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Claire Birchall - Running In Slow Motion     Alternative, Indie, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 29/03/2020
Melbourne singer-songwriter who has been making music for 20+ years. Her upcoming solo album see's her taking a new electronic direction.
The title track and third single from Claire Birchall's upcoming bedroom synth-pop record (out April 2020). 'Running In Slow Motion' sounds like a cut from the credits of an 80's sci-fi flick you didn't know existed. A melancholy dark wave anti-ballad with a vocal hook that'll have you singing into your hairbrush.

Katie Rosewood - The Scary Thing     Alternative, Rock, Contemporary Classical, Pop 27/03/2020
Katie Rosewood is a guitarist, singer and songwriter based in Sydney, Australia. Her dark guitar-driven music strikes for a direct and emotional approach.
In ‘The Scary Thing’, Katie invites us into the helplessness of health challenges facing her loved ones, as well as her own chronic pain. Mortality and quality of life are brought into sharp focus with the realisation that not everything heals with time.

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Slinky - Crazy     Alternative, Pop, Rock 27/03/2020
Soul infused synth rock with psychedelic overtones
Slinky’s voice moves from silky smooth to emotionally gritty as soaring synths, R&B grooves and psychedelic guitars create an extraordinary soundscape; a mash-up he confidently owns. Mixed by Jackson Barclay (Vera Blue, Timberwolf) “Crazy” is a soul infused synth rock banger with psychedelic overtones, taking influences from Tame Impala, SZA, Arctic Monkeys and D'Angelo, as well as Bowie and Prince.

Superhighwayman - Concrete Jungle     Alternative, Indie, Pop, Rock 27/03/2020
Singer / songwriter from Melbourne
A very timely song for current world issues!

Angus1 - Champagne     Alternative, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, World 27/03/2020
"Angus1 isn't afraid to call a spade a spade. The singer-songwriter-producer explores uncomfortable truths about himself and the wider world through dark, humorous lyricism and tightly-wound production" - Kitsuné Musique
'Champagne' explores a cycle of behaviour that I think a lot of young men fall into. By failing to achieve traditional masculine goals (being powerful, sexually dominant), you ironically become more 'masculine' (detached, emotionally stunted).

'Champagne' samples a group of Wodaabe girls singing in Fulah. Thirty percent of royalties are going to Fulbe Australia, who promote Fulbe culture in Australia.

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Candy - Clean     Alternative, Rock 27/03/2020
Candy has a propensity for literate lyrics, and an aptitude for catchy, dense songwriting.
“‘Clean’ stems from my scared and defeatist mindset,” Candy explains. ”My mother texted me awhile back saying she was packed and ready to go if the fires found their way to her farm. I’ve never really known of collective anxiety and found myself, along with many others I know, really overwhelmed with the whole situation"

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Delsinki - Hullabaloo     Alternative, Indie, Pop, Punk 27/03/2020
Shape-shifting uncategorizable post-colonialist DELSINKI has some new music to put out since his debut album 'And There Was Found, No Place For Them' released in 2018.
Shape shifting post colonialist ethnomusicologist jamband style dude DELSINKI slaps down yet another call to attention.

Leaning towards uncategorizable, he is in fact, firmly full formed, and simultaneously and contrarily still in this outliers camp, it's a Hullabaloo - which can be, and is - a jig or a samba or a tango or a knees up horn driven affair.

Hands Like Houses - Headrush     Alternative, Rock 27/03/2020
Australian rock favourites Hands Like Houses have cultivated legions of local and international fans and critical acclaim across their more than 10 years together.
The band explain that 'Headrush' is a call to arms to anyone facing a daunting task or decision.

"Headrush' is all about pivotal moments – the big call, the big play, the big push – and the voice inside your head that says "yeah, nah" when your heart’s saying "hell yeah!" You’ve got this. Make it count."

hearteyes - One Month Off (feat. Olive Rush)     Alternative 27/03/2020
The latest project from Sydney producer and multi-hyphenate artist Maurice Santiago (George Michelle, Deathbells).
Carried by a distinct sense of openness, the tape follows the producer’s impulses and inspirations wherever they lead. Like fellow pop iconoclasts The 1975, hearteyes too is a true child of our constantly connected culture, channelling his restless creativity into music without boundaries or barriers – either personal or musical – in his quest for sincere and heartfelt communication.

Other tracks by hearteyes:  Liplock  -  Attitude Problem
Raa - Be My Friend     Alternative, Indie, Punk, Rock 27/03/2020
Three teenage high school kids with a fixation on 90s indie and punk, blasting it out since 2019.
Be My Friend is a melodic indie-rock song about being 15 and looking for acceptance and a way through all the pretence and social rules.

