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Varrasso PR

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Ellogram & The Robot - Any Of This     Electronic 21/03/2017
The Robot honed his craft recording artists including Carole King in which he acquired 2 Grammy nominations, and Ellogram has been writing and producing over the last eight years.
“Any Of This” is an honest take on the struggles of addiction with the resulting heartache and loneliness that comes with it. The soundscape glides between haunting vintage synths to throwback trip hop electronica that paints a sonic picture brush by brush.

American Doubles - The Swell     Electronic, Chill, Pop, Dance 13/03/2017
Melbourne-based electronic duo, American Doubles have announced their debut single The Swell. To accompany the track, they've released a spectacular video, which was filmed almost entirely underwater. MUST WATCH!
The Swell is recommended listening for a long, cool drive, perhaps one which involves a Miami Vice-esque nighttime cruise sequence; characterised by knowing nods to the 80s and to more recent electronic pioneers Metronomy, The Swell is a soaring yet subtle, unbelievably memorable smash.

MAYA - What After Now     Funk/Soul, Chill, Electronic 13/03/2017
MAYA’s music is progressive. Conforming to conventions only when it serves the emotional integrity of the song. Her sound stems deeply and directly from her voice, sublime groove and soul.
Mixed and produced by Haxx, the beats groove hard, tipping the hat to hip-hop classics, and jazz style vocal stacks to contrast and enthral. MAYA’s music is progressive. Conforming to conventions only when it serves the emotional integrity of the song.

The Brow - Echo, Echo     Hip Hop, Electronic, Roots, Soul 13/03/2017
The Brow is a high-energy brass n’ beats party band that play genre-defying, dance-demanding hip hop music.
The Brow embracing the classic roots of soul and pop then breaking the mold to create their own bass-lined dissertation on the state of the world as we know it

Murph & Petch - You Can Call Me Al     Electronic, Dance, House 13/02/2017
DJ’s and producers Jolyon Petch & Andy Murphy are the creative drive behind a new collaborative project - Murph & Petch.
Murph & Petch have collaborated on a new project covering & refreshing the Paul Simon classic, 'You Can Call Me Al'. Both recruited Melbourne singer Livingstone to recreate the epic Paul Simon Vocal, along with the brass player from Vance Joy's band to lay down a catchy new Trumpet hook.

Rachel Costanzo - Start Again     Pop, Electronic 06/02/2017
At just 20 years, Melbourne-based pop singer and DJ, Rachel Costanzo not only boasts an incredible voice and unique DJ skills, has also mastered the guitar, piano and songwriting.
Inspired by the notion of new beginnings, 'Start Again' is a display of Rachel’s powerful vocals and song writing talent. Life will always throw you "curve balls", ones that challenge you and test your mental & emotional boundaries. 'Start Again' is about taking the plunge and starting afresh.

Vassy - Nothing To Lose     Electronic, House, Dance 06/02/2017
Vassy’s career rose in 2014 with her ARIA Double Platinum and 12 times worldwide Platinum smash hit, 'Bad' with David Guetta and Showtek. This was just the beginning.
The vocalist behind Musical Freedom's biggest hit of 2015, Vassy, returned on the record label with her standalone single, 'Nothing To Lose', a high-energy dance-floor friendly masterpiece. Co-produced by the legendary label-head Tiësto, this progressive house-gem is bound to fuel the urge to get up and dance.

Nussy - Hard As Diamonds     Electronic, Pop 31/01/2017
Since the release of her debut single, Dizzy, and self-titled EP in July 2014, quirky Melbourne pop starlet Nussy has been making waves in the Melbourne music scene.
'Hard As Diamonds' opens with a solo, glitch synthesiser, easing the listener into the secure sinewave wonderland of the track. It builds and reaches an intriguing climax as a distorted guitar solo sits eccentrically atop the electronic atmosphere, with Nussy singing intimately, wooing the listener with unique sincerity.


MOBS - Dark Side Of A Good Thing     Pop 30/01/2017
MOBS (it stands for "Move On, Be Strong") is four mates from Melbourne who bonded over shared love of The 1975, Tears & Years, Michael Jackson, INXS and The Wombats.
"Dark Side Of A Good Thing" is about the duality that comes with a self-destructive relationship, the fallout of knowing that the relationship is predestined for failure even before it's begun. It's bad love. Sounds reminiscent of of The 1975, Tears & Years, INXS and The Wombats.

