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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project :: 2020 Queensland Music Award Finalists

2020 Queensland Music Award Finalists

A selection of artists nominated for this years Queensland Music Awards
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Güs - Do You Feel Me     Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Pop 28/11/2019
Güs is the solo project of Brisbane-based electronic producer Angus Hayes.
Güs first stand-alone single, “Do You Feel Me” channels Chet Faker to explore finding intimacy on a night out. The track is funky, ambient, and builds throughout.

High Tropics - Changes     Indie, Alternative 20/11/2019
High Tropics is the moniker of Queensland based songwriter Josh Stewart and his band. Formed as an outlet to house songs outside of the now-defunct garage rock outfit The Ninjas.
Following a huge 2018, High Tropics have returned with their latest single “Changes”. Mixed by long time collaborator Elliot Heinrich and mastered by Brian Lucey (Cage the Elephant, Liam Gallagher), the song see’s the band going from strength to strength, and with its dance sensibilities, may well be their first hit.

Osaka Punch - Drones     Rock, Metal 20/11/2019
Osaka Punch are Brisbane's favourite sons of quirky prog, funk & heavy
Frontman Jack Muzak said of the new track - "Some people stand for what’s right, others stand for only themselves. While the Greta Thunbergs, Martin Luther Kings, and Michael Boltons of the world hold a light up to the injustices that plague our society, cretins still stand atop an Everest of evil, pi**ing in the wind.

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Ella Hartwig - Staged Reality     Folk, Indie 14/11/2019
16-year-old singer/song-writer from Cooktown, Far North Queenland. The acoustic indie/pop artist plays guitar and sings her own songs, inspired by a teenage life and remote community.
“No, it wasn’t love, it was a staged reality.” As the name suggests, Staged Reality explains a misconception of feelings. Or when feelings just aren't connecting. When another is seemingly not as interested or invested in a relationship as you, and you feel you need to get out of there!

Other tracks by Ella Hartwig:  When This Will End  -  Rabbit Hole
Pink Matter - Soul Fruit     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Soul 25/10/2019
Brisbane band Pink Matter debut their newest single, ‘Soul Fruit'. Taking a whole new exciting direction for the band, this electro-soul groove has quite an angular and glassy beat.
Of the track, Pink Matter says; 'Soul Fruit is based on the duality of reality verses a contrived image that’s been edited and warped to show only what a person wants to portray. It’s about being aware that people can be hiding a lot of things behind perceived achievement, beauty and credibility.'

Being Jane Lane - Savage Sunday     Punk, Indie 23/09/2019
Being Jane Lane is an all-female punk band from Brisbane. Heavy punk power and melodic energy, catchy riffs and vocals that move from majestic anthemic highs through to face tearing.
The new single Savage Sunday blends the ladies unique heavy punk power and melodic energy. Catchy riffs and vocals that move from majestic anthemic highs through to face tearing riffs showcasing the power of the women in this strong 5-piece punk outfit. Savage Sunday is a sexual adventure, blending raw sexual energy with a punky attitude.

Other tracks by Being Jane Lane:  Yeah  -  All The Time
Luke Daniel Peacock - Older Then     Indie, Rock, Pop, First Nations 19/09/2019
LDP is a multi-award-winning indie singer/songwriter from Brisbane QLD. His work as a solo artist and member of several Australian bands has been widely critically acclaimed.
"Older Then" is an open love letter to anybody in a battle not easily won. It's a song of resilience, acceptance and guidance - of letting go of ideas that you were once fooled into believing were important. It's a gentle goodbye to the time lost doing what you thought was right and a re-introduction to what matters.

DZ Deathrays - Still No Change     Rock, Punk 17/09/2019
Australia’s favourite thrash-party hoons DZ Deathrays are getting back into what they do best since wrapping their 10-year-anniversary tour: serving up head banging, party anthems.
‘Still No Change’ packs a punch of raw punk insouciance. Alongside singer Shane Parsons’ documentation of feeling directionless, “it always feels like the time is wrong, all in all I guess it’s just a little unresolved,” the track is sprinkled with hopeful moments in the form of an underlying pop melody that leaves you humming and tapping along.

Matt Hsu's Obscure Orchestra - Make Everything     World, Pop, Experimental, Folk 12/09/2019
'Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra' is an eclectic brainchild of composer and multi-instrumentalist Matt Hsu's offbeat musical sensibilities, creating intricate experimental music using world instruments and rethought everyday objects.
SBS and TEDx featured 'Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra' has created the new single 'Make Everything’, which questions the collective cultural hunger for instant fame and gain, by instead celebrating creating things for the love of it. The song is uniquely bilingual, featuring Taiwanese-Hokkien vocals by wearable art duo 'LOOPY!鹿皮', with English vocals by bedroom-pop creator 'apadalia' and Matt himself.

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Mau Power - Arrived ft Marcus Corowa     Hip Hop, First Nations 12/09/2019
Mau Power is the first rapper to emerge from the rich musical traditions of Torres Strait, a leader & a lyrical storyteller at the crossroads of Indigenous & hip-hop culture.
Beginning with gratitude for the gift of “the flow, the track hits hard with the energy from the jump to set the movement in motion and features the soaring emotive RnB vocals of Marcus Corowa. "The driving motivation for writing this song was inspired by “what life can become.”

