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The A&R Department

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My Dad & I - If You Love     Rock, Folk, Pop 25/02/2017
Canberra Indie-Pop duo, My Dad & I... Tess (17) and her Dad (CC) have been performing, playing and writing music together for a life time.
With a staggeringly fresh and unique voice Tess (only 17yo) draws you straight into a roller coaster swirl of Indie pop deliciousness. “If You Love” - a song about love on love’s terms with infectious guitar candy and sweet licks.

Sera - Doctor     Rock, Pop 25/02/2017
We are Sera, an alternative pop/rock band from Brisbane. We debuted with our first single Doubt Around Me, a swing-pop track that earned rotation on 4ZZZ and attention with 96.5FM.
Doctor is the upbeat and poppy lead single from Sera’s debut EP, Call Me Up. The song is about fighting anxiety to a point where you’re so in the moment you could be crazy, but you feel so free and relaxed. You should get it checked out, just in case.

Other tracks by Sera:  Heavy Hearted  -  Letter to Myself
ZVNE - Stay Quiet     Hip Hop 25/02/2017
ZVNE is a 22-year-old hip-hop artist based in Perth, Australia. Writing and recording since the age of 17, he draws on personal experiences, creating a sound both relatable yet unconventional.
It’s a mixture of heavy bass lines, soft melody and clean vocals. It’s about coming to the realization that you’re truly on your own, and is an accolade to anyone who has ever had to make the choice to leave a certain person, situation or lifestyle in order to grow.

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The Treehouse Children - Please     Rock, Garage, Pop 21/02/2017
The Treehouse Children bring you breezy calypso beats, jangly guitar, and catchy riffs, with choruses that will check into your mind hotel and crash there for a month rent-free.
Bringing their patent Treehouse Children energy, especially through the chorus. This hook-laden track bounces through the verse into a perfectly crafted sing-a-long chorus.

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Other tracks by The Treehouse Children:  Woo  -  You Wouldn't Know
Coro Fire - AMD Cramp     Rock, Grunge 20/02/2017
Coro Fire is a two-piece indie/pop/grunge/rock band from Perth, Australia. The band consists of long-time friends Nick Cook on guitar/lead vocals and Adam Scott on drums.
'AMD Cramp' is one of the bands heavier/darker songs, which obviously matches the topic of the song. It has a driving guitar riff that kicks it off and a memorable. It’s an emotion-packed song with a lot of energy thrown into it.

Ravines - Touch     Electronic, Pop 10/02/2017
Ravines' influences are diverse, resulting in a mash-up of orchestral soundscapes, story-based lyrics and driving electronic beats. The duo is the creation of producer/composer Patrick Shanahan and singer/songwriter Alex Louise.
'Touch' talks about the success of a relationship; being happy and strong as a couple despite all the negativity that comes through the media today. Written from a place of love, this track is a happy break from some of the darker themes of the EP.

Other tracks by Ravines:  Breathe  -  Ordinary
Grant Touchell - Skin N Bone     Rock, Garage 06/02/2017
Grant Touchell is an Australian singer, multi instrumentalist and songwriter. He is currently releasing his self-produced debut single ‘Skin N Bone’ through the A&R Department.
Written on his travels through India & recorded at his home studio. “Skin N Bone” shows Grant reaching his form through pop sensibilities, detailed production and distinctive guitar & vocal performances.

Mastered & co-mixed by legendary producer Rob Grant (Tame Impala, Miley Cyrus). It is a song about being awake.

Josephs Coat - Breathe     Rock, Reggae 06/02/2017
Josephs Coat is the new project by multi-instrumentalists and song writers Abe and Ben Camden.
‘Breathe’, the first offering from the upcoming EP is a lyrical celebration of new love, with the verse spilling a message of reassurance, before leading into a triumphant chorus were the vocalist gloats over his new-found situation.

Kittling - Joy     Electronic, Pop 06/02/2017
Inspired by African rhythms, 80’s synthwave, and armed with a bright, breathless falsetto Kittling’s music is made for bodies that like to think as well as feel.
A euphoric, contemporary take on the big synths and even bigger choruses of the 80s. With lyrics that bite and synths that kiss it better, 'Joy' is a celebration of letting go of the people in your life that don’t bring you any happiness.

Liam Bryant & The Handsome Devils - Her Name Means Grace     Rock, Acoustic, Experimental 06/02/2017
Liam Bryant & The Handsome Devils are a progressive acoustic act hailing from Brisbane. Their debut album, The Pessimist & The Optimist is out now.
Her Name Means Grace is a love song at its core but is also a powerful and progressive acoustic rock ballad that is arguably as epic as the greatest and most tragic love story of all time, William Shakespeare’s, Romeo & Juliet.

