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Doc Neeson - Walking In The Rain     Pop, Rock, Cover Version, Atmospheric 21/03/2014
Doc Neeson, the charismatic writer, lead vocalist of Australian rock band The Angels, Red Phoenix and solo projects. "Walking In the Rain" is his first studio recording in 7 years.
Recorded for RocKwiz special, the Flash and The Pan (Vanda & Young) original teams Doc's mellifluous voice, the speak style of the original (1978), a sample from Jonathan Zwartz’s Shimmer, The Remembering & Forgetting Of The Air for momentum and Blues veteran ‘Continental’ Robert Susz’s (The Dynamic Hepnotics) harmonica.

Roscoe James Irwin - One Eye Open     Pop, Folk 21/09/2013
Roscoeʼs music is expansive and wide-ranging described as strikingly original, darkly surreal, soaring and joyful. He has become one of the most exciting and unpredictable artists out there.
One Eye Open, steers away from the acoustic sound Roscoe had previously established and lands squarely in a complex blend of folk pop melodies, ambient electronic sounds and orchestral layering.

Appleonia - She Is the Sun     Pop, Atmospheric, Soundscapes, Experimental 22/01/2013
After years of playing in bands all over the world, Jessica Chapnik Kahn took a bite of a poisoned apple and became Appleonia.
Appleonia and Craig Nicholls join forces in a duet of cosmic heartache.

Appleonia - So Long     Pop, Atmospheric, Experimental, Soundtrack (Film Related) 22/01/2013
Jessica Chapnik Kahn took a bite of a poisoned apple and became Appleonia.
Appleonia sings to snake powers.

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Wires - Short Term Pleasures     Pop, Rock 19/12/2012
5 piece Sydney indie-pop outfit fronted by Scottish singer and main songwriter, Ed McGuire. Short Term Pleasures is their debut release, highlighting the bands upbeat, hook laden.thought provoking, lyrical playfulness.
Written and recorded in Glasgow, Scotland, Short Term Pleasures is a playful, self-deprecatingly honest examination of the things we say about ourselves, and the reality of what we do. The lies we tell ourselves. How would it be if we were completely open and upfront? Refreshingly honest?

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Other tracks by Wires:  Down Day
Seabellies - Paper Tiger     Pop, Electronic, Rock 12/12/2012
Seabellies, well known for their rich cinematic sounds and explosive live performances with By Limbo Lake return with new music from sophomore Fever Belle: widescreen cinema pop with electronic influences.
Written in Berlin, Paper Tiger explores the synergy of electronic and traditional pop elements to create an energetic, nostalgic soundscape with melodic vocals. Guitars take backseat, the pizzicato electronica drives the song and bold string section rides an emotional edge to the punchy electronic feel. Paper Tiger EP out Dec

Other tracks by Seabellies:  Paper Tiger - Remix by Clulowforester  -  Payper Tiger Blitz mix - Remix by Blitzberg
Chloe Tully - To The Dreamers     Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Roots 03/12/2012
Chloe’s engaged in the music, blurring the lines between pop licks, sweet folk & bitter rock. Home is the desert, creating musical dreams with bedsprings, jam jars and vintage bottles.
To The Dreamers, the lead track by Australian songstress Chloe Tully. Co-written by Chloe, Wayne Connolly (acclaimed producer of Josh Pyke, HKOH, Paul Dempsey) and LA-based Jarrad Kritzstein (Washington ‘Holy Moses’, Dappled Cities), the song lets Chloe’s unique vocals shine over a memorable mixture of acoustic guitar and toe-tapping percussion.

Knievel - Through The Rainbow Dark     Pop, Folk, Rock 21/08/2012
Australian 4 piece group Knievel is the long-term creative outlet for ARIA winning producer Wayne Connolly (Hungry Kids of Hungary, The Vines, Josh Pyke) and formed in 1994.
'Through The Rainbow Dark', one of the first tracks penned for Emerald City, is a dreamy, wistful reverie that Wayne Connolly says was partly inspired by a friend who moved overseas after being ostracised from his family. He says 'we followed the three H's: Harmonies, High Bass and (no) Hi-hat

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Other tracks by Knievel:  The Time I Found My Feet  -  They Listen Out