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B. C. Taylor - Breathe Without Ya     Alternative, Rock 17/01/2020
B. C. Taylor is a versatile, multi-faceted artist out of Sydney, Australia. His music bends genre and form, creating an accessible but unique performance.
A glitch-rock/alt hybrid that runs with a sneering verse delivery into a bouncy, raucous chorus. Tight, compact, effective. Likened to Oasis, Post Malone, Nirvana.

Bistro - Prosperity Gospel     Alternative, Hip Hop, Rock, Psych 17/01/2020
Bistro is a Sydney based rapper, singer and producer mixing multiple genres and practices. Across countless projects and aliases he has solidified himself as a true Australian underground music auteur.
'Prosperity Gospel' is the first single from Sydney vocalist and producer, Bistro's new EP 'LNP' (out Jan 24). This is a clear shot at Australia's current government, aimed at corrupt politicians and their inaction on climate change. This is no holds barred anger over a psychedelic rock beat as Bistro sings with a middle finger squarely aimed at those responsible.

Bruise Pristine - Tired Eyes     Alternative, Rock 17/01/2020
Bruise Pristine, comprised of Kate (guitar/vocals) Michelle (drums) and Theia (bass), revells in intrigues of the dark and vengeful. the band delivers grungy rock that harks back to the 90s.
With a moody bass-line, soft, grungy verses and a powerful chorus, Tired Eyes is a song about the dissonance that comes with having lots of ideas and ambitions but too little time or energy to see them through.

Cable Ties - Sandcastles     Alternative, Rock, Punk 17/01/2020
Cable Ties come blasting out of Melbourne town with colossal walls of ‘70s rock, pithy proto-punk, garage rock and a pulsing rhythm section. Defiant song writing at its most intense.
Sandcastles is the first electrifying new single from Cable Ties' forthcoming 2020 album 'Far Enough.

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Cirrus Crown - The Hardest Truth     Alternative, Metal, Rock 17/01/2020
Cirrus Crown, a weather phenomenon associated with thunderstorms, is a metaphor that perfectly encapsulates the band's energetic, dynamic, heavy and ambient music.
The Hardest Truth opens with a sinister voice that says "Hear No, See No, Speak No Evil" that sets the tone for the single. A killer guitar riff is accompanied by a rhythmic powerhouse, and makes way for a spacious verse featuring a beautiful vocal take. This single is a master-class in dynamics, and will captivate from start to finish.

Fovndlings - Hank Williams Funeral Sonnet     Alternative, Indie, Rock 17/01/2020
Hailing from Walcha NSW, Fovndlings play original cowpunk, marked by driving beats and lyrics exploring themes of friendship, loss, and landscape from the ragged edges of our cities and towns.
Hank Williams' Funeral Sonnet is a classic piece of Walchan cowpunk with driving drums and neo-country guitar reminiscent of Johnny Cash in one his more frenetic moods. The lyrics, which rumour has it, were found by the band in the garage sale offerings of a Baptist preacher, explore the desolation of life on the ragged edges of our provincial towns.

Other tracks by Fovndlings:  Old Mate  -  Quiet Room
Georgia Fair - wasting time     Alternative, Folk 17/01/2020
Georgia Fair is a long honest conversation, with sharp truths that sparkle and then disappear. With their dreamy storytelling and atmospheric landscapes they make the everyday seem like Fantasia.
There's a brutality to 'Wasting Time' that goes unsaid. The kick and the snare lash continuously as the lyric yearns for certainty 'I can only see so far into the future/I can only see so far into the haze'. The song in itself is an exorcism of illusion, cut mostly live in a converted tractor shed.

Other tracks by Georgia Fair:  mystery trip  -  slave to nothin'
Hayley Mary - Like A Woman Should     Alternative, Rock 17/01/2020
Hayley Mary shares her second single ‘Like A Woman Should’ off her debut EP The Piss, The Perfume - out Friday 17 January.
‘Like A Woman Should’ continues the contradiction of attitudes explored in ‘The Piss, The Perfume’ - which masterfully juxtaposes irony and optimism - this time masking a heartfelt love song behind wistful egalitarian social commentary.

Rivilin - neuroscience     Alternative, Hip Hop 17/01/2020
Brisbane based musician Rivilin creates a dark and progressive brand of alternative rap.
neuroscience opens with luscious electronic soundscapes that leads into a hard-hitting beat. Rivilin tells the story of recovering from a major car accident, and watching his friends leave whilst he was in hospital. Punchy production, killer lyricism and a catchy beats make for a brilliant new release from Brisbane's Rivilin.

