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Samskara Radio - Can't Kill The Radio (Dan Konopka Remix)     Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Pop 20/11/2019
Samskara Radio is Simon Marrocco’s electro-rock outfit. He enlisted Dan Konopka, who is the drummer and producer for Grammy award winning band OK Go, to create this intriguing EBM remix.
Can't Kill The Radio (Dan Konopka Remix) is a moody and alluring single with a hip-hop inspired beat, distant reverberating electric guitars and a catchy earworm chorus that may cause Stuck Song Syndrome. So be forewarned. A cool deep house electro drop towards the ending makes this track even more interesting.

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Tiaryn - When I Go     Alternative, Soul, Hip Hop 20/11/2019
Tiaryn's raw and captivating vocals soar atop a warm, nostalgic bed of tape hiss, punchy drums, wailing electric guitars and watery rhodes. Classic songwriting meets neo soul and indie rock.
When I go is the torch bearer of 'Lilith' EP. The song immediately takes off with a driving beat, singing guitars and pulsating Rhodes. ‘This song is about finding the confidence to be who am underneath all my politeness.” There's an enticing momentum that seems to keep lifting, surprising you with key changes and a sense of growing hope.

Other tracks by Tiaryn:  Worship  -  Only The Body
Toxic Bears - Million Dollar Cult     Alternative, Rock, Indie 19/11/2019
Toxic Bears are an avant garage, experimental rock band out of Brisbane. Their music ranges from melodic hardcore to funk, jazz and Latin-infused alternative rock.
Trawling troughs of moneyed suburban isolation can yield spiritual and bodily riches for the leaders of new age movements. In Million Dollar Cult we lament the personal effects of such conversions via a head nodding track of our sleaziest funk rock.

Stalking Like Candy - Friedrich Nietzsche     Alternative, Rock, Experimental 18/11/2019
Stalking Like Candy is an art-rock assemblage lead by Dr J. The group impart their projects with a joyous uncertainty, twisting amongst multiple perspectives and patching together sonic impressions.
Friedrich Nietzsche equally delicate as it is harrowing as it illuminates Dr J’s PhD in political philosophy with nimble flute lines and maniacal incantations in a spacious mosh-pit, the backing vocals were recorded in the bunkers on Malabar Headland.

House Deposit - IKEA Dreaming     Alternative, Pop, Indie 15/11/2019
House Deposit are a new four-piece band from Melbourne, writing honest jangle pop about honest things.
Trying to fill a void with material possessions.

Other tracks by House Deposit:  House Deposit  -  City Strain
Imperials - Carolina     Alternative, Dance 15/11/2019
The group came together when Ingrid met Josh through mutual songwriting projects. Writing for others, they soon had a collection of songs when the vision for Imperials came to them.
Carolina is a bittersweet moment where you think you have it all until you snap out of it.

You do absolutely everything you can to make this person happy but realize you aren’t getting anything in return.

The more you try, the more you love, the more distant and indecisive that person grows.

Kim Salmon - Shine Some Darkness (live)     Alternative, Rock, Garage, Punk 15/11/2019
Kim Salmon is renowned worldwide as the Godfather of Grunge. Originally aspiring to be a nuclear physicist, he was swayed by the sounds of rock’n’roll and became a Scientist.
Recorded live in the Triple R Performance Space, 20th October, 2019.

Other tracks by Kim Salmon:  Let's All Get Destroyed
Lili Crane - Drama Queen     Alternative, Indie, Pop, Rock 15/11/2019
Lili Crane is an 18 year old singer/songwriter from Newcastle, Australia. 2019 has been a huge year for Lili with the release of 3 singles and recording her debut EP.
Drama Queen follows the pop rock sound of Lili’s last two singles but is also a peek into what fans can expect from the upcoming EP. Drama Queen is the ultimate fast-paced ballad which contains powerful vocals and glittery guitar sounds that contrast with the gloomy lyrics and story behind the song.

Psychobabel - Patience     Alternative, Garage, Psych, Rock 15/11/2019
Psychobabel are just your average local Melbourne, garage, pop-inspired, conceptual, heavy horror-fuzz punk band
Psychobabel will take you to the alternate universe of their abstract, reflective and emotionally dysfunctioning “character”. Their newest single “Patience” has her dealing with crazed boredom within human relationships and revisits the themes of numbness and self sabotage in a high energy, pop-inspired heavy garage track.