Foreign Architects - Poisonous Pill     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 14/01/2017
Perth singer-songwriter Matt Burke and his drummer cousin, Andrew Barnett, are one of Western Australia's freshest sounds. The band formed early in 2013 and blends indie/pop with alternative leanings.
Foreign Architects’ sound can be described as a blend of indie pop with alternative leanings, however ‘Poisonous Pill’ brings a more psychedelic rock experience for fans, and displays the creative variance of the band.

Nathaniel Willemse - Vapours     Pop, Soul, RnB 14/01/2017
Born in South Africa and moved to Melbourne, when he was six, Nathaniel made an impact when he made the Top 6 of X Factor with his soulful, soaring vocals.
A soulful and sexy club track, 'Vapours' was produced in LA by Freshm3n III, producers who’ve worked with the likes of Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj and The single is about being intoxicated by someone, or by an experience.

FØRD - Oblivion     Electronic, Pop 02/12/2016
18-year-old self-taught producer and multi-instrumentalist FØRD from Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia, is really turning heads. Combining walls of luscious synthesizers, punchy hip-hop beats, and house-inspired vocal hooks.
“Oblivion" where the young producer has created a nearly perfect modern pop song featuring the haunting vocals of the mysterious Rya Park. This smooth electro-pop sound is bound to take over the airwaves, so be prepared for a splash.

Buchanan - The Beep Test     Pop, Rock 21/11/2016
2016 has seen the four-piece release two albums, perform headline tours and online streams and views exploding, it’s safe to say Buchanan's infectious sonic goodness is spreading like wildfire.
An anthem slice of guitar pop/rock fused with electronic back beats. Lyrically an emotive and melodic ride of love and reflection.

Morgan Bain - Hush     Pop, Soul, RnB 18/11/2016
Being able to write a perfect pop song, then also sing it like a veteran superstar, is a stellar combination.
Bain executes to a top level, but it is all of the things that can not be taught that make him exceptional... the sweet-yet-smoky timbre to his voice, the perfection of his melodies, or the shadowy tones to his delivery.

MUSIC COORDINATOR PICK: Emily Nicol, Koori Radio (NSW)


Rossa - Hear That Sound     Rock, Electronic 18/11/2016
Melbourne based alternative rock musician who fuses rock & electronic sounds not unlike Awolnation & Nine Inch Nails.
Hooky industrial rock song written by Rossa which depicts the notion of consuming drugs. It's a great meld between Nine Inch Nails & Awolnation.

Sa.May - Booty Calls     Electronic, Hip Hop 18/11/2016
Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, local emerging electronic music producer/ singer songwriter Sa.May (pronounced sah-may) has been writing and producing music for just over 12 months.
The underlining hip hop beats and sensual synths, coupled with Sa.May’s warm vocals will leave you aching for more and B Wise nails a swift raps that penetrates with precision and style.

Emma Anglesey - Mary-Anne     Pop, Electronic, Soundscapes 04/11/2016
Australian singer-songwriter Emma Anglesey's second release produced by Joshua Barber known for performing and collaborating with Gotye, Archie Roach and producing this year's Triple J Unearthed High Winner, Gretta Ray.
'Mary-Anne' is a gripping ride that will have listeners enthralled and intrigued. Infectious, driving drums propel the sweeping instrumental; rich strings stab, and choral backing vocals float while Anglesey’s understated vocal susurrates throughout.

Ellogram - Come Home     Electronic, Chill 03/11/2016
Ellogram (Shane Fritsch) is an Electronic/Pop Producer from Sydney Australia and formally the front man and songwriter of St Leonard’s, who’s music has been featured on many USA TV series.
'Come Home' is a moody electronic pop track which undoubtedly transports listeners to a place bound only by the imagination, with ambient textured synths and haunting melodies.

VanderAa - Jungle Juice     Rock, Folk, Roots 26/10/2016
VanderAa is two brothers from Darwin, Australia that have created something unusual and unique. VanderAa’s sound blends a mix of drum, djembe, beatboxing, yidaki (didgeridoo) with guitar and vocals.
A great indie roots track that is super catchy. It is a great way to start your day... a real road trip song that captures the expression of Aussie youth culture. It has adventure written all over it.

Nussy - Just Just     Electronic, Pop 21/10/2016
In the highly saturated world of Australian electronica, Nussy stands out from the rest as an artist with a story to tell, and the talent to tell it,she's no pretender.
'Just Just' is another sweet delve into the world of electronica. Delicate and moving vocals, with minimalist instrumentation makes this track powerful as it is intricate. Hidden within this disarming and beautifully spacious track is a message that we all need to come to terms with – life's no fairytale.