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Andy Ward - Drinks&Money     Electronic 11/02/2017
Introducing Andy Ward, enigmatic Brisbane musician/producer, multi-media artist, and creative visionary. 'Drinks&Money' is Ward's synth-driven debut, steeped in torment and fizzing with tense restraint.
Self-produced collaboratively with Levi Dowsett, the track's glitchy erraticism reflects an innovative yet minimalist approach to electronica. Propelled ceaselessly forward by a sense of heart-broken hopelessness, 'Drinks&Money' examines the desolation substance abuse can wreak upon interpersonal relationships. Ward explains, "Craving what we don't have can destroy us."

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Outside The Academy - Solutionism     Rock, Electronic 11/02/2017
Nomadic producer Outside The Academy, known as OTA or, less formally, Pawel Cholewa, is a multi-instrumentalist who uses experimental and ethereal elements to create his own ubiquitous school of sound.
Inspired by Evgeny Morozov's The Net Delusion, which examines the perils of technology as a problem-solver, 'Solutionism' is a cinematic, sophisticated track driven by dark synth bass lines and contrasting polyphonic octave generated (POG) guitar sounds.


Slow Turismo - You Were Dead     Rock 11/02/2017
Slow Turismo is a four-piece indie-rock band based in Canberra, drawing from a broad sonic pallet, spanning dark driving indie rock to glittery electro.
Measured, syncopated and swaggering, 'You Were Dead' oozes easy groove and credits its unique tone to a hybridised approach to recording. The sound of intricate guitars, scattered drumbeats, groovy bass, and lush vocal harmonies fill the track, creating the innovative indie-rock sound Slow Turismo are known for.

Kudos - Give     Hip Hop 09/02/2017
Kudos spits bars that are both startlingly conscious and deliberately irreverent; blending jokes and profound observations with ease.
'Give' is the third single from this release. Aimed at those who have trouble breaking through a barrier of self-doubt, the track encourages all to allow their hearts to "denounce your head". Driven by urgent, quasi-tropical production, 'Give' dreams of a culture of self-possession.

Other tracks by Kudos:  Plucker
Dr Sinha's Jazz Lobotomy - Grown Man     Hip Hop, RnB, Jazz, Pop 03/02/2017
Meticulously prepared hot grooves and tasty melodies that explore identity and culture in Australia.
Flirting with influences like BadBadNotGood and Mick Jenkins, this isn't straight-up jazz. It's jazz carefully excavated, sampled and manipulated. Touching on detrimental social ideals of what masculinity means, 'Grown Man' is an incisive take that never loses its glibness - complete with shoutout to David Attenborough.

Stevie Bankster - M.I.A     Electronic, RnB 26/01/2017
Melbourne's Stevie Bankster has honed and worked on his unique sound and voice; a blend of RnB, neosoul and pop.
Written in darkness with heady incense burning, 'M.I.A' laments the self-centered nature of a relationship built on apathy. Bankster's potent vocals glide over understated tropical production. This is an affair where both participants are playing a calculated game - constantly ducking any real form of sincerity.

San Mei - Rewind     Pop 19/11/2016
San Mei is the moniker of Gold Coast-based, indie-pop artist Emily Hamilton, whose solo project began in 2013 as a self-produced bedroom pop project.
San Mei's potent vocals glide fluently over crunchy guitars, with raw, understated production from Hamilton herself along with Konstantin Kersting, lending an unmistakeable frenzied tone. The pang of longing is palpable - and so is the wisdom in preferring to have lost than never loved at all.

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Savilian - Higher Place (prod Kuren)     Hip Hop 19/11/2016
Meet Savilian: one of the strongest live acts in Australia’s current generation of budding Hip-Hop acts.
Euphoric, transportational hip-hop. The new single Higher Place has already received spot play on Triple J, and been added to rotation on Triple J’s digital radio.

Hobart Curtis - Hits     Pop, Electronic, Atmospheric 16/11/2016
Hobart Curtis is finding solid ground to posture himself as an enigmatic singer/songwriter and producer.
'Hits' is simultaneously infectious and melancholy, tapping into a universally-felt creeping sense of youthful ennui. As anyone with dreams can attest, unfortunately some goals will always remain slightly out of reach. 'Hits' is anthemic in its despondency - a hymn for disenfranchised creative youth.

