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Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys - Make You Feel Blue     Alternative, Country 13/11/2019
A nostalgic, 70’s inspired brand of Americana, with a voice that hangs heavy in the air and dips into all the right forlorn corners.
Layered with pedal steel and saxophone ‘Make You Feel Blue’ is a nostalgic, 70’s inspired brand of Americana that will make you dance and break your heart all at once.

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Hannah Acfield - GOLD     Alternative, Soul, Indie, Roots 13/11/2019
“An expressive voice that engages you instantly" – Gotye. "The best voice I've heard in a long time" – Venetta Fields. “Ethereal, moody, and soulful” - A&R Factory
‘GOLD’ is vocally powerful, uplifting and cinematic with luscious strings, electric guitar, gospel backing vocals, driving bass and easygoing percussion.

Touching on the power of pushing through the blocks that hold us back. “When you’re at rock bottom and feel like quitting, that’s the time to push through it because on the other side is where you find the gold.”

Lisa Caruso - Dream Lover     Alternative, Rock, Pop 13/11/2019
Unafraid to tell it like it is, Lisa's known for her unique vocal and heart on sleeve songs, naming her a finalist at The 2019 Australian Women in Music Awards.
Empowering and unrelenting, ‘Dream Lover’ explores a 60s esque vulnerability that abruptly appears amidst this fierce indie tune. Demonstrating a lovers persistent cry, Lisa’s voice soars over bullish guitars, resounding organs, and the drive of a coercive Drum Kit, unleashing in opportune moments, and falling aptly apart in others.

Munro Melano - If You Don't Believe     Alternative, Indie 13/11/2019
Munro Melano is a multiple instrumentalist who has composed the music for feature documentaries
Deep warm and textured

2 Inch Tape - Homeless in Boston     Alternative, Rock, Blues, Folk 11/11/2019
2 Inch Tape, Melbourne alt-rock, indie, roots inspired band adhering to an aesthetic of yesteryear. Albums, real instruments, musicians with character and songs of truth.
Homeless in Boston was inspired not by the amount of homelessness as much as the fact that it was so visible in such an affluent city. The irony that such a high percentage of the homeless seemed to be ex-servicemen, who according to the spin are to be lauded and respected above all, further compelled me to write the song,.

Other tracks by 2 Inch Tape:  Thank God, God is an American  -  No Free Will in America
Sachiel - Roulette Wheel     Alternative, Rock, Indie 11/11/2019
Alternative rock duo Sachiel, made up of songwriting brothers Gio and Nikki Sachi, who reinvent themselves with each release and con(nue to constantly develop their sound and explore new territory.
Roulette Wheel is a sonic whirlwind that sings swirling praises to the bliss of losing oneself in the risk and opportunity of freedom and finding a sense of self within that free flow. The breakneck tempo, soaring vocals and blistering riffs all evoke the excitement of being lost in the proverbial cyclone of life.

Distant Drum - Junkies In The Rain     Alternative, Rock, Blues, Rock 10/11/2019
Guitar-fused songs with catchy hooks and driving rock grooves that bring to mind acts like Johnny Marr, The Replacements and Lou Reed
A joyous and explosive mosh pit packer at DISTANT DRUM'S live shows, Junkies is an end of the planet party banger which sneers at our obsession with ephemeral Instafame in a world confronting the apocalypse.

Kim Salmon - The Poison Pen     Alternative, Rock, Garage, Punk 09/11/2019
Kim Salmon, AKA the Godfather of Grunge, also known for the Scientists, Beasts of Bourbon and much other music, has 2 singles and a book coming out November 8!
Words once said are hard to un-say, but words once written are even harder to un-see. People will say things…but also, they will write things…and they will send things. Filters go down, send buttons get pressed, envelopes get pushed. Bad write ups….Toxic Texts…. all forms…we’ve all read them. This Poison Pen provocatively accompanies Doug Galbriath’s Kim Salmon Biography.

Cope & Drag - Never Learn     Alternative, Indie 08/11/2019
Swoons bluntly and cranked up over a street wise drama. Pioneering their very own brand of Hi Fi lowbrow rock n roll from Melbourne, Australia.
“A wild boy’s tale of a lifetime on the run. A swinging sh*tstorm country song. Like Lee Hazelwood with a cigar stubbed out on his tongue.”

Pioneering the genre 'Sh*tStorm Country'

Gamjee - Guessing Window     Alternative, Rock, Pop, Experimental 08/11/2019
With hardwired guitars, hiccuping grooves and spluttering synthesisers, Gamjee swing their angular pop/garage songs off their backs and unravel them to sing in a beaming and wobbly celebration
'Guessing Window' touches on the expectation that is put upon individuals to have answers,plans, and routines. It’s a comment on the measurement of success, and that validation shouldn’t be weighted on keeping busy or having a career.

