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Gina Timms - Soldier Boy     Country 21/03/2017
Having spent almost 4 decades in the country scene, Gina Timms is no stranger to the masses.
Sailor Boy is a tribute to Gina's Son and all the servicemen and women, past and present.

Greg Williams - Strikin' A Blow     Country 21/03/2017
Greg Williams - Tamworth Singer, Producer
This song tells the story of the great Australian heritage and pride in our country, emerging from the early 1900’s shearing shed era, leading to recognition of the immense personal sacrifice of our Anzac diggers at Gallipoli, and ultimately describes how this spirit is now inherited by Australian youth.

Sandra Humphries - Drink Things Over     Country 21/03/2017
Known as “The Real Deal”, few can bring that true country feel to a song quite like South Australian singer-songwriter Sandra Humphries.
Drink Things Over, is the first single to be released from Sandra’s brand new, 6th studio album.
The song, in Sandra’s own words, is an Up-Yours, classic break-up song, with a cool country swing feel, reminiscent of the Hank Williams era. Co-written with longtime friend Bill Chambers.

Johnny Chester - Long Distance Lover     Country 17/03/2017
With a recording career that began in 1961 and continues even stronger today, Johnny Chester is one of Australia's most enduring recording artists.
Coming up to his fifty sixth year anniversary as a recording artist, his latest single will resonate with anybody whose work keeps them away from their loved ones and is a subject that is well known to Johnny as he has toured extensively in his long, long career.

Bennett Bowtell & Urquhart - Love Of Mine     Country, Roots, Alternative Country 22/02/2017
Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart’s acoustic instruments, three part vocal harmonies, a deep respect for each other and an almost spiritual quality that will lift your spirits and enrich your soul.
'Love of Mine' is a song penned by the trio about their friendship, the challenges of their lives as singer/songwriters and of their deeply held love of music, a love clearly reciprocated by country music fans and industry alike as their recent multiple Golden Guitar Award winning success will attest.

Kiera - Forever Roam     Country, Pop 15/02/2017
Kiera is an Australian singer/songwriter who is living her dream as a musician, travelling the world and playing music.
'Forever Roam' is a song written about Kiera's life as a travelling musician. Being from country Victoria, Kiera has had to travel many kilometres for her music. Even though she now resides in Adelaide she finds herself now traveling thousands of kilometres to the US for shows.

Jodie Crosby - Hello     Country 10/02/2017
Golden Guitar Winning Tamworth Based Singer/Songwriter, Jodie Crosby has returned with her beautiful new single - 'Hello'.
It can be tough on a child when they see their mother going through the heartache of a relationship breakup, but in the case of Ethan Crosby-Wolfe, his deep understanding of the pain his mother Jodie was going through, this song gave him an outlet for his deep emotions.

Paul Cowderoy - Nothin' You Want     Country, Roots, Rock 06/01/2017
Smooth, enticing, and deep, Paul Cowderoy’s voice will get in your head and stay there. The rich, warm tones of his voice and lyrics speak to his fans directly.
This song is certainly something different for Paul. It's raw and under produced, a mix of country, funk, rock, and roots. The song centres around the battle we create when we refuse to open our hearts to real love.

Tyson Lucas - We Just Want To Be With You     Country 18/12/2016
CMAA Graduate, 16-year-old Singer/songwriter Tyson Lucas.
Parents stuggle everyday to leave their children to go to work, some parents are away from their children for months at a time, and it does have a massive impact on families. This is our story and we hope that other families can relate to this song.

The Bushwackers - Another Trip To Bunnings     Country 15/12/2016
The Bushwackers are Australia’s best-known, best-loved bush band. In 2016 The Bushwackers will celebrate 45 years of performance.
Ah!! Christmas and holidays on the horizon again and it’s vital to get the house looking great for the rellys to come and visit. Of course that means some DIY around the place and inevitably ‘Another trip to Bunnings’ is a necessity.

