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Bert Shirt - Defiantly     Alternative, Psych, Dance, Rock 07/11/2019
Bert Shirt are a sun bleached noise-pop band
Being forced to stay at a party when there is a better one down the road.

Other tracks by Bert Shirt:  Late Night Shopping  -  Decor
darby - Russian Girls     Alternative, Indie, Folk, Easy Listening 07/11/2019
darby is a hyper-creative- prolific songwriter and producer, animator and visual artist who lives with 30 others in an artist co-operative in Newtown.
About a French boy.

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Hearts and Rockets - New Nightmare     Alternative, Punk, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 07/11/2019
Hearts and Rockets’ second LP Power is out now and has been feature album on 4ZZZ, EDGE and SYN. New Nightmare is the latest single, watch the video too!
Like the worst nightmares you can have that you can’t escape! But you have to remember it will all be over soon. These are nightmares everyone has had; spiders crawling all over you, stairs to climb that are never ending, waves crashing over you like you’re drowning, flying and falling.

Lunar Tide - Leave In Love     Alternative, Rock, Indie, Psych 07/11/2019
Psych-blues band from Melbourne. Reverb, fuzz and beats, lead by a strong female singer.
A psychedelic romp through a dirty old swamp.

Dick Dale guitars and fuzzy solos along with a strong vocal line, supported by a pulsing bass and pounding drums.

Ruby Jones - Make It Out     Alternative, Pop, Rock, Psych 07/11/2019
Ruby Jones’ vocals are both as powerful as they are tender. Blending 1970s psychedelic guitar tones with an ethereal voice Ruby Jones Conjures themes of heartbreak, loss and redemption.
’Make It Out’; a rollicking track covering euphoria, loss and redemption.

On ‘Make It Out’ Jones’ vocals are both as powerful as they are tender; she wraps a feeling of hopelessness in an upbeat skin which captures the feeling when something is disastrously bad for you but the stranglehold is so intense that you can’t get away

Other tracks by Ruby Jones:  Backbone
The Sunday League - I Liked it When You Weren't Yourself     Alternative, Rock 07/11/2019
The Sunday League make heart felt alt-rock that resonates from the Australian sounds of the late 80's to the American country jangles of the early 90’s.
The Sunday League’s new single is about two people meeting at their lowest point. As they grow together the vulnerability that connected them disappears, leaving them strong but no longer the people they were when they fell in love.

The Sunday League combines courses and sweetness in a celebration of humaneness that is loud, cathartic, and alive.

tomtom - Day Dream     Alternative, Rock, Indie, Blues 07/11/2019
tomtom is 50/50 bark/bite. An Alt-Rock artist from the banks of the Brisbane River. A choirboy who grew up in the suburbs dreaming of brights lights and sticky dance floors.
Day Dream is the first single of his EP “Desiderata”. It’s a short, warped indie-rock romp with sparkling guitars and layers of vocals. Reminiscent of Beach Boys meeting Grizzly Bear its 2 minutes and change of musical Day Dreaming in the sun.

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Adele & The Chandeliers - German ON My Mind     Alternative, Pop, Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 06/11/2019
Adele Pickvance always enjoyed the supporting role. From her compelling bass lines on the last 3 albums from The Go-Betweens. Now she fronts her band Adele & The Chandeliers
Trapped in a new wave echo-chamber, Adele's intentions in German On My Mind are questioned by Karen Baümler (partner and bandmate of Robert Forster) who joined the recording session to deliver curious interjections in her native Bavarian.

German. It’s been on Adele’s mind. When you hear German On My Mind, it’s going to beetched deep in yours too.

Ali Barter - Big Ones     Alternative, Rock, Pop 06/11/2019
Since her 2017 debut-record, the indie-pop singer became a kind of vessel, slowly filling to the brim with a steady stream of doubts and hang-ups about her sound and herself.
Of the track, Barter says “I wrote ‘Big Ones’ during a time when I was sorting through the stress of expectation. Expectations from the people I work with, people I live with and mainly the ones I was putting on myself. So the song is essentially about opinions.”

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Ed Wells - GMT     Alternative, Soul, Jazz, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 06/11/2019
Hailing from-Sydney and currently making a name for himself as both an artist and legal student in the UK, Ed Wells has developed his own unique blend of modern-day, classic-soul.
“GMT” is largely about the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the importance of being able to take a step back from that. I manage to take that step back when I visit family in the Yorkshire countryside (which ironically is where I did most of the work on the song when I was writing it).”