Hachiku - Shark Attack     Alternative, Pop, Indie 08/11/2019
Melbourne-based outfit, Hachiku, known for their self-produced dream-pop jams—all dewy guitars, layered drum-machines, and textured ambience, topped off with bandleader Anika Ostendorf’s oft-breathy voice, release new single ‘Shark Attack’.
‘Shark Attack’ is a study of loss and grieving, following a grim diagnosis of Ostendorf’s family dog. “If you're like my friend Tushara you might think this song is about oral sex. I think it very clearly references my little dog childhood best friend Lexus being diagnosed with throat cancer and the emotional devastation his looming death left me in...”

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Half Speed - Expectations     Alternative, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 08/11/2019
Half Speed is the solo recording project of Benjamin Corbett.
'Expectations' is the first single from Half Speed. "I wrote it about that moment of finally getting what you want and feeling left unsatisfied but also being hopeful and letting go of that pressure."

Isabel Wood - Ghost 3am     Alternative, Pop, Indie 08/11/2019
Isabel Wood is a QLD-based alternative pop artist who creates emotional bops guaranteed to hit you straight in the feels. Fire your therapist, Isabel has got you covered!
Ghost 3am is a heartbreaking open letter to somebody from Isabel’s past who lied, cheated and made her feel worthless. It was produced by ARIA-nominated virtuoso Xavier Dunn (Jack River, GRAACE, etc.) in his Sydney studio and delivers a positive message of strength and self-worth through its empowering chorus, which describes the moment Isabel broke away from the toxic relationship.

Juan Alban - Video Store     Alternative, Indie 08/11/2019
Video Store is the new single from former Epicure singer/songwriter, Juan Alban. The track is another cut from Juan’s forthcoming, second solo album and features backing vocals from Sophie Koh.
Video ‘Store’ was a convenient rhyme, but growing up in regional Ballarat during the late eighties and early nineties, Juan would spend hours at the local video ‘shop’. Yeoman’s Videos to be precise. There he could escape his small town reality and be transported anywhere at all courtesy of Lucas, Spielberg, Scott, Carpenter, Donner, Burton and Hughes.

Katie Rosewood - Machine Thinking     Alternative, Rock, Contemporary Classical, Pop 08/11/2019
Classical guitar meets 90's alt rock. Based in Sydney, Australia.
'Machine Thinking' is the first release from Katie Rosewood's forthcoming album 'Symptoms'. A clear embodiment of Katie's eclecticism, 'Machine Thinking' sets her bold self-reflection against an irregular time signature, delicate classical guitar and a drum beat not out of place in a Tool song.

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Liz Martin Band - Led Me Down     Alternative, Country, Rock, Folk 08/11/2019
Atmospheric, passionate, brooding, melodic, at times downright swaggeringly rhythmic, and full of a mesmerising and captivating musical and lyrical diversity, Liz Martin is a powerful and distinctive Australian music talent.
Led Me Down. Classic sounding song of the 'murder by the river' genre.

Other tracks by Liz Martin Band:  How I Breathe  -  Anthony
Paul J Rogers - Coffin Groom     Alternative, Rock 08/11/2019
Music Maker, Environmentalist and Pagan. Paul delivers music that sparks the imagination and is deeply heartfelt. His genres include alt-rock, rock and folk-rock. Paul writes about mythology, love and environmentalism.
Coffin Groom, was inspired by the signature imagery found in Tim Burton films. This song is a tale of two lovers to continually meet, marry and die. Again, they reincarnate together to face unresolved spiritual lessons. This song is reminiscent of the quirky originality of Talking Heads and the Cars, but also brings a brilliance all of its own.

Project 62 - Validity     Alternative, Rock, First Nations 08/11/2019
Project 62 is a 6 piece rock band hailing from Toowoomba. The play sonically dense rock music with a social conscience.
Care to question my Validity?

Other tracks by Project 62:  God & Weeds  -  The Gun
Suburban Bukowskis - Sunday Mourning     Alternative, Folk, Jazz, Indie 08/11/2019
Upbeat, folky, oft-times funny neo-beatnik tales of failure, fun, futility and excess in the wild inner-west are trademark of the story-songs penned by Benito Di Fonzo for the Suburban Bukowskis.
An inebriated urban travelogue, this song was, in poem form, winner of the NSW Writers' Centre Inner City Life Poetry Prize.

Suicide Butterfly - Burn The Day     Alternative, Metal, Rock 08/11/2019
Female-fronted hard rock, that will kick your front teeth in.
A powerful song of hope. This song is about falling down and having the guts to get back up.

Beautiful intimate verses and powerful highs in the chorus. Throw in a guitar solo and you have a recipe for awesomeness!

Burn The Day and move the only way you should, forward.