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KIAN - Waiting     Pop, Electronic 20/07/2018
Written with the insights of someone much older Waiting is a reflection on the trepidation behind uncharted feelings when interested in someone new.
Written with the insights of someone much older Waiting is a reflection on the trepidation behind uncharted feelings when interested in someone new. The song is written as a story; guy meets a girl and is battling with himself over whether or not he should express his feelings about her or just wait.

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Oetha - Sista Girl     Hip Hop, Rap 20/07/2018
Oetha [pronounced O-E-tha] is a new rap group comprising of Indigenous lady powerhouses Lady Lash, Miss Hood and Dizzy Doolan. The name stands for: Our Earth The Heart Acknowledges.
Throwback vibes and a soul hip-hop style with a twist of Lauryn Hill. The magic is due to 3 different vocal powers throughout the track. The overall sound is like a warm spring sunset, a late night d ‘n’ m [deep and meaningful] with some rise & shine soul flavour.

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Baker Boy - Black Magic     Hip Hop, Rap 13/07/2018
“This song is for all the role models in my life. Especially my dad and my brotha Dallas Woods who inspired me to rap in tongue when I was 17.”
Black Magic takes a sharp left from Baker Boy’s usual MO. Hard guitar in the chorus & raw lyrics holler his proud heritage in English & Yolngu Mata. Performed live the crowd get moshing as they remain conscious of Dallas Woods’ powerful flow about being young, black & gifted.

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Dallas Woods - 9 x out of 10     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Rap, Retro 05/06/2018
Dallas Woods is a Noongar man raised in the East Kimberley. A quintessential underdog who dropped out of school at age 14 he was headed straight for the justice system.
Debut 9 x out of 10 raps about the power-trip police have in remote aboriginal communities and their overt presence being a normal occurrence to residents living there. Dallas Woods raps with clever humour about the stigma of being young, black and breaking the cycle of oppression from within community

NLTR - Make It Through     Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz 25/05/2018
Nothing Like The Rest [NLTR] are an Indigenous Hip Hop duo from Katherine, NT. They won the NT Song of the Year - Peoples Choice Award in 2016.
Make It Through is influenced by newer age hip hop with pop elements and a snappy hook by 25 year old singer Zara from Castlemaine. Zara’s euphoric jazz vocal tones infuse emotion into the track about being held back and mentally abused by criticism. “It’s about making it through”.

Baker Boy - Mr La Di Da Di     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 11/04/2018
In Arnhem Land they call Baker Boy the ‘fresh new prince’. Raised in the remote NT communities of Yurrwi, 21 year-old Danzal Baker raps in Yolngu Matha language
Baker Boy's latest cracker single Mr LaDiDaDi boasts finesse and sass with a catchy chorus that grabs you from the get-go. Vibing off Bruno Mars and Baker Boy’s own deadly groove the track reflects on Baker’s two worlds; the calm bush life v’s the new challenges in the urban jungle.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

KIAN - Too Far Gone     Pop, Rap, RnB 04/04/2018
KIAN’s best known for his killer chorus in Baker Boy’s debut Cloud 9. 'Too Far Gone' features Vince the Kid his online Tanzanian mate from up the highway in Shepparton.
Too Far Gone is a simplistic love song mixed, recorded and mastered byself taught teenagers that got them instantly added to triple j and Spotify. Vince the Kid and KIAN met online and collaborated on this track about love drifting apart. If you like US artist Khalid you’ll love this.

Baker Boy - Marryuna     Hip Hop, Rap, Indigenous 05/10/2017
In Arnhem Land they call Baker Boy the ‘fresh new prince’. His totem is the Olive Python/ Rainbow Serpent, his moiety is Dhuwa and his skin is Burralung/ Gela boy.
Marryuna blows opens with the sound of Yidaki. An anthemic summer song that features Baker Boy’s cousin the musician Yirrmal on its hooky chorus.


2018 AIR AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Independent Artist
2018 AIR AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Independent Single
2018 AIR AWARDS NOMINEE: Breakthrough Independent Artist Of The Year

Airileke and Dizz1 - Full Freedom     Hip Hop, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, World, Industrial 07/09/2017
Airileke’s former band Grrilla Step w DJ Dexter was the first in AU to create & perform Krump. His PNG & Oz roots creates a new sound with futuristic ideas.
Airileke and Dizz1 use the energy of Krump to deliver a powerful message for West Papua. It’s the first time the Krump community has rizen for a solitary cause.
Merging rap, spoken word and the aggression of Krump mashed up this is a powerful call for Full Freedom.

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George Telek and David Bridie - Tatabai     Indigenous, Atmospheric, Ambience 02/09/2017
a Bit na Ta is an outcome of the deep musical friendship spanning 30 years between Melbournian and ARIA Award winning David Bridie & PNG super star George Telek
George Telek sings this glorious song,”Tatabai" off the a Bit na Ta album and art installation. The song celebrates Rabaul village life. food, family and the cycle of life. A luscious song Tatabai is a collaboration between George Telek and David Bridie and features the guitar work of John Phillips.


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Benny Walker - Ghost     Blues/Roots, Folk 22/08/2017
Yorta Yorta singer/songwriter Benny Walker is the real deal. His love songs and epic tales are mixed with passion for people, the land, summer vibes that reach the soul.
Ghost oozes class. Sophisticated and soulful it’s a rich song that sounds old-before-its-time yet anything but old-fashioned. Walker’s voice has the drag and timbre of a natural soul man - his music is pure, buoyed by clean, lyrical guitar solos and the throb of electric organ.