Patrick McKinney - Want You To Know     Rock, Pop 06/02/2017
Patrick McKinney is a Singer/Songwriter who hails from Queanbeyan New South Wales. His music style consists of mostly rock with pop elements.
'Want You To Know' is a song about going through life and the trials it can throw our way, and how often people stay silent but need to let these feelings out. It has a pretty relaxed vibe throughout, with a classic guitar solo just after the bridge.

Stranger - Easy Visionary     Rock, Punk 06/02/2017
Residing from West Melbourne, Australia Stranger bring a new sound to the alternative- punk rock genre that has been currently defining much of music scene around Australia and the world.
‘Easy Visionary’ is the first glimpse of the new EP, and it indicates all the raw emotion and melodic hooks that the rest of the EP has to offer. The sing-a-long chorus is a fan favourite, and marks Stranger and a band to watch for their huge, bold sound.

Ravines - Breathe     Electronic, Pop 30/01/2017
Ravines' influences are diverse, resulting in a mash-up of orchestral soundscapes, story-based lyrics and driving electronic beats of sound. The duo includes producer/composer Patrick Shanahan and singer/songwriter Alex Louise.
'Breathe' is about about a couple suffocating from the over-dominance of one of the partners. The driving beats of the chorus and darker harmonies called for lyrical content that was strong and assertive, and challenged the listener to think beyond the obvious ideas and sets of imagery being used.

Other tracks by Ravines:  Touch  -  Ordinary
The Forgotten Ghost - Too Close To The Sun     Rock, Folk, Pop 27/01/2017
Clown is Melbourne based, Scottish born, James Henderson’s 5th solo studio album and his debut under the pseudonym, “The Forgotten Ghost”.
‘Too Close To The Sun’ is the first preview of the forthcoming album. Ambitious and beautiful instrumentation characterises the new single, akin to the most lush tracks on Elliott Smith’s XO. James’ delicate falsetto carries a haunting melody through the song, ranging in atmosphere from intimacy to epic strokes.

Halfwait - Without You     Rock 25/01/2017
Halfwait is a grunge/rock band based in Sydney.Originally formed in 2010 by high school friends Jon Barca and Chris Tallon.
Mastering the familiar stylings of your favourite 90s pop-rockers like Blink and Green Day, the Sydney trio apply a new twist with their precise melodies and anthemic choruses with their latest release.

Hawkmoon - Silverline     Rock, Pop, Garage 25/01/2017
Hawkmoon's debut album The Saturn Return was produced to fill a void in the current musical landscape, where distorted guitars, eclectic songwriters and ‘rock’ have gone underground.
In essence, Silverline is a garage rock song. It is quick and energetic with emphasis placed on capturing the live band sound rather than the precision of a studio piece. Whilst the song is raw, it could be called pop rock with its guitar hook-littered verses and sing along chorus.

Herman The African - Jessica     Rock, Pop, Electronic 25/01/2017
Indie lo-fi artist Herman The African provides catchy ditties with a self-coined ‘mellow-wave’ sound.
A near miss at summer love, a girl who looks like Jessica Alba, and three years difference in birth-years, those were the ingredients that inspired the song Jessica. Jessica was recorded by Martin Koleczko in a university studio at the Australian National University.

Línger - Avoid     Electronic, Pop 24/01/2017
Línger is a collaboration between experience and emotion that has come to fruition through years of feeling, longing and by simply being.
All I can remember thinking and feeling the day I innocently discovered through a chain of emails that I had been cheated on - and how Princess Diana’s famous interview where she said “There were three of us in this... so it was a bit crowded” popped into my head.

Other tracks by Línger:  Seaway  -  Flyon
The Byzantines - Top Boy     Rock, Garage 24/01/2017
Adelaide’s The Byzantines combine their love of Britpop, swagger laden melodies, hip-hop beats and in your face vocals to make up a unique, yet familiar sound.
Inspired by the likes of BRMC and Kasabian, Top Boy is an anthemic rock and roll shuffle and an all-out floor stomper.

Other tracks by The Byzantines:  Jamaica  -  She Moves
Coastal Lights - Weekday     Rock, Pop 17/01/2017
Coastal Lights is a five piece indie rock band combining low end grooves with catchy guitar passages to create a feel good vibe that makes you want to jive.
The song 'Weekday' follows the concept of breaking free from expectations and the idea "I’m just going to do my own thing and see where it takes me."

Life always puts you under fire with negative opinions and judgements, its best to centre yourself and do what makes you happy.