Kudos - Don't Love (ft. Georgia Rose)     Hip Hop 03/11/2016
Sharp tongued and quick witted, Kudos is quite simply a freak. He’s built a reputation based on both strong lyricism and technical proficiency, which combine into an unforgettable live performance.
Tense and deeply affecting, 'Don't Love' is a rapid-fire commentary on sexuality and power dynamics. Kudos spits the raw, unrefined truths of a tormented inner dialogue; Georgia Rose's floating etherealism provides a heady, wistful foil. There's a hyper-elevated sense of self awareness, made universally empathetic through Kudos' sheer lyrical skill.

Go Van Go - Always The Same     Rock 15/10/2016
Brisbane rockers release second single from Kill City: Renegades and drop brand-spankin' frenetic clip for 'Always The Same', just in time for Red Deer Festival performance.
Driven forward by a vigorous repetitive riff, 'Always The Same' follows the narrative of a female vigilante who takes revenge on the men who've wronged her through sly metamorphosis.

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Jacob Moore - Something in the Water     Pop, Retro 21/04/2016
Sydney songwriter/producer Jacob Moore has been involved with a myriad of acts for a number of years. He's now finally ready to shine light on his first solo musical presentation.
Produced by Jack Prest (Flume, The Preatures, Action Bronson) ‘Something in the Water’ introduces itself with barbershop-esque vocal harmonies. As the song grows, RnB, psych and hints of electropop are woven throughout. It's a powerful anthem with massive dynamic swells held in place by Jacob's unique vocal timbre.

Joey Tyler Lee - Sail Away     Hip Hop, Electronic, Dance 26/02/2016
Joey Tyler Lee's sound defies genres and expectations: it is all about connecting with the listeners through high-energy release, uplifting melodies, and some truly compelling vocal performances.
Glittering synths set the tone for what’s to come, allowing Joey’s vocal melodies and rap abilities to shine through. The infectious chorus builds to a crescendo that will be sure to get the most unenthusiastic of dancers up and moving.

No Body Died - The Nihilist and the Pretender     18/02/2016
Emotive and driving music that spans the genres of electronic, industrial and shoegaze.
‘The Nihilist & The Pretender’ is conceptualised as a ray of sunshine, beaming through an infinite darkness. Lyrically adopting an Alice in Wonderland leitmotif, the track urges the listener to offload the concerns of everyday being, and to appreciate what is taken for granted.

Other tracks by No Body Died:  Dschungel
Jacob Moore - Infinity     Pop, Psychedelic 13/02/2016
Hailing from Sydney Australia, songwriter/producer Jacob Moore is finally ready to shine light on his first solo musical presentation in 2016.
Debut single - 'Infinity' - is a hook-heavy pop number that blends a bouncy piano intro and happy bass with a psychedelic instrumentation convincing enough to be lifted right from the Summer of Love.

Isabel - Fences     Funk/Soul, RnB, Soul 05/02/2016
Isabel is an up and coming Brisbane-based songstress of soul, folk and jazz. Her sultry sounds and mellow melodies have captured and captivated audiences and reviewers alike.
Emerging in new sonic-territory with her latest single ‘Fences’, Isabel creates a blend of soul-folk and jazz-infused pop, delivering something that dives further into unknown territory for her.

Mary Handsome - Numb     Rock, Pop 05/02/2016
Forming from a mutual love of thrashing guitars around and just being general nuisances, Mary Handsome have set out to create tunes that have equal parts catchiness and attitude.
Lively grooves and tailor made summertime energy.

Other tracks by Mary Handsome:  Leaves  -  Banksia
Archaeologist - Me & You     Folk, Rock 08/07/2015
Archaeologist is an Atmospheric, Folk - Rock band lead by Brett Shaw. Brett is a multi-instramentalist and producer from the US - who moved to Brisbane Australia in 2010.
Archaeologist's second EP 'Fáren' builds over its 5 tracks to the natural crescendo of single 'Me & You'; a song rooted in love and presented in all its jingling ecstasy.

Brother Fox - Feeler     Folk, Pop 16/04/2015
Brother Fox create folk music which incorporates percussive experimentation and a strong focus on pop melodies designed to morph personal stories into universal messages.
With the release of Brother Fox’s latest single, ‘Feeler’, the band build on the success of their debut EP with a sound that is more confident, polished and representative of their live finesse, brought to light by producer Paul Pilsneniks (Silverchair, Powderfinger, Angus Stone) at Byron Bay’s 301 Studio.

The Walking Who - Electrocute The Mannequin     Pop, Psychedelic 19/03/2015
The Walking Who are three piece band from Sydney who masterfully weave together interesting pop melodies with spacey psych influenced instrumentation.
Described as a melting pot of musical styles The Walking Who love the song was inspired by their recent travels to Iceland.