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This Much Talent

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Thomas Oliver - Losin     Blues/Roots, Soul, Pop 17/03/2017
Thomas Oliver is an Australian born singer-songwriter, internationally recognised as one of the world’s leading Weissenborn lap-steel guitar players, Thomas will release new album 'Floating In The Darkness' April 28.
Losin’ is a lonely song about feeling someone you love slip away, blanketed with a decent spread of soul-pop falsetto harmonies and a peppering of brass to create a simple yet undeniably evocative number that grabs you by the heartstrings and tugs lightly.

New Venusians - Game Change     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, RnB, Jazz 08/03/2017
New Venusians unique sound has developed through drawing influence from the lush sounds of synthesisers, gritty washed out guitars, hip hop inspired grooves, delicate harmonies at times reminiscent of Jazz.
‘Game Change’ sees New Venusians taking a few twists and turns, with opening soul-fueled minimalist grooves paving the way for a midway guitar-induced break that builds to a crescendo of synths and percussion. Layered with dreamy vocal hooks and an undeniably funky bass-line that buoys the song along.

New Venusians - Get Along     Funk/Soul, Soul 25/01/2017
New Venusians unique sound is influenced from the lush sounds of synthesisers, to gritty washed out guitar sounds, hip hop inspired grooves and delicate harmonies at times reminiscent of Jazz.
'Get Along' is an anthem for those who are frustrated and confused by the intimate relationships they are in. Whilst on the surface it seems that solutions can be easy, they often aren’t. The song explores that idea and leaves the listener with an ironically easy hook ‘Get Along’.

New Venusians - Get Along     Funk/Soul, Soul, Jazz 20/01/2017
New Venusians unique sound draws influences from the lush sounds of synthesisers, to gritty washed out guitar sounds, hip hop inspired grooves and delicate harmonies at times reminiscent of Jazz.
'Get Along' is dedicated to those frustrated and confused by the intimate relationships. The song divulges this theme throughout; encapsulating listeners with an ironically easy hook ‘Get Along’, provided calmly by vocalist Meklit Kibret, providing an honest and soothing motif built on the healing nature of the group’s lyrical makeup.

Deer Prudence - Judgement Call     Folk, Pop 13/01/2017
The whimsical story telling of Mariah McCarthy and Georgia Delves place themselves at the center of Melbourne’s folk resurgence, channeling influences from Joni Mitchell to Eva Cassidy.
‘Judgement Call’ builds from the momentum of ‘Sam’s Lament’ to further showcase Deer Prudence's impeccable songwriting and production. The opening strings and soft toe tapping percussion pave the way for angelic vocal harmonies that wisp the listener away into a nostalgic daydream of years bygone.

Mo Louie - She Said     Electronic, Soul, Pop 02/11/2016
Mo Louie lives in a world where the soul and the artificial are intertwined. Her electro-pop/soul powered music comes from what she sees around her.
Mo Louie's debut single, ‘She Said’, is a playful take on an overthinking mind. Using a cluster of the artificial: electronic and synth production with a whirl of soulful vocal sounds, ‘She Said’ plays with the reality of what someone says verses the interpretation the mind creates.

Youthfire - Hallucinate     Electronic, Pop 02/11/2016
Youthfire is the moniker of singer-songwriter and producer, Stephen Carmichael, who shares stories about his personal life through compositions that have a warped sense of New Wave, 80’s nostalgia.
Youthfire's music is really personal and is often written from quite a vulnerable place, 'Hallucinate' is a song that reflects on Youthfire's own personal experiences of coming out, whilst exploring themes around transition and evolution, and the importance of being true to yourself.

Deer Prudence - Sam's Lament     Folk, Alternative Country 26/10/2016
Deer Prudence are a pair of guitar playing, violin toting folk lasses, elegantly weaving harmonies of yesteryear. Think a little bit of Joni Mitchell and a dash of June Cater
Sam’s Lament is a piece that signifies Deer Prudence's last 5 years- writing, recording, finishing a music degree and leaving their hometowns, an epic ode to the good that’s happened and to some of the bad. Drawing parallels between someone travelling a great distance; a mystical tale.

BATTS - Lie To Me     Electronic 29/09/2016
BATTS is the project of musician Tanya Batt. Working remotely with English producer Ficci, BATTS has found the perfect balance of electronic and organic elements within her cinematic emotive sound.
Lie To Me is BATTS' latest song exploration with UK producer Ficci. The track explores a raw, vulnerable and stripped-back vocal delivery with R&B and trip-hop production influences and is an expression of BATTS’s obsession with space; drawing on inspiration of cosmic space and also space within music.

Lake Minnetonka - Out There Bout There     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Instrumental 23/09/2016
Six-piece juggernaut Lake Minnetonka, are super-tight funk on the bottom, and wild punk jazz on top. For fans of New Wave, No Wave and Mutant Disco.
'Out There Bout There' represents an exciting and historic new synthesis. Some of the primary architects of the Minneapolis Sound lending their skills to perform new material in collaboration with Melbourne jazz fusion band Lake Minnetonka. The spirit of Prince lives on in the energy and spontaneity of these jams.

