up to your own personal power. Inspiring, powerful and catchy as hell. Press play now!

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Harmony Byrne - Come Down vs Calm Down     Alternative, Rock, Folk 24/10/2019
Ahead of supporting The Teskey Brothers on their massive (and entirely sold out) national album tour - Melbourne’s Harmony Byrne shares her new single ‘Come Down Vs Calm Down’.
Of the track, Harmony says: "'Come Down vs Calm Down' is, in essence, a song about mental health. It started as a cathartic vocal improvisation, allowing whatever came to mind to be sung. I feel there is darkness hidden in our minds that often engulfs us, which although hard to talk about, is important to express."

Loneliest Man on Earth - I AM READY     Alternative, Pop, Indie, Folk 24/10/2019
Loneliest Man on Earth is a solo project by Oguz Kahveci who writes, records, and produces his own songs and tells the story of being left alone.
I AM READY is a song that can be interpreted in different ways. In Loneliest Man's case it is a one way monologue, directed to a creator or a higher power, to search questions and answers, regardless of they exist or not.

Memphis LK - Roses     Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Dance 24/10/2019
Memphis LK grows tall with the release of her fresh single ‘Roses’. Premiered via Home & Hosed on triple j, ‘Roses’ is out now via Dot Dash Recordings/Remote Control.
Spirited bass-pop that blooms from a bed of dystopian electro, the new single is an empowering antidote to Australia’s prevalent tall poppy syndrome. ‘Roses’ optimistically imagines a world where we share and celebrate each other’s successes rather than drag one and another down. “We’d all just grow so much taller and brighter and stronger and shinier together,” Memphis adds.

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Ruby Jones - Make It Out     Alternative, Pop, Psych, Folk 24/10/2019
Powerful psych-folk artist, Ruby Jones cut her teeth performing with Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes, she returns with second single, 'Make It Out'.
'Make It Out' examines those toxic, cyclical processes that take hold of us like a drug. Wrapping this feeling of hopelessness in a more upbeat skin, it captures that feeling when you know something is disastrously bad for you but the stranglehold is so intense that you can’t get away.”

Triggerlip - Foundations     Alternative, Punk, Indie, Rock 24/10/2019
Triggerlip is an alternative punk band from Perth, WA. Having only been around since early 2018, the band has released a handful of singles, as well as their debut EP
Foundations centres lyrically around the emotions that a person is prone to feeling when looking back on their past, reminiscing of moments that will never be replicated. People grow and change over time, as this growth occurs, ideas and goals that a person may have had, evolve and change. Foundations addresses this, and the emotions that come with it.

Various Artists - Tuffence Meringue - Hummingbird     Alternative, Pop 24/10/2019
A celebration of independent music from Sydney and beyond, the 24-track compilation features an array of dynamic new music from a range of Australia's brightest up-and-coming DIY artists.
Body Type's Sophie McComish (Tuffence Meringue) writes about the manifolds of intimate exchanges between humans.

Other tracks by Various Artists:  Special Guest - Over Now  -  Nick Griffith - 7am
WOODES - Silent Disco     Alternative, Dance 23/10/2019
The enigmatic Melbourne artist Woodes is one of the most exciting names in Australian indie music for a reason, today returning to share her new single 'Silent Disco'.
Woodes worked with Touch Sensitive on the new single 'Silent Disco', saying "It’s a little different from my other songs, but still feels like it fits into a film or cinematic world. I love that it’s a song about disco that plays into the disco realm.”

Dee Lunar - Shapeshifter     Alternative, Rock, Roots 21/10/2019
Dee Lunar is an alternative rock artist based in Cairns Queensland, she records experimental music in her home studio.
Dee’s latest endeavour is in the form of the single ‘Shapeshifter’, which is heavy in both sonics and thematics. To quote the artist herself, she hopes that the song becomes a “full on female empowerment anthem” -- inspired by a journey into the underworld to meet her animal guides.