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2018 Woodford Folk Festival

Queensland’s annual Woodford Folk Festival has unveiled its 2018/2019 music lineup, featuring the likes of The Cat Empire, Xavier Rudd, The Waifs and more!

Enjoy a selection of artists in the below playlist for airplay on your program!

The 2018 Woodford Folk Festival can be heard on community stations around Australia through the Community Radio Network. From the 29th to the 31st December,
stations 4EB and 4ZZZ will be on-site broadcasting to the nation.

For more information on the Woodford Folk Festival, head to


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Hat Fitz and Cara - Hold On     Blues/Roots, Blues, Folk, Roots 07/12/2018
High-energy duo Hat Fitz and Cara are one of Australia’s most enduring, popular and talented roots artists.
Fitzy and Cara are thrilled to announce the imminent release of their much-anticipated 5th studio album ‘Hand It Over’, featuring lead track ‘Hold On’, and they’re headed out on an extensive tour this Summer to get everyone’s blood flowing.

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Midnight Tea Party - Massilia     World, Instrumental, Dub, Jazz 07/12/2018
Midnight Tea Party is a 5 piece band hailing from Sydney’s Inner West. Gypsy, jazz, dub and drum n’ bass are all blended together to form the band’s unique sound.
"Massilia" is a real party starter! Just imagine yourself in the middle of a dancefloor in Eastern Europe and you're well on the way to understanding the mood of this song.
Solos by Ross Harrington (alto sax) and Rob Campbell (trumpet)

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Other tracks by Midnight Tea Party:  Tootsie  -  Peppa Le Doof
Gold Member - Wild Stories     Electronic, Dub, Rock 17/11/2018
Gold Member tell a tale of misadventures with genre-pushing new single ‘Wild Stories’, and announce their forthcoming debut album.
Taking a little inspiration from electro, a bit from dub and a lot of pop-grooves ‘Wild Stories’ will prove to be the summer earworm you’ve been waiting for. Whoozing synths and irresistible melodies provide a cinematic vehicle for the retelling of the band’s ‘Wild Stories’.

Julia Jacklin - Head Alone     Pop 17/11/2018
Julia Jacklin has delivered a foray of news overnight revealing her new album Crushing will drop 22 February featuring the brand new single ‘Head Alone’
Julia’s stunning new offering ‘Head Alone’, is the second single from her forthcoming sophomore album. ‘Head Alone’, a pointed and electrifying anthem of refusal, follows the devastating first single ‘Body’. While upbeat in rhythm, ‘Head Alone’ maintains the pointed, complex lyricism Julia has become synonymous for.

Wanderers - What I Do     Funk/Soul, Rock 17/11/2018
Wanderers' have spent majority of 2018 touring nationally, gracing numerous festival stages including Bello Winter Music Fest and Gumball. This release sees them venture deeper into soulful sound.
Inspired mostly by late 70s soul and funk, What I Do started out simply as a looped groove that Dusty wrote to practice bass along to. About the realisation that you’ve been getting yourself together but not actually working on any of the things that you need to for the relationship to go the distance.

Alana Wilkinson - Closer     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Folk, Easy Listening 08/11/2018
Equal parts vulnerable folk singer and vitriolic pop-punk poet, Melbourne artist Alana Wilkinson is turning heads with a string of high profile shows showcasing her humour and insightful social commentary.
‘Closer’ is about navigating the grey area of falling in love. That strange little two-person bubble of big, giddy feeling that no one wants to talk about in case it blows the party candle out. This is my interpretation of how it feels to be in this space – full of clumsy oversharing, skippy steps and nervy wee’s.

Alex The Astronaut - Happy Song     Pop, Folk, Rock 02/11/2018
Ahead of her forthcoming Space Tour this November, Alex the Astronaut shares her new single 'Happy Song'.
Alex says: "I wrote this song at the start of the year about the awkward middle part of a breakup when you don't really know what you're doing. I recorded it with Sam (Cromack) and Dan (Hanson) from Ball Park Music and it took us about nine months to get it right so it's pretty much a song baby.

Ruby Gill - Your Mum     Folk, Acoustic, Rock, Folk 02/11/2018
South African, Melbourne-based artist Ruby Gill has just unveiled her new single ‘Your Mum’ – recorded by Harry Pettit, and co-produced by William O’Connell and the artist herself.
Gill tells the story behind ‘Your Mum’:

"It's a song about falling in love with someone who reminds you a little bit of your parents. And then realising, in a burst of 2am Freudian clarity and angst, that those are pretty high expectations. And obviously, it's about your mum".

The Northern Folk - Cold     Folk, Soul, Rock, Roots 26/10/2018
The Northern Folk are a collective of ten musical ambitionists who spread their unique brand of folk/pop/stomp/rock with two powerful vocalists, roaring horns, bashful bass and addictive percussion.
Cold is about the insecurities that keep us from being in love; the anxiety that ties us down for fear of the unknown, the worry that pushing for what we truly want might send it speeding away. It’s not a solution, but a warning of what we stand to lose when we are dishonest with ourselves.

Band of Frequencies - Sunray     Reggae/Dub, Roots, Funk 16/10/2018
The Sunshine Coast's award-winning Band of Frequencies are considered one of Australia's premier 'jam bands'. Combining funk, reggae, roots and psychedelic rock, no two shows are ever the same.
The latest single release by ‘Band of Frequencies’, Sunray, is an uplifting summery tune blending elements of reggae, funk, riff-ology and a dreamy psychedelic chorus. It was recorded at ‘Yama-Nui' recording studio on the Sunshine Coast by bassist OJ Newcomb and mixed in Melbourne by musician and well known live & studio engineer Damien Charles.