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Thomy Sloane and Lucy Waldron - Colour, Landscape and Light     Alternative, Instrumental, Experimental 17/01/2020
Thomy Sloane and Lucy Waldron are the chilling duo made up of Melbourne-based musician and frontman of rock outfit Batpiss and the celebrated cellist who make beguiling, melancholic soundscapes.
A departure from the unruly sounds of Batpiss, Thomy and Lucy’s music is a beguiling dip into a melancholic and haunting soundscape, featuring hypnotising, and at times alarming, cello coupled with feedback-laden guitar noise.

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Torizon - Hey You     Alternative, Rock 17/01/2020
Brisbane based rock band offering a unique blend of groove, progressive and heavy rock music in collaboration with Robb Torres and Capitol Records.
Hey You explores a topic that is almost tabooed in our current global political climate - the pitfalls and hypocrisy of religion offering some frank insights underpinned by painful personal experiences.

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Other tracks by Torizon:  Falling  -  Shine On
Two Another - Another Night     Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, R&B 17/01/2020
Since arriving on the scene in 2015 with their single 'Higher', Two Another a.k.a Angus Campbell and Eliot Porter have now achieved nearly 200 million streams across their catalogue!
Angus Campbell and Eliot Porter a.k.a Two Another, sign to homegrown label Sweat It Out, making a grand return following the release of their critically acclaimed 2018 debut LP ‘Another Tape’. The band seamlessly blend R&B, Motown-era soul and contemporary electronic music resulting in their most assured statement to date titled ‘Another Night’.

Woodes - This is My Year     Alternative, Indie 17/01/2020
After writing her first song at age 11, it was clear that Elle Graham was going to make a career in music.
Written across continents, Woodes worked with collaborator Scott Effman on 'This is My Year' who has previously worked with Woodes on 'Dots', 'How Long I'd Wait' and more. The intimate track discusses 'new years energy', a feeling Woodes loves. "I love everyone’s optimism and the way we reflect, summing up chapters. I remember so many New Years eves really vividly."

Other tracks by Woodes:  Canada
Los Palms - Roll On     Alternative, Garage, Rock, Indie 16/01/2020
Los Palms are a Desert Jangle band from Adelaide, Australia.
A slow burning country jig..

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Other tracks by Los Palms:  Six Broke Teens  -  Die Silently
Tame Impala - Lost In Yesterday     Alternative, Psych, Rock 16/01/2020
In just under a decade, Tame Impala (Kevin Parker) have gone from a beloved psychedelic project to one of the most revered rock bands in the world.
"Lost In Yesterday” is a deep dive into the addictive nature of nostalgia propelled by loopy, driving disco. An examination of time’s distorting effect on memories, Parker realises that even the most disdainful times can take on a rosy tinge the further they recede in the rear-view.

The Native Cats - Run With The Roses     Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 16/01/2020
Exploratory post-punk duo — singer and synth operator Chloe Alison Escott, bassist Julian Teakle
“Run with the Roses” is the singer at her most revealing and her most evasive. A bass line like an eighteen-wheeler barrelling down the highway, six searing verses from a woman standing defiantly between the lanes.

Other tracks by The Native Cats:  Sanremo
The Public Holiday - Jimmie     Alternative, Indie, Rock 16/01/2020
Adelaide’s melodic, sing along, alt rock band The Public Holiday release the next single from their yet-to-be titled EP, due march 2020.
Things may take a long time to fall apart, when the warning sirens are ringing but they have to be ignored because existence is plain a simply a struggle. But no longer how long you put it off, the change will come eventually. For better or worse.

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Other tracks by The Public Holiday:  Real Estate  -  Gecko On My Window
Vallies - Anchor     Alternative, Rock, Pop, Indie 16/01/2020
Rising from the ashes of Gold Coast's MNVR and Northern Rivers rock outfit Antimata, Vallies are a band in their infancy hoping to achieve big things.
Uplifting driven guitars, smooth rolling bass notes and punching drums overlayed by soaring emotive vocals help create a perfect summer anthem to indulge in while driving along the esplanade with the windows down and the volume up.

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Half Speed - HONESTY     Alternative, Pop, Indie 15/01/2020
Half Speed is the solo project of Benjamin Corbett. Who has worked with artists such as The John Butler Trio, Eves Karydas, Lisa Mitchell, Thelma Plum, Dustin Tebbutt, PLGRMS
Honesty is the second single from Half Speed. "Honesty is about having someone accept you for who you are and not giving in to social pressure or others who might want you to project someone you're not"

SAP - Final Days     Alternative, Metal, Rock, Punk 15/01/2020
Hi we are SAP, we're a small band from Sydney. We've been around for a little over 2 years, we play Grunge music in a melodic way.
Final Days is a slow brooding track that crunches on. driven by the heavy guitars and loud kick this track is heavy. a song that slowly builds into a huge crescendo which involves a slow and sluggish guitar solo after the conclusion of Loveridges downtrodden vocals

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