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4000 Records

Independent artist-led record label collaborating exclusively with Brisbane creatives.

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4000 Records

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Cloud Tangle - Thinking Of Myself     Experimental, Alternative, Indie 08/11/2019
Cloud Tangle is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Amber Ramsay, which combines video art and composition to evoke a mood equally devastating and beautiful.
Thinking of Myself is the first single from debut album Kinds of Sadness due for release in March 2020. The song is a gritty dream pop depiction of the emotional turmoil of moving on from a relationship and looking out for your best self.

The Holy Rollercoasters - Anhedonia Nights     R&B, Soul, Pop 24/10/2019
Inspired by the masters of R&B, the ecstasy and tragedy of love and the beauty and gothicism of the bible, The Holy Rollercoasters are soul, blues and jazz-worshipping Brisbanites.
'Anhedonia Nights' kicks of with a Motown-meets-Mariachi vibe propped up by a syrupy-sweet soul backbeat that leads into a psychedelic rave closing. The thematic and lyrical content aptly calls to mind the psychological condition whereby one cannot feel pleasure: Anhedonia.

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Fingerless - Scarborough     Folk, Psych, Alternative 23/10/2019
Fingerless are a psychedelic folk-tinged rock quartet from Brisbane playing music that harkens back to the 60s and 70s.
'Scarborough' is a mellow, psychedelic tale of love, betrayal and suicide, set in a quiet seaside village in 19th century England. When ghosts are scratching at your window, don't you want to know how far they've come?

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Marmaleene and The Moondusters - Jungle Juice     Psych, Instrumental, World, Alternative 24/09/2019
Marmaleene and The Moondusters were a short-lived but intensely loved psychedelic jungle surf trio from Brisbane.
Brisbane psychedelic surf trio Marmaleene and the Moondusters have awoken the beast with 'Jungle Juice'. From the opening sounds of exotic wildlife through to the fast-paced voodoo beats and Wha Wha guitar screaming like a jaguar. A sinister tone is set as the rhythm section syncopates with the keys leading the melodic passages of verses and chorus through the undergrowth.

Other tracks by Marmaleene and The Moondusters:  Chicxulubber  -  Death Car
Johnny Cyrus and His Band of Ghosts. - Batholith     Alternative, Experimental, Instrumental, Metal 20/09/2019
Johnny Cyrus and His Band of Ghosts. are an instrumental drums/bass/guitar band performing amp-and-pedal-worship drone music as a soundtrack to a Spaghetti Western film.
'Batholith' is one the band's oldest songs, having been written decades before the band was formed. The track is a beautifully cyclical and hypnotic work of cowboy drone. Recorded in a single live take with no overdubs or editing, with all instruments and amplifiers in a single room.

Other tracks by Johnny Cyrus and His Band of Ghosts.:  The Road To God
Local Authority - Marine Flowers     Alternative, Garage, Punk 18/09/2019
Local Authority is the brainchild of Brisbane's Jacque McGill. The goth-gazing quartet explore new ways to be sad with wall of sounds guitars and forlorn harmonious vocals.
A slow burning gem, contrasting the thick guitar sounds of the 90’s grunge scene with luscious vocal harmonies, a feeling of impending doom is portrayed to the listener in the brightest possible way.

Other tracks by Local Authority:  Wait  -  Dust