Mick Thomas - Boxing Day Drive     Folk, Blues 16/10/2018
Treasured Australian alt-folk outlier Mick Thomas and his band The Roving Commission are proud to release ‘Boxing Day Drive’, from the forthcoming EP of the same name.
‘Boxing Day Drive' is a song about a big multi-day drive on Boxing Day. It’s a glorious power-pop romp up the Great Pacific Highway. It’s mandolins, guitars, harmonies, and a nifty scenically driven lyric that puts you out there in the heat of an Australian Christmas. It’s trying to get to someone else and make things right.

The Teskey Brothers - I Get Up     Blues/Roots, Soul 09/10/2018
Forming a decade ago brothers Sam and Josh Teskey teamed up with Brendon Love and Liam Gough. The band has learnt about playing, songwriting and production over the last decade.
The Teskey Brothers have announced the deluxe release of their critically acclaimed debut album Half Mile Harvest, which will feature two new, unreleased tracks ‘I Get Up’ along with ‘Say You’ll Do’. Alongside the single and video release, ‘I Get Up’ will be on a limited edition 7inch – available to order now.

Glenn Skuthorpe - The Flood     Folk, Roots, Country, Indigenous 22/09/2018
Nhunggabarra, Kooma, Muruwari man and international touring singer-songwriter Glenn Skuthorpe is a compelling performer and masterful storyteller, who gives voice to those whose stories must be heard.
Down a dusty road and along a beaten track in an old bush cabin, Skuthorpe settled in to record sixth album ‘Wild Winds of Dooga’.

The Flood’ (trk13) features Skuthorpe’s considerable talents as a compelling lyricist and multi-instrumentalist with Glenn intimately tracking vocals, acoustic and electric guitars and mandolin as the rain and wind whispers gently in the background.

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Other tracks by Glenn Skuthorpe:  Wild Winds of Dooga  -  Leaky Old Boat
The Resignators - Waltz with me on Johnston Street     Metal/Punk, Ska, Rock 04/09/2018
'The Resignators sounded like Gang of Four if they were a ska band.
Waltz with with me on Johnston Street (at midnight) tells the tale of unrequited love outside the TOTE hotel in Collingwood.

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8 Ball Aitken - High Water     Blues/Roots, Country, Roots, Folk 01/09/2018
8 Ball Aitken’s funky, foot stomping energy and infectious blend of 'Swamp Blues' has brought the party vibe to festivals and venues worldwide for more than a decade.
The floodgates have opened with new single 'High Water' from 8 Ball Aitken's 'Swamp Blues' album. 8 Ball Aitken wrote the song with 100% certified Texas bluesman Guthrie Kennard in Dallas and recorded it in the Hill Country near Austin, TX. It is a deep South Mississippi kind of groove with the promise coming rain.

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Brendan Maclean - Hibernia     Pop, Rock, Chill, Dance 26/07/2018
Baz Luhrmann describes Brendan as a Modern Day "Mick Jagger." The critically lauded and often outspoken artist returns with a shift on his previous studio pop album with Hibernia.
Hibernia is a cracking rock-pop track and Maclean's first single in two years. Inspired by the venue Hibernian House in Sydney, Hibernia is Maclean’s most compelling track to date. Produced by Sarah Belkner (But You Are, But It Has) it showcases Brendan’s idiosyncratic pop lyricism over tight guitar hooks over a disco bassline provided by Donny Bennet.

Magpie Diaries - When Love Comes     Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 13/07/2018
Alluding to an era well before their birth, Magpie Diaries have a sound born from the ‘70s. It's dreamy Americana country mixed with a rockier alternative.
'When Love Comes', typifies the laid back sound and wry poetry of writer Magpie Johnston's music. This song floats between an up-beat alt country sound into more of a pseudo-pop production sound. The track was recorded with Matt Sherrod, and there's definitely an ear worm in there.. you should check out the video for it, which features speed dating dogs.

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STAV. - Weakening, Awakening     Folk, World, Acoustic, Ethnic 05/07/2018
The 2018 Folk Alliance Australia 'Young Artist of the Year', soulful and honest multilingual singer-songwriter STAV. continues her story of migration with soaring melodies and bursts of rhythmic fire.
Rhythmically intricate and uplifting, 'Weakening, Awakening' features English and Hebrew lyrics and is part of the 5-series music documentary 'The Chromatic Memory' by Timber Music Box showcasing culturally diverse musical projects in Melbourne. The track is the first to include guitarist and brother Dudi Shaul. It also features Isaac Gunnoo on double bass and Joseph Batrouney on cajón and percussion.

The Cat Empire - Ready Now     Pop, Jazz, Roots, World 03/07/2018
The Cat Empire are a six piece (plus friends!) from Melbourne. Jazz, Pop, Ska, Reggae, Hip Hop, you name it, it's all in there and Australia loves them for it.
Felix Riebl describes, “Ready Now began as an accidental one hand arpeggio on a keyboard with an obnoxious synth horn sound on. It turned into a hard-hitting and fairly epic sounding fanfare that sounds like a dark marching band in flight. Lyrically it’s full of frustration and conflict, but the music gives it an edge of joy.”

Mark Lang (Skipping Girl Vinegar) - Time's Moving On     Folk, Acoustic, Roots, Alternative Country 14/06/2018
Rich with melody and storytelling, Australian singer-songwriter Mark Lang's performances are "a must-see immersive live experience”. Releasing his debut solo work with a Canadian/European tour including legendary Cambridge Folk Festival.
Time’s Moving On is "a celebration of love", breaking free from the past, pushing forward and remembering to hold the ones you love close.
Recorded in his back shed between surfs in the small Australian coastal village he calls home. Mark Lang is currently on a Canadian/European tour.