2017 THE AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Regional Act, Best Aboriginal Act

Baker Boy - Cloud 9     Hip Hop, Rap, Indigenous 04/05/2017
In Arnhem Land they call Baker Boy the ‘fresh new prince’. His totem is the Olive Python/ Rainbow Serpent, his moiety is Dhuwa and his skin is Burralung/Gela boy.
I am Baker Boy, young man not a boy,
You can't control me like a toy,
I'm a human being just like you and me,
They see you really humble, don't ever change or you might crumble,
We gonna fly high like and eagle,
Don't wanna see no ego

2017 NT SONG OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNER: Urban/Hip Hop Category, Native Tongue Award

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George Telek and David Bridie - Lili Ram Kavavar     World, Indigenous, Roots, Atmospheric 13/01/2017
a Bit na Ta is No. 9 on the Transglobal World Music Chart and is an outcome of the deep musical friendship between Melbournian David Bridie & PNGs George Telek.
Lili Ram Kavavar is a creation song by George Telek and David Bridie about the spirit of the ocean, and the volcano: the source of life for the Tolai people. Percussion is Kundu drums from PNG, and found percussion from around the village.

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Airileke Ingram - Sorongi Samarai     World, Reggae, Dance 24/11/2016
A protest song co-written w/ Independence leader Benny Wenda, Airileke calls for “Merdeka” - Freedom for WestPapua. He draws on his PNG&Oz roots, creating a new sound with futuristic ideas.
A protest song calling for “Merdeka” - Freedom for West Papua. Fierce log drumming from Manus Islands, hauntingly beautiful Kwakumba flutes from the PNG highlands, Tifa drums of West Papua, and chants from surrounding islands; features musicians from PNG who gathered to perform in solidarity with West Papua.

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Benny Walker - Save     Funk/Soul, Blues, Rock, Acoustic 28/10/2016
Yorta Yorta singer/songwriter Benny Walker is the real deal. His killer voice, love songs & epic tales mix with passion for the land, the people, summer vibes & deep grooves.
New soul song “Save”demonstrates Benny’s killer vocals and emotion in the lyric. It’s his second track recorded at Way Of The Eagle studios in Melbourne with ARIA Award winning Producer Jan Skubiszewski (The Cat Empire, John Butler Trio, Dan Sultan).

Gawurra - Burala     Electronic, World, Australian Indigenous, Ambience 07/06/2016
Gawurra was born in East Arnhem Land. As a child he spent time on his grandma’s land at Yathalamara. Culture, songlines & family history are embedded in his soulful music.
In Rolling Stone Magazine’s 4.5 out of 5 star review this month, they deemed the production on this stunning debut album to be “faultless”. Burala is the perfect track to showcase the album’s more electronic almost ambient aspect. Think post Nordic rock vibes and a wide open road.


Other tracks by Gawurra:  Ratja Yaliyali - Vine of Love  -  Mulunda [Kingfisher]
Benny Walker - Oh No You Don't     Blues/Roots, Soul, Australian Indigenous, Rock 31/05/2016
From regional Victoria, Indigenous singer/songwriter Benny Walker is the real deal. His love songs & epic tales mix with passion for the land, the people, summer vibes & deep grooves.
This blues and roots track carries the emotion in the lyric. At once uplifting and reflective. Lyrically and melodically strong with a neo-soul vibe. Benny sings of his relationship to a shadow-self that is being conquered. Features a catchy chorus that sticks. A new direction for this rising star.

MUSIC COORDINATOR PICK: Emily Nicol, Koori Radio, Sydney (NSW)

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Alice Skye - You Are The Mountains     Indigenous, Folk, Pop, Atmospheric 28/10/2015
A Wergaia woman and singer/songwriter from Horsham is now based in Melbourne. A finalist in triple j Unearthed NIMA competition Alice will record her debut EP in 2016.
You Are The Mountains is a piano driven, melancholic lullaby showcasing Alice Skye’s skills as both singer and songwriter. An emotionally powerful ode to her father who passed away when she was a young child; he was her connection to her Aboriginality

Kristal West - And That's Why     Indigenous, RnB, Pop, Soul 28/10/2015
25-year-old Indigenous singer-songwriter found a national audience in 2014 when mentored by and becoming a Grand Finalist on 'The Voice'. Granddaughter to legendary Indigenous land rights activist, Eddie Mabo.
A classic R’n’B soulful pop tune with lush harmonies, soft melodies and a strong piano driven chorus.
A vocal that soars; think Alicia Keys, Ngaarii, Lianna La Havis, Ed Sheeran and Pia Mia.

Nattali Rize ft. Zuggu Dan - Rebel Love     Reggae/Dub, Reggae 03/08/2015
Nattali Rize debut EP 'New Era Frequency' imbues the global consciousness and energy of reggae with a distinct lyricism & vocal prowess. The songs are brimming with defiance and heart.
Nattali Rize’s sweet soulful melodies on this track are delightfully surprising and super hooky. It’s the first time we capture a glimpse of Nattali’s soft and feminine side. A result of her collaboration with cutting edge production team; the Kingston based drum and bass duo Notis.

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