Millington - Being     Blues/Roots, Soul, Folk, Pop 09/09/2016
With a pronounced stammer from an early age, a young Tom Millington developed his language through rhythm thus creating a unique relationship with music.
Debut single ‘Being’ is a Pop anthem, a landscape of acoustic instruments, synths and a symphony of voices depicting how Millington delivered his daughter into this world, the feeling of euphoria he experienced there after with a underlying message of hope for the future.

Other tracks by Millington:  Spark In The Dust
Paper House - Sweet Release     Pop, Electronic, Soundscapes 10/08/2016
Paper House play with genres and their love of cross-disciplinary collaboration, by presenting a dynamic live display that weaves through textures and soundscapes never loosing sight of the song.
'Sweet Release' is modern day love song set in the city of Melbourne. The song's lyrics conjure imagery of the incessant glow of the city lights and the process of trying to find more beautiful moments in the darkened corners.

Take a breath, and 'shake the dust off your sheets'.

Alex Watts - Cool Change     Rock, Pop 28/06/2016
Alex Watts’ take on pop music marries the grit and raw emotion of 1960’s RnB with vintage soul and rock'n'roll.
'Cool Change' tells the story of tension arising in the marriage of two characters, where they both begin to feel trapped in their life together.

Other tracks by Alex Watts:  Hopeful  -  This Haunting
Ninoosh - People in Speakers     Electronic, Experimental, Pop 17/06/2016
Growing up on a diet of Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream thanks to her father, Ninoosh has crafted her own woozy, experimental and emotive sounds over the years.
Nostalgic and sweeping with lots of lush vocal layers, muted brass and creative synth work. The track was actually written when Ninoosh was in a band called The Eventual Contenders but resurfaced when creating this EP - Ninoosh thought that there were people living in her speakers as a child.

Paper House - End of the World     Pop, Atmospheric, Soundscapes 10/05/2016
Paper House features Emily Siddons, brothers Alistair and James McLean and Ben Hanlon, who play with genres, presenting a dynamic live display that weaves through textures and soundscapes.
The gritty guitar in 'End of the World' creates a grungier feel. Tongue-in-cheek lyrics hint at underlying sincerity or cynicism with bold verses contrasting against playfully paired back choruses before descending into a climactic ending, bringing into play interesting textures from modulating synths.

Other tracks by Paper House:  Rolling Tide
Ninoosh - Palms     Electronic, Ambience, Experimental, Atmospheric 25/04/2016
Growing up on a diet of Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream thanks to her father, Anya Trybala AKA Ninoosh crafts her own woozy, experimental and emotive sounds.
'Palms' is the new single from electronic noodling chanteuse Ninoosh, who has created a woozy, emotive track with dream-like layers featuring Jess O'Keffe on strings and sweet haunting vocals.

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Other tracks by Ninoosh:  Palms (Ok Sure Remix)
Mangelwurzel - Fishy Fry     Rock, Psychedelic, Punk, Experimental 12/01/2016
Mangelwurzel (Man­Gel­Wur­Zel) are a six­piece based in Melbourne. The band are renowned for their exciting and unpredictable live shows, a spectacle that needs to be seen to be believed.
Fishy Fry melds grungy rock and punk with and jazz sounds while exuding an infectious personality through their music. Cosi showcases her undeniably arresting vocals while the track positively races along with the rhythm taking over, aided by tapping drumsticks and horns.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Simon Winkler, Triple R, Melbourne (VIC)

Other tracks by Mangelwurzel:  IOU  -  Everybody's Friend
Mathas - Free S**t     Hip Hop, Electronic, Soul 04/05/2015
Perth’s multi-faceted and genre-bending rapper Mathas is an artist that can’t be pinned down by the rigid genre boundaries of hip-hop. He's a ferociously talented songwriter, producer, poet and performer.
For 'Free S**t'' Mathas enlisted fellow Perth contemporary Mei Saraswati as guest vocalist, along with producer Ylem to create the cloud-like ambient spaces and warm, synthetic textures of ‘Free S**t’, while lyrically, we journey through the mine-field of modern consumerism and its role in a child’s upbringing.

Clockwise - Hopeless     Electronic, Pop 04/07/2014
Clockwise is one of the brightest talents in music today. He is a must-see live act, with a reputation as an artistic wunderkind of a new generation of independent musicians.
Think 80s synth-pop mixed with modern day electronica driven by by soaring beats and dark and brooding layered vocals from Clockwise female backing vocalist.

Clockwise - Dancing World     Electronic, Pop 04/06/2014
Known for his legendary shows, Sydney's Clockwise, has fostered a loyal local and international fan base and a reputation as an artistic wunderkind of the new generation of independent musicians.
'Dancing World' is the first and title single to be taken from the forthcoming Clockwise EP. It's a blend of hypnotic electro pop that has a feeling of freedom, but echoes with loneliness and congregation but still manages to soar through city streets, dirt roads, and dark rooms.

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