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Unleashed Music

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Another Language - Soul Doctor     Funk/Soul, Funk, Pop, Rock 21/11/2016
Brisbane-based Another Language are a pop-rock band whose smooth guitar, funky beats and powerful vocals are whipping Queensland up into a frenzy.
Soul Doctor is a crowd favourite - with a ska-inspired guitar intro, fused with a funk rhythm section and hip-hop inspired vocals. Soul Doctor gets heads nodding, feet tapping and hips swinging.

Other tracks by Another Language:  Eye See A Rainbow
Those Who Endure - The Sweetest Poison     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 17/10/2016
Gold Coast-based metal band Those Who Endure straddles the boundaries of the metal sub-genres, from metalcore to progressive black metal.
The Sweetest Poison is a story of how man often struggles being bombarded with images. Images of women. Images of what he should look like. Images of what he should do with his body. This is a story of how a man rejects those images.

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One Kingdom - The Adversary     Rock, Metal 25/01/2016
One Kingdom is a heavy rock band from Melbourne, Australia ready to hit the scene with full force early 2013 with live shows, punchy tracks to wake your neighbours.
The Adversary is about facing and overcoming those who seek to oppress you. The hard-hitting guitar riffs serve as a marching beat and the vocals as a battle cry.

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We Are Servants - Spectator     Rock, Pop 09/11/2015
A pop-rock indie band based in Brisbane. We Are Servants deliver high energy music with powerful hooks and lyrics.
In “Spectator,” Almond and Stevens help the troubled soul find his or her stride after stumbling by brilliantly persuading them to never look back on the path toward spiritual greatness. We Are Servants possesses a brand of music that has put the group in a favourable and upward position today

One Kingdom - Affiance     Rock 05/10/2015
One Kingdom is a heavy rock band from Melbourne ready to hit the scene with full force with live shows, punchy tracks to wake your neighbours with and music videos.
"Affiance" is a track dedicated to working through the hard times in a marriage. It contrasts the two points of view and then uses the theme of love to bring everyone together.

Guardian - Hindsight     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Metal 28/09/2015
Guardian - A new Metalcore band from Sydney Australia, heavily influenced by August Burns Red and Underoath.
Hindsight focuses on the world that was and how it always seems brighter than the world ahead.

Other tracks by Guardian:  Undertow  -  Rock
Lisa King - Risk     Christian, Acoustic, Ambience, Folk 07/07/2015
Lisa is a soulful acoustic singer whose music focuses on her daily life and consideration of the world around her.
Risk is a song that highlights the leap of faith that is required in those moments in life where you need to trust that others will do right by you.

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