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Paces - 1993 (No Chill) feat Jess Kent     Electronic 23/01/2016
Gold Coast producer Mikey Perry, aka Paces, is known for his Tkay Maidza collab, 'Switch Lanes', 2015 single 'Nothing's Forever' featuring Kucka and will release his album Vacation in 2016.
‘1993 (No Chill)’ features the vocals of UK-born, Adelaide-raised Jess Kent, whose debut release ‘Get Down’ shot up the triple j Unearthed charts in late 2015.


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The Weeping Willows - River of Gold     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 23/01/2016
Melbourne Alt Country duo, The Weeping Willows, deliver 10 brooding new tracks with sophomore album Before Darkness Comes A-Calli'.
Lead single ‘River of Gold’ is a stunning centrepiece: a song of desire that is at once destructive and irresistible, of surrendering to fate, driven inexorably onward by urgent backwoods banjo. It’s also an arresting study in Laura and Andy’s singular harmony: theirs is a vocal partnership of profoundest familiarity.


The Cope Street Parade - Liquorice Stick Rag     Jazz, Folk 03/11/2015
Blending the hot sounds of gypsy swing with elements of New Orleans traditional jazz to create a style of music that sounds both new and old yet always uniquely Australian.
Fiery traditional jazz rag


Other tracks by The Cope Street Parade:  My Baby On My Mind  -  Dancin' All Night
Men From Earth - Shine     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country 03/11/2015
The key is simplicity. It’s not about music from the head, it’s about music from the heart, something Scott Bird and his band Men From Earth knows to be true.
Sweet mandolin defines this track, a simple melodic line from Beasley which supports dual acoustic guitars and the subtle rhythm section, resulting in a quietly upbeat track, overlaid with Bird’s vocals. ‘Shine’ talks of the light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark things can get.


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The Jimmy Watts Band - Grid     Rock, Blues, Psychedelic 10/01/2016
Jimmy Watts is a roots & blues man of the hairy persuasion, a journey-man through and through and a gentleman of the road.
Grid is a hard hitting, gritty induction to the paranoid world of survivalists prepping for the end of the world. Featuring a healthy dose of grade school political activism, some benign anti-corporate jargon, and enough fuzzed out screaming guitars to thoroughly drive home the 'Mad Max' mood.


Other tracks by The Jimmy Watts Band:  Drought  -  Doctor
Matt Stillert - Shoe Boycotter     Blues/Roots, Rock, Blues, Folk 08/12/2015
Alternative Blues/Roots Influenced, Music. Spontaneous, high energy, foot stomping crescendos, dynamic off the cuff improvisation, sweet simple melody, acapella, and bad ass blues/rock grooves. Striving for originality and truth.
This badboy is a product of my frustration with the powers that be in this country, continuing to pull the wool over the eyes of it's people. My message;Don't wear the shoes they want you to wear, walk your own path, question everything, but most of all, love each other!


Black Aces - Girl Like You     Rock 06/01/2016
Black Aces set about crafting a band they had been longing to hear; a true blue, fire breathing, chest beating, riff n roll band!
Girl Like You is a catchy riff driven hard rock song, with hooky chorus, pumping bass and drums that will leave you stomping your foot and pumping you fist.


Valdaway - Allegiance     Rock, Pop, Industrial, Live Performance 15/12/2015
Indi Rock Valdaway hail from a small town in WA. 3 brothers, one best mate, some fantastic music and even better live performances make for the most complete show ever!
Differences between friends and lovers and why allegiances can overcome poor situations. Allegiance is a unique track: Indi Rock. Original. Sound catching. Relating. Different....listen and find out.


Other tracks by Valdaway:  Tiny Town  -  Boom Shake Heartbreak
Lexie McGee - Housemates     Folk, Comedy, Pop, Electronic 18/12/2015
A lovechild of confusion, Lexie McGee has emerged in glitter and sequin-encrusted hilarity to present the songs, feels and interpretive dances of her people, pants and other species.
What's with all these f**kin' crazy housemates!? A heartfelt vent on share-housing in Perth.


Other tracks by Lexie McGee:  Unicorn  -  Rainbow
Hollow Heart - Namesake     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Rock 08/01/2016
Hollow Heart are a new Sydney based Hardcore outfit who draw influence from bands like Counterparts, Being as an Ocean, In Hearts Wake and Architects to produce their signature sound.
Namesake is like a bull at a gate, smacking you in the face with brutality and catchy melody at once. This track raises awareness for mental illness, as the band are very passionate about helping others through mental struggles. Keep a keen eye fixed on Hollow Heart.


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Horace Bones - Tarantula     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Punk 12/01/2016
Horace Bones are a psychedelic-garage nightmare. A Melbourne four-piece stinking of burnt Tobacco and pre-gig chocolate bars.With pounding-drums and tyrannical-guitars, their sound detonates in a carnival of rock-n-roll mayhem.
The first single from their forthcoming debut double ‘A’ side, “Tarantula” is a raging groove of heavy psychedelia, surfing through outer space like a renegade Sputnik. Think The Stooges on acid, writing the theme song to a 70’s B-grade horror film.


Lulu and the Paige-Turners - Garden Sleepwalker     Pop, Folk 08/01/2016
Follow Lulu into a summer dream, where a long forgotten garden grows wild and wondrous. She’s chasing the dancing light and leaving a trail of songs behind her.
Garden Sleepwalker is the soundtrack to a summer dream, in which Lulu runs through a wild and secret place, chasing the dancing light. Follow her through the trees, branches grabbing at your ankles and pulling on your pigtails, until you catch her at the gate, grinning, knee-scraped and breathless.


Naked - Sprinters of The World Unite     Rock, Punk, Pop, Experimental 12/01/2016
Naked is a noisy three-piece experimental punk band based in Hobart, Tasmania.
First single from debut LP Pink Quartz.


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Other tracks by Naked:  Critical Half-Arsed  -  Massive C**k
Mangelwurzel - Fishy Fry     Rock, Psychedelic, Punk, Experimental 12/01/2016
Mangelwurzel (Man­Gel­Wur­Zel) are a six­piece based in Melbourne. The band are renowned for their exciting and unpredictable live shows, a spectacle that needs to be seen to be believed.
Fishy Fry melds grungy rock and punk with and jazz sounds while exuding an infectious personality through their music. Cosi showcases her undeniably arresting vocals while the track positively races along with the rhythm taking over, aided by tapping drumsticks and horns.


Other tracks by Mangelwurzel:  IOU  -  Everybody's Friend
Japanese Wallpaper - Forces (feat. Airling) (Yumi Zouma Remix)     Electronic 21/01/2016
Having dominated 2015 with the release of his debut EP, a regular strings of sold-out performances, Japanese Wallpaper reveals his Deluxe Remix EP ahead of his performances at Laneway Festival.
The Yumi Zouma remix of "Forces" maintains the beautifully layered vocals of Brisbane local Airling, while maximizing the atmosphere of the track into lush oblivion.


Kirbanu - Drifting     Pop, Easy Listening, Folk, Blues 22/01/2016
An easy to listen to, non-mainstream emotionally rich pop act where skilled, groovy compositions meet a powerful, touching voice: Music to be felt, and not just heard.
"The quiet-loud dynamic of the song- the way it can be restrained and then suddenly explode- keeps the listener on their toes. It is the constant passion and soulfulness that makes Drifting such a standout. It is a song that gets inside the heart and evokes emotion and reflection."


Other tracks by Kirbanu:  My Old Friend  -  Haunted By a Shadow