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Undercover Music

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Ngarukuruwala - Murli murli la     Indigenous, World, Jazz 08/12/2016
Since 2007, Ngarukuruwala (we sing songs), have shared musical ideas to create new versions of old Tiwi songs.
'Murli murli la' tells the story of a girl and a boy who are in love but can't be together. Murli la translates roughly as 'Let's go away together'. Like the old love songs, it's lighthearted entertainment with a deeper (unspoken) understanding of the complications of love and desire.

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Marcus Holden - Adagio in G Minor (T. Albinoni)     Folk, Classical 09/11/2016
Marcus Holden is a Soloist, Composer, Producer & Multi-Instrumentalist. Marcus has appeared on albums, commercials, films; some of the world's great concert venues and performed with Australian music greats.
Adagio with a rock rave. Long live Yngwie! Marcus Holden plays Violins, Other Guitars, CelloBass with Nigel Date on Electric Guitar Solo and Oscar Henfrey on Drums.

Other tracks by Marcus Holden:  Gymnopédie No.1 (E. Satie)  -  Polovetsian Dance No.17 (A. Borodin)
CODA - 7AM (feat. Royce Doherty)     Electronic, World, Pop 16/09/2016
CODA is a collective of classically trained musicians who have consistently transcended musical boundaries with their trademark blend of strings, percussion, world and electronica.
‘7am’ is pure electro pop mixing driving electronica with the bands' trademark haunting strings and eastern vocals courtesy of country soul singer Jackie Marshall. Imagine a David Lynch film scene, the heroine lost on a highway at 7am

Eric Bogle with John Munro - First The Children     Folk 02/09/2016
Eric Bogle is one of the best and most prolific songwriters of the last several decades. He is internationally known and respected having toured internationally for over 30 years.
Eric Bogle has drunk at this particular well a few times in his song writing career, and will probably visit it again, as the predilection of the human race to regularly slaughter each other in obscene wars shows no signs of stopping any time soon.


Other tracks by Eric Bogle with John Munro:  The List  -  Once Upon A Time
CODA - Am I A Pony (feat. Melanie Pain) (Bad Dog Edit)     Electronic, House 26/07/2016
CODA is a collective of classically trained musicians who have consistently transcended musical boundaries with their trademark blend of strings, percussion, world and electronica.
‘Am I A Pony (feat. Mélanie Pain)’ has received some Bad Dog remix treatment combining dreamy house feels with a driving bottom end. Bad Dog is a roving pack of friends, DJ's and art hounds that have banded together for over a decade outside the mainstream club scene.

CODA - Am I A Pony (feat. Melanie Pain)     World, Downbeat 30/05/2016
This collective of classically trained musicians has consistently transcended musical boundaries with their trademark blend of strings, percussion, world and electronica.
'Am I a Pony' is catchy tongue in cheek art pop featuring the French indie darling Melanie Pain. Downbeat electro cool with soaring string and accordion lines. Serge Gainsbourg meets Picasso’s french Dada.

Other tracks by CODA:  Run to Me (feat. Jane Tyrrell & Jessica O'Donoghue)  -  Golden Times (feat. Royce Doherty)
Daniel Champagne - Click Go The Shears     Folk 26/02/2016
Singer, songwriter and guitar virtuoso, Daniel Champagne, has been playing since age 5. He recently signed to Fleming Artists and relocated to North America to continue his exciting career.
International touring and recording artist Daniel Champagne plays on the of the most recognizable Australian bush tunes ever written.

Other tracks by Daniel Champagne:  The Overlanders from Augathella Station
Dave O'Neill - Clem O'Neales Schottische No 2/Ollie Watt's Schottische     Folk 26/02/2016
Dave’s career has covered many styles including Folk, Blues, Jazz, Country, Rhythm & Blues and Musical Theatre. Dave has recorded on over twenty albums and many TV and radio appearances.
Clem O’Neale's Schottische No 2, collected from Clem O'Neale by Dave de Hugard is housed in the Folklore & oral History Section of the National Library of Australia. Ollie Watt's Schottische was collected from Arthur Bowley. Dave O’Neill plays a Brian de Gruchy small body guitar with standard tuning.

Other tracks by Dave O'Neill:  Jigs: (An Old Favourite)/The Pretty Maiden
David Hyams - Brisbane Ladies/Overlanders/Augathella Station     Folk 26/02/2016
David Hyams is one of WA’s most accomplished composers and producers, as well as a respected session musician and sideman.
In approaching the interpretation of two of Australia’s favourite droving songs David has tried to introduce the drama of moving great herds of cattle across country by using tempos suggesting the work of the outback stockman.

Ian Date - Yarrawonga     Folk 26/02/2016
Rightly regarded as one of Australia’s great guitar players, Ian has written music for TV and film, appeared on television, radio and theatre and played on more than 70 albums.
I’m Going Back to Yarrawonga was written by Neil McBeath, a corporal in the AIF in WW1. It was published in 1919 and has been recorded several times, including one of the best-known versions, by Slim Dusty. Yarrawonga is located at the south-western corner of Lake Mulwala in NSW.