Shift it Baby - I thought you were my friend     Alternative, Country, Blues, Pop 15/11/2019
SHIFT IT BABY is a high energy Duo with a feel-good vibe. Voices, guitars, loop station and percussion come together to create a full sound with rhythmic and melodic subtleties.
being surprised and disappointed by how some people fake and just pretend to be ones friend and wondering what goes on in their head

Other tracks by Shift it Baby:  addicted  -  Monkey Mind
The Moving Stills - Stick Around     Alternative, Rock, Pop 15/11/2019
4-piece alternative-pop/rock band from New South Wales’ Central Coast, wading through surf flavours and 80s New York garage sounds with pop melodies that soothe and stick.
“It’s a whole new sound for us” Nick says. ‘Stick Around’ draws in more synths & programmed instruments. Inspired by the production style of Beck & Peace, but also incorporating the garage pop element The Stills are known for. A song idea inspired by their personal experiences with nurturing relationships and balancing all the different kinds of connections.

Tobias Wonderdog - Empty Hand     Alternative, Indie, Country, Rock 15/11/2019
Mat Weaven aka. Tobias Wonderdog, is an Australian singer/songwriter who began as a Trumpet player and ventured out of classical into indie rock. Well known for the single 'Not Bliss'.
'Empty Hand' picks up the pace a little and in a way reminds me of my previous project Upstream. It has the upbeat rock element coasting along after a sparkly intro. I have often wondered how there are so many people on earth but very few in happy relationships. A shortage of love you might say.

Other tracks by Tobias Wonderdog:  Heyoka
Gamjee - A Painter     Alternative, Folk, Rock, Pop 14/11/2019
With hardwired guitars, hiccuping grooves and spluttering synthesisers, Gamjee swing their angular pop/garage songs off their backs and unravel them to sing in a beaming and wobbly celebration.
A true story of a moment in Japan. It’s a narrative about a young lady who has travelled to the other side of the world, just after beginning an intense relationship with another woman. She was talking of missing her and the challenges of entering a new relationship with someone who’d never been with another woman before.

Other tracks by Gamjee:  Legacy Project  -  The Smallest Incidents
Mere Women - W.Y.G     Alternative, Indie 14/11/2019
Sydney's MERE WOMEN play brooding, expansive post-punk. Their latest full length is the highly acclaimed 'Big Skies' album.
Mere Women's latest single 'W.Y.G' (When You're Gone) follows a trail of destruction left behind by family violence. It travels through distressing family resemblances and conflicting feelings of loving someone and hating them all at once.

TEJAVU - Left Alone     Alternative, Psych, Indie, Experimental 14/11/2019
The solo-project of Brisbane based musician and producer James Teja Halstead
Left Alone is an alternative track, that emotes dark overtones. Heavily inspired by Radiohead, the musical arrangement and production is done to depict the spiraling negative thoughts one can have when left alone to their mind.

Other tracks by TEJAVU:  At Peace
Third Day Dawn - Blue Sky     Alternative, Christian, Rock, Easy Listening 14/11/2019
Third day dawn brings the likes of Christian alternative, ambient and rock genre music.
Alternative/Christian/Rock- Blue Sky.mp3 - Master record - Sunday, ‎13 ‎October ‎2019, ‏‎12:39:56 PM/Total running time - 7 minutes and 46 seconds/size-10.6 MB (11,195,022 bytes)/Bit rate 192Kbps.

Third Day Dawn - Free     Alternative, Alternative, Easy Listening, Dance 14/11/2019
Third Day Dawn has been involved in many compositions for over three decades and performing local gigs in many venues finally having the chance to release his original music piece.
Alternative/Ambient/Easy listening/Dance

Mastered - ‎Monday, ‎7 ‎October ‎2019, ‏‎2:07:00 PM with a total running time of 4 minutes and 49 seconds/15.2 MB (15,967,821 bytes).

Valley Onda - Turtle     Alternative, Indie, Experimental, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 14/11/2019
Valley Onda are a highly evolved animal. Combined, the band's studio prowess and their organic musicality form something bold and unique that finds its power in subtlety, delicacy and tastefulness.
Turtle is a loose metaphor for a complex love song - a hard shell with a soft centre, retraction and self-protection, wisdom and self-belief - a slow and steady number about getting to know someone who seems so far away but is yearning to be touched.

Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys - Make You Feel Blue     Alternative, Country 13/11/2019
A nostalgic, 70’s inspired brand of Americana, with a voice that hangs heavy in the air and dips into all the right forlorn corners.
Layered with pedal steel and saxophone ‘Make You Feel Blue’ is a nostalgic, 70’s inspired brand of Americana that will make you dance and break your heart all at once.

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Hannah Acfield - GOLD     Alternative, Soul, Indie, Roots 13/11/2019
“An expressive voice that engages you instantly" – Gotye. "The best voice I've heard in a long time" – Venetta Fields. “Ethereal, moody, and soulful” - A&R Factory
‘GOLD’ is vocally powerful, uplifting and cinematic with luscious strings, electric guitar, gospel backing vocals, driving bass and easygoing percussion.

Touching on the power of pushing through the blocks that hold us back. “When you’re at rock bottom and feel like quitting, that’s the time to push through it because on the other side is where you find the gold.”