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A Northern Soul

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Georgi Kay - Lone Wolf     Pop 20/04/2018
Georgi Kay returns with her strongest track to date 'Lone Wolf'.
"Accepting the fact that no matter how many good people you have in your life, they will never truly know and understand you as deeply and as intimately as you know yourself. What’s so funny and oddly comforting about this truth, is that we have all felt this way."

Georgi Kay - Guilty Pleasures     Pop, Electronic 01/12/2017
Georgi has won both an ARIA award, multiple APRA awards and received a Grammy nomination. Her voice has featured in numerous DJ sets worldwide by some of music’s biggest names.
The song is about falling in love with someone who, despite the deep emotional connection being mutual, is romantically tied down by another. It’s about sinking into the intensity of that connection on a spiritual and emotional level, because you are unable to explore the physical side of that bond.

Cirillo - Forward     Pop 20/09/2017
Cirillo is an Australian Synthpop artist. With a decade of experience writing and singing for different projects, Cirillo is ready to present the world his latest creation 'Forward'.
'Forward' is a track about moving on from someone that you still very much care about.

Hyla - Foreign Towers     Rock 15/09/2017
Hyla is an outfit reminiscent of shoegaze classics MBV, Verve and Jesus and Mary Chain, with a taste of newer garage rock influences such as Ty Segall and BRMC.
Foregin Tower isn the most personal track off the record 'Osaka'. Lyrically its about trying to hold a relationship together whilst realising all the mistakes you've made.

Hyla - Fraction     Rock 26/07/2017
Hyla is an outfit reminiscent of shoegaze classics MBV, Verve and Jesus and Mary Chain, with a taste of newer garage rock influences such as Ty Segall and BRMC.
Featuring a call and response vocal line it's Hyla at their ferocious best. It's a slight tip of the hat to the grungier garage influences such as Ty Segall and Black Lips that chief songwriter Alex was listening to at the time of writing 'Fraction'


Georgi Kay - Scary People     Pop, Electronic 15/07/2017
With a love for creating and looping electronic beats, synths and vocal chops - Georgi Kay has received multiple awards for her original work, songwriting and collaborations over the years.
Raw, honest and hauntingly beautiful melodies and lyrics weaving in-between dark, ominous, writhing layers of electronic synths, bass, beats and vocal chops – gives the tone of Scary People a brutally honest and slightly sinister presence.

Cirillo - Hallway     Pop 05/07/2017
With a decade of experience writing and singing for different projects around Australia, Cirillo is ready to present the world his latest creation, influenced by electronic and acoustic inspirations alike.
The track explores the brief film of life, its fleeting essence, and how we miss each moment while dancing through the hallway of the mind.

Hyla - Swam Out     Rock, Psychedelic 07/06/2017
Pulling influences from dreampop, garage and shoegaze, Hyla is a project formed by Alex Hayes who has played and toured extensively in bands such as Abbe May and The Silents.
Dream pop at it's best. Lush vocals, wavy guitars and a heart wrenching chorus.

Tomgirl - Heartbeats     Rock 21/03/2017
Inspired by classic film noir thrillers & motorbike ganglands, Tomgirl is a deadly assault of heavy guitar riffs, pounding drum beats & fuzzy bass lines.
‘Heartbeats’, second single from TOMGIRL’s self-titled LP. ‘Heartbeats’ lulls listeners into a flirtatious garage pop number on the confusing, exciting sensations of a crime world romance on the skids.

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Civil Civic - The Mirror     Electronic 06/10/2016
The return of Civil Civic will be a relief to many who have waited patiently since 2011’s epic debut album, Rules. The electronic soundscape masters return with The Mirror.
With this track Civil Civic attempt to escape the laws of gravity and penetrate the mind of god. Not an easy task when you only have a couple of beaten up guitars and an early 90's rave synthesiser.

