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Yeah Nah Yeah

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Jermango Dreaming - I Want You     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, RnB 14/02/2017
Jermango Dreaming is the solo project of Sydney artist Jermaine Sakr. Initially exploring slacker psychedelic rock, Jermango expanded to add funk and electric dreams a big part of the music.
'I Want You' came about through doubt, anxiety and paranoia with his relationship. Even when things don’t seem right, and anxiety gets the best of us. Its about putting that aside and wanting to be with your other half despite the horrible feelings one creates themselves.

Dives - Fresh Air (Ft. AJ the Aged One)     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Pop 03/06/2016
Caught in a head space somewhere between the garage and the ocean, Dives creates contemplative, shoeg-gazy psych that slips away from the constant murmur of Sydney and finds zen.
'Fresh Air' is a reflective, dream-pop anthem that explores the isolation and guilt an individual can experience with anxiety and depression. The verses are brooding, dark and confused, and erupts into a harmonious, humbling chorus line "I often wonder why you stand by me... why you still love me".

Other tracks by Dives:  Feel Free
SCK CHX - Don't Wanna Go Home     Rock, Punk, Garage, Psychedelic 01/06/2016
SCK CHX's sound is a cocktail of crunchy guitar riffs, bouncy beats and misty melodies drawing from 60's new wave punk/surf like Joy Division and the Velvet Underground.
New single 'Don't Wanna Go Home' is a cruisy punk track that deals with the concept of moving out and on with life.