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Nine Year Sister - Seaside Dreaming     Pop, Folk 12/09/2019
Nine Year Sister is an independent duo comprised of singer/songwriters, Jennie and Emma, from Queensland, Australia. They write, produce and perform original pop, electro pop and folk music.
'Seaside Dreaming' is a song about a photograph. It reminds us of our childhood and the wonderful, magical times we had on family holidays at the beach when we were little. We collaborated during the writing process, sharing ideas and inspirations.

'Seaside Dreaming' was written for the 2019 Noosa FM '21 Summers' songwriting contest, and was awarded 1st place.

Jaguar Jonze - Beijing Baby     Electronic 23/08/2019
Life-changing serendipity happens only to a chosen few. And that moment took musician-artist Deena Lynch by surprise, while playing an Iggy Pop tribute night in her native Brisbane, Australia.
It’s technically about those who hide behind their privilege, but also nods to Deena’s multicultural roots: Mom is Taiwanese, and Dad is Australian. After her parents split (and complicated citizenship issues), her mother moved to Taiwan, her father stayed in Japan, and seven-year-old Deena was moved to Australia.

Greta Stanley - Pour     Folk, Electronic, Pop 16/08/2019
Rising artistic figure of Far North Queensland, Greta Stanley, is known best for her honest, vulnerable songwriting and her ability to emotionally connect to an audience through stripped-back indie-pop.
"Pour is about wearing your heart on your sleeve, knowing your worth, and when to not spend your energy on someone who takes advantage of it. [It's] about wanting to do something or longing for someone, but not allowing yourself to be walked over and made to feel small when they continue to hurt you." - Greta Stanley

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Moreton - See Yourself     Pop, Easy Listening, Chill 16/08/2019
Finding light and hope from within powerful, sometimes haunting songs, Moreton, a rock band with a folk heart, challenging darkness with a mission to find the beauty and humanity inside.
See Yourself tackles a heavy but universal question, letting a new love witness your flaws for the first time, and asking if they'll stay by you. A bad habit, an addiction, a vice, or more specifically the battle with depression. "It's a common story, that our loved ones are the last to know when we're at our worst."

Asha Jefferies - Bad Kisser     Folk, Acoustic 15/08/2019
Singer/songwriter Asha Jefferies, has been writing candid songs since the age of 13, detailing the feelings and moments of her life in a warm attempt to hold those memories forever.
It's a coming of age song for me. I wrote it about an extremely euphoric and tragic moment involving a festival, lust, longing, intoxication & one ultra big insult. It takes a bit of growing up to realise not every interaction you have with a stranger you like & meet will be romantic.

Miiesha - Drowning     Funk/Soul, RnB, Indigenous, Pop 13/08/2019
From the Aboriginal community of Woorabinda comes a 20 year old with a voice ready to be heard. A proud Pitjantjatjara/TSI woman, Miiesha uses her voice to educate and inspire.
Drowning is Miiesha's response to the assumption that to live in a community with limited opportunities is a choice, rather than a safe space to feel culturally at home.

Leanne Tennant - Bring It All Back     Pop, Rock, Roots, Folk 09/08/2019
"Bring It All Back" flaunts thick bass-lines, catchy guitar licks and Leanne's signature silky vocals. Leanne is the 2018 Carol Lloyd Award recipient, and 2 x time Qld Music winner.
Her new single "Bring It All Back" is about a conversation between two people with opposing views, and leans into the current social climate, "it’s about one person who is willing to challenge their own thoughts and ideas, however failing in epic proportions as they’re stuck communicating with someone that has their mind set and refuses to generate alternative perceptions."

Carmouflage Rose - Sele     Hip Hop, RnB, Reggae, Rap 02/08/2019
A leader of the new wave of sounds in a genre once defined by a very specific language and accent, he is one of the most formidable young forces.
Carmouflage Rose has released new track ‘Sele’, written when he visited his birth country of Zimbabwe this year for the first time in nearly a decade.

‘Sele’ is an old English term for “good fortune”, and the song is all about living in the moment and not taking life for granted.

The Jungle Giants - Heavy Hearted     Pop, Rock, Dance 10/07/2019
Fresh off the back of sold out shows in the US, UK/Europe, Brisbane four-piece The Jungle Giants blast back into our ears with fresh new track 'Heavy Hearted'.
Written, produced, recorded and engineered by lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist Sam Hales, 'Heavy Hearted' melds the infectious energy The Jungle Giants are renowned for with driving beats and hypnotic accents.

Project 62 - Ancient Valleys     Rock, Australian Indigenous, Grunge, Blues 28/06/2019
Rough around the edges art rock; at times chaotic and dramatic. Ancient Valleys tells of a father experiencing a disconnect with his son due to the modern world.
Ancient Valleys tells of a father experiencing a disconnect with his son due to the trials of a modern world. A realisation delivered by a pair of Indigenous spirit guides causes the father to reassess and seek a reconnection with his son through nature. The film clip features Conrad & Shannon Bauwens; custodians of Gummingurru and its associated Jarrowair philosophies.

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