Reg Poole - Music's Been Good To Me     Country 10/12/2016
"The Gentle Giant of Country Music", Reg Poole has been elevated to the Roll of Renown, and received an order of Australia medal in 2006.
'Music's Been Good To Me' was written by Kevin Bloody Wilson to highlight the very successful years of the Gentle Giants pathway in Australian country music. This is the title track of Poolies new album and is the first of possibly three singles to precede the albums release.

The Long & Short Of It - Kangaroo Rodeo     Country, Rock 05/12/2016
The Long & Short Of It are a multi-award winning duo from Melbourne whose well-rounded country sound consists of smart, non-formulaic songwriting, honest lyrics and superb harmonies.
The hit single, 'Kangaroo Rodeo' by The Long & Short Of It, is a light hearted song about the Aussie tradition of mates getting together to have a beer at an outback pub. “Cause when mates start shouting rounds round here, you can't just take a sip.”

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Aleyce Simmonds - Defeated     Country, Pop 02/12/2016
Aleyce has continued to enjoy a successful career as one of Australia’s finest Country artists since winning the Telstra Road to Tamworth Competition in 2005.
Co-written by Aleyce and Wollongong based singer/songwriter, Jeremy Edwards, “Defeated” shines a light on domestic violence. An issue that touches so many and is becoming increasingly prevalent in today's society.

Johnny Chester - Old Saint Nicholas Ho Ho Ho Ho     Country 25/11/2016
Fondly regarded as a veteran of the Australian Music Industry, Johnny Chester has recorded his music every year since 1961.
A brand new song from country legend Johnny Chester, just in time for the holiday season.

Ashleigh Dallas - Lighthouse     Country 23/11/2016
Golden Guitar winner Ashleigh Dallas is a vibrant young country music singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Lighthouse is her third album, out January 2017 via Checked Label Services.
This track is a reminder of the family and friends that you call your "Lighthouse", people who no matter what, are always there, through good laughs and bad times, their light can be seen and becomes a safe place for you, and in some cases, even guide you back home.

Innocent Eve - Belly Glow     Country, Folk 23/11/2016
Innocent Eve are acoustic duo, singer songwriters and sisters! Reminiscent of legendary sister acts The Dixie Chicks and Wilson Phillips, Rachel and Bec perform perfect harmonies.
Belly Glow is the first single from Innocent Eve’s new 6x track EP, True North produced by Matt Fell. An authentic evolution of the captivating sister duo’s sound and direction, Belly Glow describes a deep yearning to feel something, anything.

Kristy Cox - Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore     Country 02/11/2016
Kristy Cox is the new voice in Australian bluegrass. Adored for her youthful energy infused acoustic country/bluegrass, she has been awarded with radio success and accolades for her talent.
Kristy (along with Jerry Salley and Stephen Mougin) pulls this one close lending credibility to their performance, with Kristy’s distinct vocals making this song 100% her own. This will mark Kristy’s third single from the album, following the release of Top 5 hits “You Walked In” and “Another Weary Mile”.

Chad Morgan & Shane Howard - The Ballad Of Bill And Eva     Country 19/10/2016
Chad is the ultimate comic of Australian country music. He is instantly recognizable with his unique trademark – Those Teeth!
This track sees Chad Morgan collaborating with Shane Howard to re-record a heartfelt tribute to Chads grandparents Bill and Eva Hopkins. A departure from his usual comedy songs Chad and Shane deliver a superb rendition of a very personal story.

Mark Lucas and The Dead Setters - Walking In Her Dreams     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Alternative Country 19/10/2016
English born, Sydney based singer-songwriter, Mark Lucas. A prolific songwriter, established one of Sydney's favourite music venues - the Petersham Bowling Club.
The second single from “The Continental Drift”, Mark's fifth release with long-standing band-mates the Dead Setters, breathes a lighter air of romance and whimsy than we might have come to expect from a songwriter generally known for expressing a more gritty reality.

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Niksta - Dodging Bullets     Pop, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 19/10/2016
Niksta (Nicole Keipert) has hit the ground running with her fourth album. Here is Niksta's new release "Virginia".
This track is all about dodging rejection, fear, and basically men who pursue woman who they have no interest in.

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