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Tomgirl - Darker Now     Rock 06/07/2016
Inspired by classic film noir thrillers, motorbike ganglands, insidious femme fatales, Tomgirl is a deadly assault of heavy guitar riffs, pounding drum beats and fuzzy bass lines;
Debut single ‘Darker Now’ is everything they promised: brash, primitive and most importantly visceral. Cherie’s vocals cover the track like a warm blanket whilst Ted’s guitar work cut through like glass, simply scintillating.

Civil Civic - The Hunt     Electronic 27/05/2016
The return of Civil Civic will be a relief to many who have waited patiently since 2011's epic debut album, Rules. The electronic soundscape masters are back with The Hunt.
The Hunt replicates the sensation of the day after a night of sensory (and chemically) overloaded hedonism. If you feel tumble-dried after this tune then it’s entirely deliberate. It’s supposed to be exhausting:

Vaudrey - Take Me Back     Electronic, Experimental, Classical 09/05/2016
Cellist and songwriter Vaudrey delivers a form of alternative chamber pop that is exciting audiences with a new and innovative sound
Vaudrey’s debut single ‘Take Me Back” puts a six figure, once British Royal Family owned 225 year old cello through a series of guitar effect pedals. Combining orchestral type ambience with biting electronic beats, the beautifully distorted sound of the cello and Vaudrey’s soothing voice creates a stunning soundscape.

Other tracks by Vaudrey:  Lovin'
Dream On Dreamer - Vertigo     Metal/Punk 29/09/2015
'Vertigo' is the debut single off the upcoming third album 'Songs Of Soulitude' from heavy specialist Dream On Dreamer.
First single lifted off the record is the thumping 'Vertigo' showcasing exactly why Dream On Dreamer have been at the forefront of heavy music. Marcel’s vocals as ever present demanding ‘we are the voices for the voiceless'...

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Shadow Makers - Poncho Villa     Rock, Psychedelic 08/04/2015
'Poncho Villa' is the follow up single for Melbourne band Shadow Makers
The band has given Poncho Villa a slightly heavier feel with some Adam Jones (Tool) style guitar work on top of a bed of fat funky riffs, floating down a river of groove and ‘call and answer’ vocals.

Shadow Makers - Riding The Wave     Rock, Psychedelic 07/01/2015
'Riding The Wave' is the debut single from Melbourne band Shadow Makers.
Filled with groove, hooks, parallel male / female harmonies and a 3 part guitar wall of sound, Riding The Wave is a 'straight to the point' rock / pop psych out.

Millar Jukes And The Bandits - Be Mine     Folk, Alternative Country 15/10/2014
Melbourne band Millar Jukes and The Bandits release their debut self titled EP featuring the lead single 'Be Mine'.
First single ‘Be Mine’ is a little love song that is as simple as it gets. Minimal instrumentation with
heartfelt vocals draws in you and keeps you warm. Ending with dual vocals and Millar
questioning ‘Come On Baby Be Mine’ you have a feeling it might just happen.

Jantina and The Jaguars - Strange     Rock 25/09/2014
Jantina and The Jaguars deliver 'Strange', their lead single of their self-titled EP.
Lead single ‘Strange’ is darker then ‘Inadequarteness’ released earlier this year.
Distorted guitars & double kick drum see The Jaguars at their heaviest and most ferocious

Singing For Humans - Walk Don't Run     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 07/08/2014
'Walk Don't Run' is the lead single off the debut self titled EP from Melbourne band Singing For Humans and the follow up to debut single 'Judas Priest'.
'Walk Don’t Run', the lead single off the debut self-titled EP from Singing For Humans is a nod in the direction of 90’s greats such as ThePixies, Nada Surf and Ride. With its soaring chorus “won’t let you down this time around” a determined mission statement for the broken hearted.

Singing For Humans - Judas Priest     Pop, Psychedelic 19/06/2014
Singing For Humans are a band brought together by a love of Back to the Future, Grunge, Anxiety, Air Jordans and China cymbals.
Recorded at Hothouse Studios with Craig Harnath and mixed by Jonathan Burnside debut single ‘Judas Priest’ is hook laden honesty in the form of a three and a half minute pop song. How that feels? Like Roland Orzabal wearing J5's on a date with a stoned Bethany Cosentino.

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