Jeremy Neale - Everything I Do Is Replaced by Two     Alternative, Rock, Pop, Indie 06/11/2019
Jeremy Neale shares ‘Everything I Do Is Replaced by Two’ from his new forthcoming album, We Were Trying To Make It Out, released 28 February 2020 via Dot Dash/Remote Control.
Lead single ‘Everything I Do Is Replaced by Two’ premiered via triple j's Home & Hosed is a song which laments on the perils of a neverending to do list. "Life is demanding and the seemingly infinite to-do list is a brutal beast sworn to make sure you can never truly relax..." Jeremy describes.

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Kurtis Taylor - Four Years     Alternative, Pop, Indie 06/11/2019
My music is honest and straight to the point, my goal is to write songs that completely representative of me. Why pretend to be something I'm not
Honestly, I don't like to give away all the details to my songs.

But it's about an event that's happened to you, and it changes you completely

What that event is? That's for you to decide, you might be able to think something that's relates to this track in your life. That's my goal, hopefully you can.

Loneliest Man on Earth - GET OUT     Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Pop 06/11/2019
Loneliest Man on Earth is solo project by Oguz Kahveci, who tells stories of people feeling lonely.
GET OUT has one promise to all its listeners. If you feel like you are stuck and have no space to move around your emotions, obsessions, past and future; run towards the love and everything will be okay.

Olivia's World - Blotter     Alternative, Indie, Pop, Rock 06/11/2019
Powerpop arrow aimed straight to the heart.
Bouncy, sweet, and punchy, opening song "Blotter" aims to be a quick-hit peek into the trio’s perfect pop songwriting sensibilities. You might hear nods to Dick Diver and The Courtneys.

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Other tracks by Olivia's World:  Cereal Boxes
Paddy J - Neon Dream     Alternative, Pop, Rock, Indie 06/11/2019
Paddy J is a singer/songwriter hailing out of Cairns who cut his teeth on the Oz touring circuit and is now based in Kuranda, Queensland, Australia.
Neon Dream is a pop tinged anthem with funky guitar, smooth synth melodies and a driving bass line. A very cool snare sound keeps the vibe of this track sounding fresh.

Other tracks by Paddy J:  If We Could Be  -  Intercontinental
Piramid Skeme - no wrong feelings     Alternative, Experimental, Rock 06/11/2019
Piramid Skeme brings a sonic philosophical experience from an Adelaide home recording experiment.
no wrong feelings

Other tracks by Piramid Skeme:  planet caravan  -  acceptance
Venice Queens - Eddie's Castle     Alternative, Rock, Indie 06/11/2019
Adelaide five-piece Venice Queens have well and truly established themselves as a South Australian music heavyweight over the past two years.
Written by Venice Queens, Eddie’s Castle is a testament to the recently closed, longstanding Adelaide live venue, ‘The Ed Castle’. The Queens played their first show at the Ed and wrote the song in the week following, getting it down in one sitting.

Mona Visa - Peter Pan     Alternative, Indie, Pop 05/11/2019
Qld Siblings, produced by Govinda Doyle (Angus & Julia Stone Big Jet Plane) "Specifically, with this song, I’m speaking about a man who emulated all the toxicity I was attracting,"
"Specifically, with this song, I’m speaking about a man who emulated all the toxicity I was attracting," says lead singer and co-writer Ashleigh Hobbs. "I see this track as my own personal call to action; it’s me saying, ‘no more’. I knew if I kept up living the way I was, I was choosing an early death."

The Wayward Doves - A Set of Me Instructions     Alternative, Pop, Country 05/11/2019
The Wayward Doves is the new outfit for Luke Russell (the older brother of acclaimed singer Sally Seltmann). He has previously released five albums on Half A Cow Records.
A Set of Me Instructions - When your lover can’t do anything right, and it’s time that he knows about it. Lead vocals by Kim Shazell.

Other tracks by The Wayward Doves:  That’s When We Fell in Love  -  Lost and Waiting to be Found
Dip Road Dogs - Labour Day     Alternative, Psych, Rock 02/11/2019
Dip Road Dogs are a group of Victorian farm boys who have just finished recording their debut e.p in Nashville, Tennessee. Enjoy our blend of psych, farm rock.
Labour Day is a song we wrote in our Farm studio in the middle of the Leaghur forest on Labour Day funnily enough, after a big weekend at Golden Plains. The song is instrumentally driven as we did not right the lyrics until the night before we were due to track at the studio in Nashville. Hope you like it!