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Bobby Maguire - Breathe     Rock 20/03/2017
Port Douglas indie rocker Bobby Maguire takes ‘one-man-band’ to the next level looping guitar, bass and percussion onstage to deliver his captivating live show.
Written by the sea this is a dynamic song of pressure, turbulence and release. Centred around an airy guitar hook Breathe incorporates elements of progressive rock, punk and jazz to deliver an evocative message of tension, conflict, division while reconciling with a re-introduction to grounding and consciousness.

Clint Wilson - Hungover     Rock, Pop, Pop 20/03/2017
Clint Wilson is a singer/songwriter who was bored with the thought of playing covers in pubs, decided to write songs about real life events happening to himself and his friends.
Hungover is about a friend that you no longer have time for, or a really good friend that stands out from all the others, depending on the listener. The line at the end of the chorus "lets let it all float away" could mean our friendship or our troubles.

D'yer Mak'er - Illicit Renegades     Rock, Reggae 20/03/2017
D'yer Mak'er is a reggae infused rock band. Releasing their debut single ‘Illicit Renegades’ on the 31st March, with their EP following on the 14th of April.
Illicit Renegades is a reggae infused rock song, drawing the sound from all their major influences. This was one of the first songs that was written by the band.

Other tracks by D'yer Mak'er:  Alaska  -  Eloise
ESSIE - Someone     Rock, Pop 20/03/2017
ESSIE is an alternative rock artist, singer-songwriter and guitarist, who lives and breathes original music.
“Someone” draws influence from Arctic Monkeys AM album, as well as Band of Skulls, coupled with ESSIE’s typical Amy Winehouse inspired vocals. It’s as raw as any heartbreak, which suits her trio style performances well: the simplicity of growling guitar riffs, punchy drums, and backbone bass, with vocals soaring overhead.

Ezra Woodward - Davy Jones     Rock, Blues 20/03/2017
Ezra Woodward is a singer/songwriter, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist from Newcastle NSW and residing in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Blues, alternative rock and indie music heavily influence Woodward’s music.
Davy Jones is written telling the story of the fear that old sailing pirates had of the myth/legend, Davy Jones. Davy Jones has a soulful groove whilst still being able to rock the house and melt your face with a blazing guitar solo.

Gus & Jim - Boyhood     Folk, Pop 20/03/2017
Gus & Jim are a Canberra-based indie duo who have been causing mischief in the area for the last 10 years. They also sometimes play music together.
Boyhood is a song that explores events that occurred between 2009-2012. It chronicles a young Jim and the struggles that he dealt with as a result of being the most handsome devil in the ACT. The song and these events found their conclusion in his transition from boyhood to manhood.

Sash - I Don't Want Something     Rock, Pop 20/03/2017
22-year-old NSW raised singer-songwriter Sash found her passion for music at the age of four, teaching herself piano by ear and later guitar and singing.
“I Don’t Want Something” is a strong and girly Indie-Pop track that punches you in the guts. “The song tells a story of a young girl manipulated in the music industry and how she fights back. This song means a lot to me, it’s about standing up for yourself.” Sash

Sketch Club - Quiet     Rock 20/03/2017
Combining brooding reverberated guitars with cerebral lyrics and grooves to make you move, art-rockers Sketch Club are creating a buzz on the Melbourne indie scene.
The first single from the bands' inspired time in the studio is "Quiet", a deliciously catchy strut down the street with lyrics that conversely talk about the solace of solitude in a world with too much noise. It's a fresh sound from that oozes pop with a distinctly dark edge.

Other tracks by Sketch Club:  Neophiliac  -  Exit Stratosphere
Young Kai - Motion (Feat. C#)     Hip Hop 20/03/2017
Young Kai a 20 year old rapper/songwriter from Brisbane, QLD looking to bring new sounds to Australian Hip Hop/Rap.
"Motion (Feat. C#)" is about a love triangle, with both artists being played by the same girl.
They have had enough of the games, realising how cold and heartless the girl is, the come together to share their frustration and heartbreak.

Velvet Flare - Animal     Rock 10/03/2017
Brisbane Rock band Velvet Flare are here with their new single ‘Animal’, the followup to last year’s ‘6th of June’.
‘Animal’ is scathing assessment of a particular organization, and their intellectual, moral and ethical failings. The song could also be viewed more widely to include other similar groups and individuals.

