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Based in Melbourne, Australia, AANTHOLOGIES is a PR and artist management company. Specialising in alternative sounds, AANTHOLOGIES focus on finding ways for real people to connect with real music.

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STUMPS - Mouth Static     Rock, Indie, Alternative, Pop 12/03/2020
New South Wales' STUMPS deliver their new single ‘Mouth Static’ and announce east-coast headline tour.
Of the track, vocalist Kyle Fisher says, “'Mouth Static' is the plea against love expressed through physical contribution, or the concept that material gifts can band-aid problems in relationships, typically deteriorating ones. For us, there is no better hackneyed metaphor to use for this sentiment other than laying out the rose petals.”

Boats - Van Diemens Land     Indie, Rock, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 30/01/2020
Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist Boats, aka Blake Paterson, follows up the recent KEXP supported single ‘Falling Off Rainbows' with a new single and video for ‘Van Diemens Land’.
Of the ‘“terrifying” experience which inspired the track, Blake says “Upon realising you're completely lost in the wilderness your memories flood in and your life flashes before your eyes. Despite this, Tasmania became a special place for me. The track celebrates the power and glory of Tasmania and the respect and humility that nature brings to us.”

Approachable Members Of Your Local Community - Small Change     Pop, Indie 29/01/2020
Approachable Members Of Your Local Community share new sinlge 'Small Change' - Taken from their forthcoming Love Thy Neighbour EP out Feb 14.
Small Change is about empathy. This summer has been challenging for so many we know and love." Says Micky (bassist) “In the face of a national crisis, the country has galvanised to take back tomorrow. With an outpouring of support for our firefighters and affected communities, it’s clear that small change can have a big impact.”

Al Parkinson - I Get Through The Year Just Fine     Folk, Pop, Soul 03/12/2019
Al Parkinson sets her sights on evoking the Christmas spirit with her new (and original) Christmas song, ‘I Get Through The Year Just Fine’
The idea for the song came from my love of cheesy holiday music and a Chet Baker song ‘I Get Along Without You Very Well” says Al.

Approachable Members Of Your Local Community - STRANGEST PLACES     Pop, Indie, Alternative 26/11/2019
Approachable Members of Your Local Community return with their new single 'Strangest Places', a collaboration with WA four-piece Dulcie.
“The story of our interstate partnership (with Dulcie) began in the greenrooms of Australia. 'Strangest Places' is about making new friends, being in wacky places, and getting up to the business of life.” says Micky Fisher (Bassist) AMOYLC.

FERLA - Desire Machine     Pop, Indie, Alternative 14/11/2019
Continuing to deliver on their distinctive after-dark pop, 'Desire Machine' follows the release of their AMP nominated debut album It’s Personal and acclaimed double EP Guilt-Pop/Stay-Posi.
“I’m a real believer in writing the kind of music that you want to listen to. At the time of writing this one I must've really felt like a dance. We sat on this demo because it didn’t fit on the album but the rub was that it was too good to waste, so here it is!" says Giuliano

Al Parkinson - You Look Good In Blue     Folk, Blues, Rock 07/11/2019
Al says her genre is Happy/Sad. Her songs come from him, her and them. She has a loud laugh and wants to be friends with everyone.
“It’s when you don’t think of someone for a while and then you’re walking through the city or sitting on a train and you smell that person and the memory of them. It’s not clear, it’s cloudy but it slowly pieces together.” says Al.

Boats - Falling Off Rainbows     Indie, Rock, Experimental 06/11/2019
Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist Boats aka, Blake Paterson shares new single and accompanying video for ‘Falling Off Rainbows’.
Of the track, Blake says “‘Falling Off Rainbows’ brought fear and vertigo upon awakening from recurring bad dreams as a child. Much like the way I feel sometimes about the current state of affairs as more and more I choose to open my eyes. It’s about failure, continuing to fail, continuing to fall off something that is beautiful.

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Approachable Members of Your Local Community - Citrus Fruit     Pop, Indie 30/10/2019
Midway through a national tour supporting Lime Cordiale, the reliably funky and devilishly handsome, nebbish boys from Approachable Members deliver a service the community knows and loves, with ‘Citrus Fruit’
"There are these times when we look up, and look back at every other moment we’ve missed, and think whether we deserve it. 'Citrus Fruit' is about punching through the feeling of living in someone else’s skin.” Says Micky Fisher

Harmony Byrne - Come Down vs Calm Down     Alternative, Rock, Folk 24/10/2019
Ahead of supporting The Teskey Brothers on their massive (and entirely sold out) national album tour - Melbourne’s Harmony Byrne shares her new single ‘Come Down Vs Calm Down’.
Of the track, Harmony says: "'Come Down vs Calm Down' is, in essence, a song about mental health. It started as a cathartic vocal improvisation, allowing whatever came to mind to be sung. I feel there is darkness hidden in our minds that often engulfs us, which although hard to talk about, is important to express."