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1080 Collective

With years of A&R, PR, Artist Branding and Management experience, 1080 Collective has assisted Melbourne's finest musicians in taking their art across Australia and over international borders.

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1080 Collective

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CIVIQUE - This Place I Love     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Dance 21/11/2019
Electronic Dance Music Producer with a love of creating energetic, powerful beats with epic belting vocals.
Inspired by the personal struggle of self doubt, ‘This Place I Love’ captures the internal and external conversations we have within ourselves and the mental barriers it creates. CIVIQUE takes us on a journey of learning to trust your own creative processes, and to break free from barriers.

Kieren Luke - God Damn     Hip Hop, Pop, R&B 14/10/2019
Kieren Luke is back with the release of his new anthem, ‘God Damn'. Combining fast-paced flows and smooth melodies, encapsulating all elements needed to make it an all-round banger.
I was always that kid that no one would f*** with, no matter how hard I tried. So I gave up on trying and focused on achieving my goals. Not being true to YOU is an ugly thing, so i'm trying to shine a light on that.

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JAYDEAN - Forget (feat. KHIAKIARRA)     Pop, R&B, Soul 27/08/2019
JAYDEAN takes us back to the old school era, stepping into the scene with staple feature on OG LUV KUSH Pt.2 (Kaiit) and the release of his debut single, ‘Touch’
The pain of someone walking out of your life stays with us long after they have left, making it sometimes hard to Forget. This song taps deep into your emotions, reflecting on the emotional roller coaster life takes us on specifically mental health issues post-breakup.

Ryan Schmidt - Big Roomy Beds     Pop, Britpop, Rock, Roots 20/06/2019
Sort of Pop
Big Roomy Beds is born from the teenage angst associated with VCE and the morning grind to actually get out of bed and rock up to class. A track that ultimately takes the piss out being late to school because I slept in dreaming of something else. I wrote the song when I walked in the door that afternoon…

Kieren Luke - Shiny Bitch     Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Ska 16/05/2019
Melbourne Hip Hop Artist
The song titled ‘Shiny Bitch’ started as a fun diss “to bubblegum rap”, which quickly became a track with trappy vibes. This upbeat, cocky beat produced by Michael Cooper (aka Mikki from Preston) is a lyrical masterpiece for the new generation of Australian Hip Hop.