Ocean St - Like The Rain     Rock, Pop 06/03/2017
Ocean St are a Sydney based band, infusing melodic guitar riffs with driving rock rhythms to create their own brand of Indie Rock.
‘Like The Rain’ was one of the first tunes written as a group - Brendan brought lyrics and chords to the table, which were then workshopped between him, Tom and Michael, to come up with the melody, lead guitar riffs, and the rest of the lyrics to finish it up!

PANCHi x WWNTR - Gypsy     Electronic 06/03/2017
Fremantle-based singer/songwriter WWNTR and producer PANCHI come together to release a series of singles. Fusing WWNTR’s lyrical poetry and PANCHI’s hazy electronica this is music to dream to.
GYPSY’s hazy folk melodies overlay ambient guitars and downtempo production to create a cinematic feeling, evoking the spirit of love, life and truth. Snapshots of real life infused with memories of travel; inspired by romance and honest perspective, GYPSY is an ode to filmaker Richard Linklater and the BEFORE trilogy.

Droplet - High     Electronic, Pop 03/03/2017
Inspired by a diverse palette of sound growing up, Demi Papazoglou is the brainchild behind Droplet, whose self-titled and self-produced debut release is a tirade of minimalist electronica.
Droplet’s latest single, ‘High’ bridges together the raw emotions experienced by taking drugs & the natural drug known as love. It was written about a bewildered & vulnerable woman facing challenges of self acceptance, urging the need for attention from a stranger.

Other tracks by Droplet:  I Don't Want A War
Luke Fox - Devotion to the Ocean     Folk, Pop, Rock 03/03/2017
Raised on the crisp coastal air of Australia’s south west Luke’s chance encounter with the creative rep at STA Travel saw him signed to their platform for emerging artists
Devotion to the Ocean is an honest and intimate take on the perils of love, travel and longing for home. The song builds from an acoustic dreamscape into a chorus of brightness and colour with a flavour of downbeat Calypso and a rolling bass line that makes you wanna dance.

Stranger - Bones and Ghosts     Rock, Punk 03/03/2017
Residing from West Melbourne, Australia Stranger bring a new sound to the alternative- punk rock genre that has been currently defining much of music scene around Australia and the world.
The title track from the EP, 'Bones and Ghosts' expands on the raw emotional punk showcased in the rest of the CD. Delivers on what to expect from the band, big melodic hooks and huge builds.

Other tracks by Stranger:  Trust Me
Curbside Drive - Sidelined     Rock, Punk 01/03/2017
Four dudes that bonded over their love of punk rock, and formed the band Curbside Drive. Insecurities, bad jokes, and sweaty palms all in the form of pop/punk rock music.
This song is about being average and not sure what to do with your life but being okay with it. Follows the realisation that you don’t meet other people’s expectations of yourself and being fine with not being in the spotlight.

My Dad & I - If You Love     Rock, Folk, Pop 25/02/2017
Canberra Indie-Pop duo, My Dad & I... Tess (17) and her Dad (CC) have been performing, playing and writing music together for a life time.
With a staggeringly fresh and unique voice Tess (only 17yo) draws you straight into a roller coaster swirl of Indie pop deliciousness. “If You Love” - a song about love on love’s terms with infectious guitar candy and sweet licks.

Sera - Doctor     Rock, Pop 25/02/2017
We are Sera, an alternative pop/rock band from Brisbane. We debuted with our first single Doubt Around Me, a swing-pop track that earned rotation on 4ZZZ and attention with 96.5FM.
Doctor is the upbeat and poppy lead single from Sera’s debut EP, Call Me Up. The song is about fighting anxiety to a point where you’re so in the moment you could be crazy, but you feel so free and relaxed. You should get it checked out, just in case.

Other tracks by Sera:  Heavy Hearted  -  Letter to Myself
ZVNE - Stay Quiet     Hip Hop 25/02/2017
ZVNE is a 22-year-old hip-hop artist based in Perth, Australia. Writing and recording since the age of 17, he draws on personal experiences, creating a sound both relatable yet unconventional.
It’s a mixture of heavy bass lines, soft melody and clean vocals. It’s about coming to the realization that you’re truly on your own, and is an accolade to anyone who has ever had to make the choice to leave a certain person, situation or lifestyle in order to grow.

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The Treehouse Children - Please     Rock, Garage, Pop 21/02/2017
The Treehouse Children bring you breezy calypso beats, jangly guitar, and catchy riffs, with choruses that will check into your mind hotel and crash there for a month rent-free.
Bringing their patent Treehouse Children energy, especially through the chorus. This hook-laden track bounces through the verse into a perfectly crafted sing-a-long chorus.

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Other tracks by The Treehouse Children:  Woo  -  You Wouldn't Know