Other tracks by Ian Date:  Coolangatta Man
Jeff Lang - Condamine Way (aka Banks of The Condamine)     Folk 26/02/2016
Songwriter, singer and guitarist, Jeff Lang is a multi ARIA award winner, leading performer in the Australian roots music scene and purveyor of his own self-described "disturbed folk" style.
Condamine Way’ is one of Australia’s favourite folk songs. Jeff wanted to present it in a contemplative fashion with the emphasis on the melody. He played it on a Donmo resonator guitar made by Don Morrison in SA out of sheet metal from an old galvanised iron shed. Very Australian!

John Kane - The Wild Colonial Boy/Frank Gardiner’s Hold Up At Eugowra Rocks     Folk 26/02/2016
John Kane is most well known for his work with the groundbreaking, ARIA & Golden Guitar Award winning Flying Emus. Post Emus, John stopped performing to concentrate on record production.
"Old Black Billy" by John Kane

Other tracks by John Kane:  Old Black Billy  -  Tomahawking Fred
John Munro - The Dying Stockman/The Stockman's Last Bed     Folk 26/02/2016
Born in Glasgow, John Munro admits to being a founder member of Country Express (1969) and Colcannon (1988) and has worked since 1980 as accompanist to Eric Bogle.
John Munro played The Stockman’s Last Bed and the Dying Stockman together as The Stockman’s Medley. Both songs were extremely popular in the bush repertoire. John wanted to stay true to the tunes and play them straight, mixing them up for variety imagining couples waltzing round a dusty country dancefloor.

Other tracks by John Munro:  Manchester Gallop
Kate Burke - Spanish Waltz     Folk 26/02/2016
Kate Burke has been singing and performing as a multi-instrumentalist for many years, winning acclaim as a member of Trouble in the Kitchen and in her duo with Ruth Hazleton.
The Spanish Waltz is the Charlie Batchelor version, learned from Mike Martin and the Kameruka Bush Orchestra. Charlie was a traditional musician born in 1897 near Bingara, NSW, and died in mid-1984. His repertoire was recorded by Chris Sullivan and Mark Rummery.

Other tracks by Kate Burke:  The Lost Sailor
Kieran Ryan & Marcus Holden - Eileen McCoy's Varsovienne No. 1     Folk 26/02/2016
Teaming with Marcus Holden, Kieran Ryan has a unique sound, blending the earthy soul of folk music with adventurous angles of modern jazz guitar along with an innovative compositional sensibility.
Eileen McCoy’s Varsovienne No. 1 is a slow, graceful dance in ¾ time with an accented downbeat in alternate measures. It combines elements of the waltz, mazurka, and polka. The dance originated around 1850 in Warsaw, Poland. It has been collected many times in Australia.

Marcus Sturrock - Drowsy Maggie     Folk 26/02/2016
Listed in the Who’s Who of Australian Rock, Marcus is a well-known composer, audio engineer, multi-instrumentalist and session musician. He has featured at major music festivals in Australia and internationally.
Marcus Sturrock is one of the founders of driving percussion on the guitars body, simultaneously playing contemporary and traditional music on the guitar. In tackling ‘Drowsy Maggie’ he has created musical atmospheres to provide impact and tension and resolution to round the tune.

Other tracks by Marcus Sturrock:  Brisbane Ladies  -  Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife
Michael Fix - Waltzing With Matilda     Folk 26/02/2016
Over the past 25 years, Michael Fix has released thirteen albums, several DVD's, songbooks, singles and EPs, and has established himself as one of Australia's finest guitarists and composers.
To Michael, the challenge with such a famous song is to do something different and original. He always thought it odd that such a tragic lyric had such a happy melody; the solution; play the verse in a minor key, which gives the chorus an even greater lift.

Other tracks by Michael Fix:  Green Bushes  -  Ryebuck Shearer/Lachlan Tigers
Nigel Date (with Marcus Holden) - Bluey on the Brink     Folk 26/02/2016
A professional guitarist for over 30 years, Nigel Date, plays across the spectrum of music from alien space rock to old time swinging jazz. Multi-instrumentalist Marcus Holden accompanies him here.
An ancient little folk story set to a simple accompaniment. The melodies are beautiful but they’re short and repetitive, the story is what it’s about. The actual song ‘Bluey on the Brink’ is about a man on the brink, an oft-told tale in those days. Life was hard!

Other tracks by Nigel Date (with Marcus Holden):  Female Rambling Sailor
Jim Low - At Bogan Gate     Folk, Country 03/02/2016
Jim Low is a singer/songwriter who lives in the Blue Mountains. He creates songs that get to the heart of the story, entertain and beg to be listened to again.
This song is an adaptation of a poem by Jim Butler. Bogan Gate is situated in the central west of NSW. Butler believes that Jim Low has taken the venom out of his poem but ‘left the story in tact’. “At Bogan Gate, The soil’s promise came too late.”

Other tracks by Jim Low:  Journey's End  -  The Broken Soldier
Cathie O'Sullivan - Foggy Dew     Folk 13/01/2016
Interpreting folk-inspired music from an Australian perspective must salute our heritage and have an eye for the future. Cathie O'Sullivan realised an Australian musical vision early on in her career.
Discovering O'Sullivan feels like striking gold as she and her accomplished accompanists weave an intriguing folk infused yet eclectic sound that blends the traditional with the progressive and regularly features unexpected twists and turns that excite, challenge and tantalise. This rendition of Foggy Dew is both angelic and poignant.

Other tracks by Cathie O'Sullivan:  Silly Winds  -  Cruel Sister