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Air Punch Music

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Peter Joseph Head - Good At Taking Punishment     Folk, Rock, News, Alternative Country 31/05/2018
Pop Matters website says he “proves pop music can both be accessible and adventurous”. Triple JJJ radio called his music “captivating in all its nervous-awkward-fast-talking-stumbly glory”.
From 52 songs about the news. About Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Mark Hunt.

Other tracks by Peter Joseph Head:  Riding With Angels (Sylvia)  -  The Siren Just Went At The Right Time
Peter Joseph Head - That's What I'd Do     Pop, Rock, Retro, Garage 03/12/2015
Peter Joseph Head is a backyard music alchemist who has spent most of his life trying to transform the most everyday occurrences into the most perfect pop songs.
An exercise in songwriting simplicity. A song that says that's what I'd do

Other tracks by Peter Joseph Head:  Boxing Day
Peter Joseph head - Minna De (All Together)     Pop, Folk, Garage 08/10/2015
Melbourne based Peter Joseph Head makes avant-folk with a socially aware, lyrically philosophic bent.
A song written Japanese about hanging out with friends and going away "Minnae de - all together"

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Other tracks by Peter Joseph head:  10 Years Gone  -  Floating World
t:dy t:wns - How Will We Split Up All The Furniture (Featuring Lucy Jean Roleff)     Pop, Country, Dance, Electronic 09/04/2015
12 Singers singing 12 songs.
Country meets Eurovision. A song about how you never know what's going to happen in a relationship and it's scary.

lehmann B. Smith - Secret Santa     Rock, Garage, RnB, Experimental 21/01/2015
Squeeky retro rock freak out virtuoso.
Santa is a spy. And Lehmann B. is your rock 'n'roll private eye.

Other tracks by lehmann B. Smith:  Stood Up On Christmas  -  The Swimmer & The Singer
Helena Plazzer - Christmas Truce     Pop, Retro 20/12/2014
Sounding like 1953 played through a synthesiser played through an effects pedal.
Christmas fighters!

Peter Joseph Head - The Street Where The Lights Are On     Folk, Acoustic, Roots, Alternative Country 20/12/2014
Pop Matters said "proves pop music can both be accessible and adventurous”, which probably isn't a bad description.
You know those streets. With inflatable santas, mechanical reindeer, plastic baby Jesuses in cribs. This ones about that. Featuring the Wednesday Weeders gardening group on chorus.

Actor Buddhists - Lonely Lonely     Rock, Downbeat, Rap, Rock 29/04/2014
Following the noble four fold path of guitar, bass, drums and casios The Actor Buddhists are lead by venerable roshi Peter Joseph Head of t:dy t:wns and humansixbillion fame.
Dolewave meets hip hop in a song about loneliness with a flute solo. A race record from Melbourne's West. If you've ever felt utterly alone then this is the nonsense limerick for you.

t:dy t:wns - Bare Chested Boys     Pop, Electronic 19/02/2014
90s era Magnetic Fields and 00s era Beyonce playing 80s era synths and 70s era fuzz guitar in the basement of the Brill Building somewhere between years 1955 and 2013.
Bare Chested Boys is the 4th release in their sistercity series of 10 collaborations with 10 female vocalists where, according to 3000, “everyone contributes a little bit of awesome". Their last release "Sweet Fantasy" reached number 4 in AMRAP's most requested songs by community radio chart nationwide.

Other tracks by t:dy t:wns:  Sunshine Pool (Featuring Irit Rozenfeld)
t:dy t:wns - Sweet Fantasy (Featuring Hula Hope)     Pop, Punk, Electronic, Dance 30/11/2013
90s era Magnetic Fields and 00s era Beyonce playing 80s era synths and 70s era fuzz guitar in the basement of the Brill Building between the years 1955 and 2013.
Like Phil Spector meets Joey Ramone all over again in 2013.
From t:dy t:wns 10 songs with 10 guest female vocalists project "sister city".

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Other tracks by t:dy t:wns:  Once A Year (featuring Prudence Rees Lee)
t:dy t:wns - I'm Gonna Get Dressed Up (featuring St. Clare)     Pop, Electronic, Britpop, Rock 28/09/2013
t:dy t:wns sound something like 90s era Magnetic Fields and 00s era Beyonce playing 80s era synths and 70s era fuzz guitar in the basement of the Brill Building.
t:dy t:wns team up with St. Clare as part of their sistercity project.

Other tracks by t:dy t:wns:  Bask (featuring Eva Popov)