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Syrup - Line     Alternative, Pop, Dance, Indie 27/03/2020
Syrup is the experimental pop project of childhood friends Harry Pratt and Henry Anderson.
Thematically the track explores the idea of addiction and how it can affect people in general. Ed Quinn of Slum Sociable co-produced the song and Malcolm Besley of Northeast Party House mixed the track.

Vermont - Cope     Alternative, Rock 27/03/2020
Vermont may be one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets, but they arrive armed with a slew of melodic, emotionally-charged grunge rock gems worth uncovering.
'Cope' comes from Vermont's self-titled EP, a formidable debut into extended release territory.

Other tracks by Vermont:  Clarity
Vlossom - Gotta Prepare For This     Alternative, Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 27/03/2020
The music of Vlossom is an entry into another world, a wonderland both beautifully futuristic and profoundly elemental.
This one is a deep felt, teen kinda feeling that reappears as savage anxiety colors washed out of a scene, carrying planks inside the guts all twisted, desperation sets in and a longing for salvation in the form of the special someone or place that brings harmony. - Nick Littlemore

Strangely Enough - Long Time Coming     Alternative, Rock, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 25/03/2020
Strangely Enough are returning in their genre-bending fashion, comprised of soaring vocals, polyrhythmic synths, rubbery funk bass-lines and solid grooves.
With glistening keys accentuating the upbeat, Greg Olley's powerful vocal range gently propels the song forward before dropping into a downtempo, funk groove.

Layers of skanking guitar, funkalicious bass-lines, drum-fills and the myriad of electronic tones work together to emphasize every beat. Olley's graciously-sweet vocal tones and erupting cries have room to soar above the vibing beats and electronic-funk.

Baby Lemur - M.A.D     Alternative, Blues, Rock 24/03/2020
A three year long project written by Callum Coleman throughout worldwide travels brought to life with those closest in bedroom studios in hometown Hobart.
M.A.D was written on a hostel roof in Vietnam whilst doing a solo motorbike trip. Whilst immersed in an environment with recent war history I start to think about the term mutually assured destruction, and began relating it back to a situation with love where both people tear each other and everyone else around them down.

Cedarsmoke - The Grim Reaper's Song     Alternative, Rock, Punk, Garage 24/03/2020
While we're self-medicating in self-isolation, facing the unprecedented situations across the world, Cedarsmoke are dropping this new EP 'Everything Is The Worst'.
Creeping in is 'The Grim Reaper's Song'. Jon Cloumassis feathers out references to historical deaths in his husky tone over the top of the piano, guitar stabs and drums, before getting broken up in an absorbing chorus melody. The melody lines get taken over by the guitar that works in a fitting solo to close the track out.

Other tracks by Cedarsmoke:  Local Anaesthetic  -  Feel Bad Hit of the Summer
Earl Grey's Breakfast Tea - Swing     Alternative, Rock, Garage, Punk 24/03/2020
Formed in 2017, Earl Grey's Breakfast Tea are a three piece Melbourne based band brewing garage rock and alternative punk with flavours of psychedelia.
This song about bad choices leaving you to turn to people who you long ago thought had given up on you.

James Thomson - Lying To Myself     Alternative, Rock, Blues, Country 24/03/2020
Newcastle’s James Thomson is a critically acclaimed songwriter and musician. Thomson’s music tells an authentic story; masterfully pairing enigmatic lyrics and vocals with blues, roots, country and rock influences.
Lying To Myself is the latest single from James Thomson’s brand new record ‘Golden Exile’. The song features a swaggering Country-Blues groove, delivered via a killer band. Paired with Thomson’s cleverly sardonic lyrics and fantastic vocals, Lying to Myself is an another authentic dose of roots rock and roll delivered by this talented songwriter.

Josef Salvat - paper moons     Alternative, Indie, Pop 24/03/2020
Today, Australian-born London-based Josef Salvat shares ‘paper moons’, the latest single to be released from his forthcoming second album, modern anxiety, out 15 May 2020.
A pulsating, dancefloor-filler, ‘paper moons’ seeks to address issues around sex and drug use within the queer community, and candidly narrates trying to love someone struggling with addiction and the ensuing frustration and resignation when they refuse to accept help or help themselves.

Roles - Try Being Human     Alternative, Punk, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 24/03/2020
New-age, post-punk with lyrics made of found stories
Post-punk duo Roles are set to release their debut album 'There's A Space’ in mid 2020. 'Try Being Human’ is the second single from the album. The track plays with spacious melody, haunting vocals and subtle groove. ‘There's A Space’ draws from stories shared by Ram Dass in talks he gave in the 1980s.

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