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Latest Tracks Added

J.P. Shilo - Voodoo Talking     Rock, Blues 19/09/2019
J.P. Shilo is something of a Mystery Man, spending the last decade helping to create sounds luminaries like Mick Harvey, Rowland S. Howard, The Blackeyed Susans, Adalita and Hungry Ghosts.
'Voodoo Talking' was premiered across the Double J airwaves last night via captain Henry Wagons' Tower Of Song, calling J.P 'one of Australia's greatest enigmas'. 'Voodoo Talking' is what it sounds like when you put J.P. in a room with legends, Mick Harvey & Steve Shelley. Not what you'd expect - The cool groove and hypnotic sound of Voodoo Talking.

Extra Time - Perfect Kiss     Rock, R&B 19/09/2019
A debut classic rock album from an old band
This song started out as a simple minor chord progression and only really came to life with the piano refrain. For whatever reason it reminded us of Once Upon A Time in America. So the tune became a kind of love letter to the movie.

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Oliver & The Alchemists - Subtle Dagger     Alternative, Indie, Blues, Experimental 19/09/2019
Oliver Schuering, Singer Songwriter, Guitarist. A Debut release for this act. Music with passion and a deeper purpose The Alchemist's are Jasper Carter & Adam Crutcher (Drums & Bass).
Though its an alternative, there are strong melodies and guitar hooks. The message is powerful, the male vocal is hypnotic and soothing.

The lyrics depict how it is a dream of  mine for humanity to overcome our primal greed, envy and negative traits that our system is built upon, preventing us from working together collectively creating a better world.

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Nicole McKinney - Palestine     Indie, Pop, Easy Listening, Folk 19/09/2019
Nicole McKinney is a singer-songwriter who captivates audiences with her distinct voice and well-crafted, timeless melodies. The songstress draws inspiration from artists such as Missy Higgins, and the The Cranberries.
Written in the bed of her small share-house room last year, Palestine depicts the uncertainty of late teens-early 20s. The song expresses changing views, relationships and experiences. The lyrics encompass seeing the beauty in uncertainty, forgiveness and love and provides a sense of serenity, exploration and escape.

Lee Forster (feat. Paul Prickett) - Outback Graves     Country 19/09/2019
Lee Forster is a country singer/songwriter, and lead guitarist.
Whilst on a trip with Outback Graves, Trevor Tough and Major Paul Prickett to the Kimberley, where Ex -Aboriginal Soldiers were being awarded Army Service medals, Lee visited graves that had been and were being marked. When paying respects they pondered what really lies beneath the “Red Dust’. As they drove along, Paul wrote a poem about this visit.

Denise le Menice - Lust     Alternative, Pop, Rock, Indie 19/09/2019
As premiered on triple j Home & Hosed, ‘Lust’ is the brand-new single from Melbourne-via-Sydney-via-Perth artist Denise Le Menice, out now via Barely Dressed Records/Remote Control.
Catchy, post-psych-indie-pop, dance. On ‘Lust’ Denise Le Menice’s desire is set to four-on-the-floor rave-up. Imbued with the brightest sunshine that she can muster, ‘Lust’ takes its lascivious subject-matter and presents it with a kind of purity and sweetness.

“Butterflies, I’ve got a belly-full… I hope I run into you… I'm in lust with you”

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Hayden Calnin - On Our Last Day     Folk 19/09/2019
After what could be called his strongest year yet- Hayden Calnin is back again with a body of work that can get you through the coldest of winter nights.
Track Listing:

1. F**k Collingwood
2. Warm With You
3. On Our Last Day
4. Late
5. Made of Everything

Ashleigh Dallas - Settling Down     Country 19/09/2019
With four studio albums under her belt, Ashleigh has cemented her own footprint in the industry with her songwriting and unique sound.
Dallas' biggest heartwarming celebration was welcoming her beautiful daughter Harriet in January which really makes Ashleigh feel that the single ‘Settling Down’ embraces the next layer of her story and celebrates the love and contentment she has in her family home just outside of Tamworth.

Juliana Areias - Ultima Cancao de um amor     Jazz, Latin, World, Easy Listening 19/09/2019
Award-winning Brazilian singer-songwriter Juliana Areias, the Bossa Nova Baby, is back with her original songs which just made the Top 100 US Jazz Charts at #70 in 2019 (Jazz Week)
Ultima cancao de um amor (Last song from a love story) composed by Ecio Parreira and Juliana Areias

Recorded and produced in Perth, Western Australia.

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Other tracks by Juliana Areias:  MISSAO  -  Dia a Dia
milo viti - pretty as a peach     Punk, Pop, Rock, Alternative 19/09/2019
Mixing Punk style drums, Rock guitars, EDM synth and Pop Vocals, milo viti combine the fast paced energy of a Punk Rock band with a huge off-beat dance appeal.
'pretty as a peach' is about being attracted to someone physically while simultaneously being deterred by their personality. It reflects the current tendencies for people to project themselves looking flawless and faking perfect moments online while lacking substance in their real lives.

Lonelyspeck - Drown     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 18/09/2019
Lonelyspeck is the project of Adelaide-based singer, songwriter, producer and visual artist Sione Teumohenga.
"At those times I want to remind myself to trust that I know me best. But more than that I think this song is addressing my own persistent fears about owning myself and living my truth. The image of being encased in a decaying skin until I pierce it and free myself is particularly relevant to that."

Yibby - Poke     Hip Hop 19/09/2019
After signalling his arrival with his debut EP, Yibby today teams up with fellow breakout Raj Mahal for new single 'Poke'.
After signalling his arrival with his debut EP, Yibby today teams up with fellow breakout Raj Mahal for new single 'Poke'.

More brash than his previous releases, 'Poke' shows Yibby's diversity and ability. Fresh from his feature with Triple One, Yibby enlists fellow wordsmith Raj Mahal to bring his signature energy to the explosive second verse.

Hoodlem - Never Said Goodbye     Dance, Pop 19/09/2019
Hoodlem is one of Australia’s most promising new artists, and is a front runner of experimental soul, pop and future R&B.
Hoodlem has released her anticipated new single “Never Said Goodbye”, an elcetro pop gem that shimmers with mesmerizing synths, which explores the reality of a long-distance relationship that never had closure.

Indigenoise - Shrap     Hip Hop, Experimental 19/09/2019
Based in Byron Bay, INDIGENOISE are a clique of poets, artists, producers, musicians and practitioners. The four-piece featuring Coedie McCarthy, Roslyn Barnett, Jannali Doncaster and Benjamin Robinson carry mixed ancestry
Musically Indigenoise has given you serious, spiritual and deep but now just for one minute, it’s time to bless your ears with a bouncy, beastly vibe. With all 4 band members contributing to the vocals, ‘Shrap’ is an exploration of fun and cheek intertwined with the edge and flavour of each individuals character.

Local Authority - Marine Flowers     Alternative, Garage, Punk 18/09/2019
Local Authority is the brainchild of Brisbane's Jacque McGill. The goth-gazing quartet explore new ways to be sad with wall of sounds guitars and forlorn harmonious vocals.
A slow burning gem, contrasting the thick guitar sounds of the 90’s grunge scene with luscious vocal harmonies, a feeling of impending doom is portrayed to the listener in the brightest possible way.

Other tracks by Local Authority:  Wait  -  Dust